E1 “The Powerful Enemy”

 The TARDIS arrives somewhere and sets off a detector. A young woman is excited and wakes up a man named Bennett, who is sure it’s not the ship they’re expecting, a rescue ship. He tells Vicki not to get her hopes up and reminds her not to let a third member of their party on about the rescue ship or he’ll kill both of them.

 She contacts the rescue ship and they tell her they’re 69 hours away and will be in contact again in 17 hours.

 The Doctor seems to have slept through the landing, which Barbara and Ian remark upon as passing strange. When Barbara refers to the ship as having “landed”, The Doctor suggests that “materialised” is a better phrasing. He calls out to Susan, then pauses a moment.

 They exit the TARDIS to find themselves in a cave. The Doctor goes back inside to have a nap, while the companions are instructed not to go too far on their perambulation. As they move off, a strange insectoid-man walks up to the TARDIS.

 Ian and Barbara exit the cave to see a crashed spaceship. When they turn to go fetch The Doctor, they are confronted by the strange creature who asks where they’re from. Ian goes back to fetch The Doctor and the creature inadvertantly causes Barbara to fall down the mountainside.

 Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor is examing a piece of rock and concludes they’re on the planet Dido, where he’s been before. There’s an explosion outside that causes a rockslide, trapping Ian with the TARDIS. The Doctor comes out and they investigate.

 The Doctor explains that the inhabitants are very friendly, very nice, despite their alien appearance. Ian says that they were no longer friendly and The Doctor is very concerned.

 The alien returns to the crashed spacecraft, where we learn it is protecting them from his(?) people. Vicki is afraid of Koquillion and very deferential. Vickie found Barbara and dragged her in to their ship, and Koquillion saw it from a distance.

 When Vicki’s people first landed, the residents of the planet attacked and killed all but her and Bennett – he’s injured and cannot walk. She doesn’t know why Koquillion hasn’t killed them and says as much when Barbara asks. Vicki tells Barbara that Koquillion claims that his people killed the rest of Barbara’s crew.

 The Doctor informs Ian that the people cannot be violent or dangerous, that when he was here they were wonderful, peace-worshipping.

 Bennett comes to tell Vicki that Koquillion has left and she introduces him to Barbara.

 Ian and The Doctor are skirting a thin edge over a chasm and see a giant lobster-like monstrosity. This show did love its giant monsters. Ian triggers a trap and sharp sticks slowly protrude out to force him towards the chasm.

 I have a feeling this is going to be another less-than-stellar serial. Thankfully, it’s only two episodes long.


E2 “Desperate Measures”

 The Doctor helps Ian escape the trap.

 Barbara suggests overpowering Koquillion, but Bennett shoots the idea down and Vicki, too quickly, agrees, almost as if she’s been emotionally beaten by the circumstances. Bennett strikes me as the potential bad guy here, somehow.

 A creature comes to the ship and Barbara thinks it’s there to attack Vicki, so she shoots it and kills it (with the flare gun?) The Doctor and Ian reunite with Barbara. Vicki is afraid that they’ll spoil their chance of escape – she’s rather childish (and unfortunately, I know she’s the next companion, which actually makes me miss Susan all of a sudden.)

 Vicki tells The Doctor that Bennett feels that when they return to Earth, they have to tell them what happened here, that everyone has to be wiped out as punishment. (I think I know what’s going on here already – yes, I rather suspected Bennett from the start…)

 The Doctor tries to gain access to Bennett’s quarters, and tries to force the door open by battering it. Vicki apologises to Barbara for being so mad, and Barbara apologises for killing him.

 We find out that Vicki left Earth in 2493, and when they tell her when they’re from, her reaction is that they’re almost 550 years old, which sends Ian into peals of laughter.

 The Doctor gains access to Bennett’s room, which includes a system to listen in on to the other quarters, a recording of his voice saying “You can’t come in”, a trap door, and more. It’s really quite obvious now.

 Ian is tired of waiting and goes to Bennett’s quarters, the girls following. They find no sign of The Doctor or Bennett. The Doctor has taken the route from the trap door, through an underground tunnel into some form of temple.

 The Doctor has already figured it all out, and addresses Koquillion as Mister Bennett. Bennett confesses that it was all done to cover up a crime – on the ship, he’d murdered a fellow crewmember and had been arrested. He gained freedom during the crash and blew up the rest of the crew and the inhabitants of Dido. He dressed up as Koquillion to manipulate Vicki.

 They struggle, the device Koquillion used to cause the landslide is destroyed, and two men in white suits and parka-sorta things appear and Bennett panicks, saying, “No, I thought I killed all of you!” Bennett flees and falls down the chasm. The Doctor passes out, waking up in the TARDIS.

 The Doctor exits to tell Vicki the truth of things; while waiting, Barbara muses on how she wishes they could take her with them. Meanwhile, The Doctor invites Vicki to come along with them. (UGH.)

 “If you like adventure, my dear, I can promise you an abundance of it.” – The Doctor. As if there was anything about her that screamed “I love adventure!”

 Vicki comes in, “But it’s huge! The outside… it’s just, well…” I think that’s the first “it’s bigger on the inside” line from the show.

 Vicki agrees to go, and they depart. We see the two men from the temple enter the crashed ship, and the rescue ship is trying to contact Vicki and Bennett and they destroy the receiver – apparently the men weren’t humans but the people of Dido.

 A rather blah serial introducing what seems to be a worse version of Susan. Sigh.