Full video in all four episodes – and interestingly, the last serial where the episodes have distinct titles. Starting next serial, the episodes are merely named the serial title and then a number signifying which part they are.

E1 “A Holiday for The Doctor”

 We open with a shot from underneath a wagon and a woman’s voice singing a song. Three cowboys ride in on horses and the youngest starts shooting up the town. We see from a sign that they’re in Tombstone at the O.K. Corral. One of the others tells him to save his bullets for “Holliday”.

 They tether their horses and mosey over to the Last Chance Saloon. The camera pans over to the livery/feed store and we hear the TARDIS arrive. The Doctor exits, holding his jaw, still in pain. He complains of a ghastly toothache and says he needs a dentist.

 Dodo and Steven are excited that they’re in the Wild West.

 At the saloon, the three men arrive and meet a fourth there, Seth “Snake Eyes” Harper. The talk about their plans to gun down Doc Holliday.

 Steven and Dodo come out of the TARDIS, and The Doctor criticizes their clothes, comparing Steven to Tom Mix. Steven is goofing off when another man comes in and shoots Steven’s gun out of his hand. He introduces himself as Wyatt Earp.

 Kate, a saloon girl, overhears the men talking about their plans for Holliday, and she leaves to warn him. Holliday says he wants to leave a peaceful life. When she tells him three are brothers of a man he killed in a gun fight, he gets angry but refuses to leave town.

 Bat Masterson, the Sheriff, tells Holliday to stay out of saloons and out of trouble. Earp shows up after Holliday and Kate (his bride to be), with The Doctor and his companions, who are passing theirselves off as a traveling troupe of entertainers. The Doctor speaks of his toothache and they direct him to Doc Holliday.

 The two lawmen discuss all the combustible elements in town, agreeing they’re in for “a load of trouble”.

 “After all, you can’t walk into a western town and say you’re from outer space. Gracious me, you’d be arrested on a vagrancy charge.” – The Doctor, explaining to his companions why he came up with the subterfuge. Arriving at the dentist, The Doctor tries to back out (“Oh, my tooth is feeling better!”) but they convince him to go in, while the companions go to book a room. (Why they can’t stay in the TARDIS, I don’t get.)

 The Doctor turns away the offer of a swig of alcohol as anaesthetic, claiming he never touches the stuff. (Trying to think, have we seen The Doctor imbibe alcohol?)

 Back at the Last Chance Saloon, the hot head would-be assassin shoots a bottle at the bar. Steven and Dodo show up to get a room, and the proprietor offers them a job. The gunfighters hear the companions refer to The Doctor and they think they’re talking about Holliday.

 Since The Doctor is Holliday’s first customer, he refuses to accept payment. Seth Harper is looking for Holliday (none of them know what Holliday looks like) and comes in the dentist shop, mistaking The Doctor for Holliday. Holliday, who overheard from the adjacent room, insists that The Doctor needs to wear a gun and holster to accept Harper’s invitation to the “party”.

 Back at the Last Chance, the Clanton brothers and Harper get Steven and Dodo down in the main room at gunpoint and disarm them. They make Steven and Dodo sing and play piano, since they’re supposedly performers. The Doctor is seen staggering to the Last Chance, while Steven sings at gunpoint and the credits roll.

 Highly entertaining already, even if the mistaken identity trope is overused – and considering we saw it in THE MASSACRE, a bit too soon for this show.

 I’m sure it’s no surprise, but the story is historically inaccurate, and wildly so at times – not even counting the presence of the time travelers. This is apparently the first western written for British television ever aired. It’s a fun story, and a great tribute to the western genre of tv/movie entertainment.

E2 “Don’t shoot the pianist”

 Back at the dentist, Holliday gloats about how in a matter of minutes, the man they think is Doc Holliday will be dead, and he will be able to assume a new name. When he asks Kate (who isn’t in the room with him) what name she fancies, he discovers she’s gone – she left a note saying she went back to the saloon. He draws a gun, bemoaning why women cause such trouble.

 At the saloon, Steven is still singing (on the fourth time with the same song) when Kate arrives, telling the boys to put up their guns. She gives Charley, the barkeep, a hard time for letting Steven sing, since she’s the singer. Dodo and Steven try to leave, but she stops Steven from leaving (at gunpoint) and tells him to play piano, while she sings. Dodo storms upstairs, seemingly affronted.

 The Doctor shows up and congratulates the performance. Seth Harper introduces The Doctor to the Clanton brothers, and The Doctor seems to understand who they are.

 We see Holliday listening in from above on the stairs. The Doctor finally realises that he’s been mistaken for Holliday and tries to explain. Kate tells him to fess up that he is Holliday. The Doctor seemingly accidentally shoots the gun out of Harper’s hand (but in truth it was Holliday), Kate draws her gun and Steven disarms them.

 On the stairs, Dodo comes down, but Holliday orders back up the stairs. Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson show up and disarm The Doctor, Kate and Steven. Earp seems to play along with the misconcept that The Doctor is Holliday, and they take Holliday away to the jail.

 Steven is left at the saloon and the hooligans corner him. Kate goes upstairs to find Doc Holliday and Dodo. Earp and Masterson interrogate The Doctor at the jail, while the Clantons and Harper talk to Steven, seemingly trying to get him to try to break The Doctor out of jail. Dodo is stuck in her room with Kate and Holliday while they play cards, but Holliday leaves them to return to his dentist shop, where Earp is waiting for him.

 Earp tells him he wants Holliday to leave town. He gives Holliday until sun up. Back at the Last Chance, they’ve convinced Steven to try to break him out. He’s either stupid and believes them, or he’s playing along with them. They suspect it’s the latter, and send one after to keep an eye on things.

 Dodo and Kate play around with their hair and makeup and a mirror. No, really. And they discuss whether Kate’s gonna marry Doc Holliday or not. No, really. I’m surprised they’re not knitting. Holliday returns and tells Kate they have to leave before morning.

 Steven delivers a gun to The Doctor, but he turns it over to Earp.

 “I have no intention of trying anything, but people keep giving me guns, and I wish they wouldn’t!” – The Doctor

 Back at the saloon, the Clantons are riling up the locals against Holliday into a lynch mob. Steven has been brought back at gun point, and they go off to get Holliday out of jail.

 Dodo, Kate and Holliday come downstairs, and Holliday shoots and kills Harper. Holliday makes plans to leave town and tells Dodo she has to come with them. Masterson and Earp see the lynch mob and let The Doctor out of his cell. The Doctor sees Steven trussed up. Clanton threatens Earp that if he doesn’t turn over The Doctor, Steven will swing instead and the mob cheers… and the credits roll.

E3 “Johnny Ringo”

 The lawmen and the mob threaten and bluster. The Doctor is frantic about Steven’s life, but Masterson won’t let him go out. Earp has slipped off to circle around behind, and rescues Steven.

 Charley shows up to tell the Clantons that Holliday was still at the saloon and killed Harper. The Clantons leave, promising vengeance.

 Later, at the Last Chance saloon, Pa Clanton orders his boys to find and pay Johnny Ringo $500 to take care of Holliday, since his boys can’t seem to do it.

The Doctor and Steven return as the Clantons are leaving, and find out from Charley that Dodo left with Holliday and Kate. The Doctor insists that Holliday is a friend, and says they’ll find them.

 We see Dodo, Holliday, Kate arriving at a hotel, some thirty miles out of Tombstone; he wants a drink and says they won’t go any further, though Kate argues they’re not far enough away. Holliday says he promised Earp that he’d not go too far, plus he promised Dodo to get her back with her friends. He goes off to find food, and apparently kills someone for their dinner.

 Johnny Ringo shows up at the Last Chance saloon and Charley is afraid of him. Ringo finds out that the Clantons are after Holliday and leaves Charley with a message – tell the Clantons that Holliday is his, off limits for anyone else. But, then, he decides to kill Charley instead, concerned that Charley will say too much and tip everyone off.

 The next morning, Dodo barges in on Holliday, demanding to be taken back to her friends. She picks up a gun and points it at Holliday. Doc placates her until he can get the gun from her, and she faints not long after.

 The Doctor and Steven come downstairs to find Charley dead, and they encounter Johnny Ringo. The Doctor recognises him from a wanted poster he saw in the jail. Ringo invites Steven to ride with him in search of Holliday. The Doctor reports to the jail, informing the lawmen the activities of Ringo.

 Steven and Ringo arrived at the closest town to Tombstone and split up. Ringo finds Kate, whom he’s familiar with – apparently they were once together. He tells her she’s coming back with him to Tombstone.

 Back at the jail, Wyatt’s baby brother is left behind to watch over the captive Clanton, and his two brothers break in with guns drawn. The kid tries to be a hero and they shoot him and rush out… and the credits roll.

E4 “The O.K. Corral”

 At the saloon, Earp deputises The Doctor. Virgil Earp shows up. Wyatt introduces The Doctor as “Pops”, which The Doctor is all sorts of irate about.

 Back at the Clanton homestead, the Clanton brothers arrive to find Ringo, Kate and Steven sitting with Pa Clanton. They tell them they shot Warren Earp. Pa Clanton is not happy about this, saying they “really have declared war”.

 Warren dies in Wyatt’s arms. Masterson says he’ll get them, but Wyatt says the Earps will handle it.

 “Virgil and me’ll step outside the law.” – Wyatt Earp

 Virgil arrives at the Clanton homestead and delivers the challenge to meet at the O.K. Corral. Steven tries to go with Virgil but they won’t let him. When Virgil returns to inform them that Steven and Kate are captive with the Clantons, and though he didn’t see Ringo, he did recognise Ringo’s horse. Doc Holliday and Dodo arrive, and Holliday makes plans to fight along with the Earps.

 Masterson approaches The Doctor, to ask him to speak to the Clantons, to broker some alternative to a gunfight. (Whatever happened to not interfering with history?)

 The “deputy Sheriff of Tombstone”, The Doctor, arrives at the Clanton homestead, to talk to Pa Clanton. The senior Clanton dismisses any such offer, even after he hears that the Earps are prepared.

 Ringo and the Clantons show up early to set up their ambush.

 The gunfight begins; the Clantons are firing a lot of shots, hoping to distract the Earps from noticing Johnny. Holliday much has the same idea Ringo did, but Ringo is behind him. Dodo runs over, shouting a warning, and Ringo takes her hostage, but when she breaks free, Holliday shoots him down.

 Holliday sends Dodo away and joins Wyatt Earp. Guns keep firing (no reloading, either, but well…) Holliday shoots the younger Clanton (the hot head) and kills him as well. The last two Clanton boys are shot down by the Earps/Holliday and the battle is over.

 Farewells are said, and the time travelers go into the TARDIS to depart.

 We next see them in the TARDIS console chamber, back in regular dress. They’re looking at the scanner and The Doctor says he knows where they are. They’re in the future, in the distant horizon of an age of peace and prosperity. He (they?) head to depart, and on the scanner, we see a man in primitive dress, carrying a club-like weapon come out of hiding and carefully approach the TARDIS… and the credits roll.

 Good story, so long as you don’t mind the historical inaccuracies. As a tribute to the wild west movies/tv shows, it’s perfect.

 Interesting to note that the man who played Holliday (Arthur Jacobs) is the father of Matthew Jacobs, who had the (dubious) honor of writing the script for the 1996 American Doctor Who tv movie.