Another lost serial, this is a reconstruction by a group (?) called Butterfly Effect. From what I can tell, they’re not as held in the same regard as Loose Cannon, sadly. Let’s see how it goes..

Episode 1 (again, no more individual titles within the serial):

 The Doctor has exited the TARDIS, with an instrument in a should sling. He meanders about, taking readings. Steven is outside the TARDIS, worrying and Dodo is with him. They’re arguing (commonly enough) about whether or not Steven should search for The Doctor.

 The Doctor, unawares, is being watched by two men. He hears Steven calling out for him, and the two men in primitive garb crawl through the vegetation after him. Something surprises him in the woods.

 Dodo, back at the TARDIS, hears someone sneaking up behind her and when she sees the primitive man, she screams. Steven comes rushing back, and postulates they’re in the Stone Age, not the future. The Doctor apparently is in hearing range and laughs to himself at Steven’s assumption. Behind him, still in the vegetation, Tor and Chal, the primitive men, discuss The Doctor and his instrument, and whether he is a leader or not.

 The Doctor senses them and calls for them to come out, but then two soldiers in futuristic garb come up to him instead, welcoming him to their planet, saying it is a great honour. They know of him and call him The Traveler From Beyond Time. It seems the elders of their city have plotted his arrival.

 They ask about his instrument, which he identifies as a Reacting Vibrator (I’m trying really hard not to laugh.) Captain Edal is insistent that The Doctor accompany him to the city, and the other soldier, Exorse, is sent to fetch Steven and Dodo.

 Back at the TARDIS, Dodo again sees something up high, but Steven doesn’t and says she’s imagining it until a spear is thrown and lands near them. The companions are under attack by the savages, who run off when Exorse arrives to greet them and invites them to accompany him to the city.

 At the city, The Doctor is escorted to the council chamber; there he meets four Elders. They greet him with great welcome. Jano (Jay-no), the leader, introduces himself and says they are familiar with him through their records. He introduces his fellow councillors, but not by name. They show him a star chart that shows his journeys, and offer him a position as an Elder.

 The Doctor seems to know of them as well, and speaks highly of their accomplishments. While this is going on, Exorse arrives with the companions. They present the companions with gifts – a dagger for Steven and a jeweled mirror for Dodo.

 Two younger members, Flower and Avon (hey, it was the 60s) escort Steven and Dodo elsewhere to make themselves at home, while The Doctor stays with the council, who has many questions for him.

 Edal and Exorse are seen on patrol, and it seems he’s untrusting of The Doctor and his companions. Three savages, Tor, Chal and Nanina are watching the guards. Nanina is sent away to warn the village that the others are “hunting”.

 Avon and Flower take the companions on a tour of the city and they see many wondrous things. The city has it’s on internal weather system. Steven asks what the people’s ‘secret’ is and though Avon dismisses it, it seems there is one… there is some great discovery that Avon (the male) dismisses as best discussed by The Doctor and the council. 

 The Doctor has questions for the council. He questions their great advancement and wants to know how.

 Nanina is seen moving, she’s near where Exorse is patrolling and hides from him. From afar, the two men, Tor and Chal, watch worriedly. They refer to Exorse as ‘the hunter’. He gets closer to where Nanina is. The men call out, and Nanina jumps and runs directly to Exorse, who shoots her with his gun, which fires a ray of light which surrounds and captures Nanina. He takes her to the city as the men watch helplessly.

 Jano explains that life preys on other life, but they have found a way to tap the actual force of life and transfer it to theirselves.

 Chal confronts Exorse, demanding that he take him instead of Nanina, but the guard ignores him.

 Jano and The Doctor continue speaking of the life force, and Jano admits that they only absorb “a very special form of animal vitality”. I’m sure you can see where this is going, right? Right. I bet The Doctor is going to be very, very upset once he figures it out.

 Flower (the female youth tour guide) is going on about how happy they are, they can do what they want, go where they want, when, ironically, Avon tells Dodo not to go down a specific corridor. Dodo, of course, questions, saying, “I thought you said we could go anywhere.”

 Yup, classic dystopian set up here, it seems. It turns out they’re not allowed to go outside the city, and the corridor leads to “the world beneath the city”. They discuss the guards and the savages, but Flower quickly changes the topic of discussion. Dodo loiters behind as the others move off and looks out a window, where she sees Exorse bringing in Nanina, but she cannot watch more as Avon comes back to collect her. She complains to Steven that every time she tries to stop and look around, they stop her. He tells her they’re guests and for her to behave like one.

 “I hate conducted tours!” – Dodo to Steven.

 She tells Steven what she saw, and he finds it hard to believe. He keeps telling her she’s imagining things.

 Exorse and Nanina have arrived in the city, in a lower level. He releases her from the light field and she collapses against the wall. She begs to be let go to no avail.

 We see another room, where a savage lays on an operating table. A door chime keeps ringing as he inspects the savage, who was drained very low, but Senta (the technician/doctor/attendant) notes that Wylda (the savage) has high recuperative rating and will recover. One of Senta’s attendants helps Wylda out, while Senta opens the door for Exorse. Senta complains about Exorse being late, but the guard explains that he and Edal met the strangers and that’s why he is behind schedule. Exorse leaves and Senta proceeds to inspect Nanina, but notices something is wrong with Wylda.

 Dodo continues to lag behind in their tour. Steven is still impressed by the superficial elements, but then he asks about outside.

 Nanina is taken in for energy transfer, crying all the while. Dodo sees Exorse leaving a room and decides to investigate.

 Jano is still explaining to The Doctor. “With our knowledge, we can make the brave man braver, the wise man wiser, the strong man stronger. We can make the beautiful girl more beautiful still.” (So men get to be wise, strong, brave, but women only beautiful… I know, I know, the show was made in the 60s…)

 Steven realises that Dodo is not with them. We see her walking down the passageway that Exorse had taken Nanina earlier. She comes around a corner, face to face with Wylda, who is staggering, wild-eyed, arms out, he comes at her and she screams…. and the credits roll.

 The dystopian society here is a classic scifi trope, and I’ll be very curious to see The Doctor’s outrage. So far, this story is pretty good. I’m really hating the Beeb and their junking policy, of course.

 Actually, quite a good story in a lot of ways. Really wished this wasn’t a lost serial, would have really liked video, especially with the ending.

Episode 2:

 Dodo is paralyzed by fear, by Wylda stumbles past her, he’s not even coherent enough to see her. He stumbles to the end of the corridor and triggers a light beam that opens the door, but the savage is too weak and collapses. Dodo helps him out the doorway. Tor and Chal are there, and one of them moves to threaten Dodo, but Wylda grabs his arm, shaking his head. Dodo rushes back in as the door begins to slide shut.

 Nanina is in a glass cubicle, still crying out, as it fills with gas. Dodo wanders nearby, hearing the sound of machinery and investigates.

 Meanwhile, Steven is calling out for Dodo, and getting frantic. Dodo wanders near the laboratory where Nanina’s energy is being drained.

 Jano is STILL explaining things, when Steven comes bursting in (followed by Avon and Flower), yelling about Dodo having disappeared. The Doctor says that Dodo cannot come to harm in the city and she can take care of herself and dismisses Steven rather abruptly.

 Dodo is grabbed by two assistants; she struggles to no avail. They think she’s a savage, depsite commenting on her strange clothing, and talk of readying her for transference.

 Avon, Steven and Flower are accompanied by Captain Edal, as they retrace their steps looking for Dodo. Edal informs Flower and Avon that they will be held responsible. When Steven sights a corridor, and is explained that it’s not allowed, his response is classic, “If it’s not allowed, Dodo will be the first in the queue!” He moves to investigate, but Edal orders him to stay where he is.

 Senta is informed that one of the outsiders (savages) is fighting. (Of course, they mean Dodo, but apparently this is unheard of.) Dodo is busy trying to avoid the two assistants.

 Edal and Steven argue and Edal says he will go down the corridor as Steven is not allowed.

 The first assistant tries to inform Senta there is a complication with Nanina’s transference, but he is busy questioning Dodo who she is. He quickly divines that she’s one of the visitors. Senta rushes back to the control room and fiddles with the console, ordering the connection to be broken.

 Edal arrives and demands to know what Dodo has seen. Senta yells at him to get her out of the lab. She keeps asking questions as Edal guides her out.

 They get Nanina out before it’s too late, but Senta tells them to make a note in her record – they must wait a considerable time before drawing any more life out of her, because they allowed her to be drained so much.

 Avon and Flower try to pass it off as a hospital. Captain Edal insists on taking Steven and Dodo to the Elders, and tells Avon and Flower to wait there for the guard. Avon tries to comfort Flower, but she’s afraid.

 Back at the lab, Nanina is unstrapped from the gurney. She, like Wylda before her, is somewhat unresponsive and the assistants must assist her to the exit.

 The Doctor is reunited with Steven and Dodo and when they tell him they have to talk, he is dismissive, explaining he’s had a very interesting discussion with the Elders. The Doctor quickly conjures up a reason to return to the TARDIS, with Steven to help him get some items and Dodo, so they don’t lose sight of her again.

 After they depart the council chambers, Jano and Edal discuss what Dodo saw and whether she understand any of it. They discuss also The Doctor’s thoughts. Jano sends Edal to follow them.

 The time travelers travel back to the TARDIS; The Doctor has discarded the robes the Elders gave him when inviting him to join the council. He explains he didn’t want Dodo talking around the Elders, and tells Steven that he doesn’t quite trust them, that he senses something is amiss.

 They come across Wylda laying in the woods, no sign of the others. The Doctor explains what he’s surmised about the life transference. He sends Steven and Dodo to the TARDIS to collect some medicine. He stays behind with the savage, and Edal arrives. Edal is very dismissive and rough with the savage, which angers The Doctor greatly. He chastises Edal, “They are men – human beings – like you and me!”

 (So, still, they have not established that The Doctor is another race, only from another planet. We’ve only a few serials left in The First Doctor’s term, so surely they must have been thinking about this by now? Or was the replacement of Hartnell more of a sudden crisis situation?)

 They argue and Edal threatens him with his light gun, and orders him back to the city. Steven and Dodo return, but are perplexed at The Doctor’s disappearance. They give Wylda two capsules and he sits up. Tor and Chal argue about killing them, as Steven and Dodo notice and watch them.

 As the savages move to kill them, Wylda speaks, telling them that they are friends. He explains that the guard took The Doctor to the city.

 Back at the council chamber, Jano and the Doctor debate. The Doctor has a great line:

 “Oppose you? Of course I am going to oppose you, just in the same way that I oppose the Daleks or any other meance to common humanity!” – The Doctor to Jano.

 “How dare you call your treatment of these people progress!” – again, The Doctor chastising Jano.

 The Doctor is taken away and Jano sends a message to Senta, telling him to await special instructions. The Doctor is brought to Senta, and Edal tells him he must prepare for an emergency transference – and The Doctor is to be the subject. Senta is appalled but Jano, who seems to have arrived, insists upon it. The Doctor declares he will not go along with it but Edal uses the light gun on him and they get him into the trolley.

 Jano leaves, instructing them to inform him once it is complete. They enclose The Doctor inside the cubicle. The process begins as the chamber fills with gas. Senta reminds them they’ve never used the process on a “higher life form” and instructs his assistants to keep an eye out for any abnormalities.

 Senta is amazed at the amount of energy they are draining from him, as the process goes on… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 Jano and Senta discuss using The Doctor and his companions as energy sources. Jano sends Edal to recover them.

 The savages have taken Steven and Dodo to their valley, for safety. Word arrives that the guards are hunting and they are not touching any of the savages, so they must be searching for the travelers.

 Jano instructs Senta to prepare for an intransference – The Doctor’s energy will be put in one person, a most unusual occurance, by Senta’s reaction. Jano will take the intransference, supposedly as not to risk any of the other citizens (yeah, right.)

 Edal and Exorse are searching, and decide to check the Valley of Caves.

 Tor and Chal argue whether or not Steven and Dodo should be allowed in the caves; Chal is leader and insists. They are brought into the cave, which is beautiful, crafted like a temple. The ancestors were more talented (as a result of the transference process, I would presume, the descendants have become more savage… I’m even going to guess that originally, they were all one people.)

 Exorse arrives, and questions Tor where the strangers are; he has to use his gun to force the answer. Outside the cave, Exorse calls in, demanding the strangers. Nanina calls out that there are no strangers. Chal leads the companions into the passages.

 Exorse has entered the cave, apparently this is the first time a guard ever has done so. He tries to get Nanina and Wylda to tell him where they are, to no avail. He threatens a group of savages with his gun, and one tells him they went into the passages.

 Exorse is trailing Steven, Dodo and Chal into the passage; the passage does not lead anywhere, but they hope Exorse will give up. Steven tries to get Exorse to get angry by calling out to him, calling him names. Steven queries Chal about the nature of the gun.

 Steven gets Dodo’s mirror. Exorse is angered and moves forward without caution. Steven uses the mirror to reflect the beam back on Exorse and he drops the gun, which Steven grabs and uses on Exorse, taking him prisoner.

 The see the approaching light from the passage, and fear the worst. When they see Steven has the gun and has taken Exorse prisoner, Tor proclaims the strangers as gods and that they can destroy the city.

 Back in the laboratory, we see The Doctor unconscious on the table. The assistants take The Doctor to the guest quarters, where he will be able to rest. Jano arrives for the intransference and is glad Senta sent his assistants away, wanting to keep it secret.

 Jano sits on a chair, and a glass panel slides in front of him. Senta is outside and switches on devices, preparing for the procedure. The vats that the life force is put into beging bubbling. Like a withdrawal, Jano’s cubicle fills with gas.

 Tor laughs and says they should kill the guard, and Nanina argues. Steven tells them to show him how to get in the city, and Chal agrees to do so. When they leave, Tor tries to kill Exorse, but Nanina stops him. Tor storms off and she tends to Exorse’s wounds; he is confused why she should help him since he was the one who brought her in earlier.

 Chal has brought Steven and Dodo to the city. As they observe, a guard comes into view, and sits down, to eat a lunch. The guard hears Steven moving closer but isn’t alarmed until he sees Steven. The guard goes for his gun, but Steven fires his first and knocks him out with it.

 Chal opens the door for them and Steven and Dodo enter.

 The process has completed, but Senta is concerned when Jano will not respond to his questions. Jano exits the chamber, hooking his thumbs in the front of his robe, in the same manner The Doctor is known to.

 Jano’s entire demeanor has changed. Again, Senta asks if he is all right. Jano responds, speaking in a fashion and cadence, and a high pitch, much like The Doctor. Senta suggests rest, as Jano is having difficulty adjusting.

 Senta leaves, and Jano grabs a bar, preparing to smash the equipment, only stopping before he does so, wondering what is wrong with him.

 Steven and Dodo have entered and are searching for The Doctor. Edal is aware of them, and sets a trap for them, by having The Doctor brought to one of the corridors. They come across The Doctor, who is not able to speak or move under his own power. Edal is watching all this on the monitor. He presses a button and the door at the end of the corridor begins to close.

 Edal has the corridor filled with gas as protection from the light gun. Guards are sent in with gas masks after the travelers. Steven and Dodo struggle with the door as the guards get closer… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 Just as things look their worst, the door opens. In the control room, Jano is watching and has opened it for them. Dodo gets The Doctor out as Steven fires his gun to warn off Edal.

 Edal rushes to the control chamber, finding Jano, and accuses him. Jano, still talking like The Doctor, denies it. He tells Edal that he will lead the patrol to find the escapees.

 Chal awaits them and suggests taking The Doctor back to the caves. He and Dodo take The Doctor, while Steven stays behind in hopes of holding back their pursuit.

 Jano splits the patrol, sending two guards to the TARDIS, and Edal goes with him. Nearby, Steven is watching and points his gun at them. Edal seems to notice and pulls Jano to safety, but one of the guards is taken out.

 Dodo is whiny and irritating and stupid. Everything has to be spelled out to her, like a child.

 Chal and Dodo and The Doctor arrive at the caves, but Chal is worried that there is no guard. Nanina still tends to Exorse, while Tor tries to rally his people to violence against Exorse. (Strange; earlier, he thought Steven and Dodo were gods.)

 They stop arguing as Chal calls out and comes in with The Doctor and Dodo. They see Steven sprinting towards the cave, Jano and the guards in hot pursuit. He makes it to the cave and when Jano is pointed out to him, lines up a shot, but at the last moment The Doctor stops him, demanding that Jano not be harmed.

 The Doctor seems to have partially recovered. When Dodo talks about making it back to the TARDIS, The Doctor says no, they must stay and help Chal and his people. “I will not leave these people in this oppressed state,” he tells them.

 He tells them that he agrees with Steven, there is no way they could convince the council that the savages should be treated as equals, so instead, he plans to destroy the transference equipment. All they need is one ally inside, and he thinks they have one already.

 As dark nears, Jano orders the guards back to the city; Edal protests but obeys. The Doctor speculates that when it becomes dark, they will have a visitor.

 Edal reports to the council of Jano’s actions and that he believes they are about to be betrayed.

 Jano approaches the cave after dark. The Doctor tells the others it is all right, he has been expecting him – Jano calls as a friend. Chal tells his people they must trust him.

 The Doctor explains that in the transference, Jano not only got some of The Doctor’s intellect, but also some of his conscience. Jano says this must be true, because he now sees the evil that his people have been doing.

 All the while Exorse has been working at his bonds and escapes. Nanina gives chase and follows him. She pleas with him not to report what he has heard. Without a word, Exorse turns and walks off.

 Edal, Senta and the council meet, and Edal says he will take charge. Exorse arrives, wore out and weary. He pretends that he did not see Jano while at the cave. Edal questions Exorse, and says he will be interrogated. When Exorse says that only the leader can send someone to the interrogators, Senta informs Exorse that Edal has declared an emergency, and in the absence of Jano, has taken leadership.

 As if by writer plot contrivance, Jano arrives at that very second with his “prisoners”. He chastises them for not believing him when he said he would be back with captives. Seeing the prisoners, Senta says that Edal was wrong. Jano orders Edal to be taken under arrest and the guards there take him away.

 Jano orders Senta to destroy the laboratory. Senta and Jano argue. Jano moves to destroy the equipmenet, and Senta hits the alarm. All chaos breaks loose, but Exorse does not stop the destruction, even when ordered by Senta. Jano and the savages destroy the equipment.

 “You know my dear, there is something very satisfying at destroying something so very evil!” – The Doctor, to Dodo.

 Edal and guards arrive, there’s arguing and Steven takes Edal’s light gun and fires it at the captain of the guard.

 The Doctor instructs Jano that his people and Chal’s must live in harmony now. Jano asks The Doctor to stay, to be a mediator and guide for the two people, but he refuses. Chal points at Steven and says that he is the leader they want.

 Steven tries to argue it, but The Doctor agrees that he is the man for the task. Steven is fascinated at the idea of helping build a new society. He asks if everyone agrees – even Tor… and Tor says he will accept Steven’s decisions. Steven thinks about it, and then replies, “Very well, I will stay.”

 Dodo embraces Steven and says a tearful goodbye, “I shall miss you.”

 “Doctor, for many light years, we looked forward to your arrival on this planet. We always knew of your wisdom, but we never dreamed of the miracle that it would bring us.” – Jano

 The Doctor tells Steven that he is very proud of him and wishes him luck. They shake hands and Steven hurries out, stopping at the door to give a quick wave. Dodo and The Doctor are left alone. She asks if they will ever see him again, and he is vague in his reply.

 We see the TARDIS dematerialise and the credits roll…  

I am quite saddened to see Steven go!  And was not expecting it at all.  (Am trying very hard to avoid any pre-knowledge of the comings and goings of the companions.)  But what a great way to write him out!  I have to say, I think Steven is my favourite of all the First Doctor’s companions (I know, there’s still… Ben and Polly?  But Steven was really cool, even better than Ian, and I liked Ian and Barbara quite a bit, too.)