Not a lost serial, yay!

Episode 1:

 We start off with something different; after the standard opening sequence, we have an ‘animated’ sequence, where the serial title is typed out on the screen. That’s new. Not sure if it’s for this only, or going to be a regular thing.

 We open with the London city scape, the camera pans to the left, and the TARDIS appears on a city sidewalk. The Doctor and Dodo exit, she’s all rejoiceful and they embrace. We see a police bobby walking in their direction, and The Doctor hangs an OUT OF ORDER sign on the front of the TARDIS. (Clever, that.) The bobby stops, sees the sign, and walks on.

 Dodo and The Doctor spot a tower (the Post Office Tower), and she’s surprised that it’s been completed, but The Doctor pronounces that there’s something alien about the tower. He says he can smell it in the air, and has a prickly sensation, much like when he first met the Daleks. Intent on investigating, he sets off, Dodo happily following.

 We next see a man in a lab coat in a room with computers with tapes and flashing lights. Another man brings in The Doctor and Dodo; The Doctor seems to have bluffed his way in and meets the Professor Brett. Brett claims that the computer, which The Doctor believes is the source of what he sensed outside, is the most advanced computer and later that week, it is going to be linked with other computers all over the world.

 Hello, Skynet! You know that’s what you thought, admit it.

 We then meet Brett’s assistant, Polly, who is a bit cheeky.

 Brett talks about the machine, called WOTAN (Will Operating Thought Analogue), which can think faster than a human and “never makes mistakes”. The Doctor is fascinated, if not a bit troubled. He tests the machine by giving it a mathematical challenge, which is passes. Dodo asks it what the word TARDIS means, and it answers correctly! This troubles The Doctor greatly.

 Dodo feels a bit unwell, complaining of buzzing in the ears, Polly tends to her and the two girls start talking about nightclubs. Polly says the hottest is The Inferno, and we cut to a scene at the nightclub, and see Polly and Dodo come in as the crowd dances.

 Kitty (the bartender) asks Polly to talk to a regular patron, a sailor who seems bummed to pieces. She tries to banter and get him to laugh, but it doesn’t work. Another patron grabs Polly as she walks off, and makes a play on her, but she’s not interested. Sailor boy comes to Polly’s rescue and he and smarmy dude get in a fight. Sailor boy fights off the dude and Dodo finds out that his name is Ben.

 Meanwhile, a taxi drops The Doctor off at the Royal Scientific Club, where a press conference is being held. They announce that in four days, Monday July 16th, on what is termed C-Day (Computer Day), WOTAN and “all the computer systems in this country and subsequently in the whole world will come under the control of the central computer called WOTAN”. Who thought this was a good idea?

 “The computer is merely a brain which thinks logically without any political or private ends.” Oh, famous last words nomination there. A reporter from the New York Sketch (?) questions whether this is a good idea, but the guy answering questions says there is no need to worry, when Professor Brett arrives he can explain better. He then, quietly, asks another gentleman where Brett is. This guy says he should have met him there an hour ago, and goes off to “give him a buzz”.

 Professor Brett is seen on the phone, explaining that he must go, he’s already late for an important meeting. As he moves to leave, Major Green comes in and Brett tells him that there’s someone in that part of the building. Major Green (head of security), says that it is not possible, they have regular security screens. Brett claims he’s sensed someone all day.

 Major Green leaves Brett, who begins to act strangely, and finds himself unable to leave the room. He staggers back, stating out loud that “it’s ridiculous, it’s quite ridiculous”, and then seems to be under the control of some force.

 Back at The Inferno, things are going well with the girls and Ben. Dodo is still complaining of a headache again. Ben and Polly go off to dance while Dodo gets a serious/wistful look at the bar.

 Professor Brett arrives at the press conference and is very formal and cold. He demands to see Professor Krimpton, not seemingly caring about the press assembled. Krimpton is the man who earlier spoke about Brett not meeting him. Brett blows off the reporter from the NY Sketch and all but drags Krimpton out of the room. The press follow as Sir Charles (the man running the conference) apologises.

 The Doctor and Sir Charles speak, and Sir Charles theorises that there might be a problem with WOTAN. The Doctor is left, wondering out loud. (It’s one of his regular things, a close up on his face, as he says, “I wonder… hmm… I wonder!”

 Back at the lab, Major Green walks into WOTAN’s room and is taking under control, though he fights it at first. He says “I understand” and walks to a phone. We hear what sounds suspiciously like a modem carrier tone in the background as he dials.

 In The Inferno, Kitty answers the phone and gets Dodo, as the call is for her. She answers it and is put on speaker phone through WOTAN. She clutches her ear, then replies, coldly, “Yes. Yes, I understand.” Hanging up the phone, she walks off.

 Krimpton argues with Brett, who is not very explanatory to any of his questions. He states that “We have broken down. We have failed. We cannot developed the Earth any further.” and that WOTAN has decided to take over the Earth, as Mankind is not fit to run the planet.

 Krimpton tries to leave, but Major Green stops him. He dashes to the phone to call for help, but the power of WOTAN starts to take his mind; he fights it more than anyone else thus far… but in the end falls prey to WOTAN.

 Ben and Polly wonder where Dodo went to. The Doctor shows up, and wonders where Dodo went to.

 Professor Brett announces that they need a special human brain, obviously The Doctor, and Dodo arrives for instructions. Through a series of beeps, noises, and then in a sibilant voice, WOTAN speaks, “DOCTOR WHO IS REQUIRED. BRING HIM HERE!” and the credits roll. (The first reference to The Doctor as “Doctor Who” in-story, that I’m aware of.)

 So far, enjoyable, creepy. I’m glad that someone in the story questioned the idea of linking all the world’s computers together. Turns out to be a good serial, though the ending feels a bit rushed, and some of the concepts aren’t exactly the best.

Episode 2:

 Dodo goes off to fetch The Doctor, while the three enslaved men discuss WOTAN’s plans. London, then Washington and Moscow. War Machines will be made quickly. People will be “enlisted” by thought control over telephone recruiting. They repeatedly refer to The Doctor as “Doctor Who”. (Only time it’s been done in-story through the course of the show, not counting the various times it’s been used as a question as a joke or otherwise.)

 Back at The Inferno, Kitty has to lock up and suggests The Doctor leave a note on the door for Dodo. Polly suggests going to the police, but Kitty asks that they don’t. Ben and Polly argue.

 Dodo shows up, all chipper and they all scold her for being so inconsiderate. The Doctor takes Dodo off to meet with Sir Charles and his family. Ben and Polly offer to fetch a taxi, which Dodo doesn’t like. She tries to get The Doctor to go down an alley where some men are waiting with some chloroform, but a taxi pulls up. The Doctor, Polly and a reluctant Dodo get in; Polly makes plans with Ben for lunch.

 Apparently, WOTAN has been at work already; there’s a large group in a warehouse, assembling things via orders from Brett. A vagrant, hoping to catch a place to sleep in the warehouse is captured by the men and killed. We see what they are building – a small tank-like contraption with weaponry all over it.

 The next morning, The Doctor is at Sir Charles’ house. He sees a newspaper story about the death of the vagrant – it’s passed off as a traffic-related accident. Sir Charles is more concerned about the rash of resignations from scientists he’s had recently. Resignations with no reason.

 Polly shows up, having been sent to Sir Charles’ residence/office to assist, as she’s not needed by Professor Brett for the day. Sir Charles is surprised, but could use her assistance as his secretary is out.

 Dodo offers to take The Doctor to see Professor Brett (she’s still trying to obey her orders to bring him in), but The Doctor calls first. On the phone, they switch “The Doctor” (not “Doctor Who”, all of a sudden) over to WOTAN, and he cries out in pain. Sir Charles helps him to a chair, and steps out to fetch something, while Dodo tries to explain that it’s just a method of establishing contact, that time is short and there is much to do.

 The Doctor is recovering from the shock and doesn’t quite understand what Dodo is saying. Sir Charles and Polly arrive with some water, and Dodo tries to sneak off, but The Doctor stops her. (He’s finally registered what she was saying.) He deduces that she has been hypnotised and begins to break WOTAN’s control over her, putting her into a sleep state, using the ring on his hand (once again used as a plot device.) He announces she will sleep for 48 hours and needs peace and quiet once she awakens. Sir Charles offers to have her taken to his country home where she can be looked after. (I have a thought, but we’ll see if I’m right.)

 Elsewhere, we see parts in a warehouse, boxes and crates stamped with the W of WOTAN (again, WOTAN must have been planning this way in advance.) Another war machine is completed. Major Green arrives at the warehouse to order the testing of the war machine’s weapons. He orders one of the men to stand stll and the war machine shoots and kills him.

 WOTAN wants to know “WHERE IS DOCTOR WHO?” They report they have not heard from the woman called Dodo. WOTAN reinforces that DOCTOR WHO IS REQUIRED. Polly arrives at the lab, and she is terrified as Brett approaches her.

 Back at Sir Charles’ office, Ben arrives looking for Polly. He and The Doctor talk and The Doctor explains that Dodo’s gone off to the country for a couple days. He asks Ben to assist him in investigating where they last saw the tramp (their word, not mine) who died.

 Ben arrives at the warehouse and sneaks in; he spots a war machine being tested – it has a sledgehammer arm and more resembles a man sized (but not shaped) robot on treads than a tank. The war machine has detected Ben and smashed through some crates to find where he is hiding; he backs up against the wall terrified and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 Ben barely avoids the war machine and Major Green gets a report from the machine and gives the order to capture the intruder. Ben dashes out and runs into Polly, but she has been hypnotised as well. He tries to get her to go with him, but she refuses, instead interrogating him about what he’s seen.

 Ben and Polly struggle, and the other men catch up and take him prisoner. He’s brought back to Major Green, yelling for Polly to get help from The Doctor – apparently, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

 Sir Charles and The Doctor discuss things and The Doctor asks Sir Charles not to involve the police.

 Polly relays WOTAN’s orders – let Ben work in the warehouse instead of being killed. (How this would be accounted for in advance doesn’t logically follow.) Ben thinks Polly is playing along at being part of them, but she doesn’t indicate that she is anything but hypnotised.

 Ben sees an opportunity to escape; he sneaks off, and Polly sees him. He stares at her, afraid, and she blinks, then goes back to work, as if he hasn’t seen him, and he makes his move.

At Sir Charles’, The Doctor announces he’s going off to investigate. Just as he does, Ben arrives to explain what’s going on.

 Back at the warehouse, Polly is questions by Major Green where Ben is. She admits she saw him escape without giving alarm, but cannot explain why. WOTAN’s control over her is fading. Major Green announces that Polly must be sent back to WOTAN to be punished.

 Sir Charles refuses to believe any of Ben’s story, though The Doctor does believe the lad. On The Doctor’s word, Sir Charles agrees to go along with this, though he is reluctant to initiate any action against WOTAN.

 “You see, the official mind can only take in so much at a given time.” – The Doctor.

 Sir Charles calls the report about the warehouse and the “killer machine” in to a nameless Minister. It seems the Minister is bringing in the Army, as we next see a bunch of soldiers disembarking from trucks outside the warehouse.

 We see Sir Charles and the commanding officers outside, discussing the warehouse. A patrol is sent in to investigate and Major Green announces there are intruders. The war machine attacks the soldiers, aided by the humans who have been taken over by WOTAN. There’s a big fracas. The soldiers’ guns seem to be jammed.

 Outside, The Doctor and Ben arrive and ask what is happening, though they are told it is uncertain. The survivors from the patrol flee, the war machine in pursuit. Sir Charles orders for them to call off their machine and surrender. The machine proceeds forward. Everyone backs away, except for The Doctor who slowly walks forward to the war machine. The camera zooms in on The Doctor’s defiant stare… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 Ben begs The Doctor to run, but he tells him to wait. The Doctor stands as the war machine comes close, goes around him and stops, without attacking.

 We cut away to some patrons in a pub, who are listening to a tv report on the “London emergency”, talking about the war machine. Ironically, the announcer mentions that the London public are taking it in stride, and then tells them there likely will be more attacks and for everyone to stay inside.

 The Doctor informs the Minister that the reason the war machine shut down is because it had not been properly programmed – because the soldiers attacked before the war machine was ready.

 Another assembly location is seen, where a man radios in for permission to activate their war machine. They are given permission and told that the disaster at Covent Garden will not be allowed to be repeated.

 Ben reports to The Doctor that he cannot find Polly anywhere. The Doctor announces that, as a result of his inspection of the robot, that he believes there are eleven other war machines in London, planning to attack at noon that day.

 The other war machine is being tested and attacks the man and destroys the transceiver. Brett and Krimpton discuss that there’s been a malfunction after losing contact.

 Major Green is brought in to Sir Charles, The Minister (no other name is given) and The Doctor, but the Major has no recollection of what happened, or even what the war machine is.

 Some guy on a phone calls in a report that there’s a war machine on the street. We see it come to the phone booth he’s in and shoots him. We hear a radio report that the war machine has been spotted and everyone is ordered to stay indoors.

 Polly has arrived at the lab to submit herself to WOTAN’s judgment, but the scientists need her assistance instead.

 The Doctor sets up a plan to try to trap and capture the rogue war machine using magnetic fields. They capture it and The Doctor prepares to attack WOTAN with a war machine. Ben leads the charge into the lab and drags Polly out. In the chaos, the war machine enters and attacks and destroys WOTAN.

 Krimpton dies trying to stop the war machine, and Brett is released from mind control. The Doctor announces that the other war machines will never activate (hey, there’s a great spin-off story… have some villain get ahold of one or two of the war machines and use them for their own good.) When Brett asks what has happened, they turn to The Doctor, but he’s gone.

 We see The Doctor waiting outside the TARDIS (still has the OUT OF ORDER sign on it), pacing back and forth, checking his timepiece. Polly and Ben and run up. Polly delivers a message from Dodo – she wants to stay and wishes him her love. A bit put off by Dodo’s staying, The Doctor mutters to himself about ingratefulness and time and space, which Ben overhears, must to his confusion.

 The Doctor waves them off, bids them farewell, and as they walk off, they stop and turn to watch him. They’re surprised he has a key to the police box, and Polly says there’s something strange about that box. The key reminds Ben that he was supposed to give a key to The Doctor (I don’t recall anything about a key… maybe that was supposed to be Dodo’s? I don’t recall her having one.)

 They dash over, but The Doctor is already inside. Polly uses the key to get in, though Ben complains he only has a couple minutes before he has to get back to barracks. They step in and the TARDIS dematerialises, much to the confusion of some passerby… and the credits roll.

 This is significant that this was the first total companion change of the show – prior to this, when a companion (or two) left, there was still one more who’d previously been there, and same with a companion joining.

 Jackie Lane (Dodo)’s contract expired after episode two, which is why we never saw her again. Earlier I mentioned having a thought – seems I was half right. I thought maybe The Doctor was going to accidentally leave her behind.