Oh, wait, that’s the wrong sci-fi fandom, isn’t it?

Welcome to my year long viewing and reviewing of the 26 original/classic run of Doctor Who – the first 7 Doctors.  You know, that show that made the current wonderful renaissance of our favourite Time Lord possible?

But, yes, that show.  My favourite show (classic and nuWho alike) of all time.  I’ll be watching a season every 2 weeks, anywhere between 3 and 5 stories (serials they were called back then) each week.

Each post will have a short area, some (MOSTLY) non-spoilery words, then there’ll be a graphical break with this visual:

Following that will be a longer recap (not play-by-play, I’d really like you to watch them, too – but enough to let you know what happens and spoil any surprises/endings) and random quotes, thoughts, notes, so forth and so on.  It won’t be one format – sometimes I’ll have more quotes than others, more thoughts than others.  This will be a fluid, dynamic sort of entity.

Please follow,comment, share.  🙂

(Oh, and tomorrow, 1.2.12, we start with An Unearthly Child)