I know I’ve seen this in the past decade or so, though never before (or not that I recall, but I’m inclined to think my recollection is correct. Most of my Doctor Who watching prior to the 2000s was all Third Doctor onward, except for the occasional serial shown at a convention.) I remember liking it. It’s got Daleks, after all, it can’t be that bad, right?

E1 “The Executioners”

 After recapping the Daleks and their plans, we see inside the TARDIS and see The Doctor working on his time and space visualiser, but Vicki gets on his nerves. He chases her off, and she annoys Ian, who is trying to read. She goes to Barbara, hoping for solace, but gets yelled at.

 The Doctor gets the contraption working, and Ian gives him the time and date for the Gettysburg Address, and an image of Abraham Lincoln comes up on it – it’s a form of “time television”, as Barbara puts it – can be used to view any place and time (that’s already happened, though, with the TARDIS being a time-traveling ship, one wonders the complications…) They then spy on Shakespeare at Elizabeth’s court, in a rather amusing story. Vicki, being a teenager, of course, wants to see The Beatles, and footage from 1965 comes up (the current year that this season was aired, of course.)

 This results in a rather amusing interchange between Vicki and the teachers, as she calls The Beatles “classical music”.

 The TARDIS materialises (the toy TARDIS they use for these shots is so cute.) They arrive on a planet with a binary sun. All about them is dessert, except for some strange figures. Ian and Vicki go off exploring. The Doctor and Barbara lay out in the sun, until she goes in to turn of the visualiser. She overhears the Daleks. The Supreme Dalek gets a report that the time machine has been completed, and the TARDIS has been located.

 The Daleks refer to “The Doctor and the three humans”, which I think is the first time it’s been established The Doctor is not human; to date, he’s only refered or been refered to as being from another planet that is not Earth. (Gallifrey has not been named, nor the phrase ‘Time Lord’ been coined yet.)

 The Doctor reinforces that this has already happened, the machine only shows what has transpired in the past. He and Barbara rush off to find Ian and Vicki.

 Ian and Vicki find a metal ring in the sand. It gets dark while they talk, and they decide to pull the ring, without knowing what it could be for. (Wow, talk about irresponsible.) The ring pops out of the ground, and as they walk off, a door in the ground opens up.

 They enter and explore, and a tentacled creature closes the door behind them, they turn and gasp. Outside, The Doctor and Barbara are caught in a sandstorm – now that it’s become night, the planet has become very cold and windy.

 We next see them uncovering themselves, and the suns are up again – this planet seems to rotate quickly. As they get ready to keep searching, they hide from a Dalek who rises up out of the sand. The credits roll.

 One thing I’ve noted about this serial is this is the first to show the TARDIS in a spacescape, twirling about – not to the speed of the TARDIS in the current opening sequence of the new show, but still – this is obviously the start of that visual, the TARDIS spinning into time and space.

E2 “The Death of Time”

 There is a group of Daleks searching for them, with intents to exterminate.

 Even though time must have passed, Vicki and Ian are seen where we last saw them. They run from the creature.

 On the surface, an inhabitant of the planet – Arridius – appears and is killed by the Daleks.

 The Doctor and Barbara have met the Arridians, who explain the history of their planet (and Jacqueline Hill, the actress who plays Barbara, cannot seem to keep a straight face at the rather silly performance.) The Arridians plan to blow up the airlock where it is believed that Ian and Vicki are.

 Vicki is grabbed by one of the mire beasts (the tentacled creatures who have invaded the city, and the reason why the area is being blown up.) Ian is knocked unconscious and the mire beast killed. Vicki goes off to find help.

 The Daleks have located the buried TARDIS.

 The Arridians have heard from the Daleks, who demand that The Doctor and Barbara must be turned over or the city will be destroyed. Captive Arridians unearth the TARDIS for the Daleks, and are exterminated for their trouble. The Daleks attempt to destroy the TARDIS as Vicki watches from afar.

 The Arridians have decided to hand over The Doctor and Barbara to the Daleks. Ian wakes up on his own, and goes searching for Vicki. Vicki is captured by the Arridians and brought to Barbara and The Doctor. When it is time for the Arridians to take them, a mire beast breaks through the wall and The Doctor and the ladies escape.

 They reunite with Ian and make their way back to the TARDIS, where they lure the guard away and sneak inside, just before a troop of Daleks (is a group of Daleks called an extermination?) show up. The Daleks head back to their time machine to give chase (thus the name of the serial.)

 Speaking of titles, what significance did “The Death of Time” have in regards to this episode? None, whatsoever.

E3 “Flight Through Eternity”

 The Daleks give chase in their time machine. We learn that the TARDIS takes twelve minutes to recalibrate after landing before they can attempt leaving again.

 The TARDIS arrives in New York City, where we see a tour group full of caricatures, including a hillbilly from Alabama. He sees our heroes come out of the TARDIS, which wasn’t there a minute before. They leave and while he’s laughing it up, the Daleks show up. Probably one of the few humans to encounter a Dalek without being killed, he tells the Dalek that the others “just left”.

 Rather a cute little scene, albeit incredibly, blatantly stereotypical.

 Back on the run, The Doctor tries to figure out a way to fight back.

 OH! I forgot about this. Oh, how cool! I’m all sorts of excited. Hee hee!

 The TARDIS arrives aboard a sailing ship, and Barbara is caught as a stowaway. Vicki saves her from the crewmember, knocking him in the head. When Ian shows up to fetch the girls, Vicki doesn’t realise it’s him, and she knocks him on the head, too. The crewmember recovers just in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise. He goes running for the captain, who comes.

 The captain calls for a search for the stowaways. The Daleks show up and the crew (and passengers? – there’s at least one woman) jumps overboard. One Dalek falls overboard.

 The Daleks search for the “Earth time machine”, so I guess they still think of The Doctor as a human? The Daleks return to their ship and as we are shown various shots of the empty ship, we see the now-abandoned ship is called the Mary Celeste. (I love when genre shows explain historical mysteries.)

 Apparently the twelve minutes wasn’t how long the TARDIS takes, but the “lead” they had on the Daleks, which is now shortened to eight minutes. The Doctor announces that they “must face facts, the Daleks are closing in on us” and the credits rolls.

E4 “Journey Into Terror”

 The TARDIS arrives inside a building. Ian thinks it’s a good place to fight the Daleks. It seems to be a haunted house; very creepy, there’s statuary on the staircase holding braziers of smoky somethings. Bats flying about. Lightning crashes, thunder booms constantly. The fireplace has giant eyes that light up, which scare the ladies, who stay near the TARDIS as The Doctor and Ian explore.

 There’s a chest, which Barbara opens, though there’s an evil laughter from somewhere. It’s empty, but when she closes it, a skeleton drops down from above, dangling from a rope. They scream.

 The Doctor and Ian find a laboratory and investigate. A Frankenstein-looking monster sits up from a table in the lab, stands up, holds its hands out and The Doctor and Ian run off.

 “Dracula” shows up and startles the ladies. He introduces himself (though he seems to be an automaton that had difficulty answering) and turns around and leaves. Barbara asks if Vicki thinks something strange is going on.

 Vicki mysteriously disappears as Barbara investigates the door Drac came through. Then she steps into a turntable secret door. (Hey, much like the adventure in the Keys of Marinus.)

 “I never stay when I’m not wanted.” – The Doctor. That’s funny.

 The Doctor and Ian postulate that they’re trapped in a nightmare and are safe from the Daleks, as they cannot arrive in a human mind. (Really?)

 They are looking for the ladies, and wander off. The Dalek ship arrives and they determine they’re still on Earth, but a different geographical location and time.

 Ian and The Doctor encounter a Dalek, but Frankenstein and the Dalek fight and they run off. In the main chamber, everyone reunites only to be approached by a Dalek, but Dracula comes out and he distracts the Daleks. The heroes jump back in the TARDIS and take off, but Vicki is left behind! (Really? REALLY?)

 As The Doctor and Ian argue whether it was a nightmare realm (The Doctor’s view) or something more rational (Ian’s), we see the house was a house of horrors.

 It isn’t until the heroes are eating later that they discover Vicki is not with them. (REALLY? REALLY?)

 The Daleks track the TARDIS to the planet Mechanus. The Daleks have a “reproducer”, and plan to use it to reproduce “the human known as The Doctor.“

Vicki snuck aboard the Dalek ship, since she was left behind (REALLY?).

 The time mechanism of the TARDIS won’t allow them to go back to the same time/space location again, until they repair it, which could takes months or even years. Ian realises that they can use the Dalek ship to go back there and the three agree that the next location will be where they fight.

 Vicki keeps trying to contact the TARDIS, but she seems unaware of the replicant of The Doctor being formed. It comes out of the chambers and is given orders to “infiltrate and kill” and credits roll.

E5 “The Death of Doctor Who”

 After the recap from the last episode, we see Ian, Barbara and The Doctor on the planet Mechanus, ironically amongst some mobile fungoids. Ian and The Doctor start beating on the creatures, then there’s a blinding light from above.

 The Daleks have arrived and the order is that all forms of life are to be destroyed upon contact. The robot is sent to “infiltrate, separate and kill”.

 The Doctor and the teachers follow the lights until they end and enter a cave area, devoid of Daleks and plant life.

 Vicki finds the TARDIS but cannot get in, and when the heroes lowers the lights, she is set upon by the fungoids. She screams and Ian and The Doctor rush off to investigate, but Barbara tries to tell the men something – presumably that she recognised “that noise” (her words, not mine) as Vicki’s scream? As the men rush off to investigate, we see the robot Doctor head in Barbara’s direction.

 Ian and The Doctor find Vicki, and the robot Doctor finds Barbara and informs her that Ian is dead. It encourages her to follow to find him and they leave.

 Ian and The Doctor bring back Vicki, who wakens and panics until she sees Ian, and she informs them of the Dalek robot (so she was aware of it.) They rush off to save Barbara and Ian arrives just in time to save her. The robot runs off and Ian takes Barbara to find everyone.

 The Doctor and the robot arrive at the same time. Of course, we have the whole “No, I’m The Doctor”, “No, I am” bit. And of course, Ian and the real Doctor end up fighting, but Barbara stops him just in time, and the two Doctors fight again, and the real Doctor deactivates the robot. They return to the cave and get some rest, feeling somewhat safe.

 The Daleks have found the TARDIS and place it under guard. While the heroes sleep, a robotic camera drops from the ceiling and spies upon them. When they awake, they see a fantastic elevated city above them. But then they see Daleks coming for them from several sides.

 Ian suggests The Doctor going out, pretending to be the robot, and while he and the ladies argue whether it is a good idea or not, he slips out. As the Daleks circle the cave, The Doctor tries to fool them but they know he is not the robot and he barely escapes back to the cave. A side of the cave opens and a spherical robot invites them to come with it. They agree and the credits roll.

E6 “The Planet of Decision”

 They enter and it turns out they’re in a lift which takes them up. When trying to chat up the robot, they get no results. They are escorted into a room and left in there. While they chat, a man arrives and he’s elated to see them. His name is Steven Taylor. He’s excited to see them, as he’s been there two years, as far as he can tell. He tells them that they’re prisoners.

 The shutters to the room open and it’s revealed they’re exhibits in a zoo.

 The Daleks have orders from The Supreme Dalek to invade the Mechons city and do so.

 The heroes go up to the roof, where they’re allowed and Ian almost falls off the edge. (REALLY?) There just happens to be a large spool of power cable on the roof. While they argue about it, The Daleks arrive and confront the Mechons/Mechanoids.

 The heroes plan to scale 1500 feet down by the cable. You know, cuz just anyone can do that. Vicki panics and they blindfold her and tie her with the cable to lower her. The cage is on fire, and smoke billows up. Steven rushes to save his “mascot” and they almost drop Vicki.

 Daleks and Mechanoids fight. The heroes get to the bottom. Steven’s fate is unknown. The city begins to collapse. You know how in the current series they’re always talking about all the death The Doctor brings? This is one of those stories, mass destruction.

 The heroes find the Dalek ship and Barbara and Ian realise they could use the ship to go home.

 Steven has survived, with his stuffed toy, his mascot.

 The Doctor is irate that the teachers want to go home. They argue and Vicki helps talk him into helping them work the ship to get back home. They depart and we see Ian and Barbara arrive on Earth, and after confirming they were in the proper time (1965, two years after leaving), they activate the self-destruct.

 We see a montage of still photos and videos of them gallavanting about London and being happy. The Doctor and Vicki are watching on his “time television”, and he is sad. “I shall miss them. Yes, I shall miss them.” He and Vicki head off to new adventures.

 Seeing Ian and Barbara go was hard – I rather liked them. Plus having Vicki be the only companion, I’m a bit scared.