I saw this last year and I don’t believe I much cared for it… but here we go.

E1 “The Space Museum”

 They stare at the console and seemingly freeze. We see an outside scene, a bunch of completely different spacecraft lined up. Then the TARDIS appears amongst them.

 Inside, the heroes are still frozen, but they’re dressed in their normal clothing – they were still in the garb from their adventure during the Crusade. Ian brings it up, but The Doctor is dismissive, like it’s not that big of a deal.

 Vicki goes to get a glass of water and drops it, whence it shatters on the floor. Suddenly, the glass and water leap back into her hand, reforming their original shape and place.

 They see the ships outside on the scanner. Vicki shows up with his water and explains what happened, but The Doctor doesn’t seem to believe her, though perhaps he does. Through the scanner, he deduces they’re at a space museum.

 The companions and The Doctor step outside. They poke around and Ian points out that, though they’re walking on dust several inches thick, they’re not leaving any footprints.

 They approach a building but cannot find a way to open the doors; the doors open on their own and they hide, as two armed men walk out. Vicki sneezes (from all the dust, one presumes) but the men don’t notice and keep walking on.

 Exploring the museum, they find a Dalek labeled “Dalek – Planet Skaro”. The Doctor hears someone approaching and they hide from two different men (these dressed in black, the first two were in white), who walk into the room. The men were visibly speaking, but no sounds were made.

 Vicki disobeys The Doctor and tries touching an exhibit, but her hand goes right through it. Ian does the same. While The Doctor speculates, the men in black return, this time with a third. They are obviously searching for something, and they walk right by the heroes, looking right at them without noticing. Ian speculates they’re invisible, The Doctor muses that they’re not really there.

 They come into a room and find the TARDIS, though it is intangible to them, as well. They find their bodies in square tubes, exhibits in the museum. Vicki says that time, like space, has dimensions of its own. Barbara’s all offended at the idea.

 The Doctor says that the TARDIS must have jumped a “time track” and they’re looking into the future, and they must prevent it from happening. Suddenly, they feel something strange happening. We see flashes of them dressed in 13th century garb and modern, and a glass of water breaking.

 The men in white arrive at the TARDIS and point to the ground. Footprints suddenly appear in the dust, and they see that their other selves have disappared from the tubes. Barbara acknowledges it, “Doctor, they’ve gone!” And he replies, “Yes, my dear. And we’ve arrived.” and the credits roll.

 Well, it wasn’t that bad. Vicki’s annoying; I’m really having difficulties liking her at all. At least Susan wasn’t completely obnoxious.

 Maybe I’m more in the groove for this, having been watching the First Doctor episodes in sequence. I do hope so.

E2 “The Dimensions of Time”

 We see two men in white in an office, working on paper. A third man comes in; one, the governor of the planet reprimands him for not knocking. He reports that a ship has landed. There’s talk of rebels, but the governor dismisses them as children.

 Then we see two youths in black – I’m guessing they’re the rebels/children. They’re so rebellious, they’re wearing black. A third comes in and informs them the Moroks (the men in white) have found a spaceship and are searching for the crew. The newcomer advocates finding the visitors (our heroes, obviously) and getting them to help.

 Ian, Barbara and Vicki acquire a gun – Ian plans to use it to bluff if need be. They argue about whether they should leave or stay.

 “The Doctor’s curious – that means we’re going to stay.” – Barbara

 They argue which way to go – The Doctor finally admits that he’s just as lost as they are, certainly a momentous occasion. While they wander about, the three rebels spot them. They grab The Doctor when he lags behind them, and he plays possum. Two leave him behind with the other to find something to rouse him with.

 The companions agree to keep searching for a way out. The rebels return to find their third member trussed and gagged – The Doctor had his way with the lad and is hiding in the Dalek. He gets captured by the Moroks as he walks around giggling.

 Ian, Barbara and Vicki have been wandering in circles, so they decide to use Barbara’s sweater like Theseus did with the minotaur.

 The Doctor is seen in a room, a holding cell presumably. He sits in a chair, and a band slides around his waist, keeping him seated.

 The native Xerons (the rebel youths) follow the trail that they’ve left.

 The Doctor meets with Lobos, the governor. The chair has the ability to read The Doctor’s mind, but the Time Lord is able to trick it. He is taken away to the “preparation room” and credits roll.

 I do find that this serial, halfway in, isn’t as bad as I recalled it being.

E3 “The Search”

 The TARDIS has been brought in. It is guarded by two Moroks. A group of Xerons stand about it, curious, while the companions look from an adjacent room, peeking through the door.

 The captain of the guard whines about how Governor Lobos will be unhappy and blame him, but stops just in time before the governor shows up. The captain pretends he already had asked for the cutting tools when Lobos orders him to break in. Lobos gives the captain a serious drubbing.

 A Morok guard catches the companions unwary; Ian thinks he can’t be killed by the guard, because they all end up in the cases, which is a really stupid theory. The three companions argue amongst themselves for a good minute while the guard does nothing… then finally says “that’s enough talking”. Really bad writing.

 Ian and the guard struggles, but the others by the TARDIS hear and come rushing in. Ian fights with a group of them while Barbara and Vicki run off. Barbara hides and avoids escape, but finds herself locked in the room she hid. Vicki is grabbed by the Xenon rebels.

 Ian has managed escape and returns to the TARDIS and takes the gun from the solitary guard there, to find out what happened to The Doctor, and makes the guard take him there.

 The governor receives a directive from Morok – his lenience with the Xeron youth is considered a mistake.

 Barbara tries to escape, but she can’t on her own. Darko, a Xeron enters the room and she is about to attack him when he calls her name, looking for her.

 The museum is flooded with gas, on orders from the governor. Vicki learns that the Moroks killed all the Xeron adults, only the youths were allowed to live, as a slave race.

 Vicki incites the Xeron youth into heelping her break into the armory, but the gun chamber is guarded by a machine that asks questions that must be answered truthfully AND correctly. She hacks the computer and changes the questions so they gain access.

 Ian makes it to the Governor’s office, and forces him to take him to The Doctor. We see Ian enter the room and stare into the camera and gasp, “Doctor…” and the credits roll.

E4 “The Final Phase”

 We see The Doctor, seemingly asleep in a machine. The Governor says that The Doctor has completed the second stage and is “as good as dead”.

 “There are no tricks in science – only facts.” – The Governor. Uh huh.

 The captain of the guard stops the men from trying to cut into the TARDIS.

 Barbara is still being gassed; supposedly it leads to permanent paralysis if over-exposed, so I guess she’s never going to walk again. Which is odd, because she gets Darko and helps him stagger out.

 The Governor slowly brings The Doctor out of frozen hiberation (several hundred degrees below zero). The Doctor wakes and Ian gets him off the table. The Doctor seems to have recovered, but unfortunately the captain of the guard and reinforcements show up.

 Barbara and Vicki reunite, but the Xerons are shot (killed?) and the women are taken captive by the captain of the guard and the guard that Ian originally had captured.

 Ian, The Doctor, Barbara and Vicki are reunited in captivity. Vicki thinks they “must have changed the future, must have done” – she’s kinda stupid, huh? Then The Doctor muses that perhaps she’s right, that in meeting others, they’ve changed their future. Like the rebellion that Vicki helped start.

 Tor wakes Darko (so the Morok weapons don’t kill? Stupid writing.) and tries to find out where Vicki is. The governor figures out that there’s a rebellion and makes ready to escape. He orders for the visitors to be killed, but the rebels show up in the nick of time.

 The Doctor figures out what was wrong with the TARDIS. The Doctor has gotten a time and space visualiser from the space museum and he hopes to get it working. The rebels thank them for their help, good-byes are said, and the TARDIS disappears.

 We see a space scape, zoom in on a craggy planet, where we see a Dalek, who reports “Our greatest enemies have left the planet Xeros. They are once again in time and space.” Another Dalek voice, over a communication device replies that they cannot escape our time machine. They will be exterminated, exterminated, exterminated!” which I think is the first triple utterance of that oh so famous catchword.

 All in all, it was okay. A lot of sloppy writing – pretty common in many of the earlier serials.