Sadly, the first Patrick Troughton serial (and many of his) is a lost serial. Fortunately, I have a Loose Cannon reconstruction…

Episode 1:

 We start with the regeneration sequence – a close up of William Hartnell’s face, which slowly becomes Patrick Troughton’s. We see Troughton lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious, in The Doctor’s clothes. Ben and Polly have just entered the TARDIS, to find him like this – seemingly missing the physical transformation!

 I know I’ve mentioned this before in previous serials, but I just wonder what people were thinking when they watched this happen? I gather from watching this that they had not yet decided that The Doctor was an alien, and that his transformation (which we now call ‘regeneration’) was not originally meant to be anything more than a singular occasion, a healing of his body, facilitated by the TARDIS?

 Polly refers to him as The Doctor, but Ben points out that it visibly is not The Doctor. She argues that there was nobody else inside the TARDIS, and brings up what The Doctor had said about his body wearing a bit thin in the previous serial.

 Ben is having a hard time even considering this possibility; Polly is having too easy a time accepting it without any other thought. The Doctor starts to stir as they watch, and we hear a loud shrill buzzing, which is apparently in his head. We see double/blurry images, presumable his vision. He manages to his feet, using the TARDIS console for support while the companions watch quietly.

 “It’s over.” He laughs and repeats it. There’s almost a sinister tone (and in a brief video clip, a sinister appearance to his face) as he says this. Then, in a scene (a video fragment, as well) that we know all too well, he feels his face with his hands, as if checking it out.

 He flips some switches, and the TARDIS dematerialises. Ben quietly asks, “Doctor?” but is ignored. The Doctor sheds the cloak (way too big for him as Hartnell was much taller than Troughton), and his ring (which played an important part in several First Doctor serials)

 The Doctor moves over to a chest, and begins to rummage through it, Ben asks Polly, “What are we going to do?” Polly replies, “It is The Doctor, I know it. I think.”

 Ben replies with something that is so important, a set up for so much wonder about the show, “It’s not just his face that’s changed. He doesn’t even act like him!”

 Ben says it’s time to sort it out, and approaches The Doctor, who has found a mirror in the chest, and thrusts it into Ben’s hands. He looks into the mirror and studies his new face… not entirely pleased, it seems.

 Ignoring Ben’s further demands to sort things out, The Doctor pulls out a dagger that he got from Saladin, and remarks, “The Doctor was a great collector.” Polly replies, “But YOU’RE The Doctor.” The Doctor’s response is, “Hmm? Oh, I don’t look like him.”

 I love what happens next. Ben, still thinking that this is someone completely different, asks, “Who are we?” In classic Doctor wit, The Doctor responds, “Don’t you know?”

 Rummaging some more, The Doctor pulls out a piece of metal and murmurs, “Extermination.” There’s a melodramatic chord of music as Ben and Polly, never having met the Daleks, stare at each other, completely baffled.

 Ben picks up the ring from the floor, and challenges The Doctor to put it on – if he’s The Doctor, it will fit. It does not. Ben crows triumphantly. The Doctor’s retort is pure genius –

 “I’d like to see a butterfuly fit into a chrysalis case after it spreads your wings.” – The Doctor

 Polly still believes, she wants to, needs to believe. Ben is questioning, almost aggressively so. I think he’s afraid, more than anything. I bet he’s also hoping they haven’t been abandoned to this madman (with a box?)

 The Doctor mentions his change being due to the TARDIS, “Without it, I couldn’t survive.” The Doctor looks for a diary.

 Polly, to Ben, “It’s a very different Doctor, Ben.” Ben replies, “Yeah, maybe so… but where do we stand?” Meanwhile, The Doctor finds a recorder (like Tom Baker’s scarf, Davison’s celery stalk and Smith’s bow tie, the recorder is strongly associated with Troughton’s Doctor) and begins to play it.

 The Doctor puts the recorder in his pocket and returns to searching, finding his diary. Polly asks what’s going to happen to them; we see the cover of the diary, it says “500 YEAR DIARY” on it.

 The Doctor evades the question by stating they’ve landed for some time now and he wants to go out for a stroll. He opens the door, and Ben yells at him for not checking the outside readings. Aggravatedly, he reads off the readings – other than a high presence of mercury, all seems pretty standard. “Satisfied, Ben? Now are you two coming, or are you not?” He doffs a hat and departs.

 Outside is a planet of rock formations and burbling mercury pools. The Doctor meanders through this scenery, completely engrossed in reading his diary. He walks through the mercury swamp, narrowly avoiding stepping into a pool by sheer luck or instinct – his nose is buried in his diary the whole time.

 He calls out to his companions, “Are you coming, you two?” but doesn’t seem to wait for a response. Finally, he stops his reading when he comes to a large rock in his path. Pulling out a tape measure, he measures the rock, then decides to test his new body, and paces back, runs forward and leap-frogs the rock.

 Suddenly, someone is calling out, “Hello! Hello!” It’s a man, a stranger. He keeps calling out, and wonders out loud why they haven’t come yet. He sees The Doctor, and mistakes him for the local welcoming committee. He introduces himself as “the examiner”, but a gun fires and the man falls dead. The Doctor examines the examiner (see what I did there) and searches the body.

 Unbeknownst to The Doctor, someone sneaks up behind him while he’s searching the examiner’s corpse. The newcomer is wearing a silver suit, a helmet and carries a gun – obviously the shooter! The Doctor finds a badge on the corpse, and starts to reach for his spectacles before realising he doesn’t need them any more (since he’s regenerated) and puts them away.

 The shooter sneaks closer; we can’t see his features at all. The Doctor reads the badge, “Earth Examiner, accord every access, Vulcan”, as the assassin is very close to The Doctor. He raises the gun, but Ben, from afar, is heard calling, “Doctor, where are you?” The assassin hides behind a rock before The Doctor turns around.

 Ben and Polly are looking for The Doctor. They complain about all the gas and smoke in the air, and Polly gets too close to a pool and gets a face full of gas, which renders her quite ill. Ben calls out for The Doctor while he tries to help Polly.

 The Doctor moves towards them, but the assassin strikes him on the head with the gun, knocking him unconscious. The assassin places a button (from a piece of clothing?) in The Doctor’s hand.

 Two men in white suits have found The Doctor; they mention that two others have been found – meaning Ben and Polly. They speculate that The Doctor fell and hit his head. They take The Doctor to be the examiner, and Ben and Polly to be his associates. Ben is the only one conscious, but too busy coughing and too confused to dissaude the men of their assumptions.

 The two men who found The Doctor introduce themselves as Quinn (deputy governor) and Braegen (head of security). One of their accompanying guards picks up The Doctor, who isn’t as unconscious as it seems – when nobody else is looking, he winks at Ben. Ben continues with the one syllable replies to their questions, either confused or just playing the part (if so, a wise move.)

 (I really, really want to like Ben. He’s a sailor, and my father was one, too. So there’s that. He’s a man of action, which I like – much like Steven, and to some degree, Ian. He’s not the brightest fellow, which is okay, and he’s a hot head, which is good flavouring for his character. I’m still not 100% sold on him, though.)

 The scene shifts to a laboratory where a scientist (who we will learn is named Lesterston) is working. His assistant, a woman named Janley, comes in with news of the examiner’s arrival. There’s a giant space capsule/pod in the room, and they talk about how the examiner must be there because of it, his work with it.

 She brings up some meeting, and he chastises her for being “mixed up with these pressure groups”. She begins to wax on about how “the colony is running down and you know it” – so I’m guessing it’s some sort of anti-govt group, if not outright plotting to overthrow the system.

 Lesterson goes on a rant when she tries to convince him to join them at the meeting (he’s letting her use one of his rooms, apparently), as he thinks it’s foolishness – he’s too busy with the capsule. “200 years in a mercury swamp, and this piece of metal fell off it, and a couple minutes of polishing and it’s as good as new!”

 “Nothing touches this metal. No corrosion, Janley, think of that!” – Lesterson

 Ben and Polly and The Doctor talk. Well, they talk, The Doctor just plays his recorder instead of answering (or rather, seems that he answers with music from the recorder.) Ben flies off the handle, understandably frustrated with The Doctor’s evasions – “He knows what happened back at the TARDIS, but will he tell us? Will he admit he’s The Doctor?”

 There’s a knocking on the door, and Ben calls for them to come in. As the door opens, The Doctor takes the button (the one left in his hand) from Polly, who had it. The Governor, Hensell, comes in and introduces himself. It seems the examiner’s arrival was a surprise – and The Doctor is playing the part. Hensell is not very friendly towards the examiner. Hensell and the others talk about the groups and the capsule – it was found in the swamp, apparently had been there for centuries before the colony was started. The Doctor announces that he will examine the capsule later. The Doctor spends most of his attention on Bragen (head of security), even when he’s addressing the governor, or when the governor is talking. The Doctor dismisses them and they leave.

 Outside, Quinn, the Lt Governor, is irate that he has to have a pass to see the examiner. He leaves and bumps into Janley, the woman who had been in Lesterson’s lab. She asks if the examiner is going to let Lesterson open the capsule; Quinn doesn’t know. As they talk, she touches his sleeve, which it is noted (through text narration) that the sleeve is missing a button.

 Time passes and The Doctor is examining the capsule as a group of people (Ben, Polly, Hensell, Lesterson, Janley and… not sure, Bragen, I think) watch on. There’s a dramatic bit of music, and we’re told The Doctor sees the piece of metal that fell off (the one Lesterson was polishing during his conversation with Janley), and demands to know where he got it. Lesterson says the metal fell off the capsule and appeals to The Doctor that it could revolutionise space travel… and think of the marvels that might be within the capsule, which is why he is pushing to have it opened. While Lesterson is talking, Ben and Polly watch as The Doctor compares Lesterson’s piece to his piece that he found in the TARDIS (the one he held and murmured “exterminate” while doing so, just after regenerating.)

 When Hensell says he didn’t think Lesterson could open it, he explains that he has a theory how he could open the capsule, and with the governor deferring to The Doctor, who gives his permission, the scientist does exactly that.

 They enter it, finding an entry bay. Though The Doctor notices a thin opening in one wall, he doesn’t mention it to Lesterson. After a short discussion, Lesterson clarifies what The Doctor already seemed to have guessed – that the capsule is not from Vulcan, the metals comprising it are quite “alien”. After The Doctor decrees that no further investigation of the capsule will be done until the following day, The Doctor bids everyone good night and leaves. Ben and Polly realise that he’s up to something, and follow. 

 Hensell and Lesterson accuse each other of summoning the examiner. Quinn offers to talk to the examiner, to try to find out why he’s really there, but Hensell shoots it down, quite rudely. Seems Hensell isn’t fond of his second.

 Later, Ben and Polly follow The Doctor to Lesterson’s lab. They follow him into the capsule and watch as he opens a secondary hatch using a piece of metal and the thin slot he noticed earlier. The door opens and there’s amelodramatic chord of music as two seemingly dead Daleks are inside!

 In a video fragment, we see The Doctor standing looking at the two Daleks, covered in cobwebs and dust, with Polly and Ben behind him, peering through the open door.

 “Polly, Ben… come in and meet the Daleks.” – The Doctor

 The Doctor refers to himself in the third person, which Ben questions. (Oh. Oh. OH. I just had a thought. Oh, what a thought. What a marvelous, wonderful, horrible, amazing thought. What if… just work with me for a moment… what if he’s NOT The Doctor? Another Time Lord, obviously. Someone who swapped places with The Doctor as he was in the TARDIS, about to regenerate… Wow, what a great way to spin off when The Doctor reaches his final regeneration. Think about it. Of course, I have an even better idea for what to do when the 13th Doctor dies… but you’ll have to ask me about that.)

 The Daleks are covered in cobwebs; they’ve apparently been in there for centuries – are they dead? Suspended animation? The Doctor corrects Ben when he says nothing could have lived in here that long, by saying, “Nothing human, no.”

 From looking at the floor, The Doctor deduces that there seems to be one missing. There’s a scream from Polly and a still shot of what appears to be the squid-form of a Dalek. Is it moving? It is dead? I don’t know.

 And the credits roll…

 Fascinating start, I love the confusion of the new Doctor. I love the questioning of Ben, the almost irate frustration of the young man as the new Doctor is irrational, quixotic. I’m digging the Vulcan colony and wondering at the politics behind the scenes here. And, of course, yay, Daleks!

 Another interesting story, I really wish we had the original video. This is one that would be great redone as an animation with the original audio – I know the Beeb is doing some animations of lost serials, but I don’t know how many and how frequently they’re being done.

Episode 2:

The Dalek is alive, it is moving; it scuttles back into the shadows. The Doctor sends ben out to fetch a torch (flashlight for we Americans). Ben finds a long snaked bulb, but is watched by one of the colonists as he returns to the capsule.

 (The narration refers to a claw – I’m not sure if the Daleks were shown as little squid-like creatures yet, or what. I know in the first serial with them, we did see a claw-like hand of one, when Ian and The Doctor removed one from the Dalek mechanism and Ian climbed inside it. The picture looks like it could be a claw or one of the squid-like Dalek forms that I recall from the Tom Baker epic Genesis of the Daleks.)

 The Doctor takes the light and shines it in the shadows, but there’s nothing there. The Doctor then checks out where the third Dalek mechanism (their robotic chassis) obviously once was (am guessing there’s an outline in the dust), and Ben speculates maybe Lesterson has already been in here before and moved one, pretending that he hadn’t opened the capsule before.

 The Doctor praises Ben’s thinking and rushes out into Lesterson’s lab, rifling through his equipment. The Doctor says that Lesterson is a fanatic, and while he doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on, he senses all is not well in the colony. “Add to that, one Dalek.” When Ben and Polly scoff at the idea of one Dalek being an issue, The Doctor replies, melodramatically, “Yes – enough to wipe out this entire colony,” which frightens Ben and Polly.

 Elsewhere, Quinn arrives at the visitors’ chambers, looking for the examiner. Bragen walks in, unexpected. The two men start arguing.

 While The Doctor continues to search through Lesterson’s lab, Ben and Polly are talking. Ben says, loud enough for The Doctor to hear “The REAL Doctor was always going on about the Daleks.” Yes, I’m sure he was saying it with the intent of The Doctor to hear it.

 “The real Doctor? Oh, you mean the real Doctor.” – The Doctor

 While Ben is trying to get The Doctor to use his stroke as the examiner to get the colonists to destroy the Daleks, The Doctor and Polly play a game of tongue twister with the words “Lesterson listen”. Lesterson shows up in the middle of this, demanding to know what they’re doing in his lab.

 The Doctor accuses Lesterson of removing the missing Dalek. Bragen arrives, demanding to know what’s going on. Lesterson admits to being in the capsule prior to earlier that night, though he seems to deny that he moved the third Dalek. It’s interesting to note that neither he nor Bragen have any recognition of the word Dalek – not sure when in the timeline this story is set, but surely the history of Earth’s invasion by the Daleks must be known?

 The Doctor demands that the lumps of metal (the Daleks) be destroyed. Lesterson, frantically, asserts that he refuses to allow it. The Doctor pulls stroke and flashes his badge, “I’m an Earth examiner, I demand it!” The Doctor tells Bragen that he demands to see the governor; the head of security says it might be possible. The Doctor leaves, calling Ben and Polly to follow.

 As they leave, Resno, the colonist who watched Ben get the lamp and go back in the capsule earlier, approaches and asks Lesterson if he will stop the experiments. Lesterson replies in the uncertain, then orders the man away to find Janley. Left alone, Lesterson opens the capsule, and brings out one of the Daleks.

 “They won’t stop me experimenting. There must be some way to bring you back to life… and I’m going to find it!” – Lesterson. Oh, boy.

 Bragen accompanies The Doctor and his companions back to their quarters; he’s trying to advise some discretion in the examiner’s tactics. The Doctor is fascinated by a bowl of fruit that was placed in the room during their absence, and goes through each piece, offering one to Bragen, who thanks him and takes it. Bragen mentions some disturbances, “minor acts of sabotage, secret newspapers” (I’m thinking Janley’s pressure groups) being what is keeping the governor busy, but will try to arrange a meeting shortly.

 Bragen leaves, and Ben accuses The Doctor of being a phony. Suddenly, he puts a finger to his lip, bringing the companions to silence. The Doctor pulls out a knife and cuts open the piece of fruit, until he reveals a listening device inside it.

 “So that’s why you were messing about and talking nonsense!” – Ben, after The Doctor smashes the bug.

 “I never talk nonsense, well, hardly never.” – The Doctor

 Ben announces he wants to leave, and when The Doctor brings up the Daleks, he dismisses them as being dead. Polly asks about the thing in the capsule, and Ben’s reply is that he can’t explain that.

 “I can… and that’s why we have to stay.” – The Doctor.

 Back at the lab, Lesterson, Janley and Resno are working on the Dalek. The two assistants are debating – Resno knows of Janley’s affiliations with the rabble rousers and is giving her a hard time over it. He says the governor knows where her loyalties lie. Finally, Lesterson snaps at the two of them to be quiet. He urges them to hurry, as the examiner has “some phobia about these Daleks.” Still very odd that the colonists dont’ know what a Dalek is.

 The Doctor is waxing on about the Daleks, the misery they cause. He says there’s something about them, more terrible than the destruction they’re capable of, but he can only half remember it. Polly asks what it is, but there’s a knock at the door.

 Bragen arrives to apologise – the governor will not be able to see him that night. After Bragen leaves, The Doctor announces he will radio Earth and Hensell will have to listen to Earth. He opens the door (apparently pulling the door knob out of its socket – this apparently was noteworthy enough to warrant text narration, so I gather it has some relevance) and tells his companions to wait there, who sit there, laughing.

 The Dalek has been hooked up to some wires and they’re attempting to energise it, it seems. When they increase the energy levels, the plunger arm begins to move slightly. Lesterson’s rambles on and it seems he’s under the impression that the Dalek is a robot, perhaps with a positronic brain. (Yay, Asimov reference!)

 They continue increasing the power, attempting to animate the Dalek. The eye stalk focuses on Resno, but when he notices, it drops down again. Lesterson refuses to believe Resno – the scientist seems to believe the apparatus is not intelligent (which makes no sense as he was postulating about a positronic brain just moments earlier.)

 The Doctor arrives at the radio room, to find the radio mechanic on the floor, unconscious. Investigating, he finds severed wires on the machinery. Checking on the mechanic, he hears a noise, and looks around. He calls out, “I know you’re there,” and Bragen enters, accompanied by a guard. The lights are turned on and Quinn is revealed in the room as well.

 Quinn is holding a pair of pliers, which The Doctor and Bragen eye suspiciously. Bragen snatches them from him, and The Doctor gives Bragen the button, informing the head of security he was attacked when he first arrived and this was a ‘souvenir’ of the occasion. Bragen seems to realise pretty easily that the button is Quinn’s.

 He accuses the deputy governor of sabotage, and has Quinn taken away by the guards. Bragen then turns his attention to The Doctor, asking him what he’s doing there in the first place.

 Back at the lab, we see the experiments continuing; a camera has been set up to record things, and Resno is manning it. The Dalek seems to be interested in Resno (again). He asserts that its intelligent, Lesterson continues to dismiss such thoughts. Suddenly, the Dalek fires his gun, and Resno falls, but Janley announces he’s not dead.

 Lesterson rushes out to get help and Janley turns the power to the Dalek back on, but it does not react.

 The next morning, Ben and Polly argue whether or not Quinn is guilty or not. The Doctor plays his recorder all the while. Bragen enters to escort them to the inquiry.

 Janley covers the Dalek with a dark sheet. Lesterson enters and uncovers the Dalek and we see the gunstick has been removed. Janley reminds him that nobody must know the truth of Resno’s accident – she asserts it might be the excuse the examiner needs to shut down his work. He agrees and then they “go off to surprise them”.

 Quinn’s inquiry is beginning; Hensell is running it, and apologises for not being able to see The Doctor earlier. Quinn maintains his innocence, even if he cannot explain his button ending up in the examiner’s hand.

 Hensell addresses The Doctor, “Examiner, you seem to be of two minds…” and Ben gets a great jibe in, “Yeah, and two bodies.” Hensell questions The Doctor, in regards to whether the Daleks might be a reason for the destruction of the commication equipment, which The Doctor agrees wholeheartedly.

 Lesterson comes in, and Hensell chastises him for interrupting. Lesterson is jubilant and giddy and is going on about how his experiment is going to revolutionise the colony. The Doctor demands to know what he has done.

 In a video fragment we get to see The Doctor’s horror as a Dalek glides into the room. Everyone backs away. The Dalek approaches The Doctor, sizing him up. The Doctor backs away (in another video fragment, which is really cool that we have this much.) Ben remarks that it recognised The Doctor – as if this is an affirmation of who he is. (Again, I feel Ben is just looking for some proof – his worldview has been shaken by The Doctor’s transformation.)

 “You fools. You stupid fools.” – The Doctor.

 Lesterson demonstrates that the Dalek responds to voice commands. He’s like a child with a toy. He tells the governor that it could end the colony’s problems. The Doctor agrees, “Yes, it will end the colony’s problems, because it will end the colony!”

 “I am your servant,” the Dalek says in its horrifying voice. I cannot help but think of the Matt Smith story Victory of the Daleks.

 Lesterson is amazed that it can speak. The Doctor tries to tell everyone that Daleks kill and destroy, all the while the Dalek keeps repeating, “I am your servant”, talking over The Doctor.

 And the credits roll…

Episode 3:

 Lesterson suddenly is a proponent of the theory of the Daleks having “a certain intelligence”. In the previous episode, The Doctor had refered to Lesterson as a “fanatic” – obviously he’s dead on with that call. Lesterson appeals to the governor for permission to continue his experiments, preying upon the colony’s need for increased production in the mines and other factors. (The guy’s good, gotta give it to him.)

 The Doctor continues, in vain, to try to get them to destroy the Daleks, but without proof, his words don’t carry enough weight. He promises to contact Earth as soon as communication is restored. As he leaves, he pauses at the Dalek and orders it to immobilise itself; after a pause, the Dalek goes limp… but once The Doctor leaves, it becomes animate again. Lesterson questions why it ceased obeying. “His order was wrong; I cannot serve human beings if I am immobilised. You gave me power, your orders are right. I serve you.”

 Hensell remarks upon it having the ability to reason (they’re still under the impression that it’s a pure mechanical construct… so despite all his experiments, this fanatic idiot hasn’t opened the chassis yet), and Lesterson dismisses his concerns about the intelligence… and how limited it truly is.

 Back in Hensell’s office, Quinn faces interrogation from the governor and Bragen; it comes up in the course of questioning that Quinn was the one who sent for the examiner, because of the rebels. Bragen tries to make Quinn seem like he’s manipulating things to remove Hensell – Hensell orders Quinn removed from his sight, but Bragen is pushing all his buttons, and makes Bragen deputy governor – obviously, I think we can see who the real culprit is.

 The Doctor is smashing an electronic device, looking for some components. He seems to find what he’s looking for, then removes a bracket from the bed, to which he starts attaching the components. Ben and Polly are trying to figure out what he’s up to. He finishes his work, exclaiming it could be “the answer to all our problems.”

 On their way to the lab, The Doctor and his companions pass Quinn, as he’s being escorted by guards. The former deputy governor calls out to the examiner to try to find out about the rebels, where they hold their meetings. Polly wants to help Quinn, but The Doctor says they have greater priorities and will help him later.

 In the lab, Lesterson is quizzing the Dalek with chemical equations and the like. He’s rather impressed by the intellect of the “robot”. The Doctor arrives and he and Lesterson argue, but The Doctor placates him, offering a truce, even friendship. Lesterson falls for his ruse. The Doctor dismisses Ben and Polly, telling them to amuse theirselves for a while.

 Janley receives a phone call, and makes an excuse to slip out, while Lesterson and The Doctor stay to continue quizzing the Dalek. The Doctor takes his modified control unit and attaches it to the power unit. The Dalek is seemingly aware of his action, or at least curious about it, and moves towards him.

 The Doctor activates his unit, and the Dalek begins spinning out of control, but Lesterson sees the cause and shuts it off, throwing the device to the floor. The Dalek recovers and attempts to shoot The Doctor, but is still missing his gun stalk.

 Janley meets with Bragen; when she learns that he’s been put in charge, she suggests taking over the colony now, but he says it has to be done “totally right”. It turns out that she’s only working with the rebels, to rally them enough to be a problem, so he can get rid of Hensell, then destroy the rebels, so the colony will be grateful and support him as governor.

 She unwraps a package she brought, revealing the Dalek’s gun stick. She reveals that one of the rebels thinks he can work with it, find a way to use it as a weapon… and she reveals that Resno was killed, though she’s convinced Lesterson that he was merely injured and taking some time off – his body was dumped in the mercury swamp.

 Ben and Polly are looking for The Doctor; they didn’t find him in the lab. Polly says something that SOUNDS like “I’m going to go to the restroom… somebody’s got to clear it up.” I know she’s upset over Quinn’s incarceration, but rest room? I don’t know what she’s really saying (and I’ve rewinded it multiple times.)

 Ben leaves to keep looking for The Doctor as Janley comes from the opposite direction in the hallway. Polly speaks to her, and she tells Polly the examiner is in the communicaton room. Polly follows her directions, and is attacked from behind by a man. Janley shows up and they use chloroform to knock her out.

 The man is Valmar, the rebel who thinks he can modify the Dalek gun stick for their use. She gives him the weapon and after examinating it, he proclaims this could help them win the revolution!

 The Doctor is playing his recorder in their quarters and Ben is worried about Polly – this is the rest room (rest quarters, I guess), but why she felt she had to go there to clear something up, I still don’t understand. (Again, I presumed she was hoping to clear things up for Quinn.) The Doctor dismisses Ben’s concerns, saying she’s just wandering around, checking things out. Ben grabs him by the arm, saying they’re going to report her missing, even if they make fools of themselves because of it.

 I’m liking Ben more and more.

 The Dalek wants to know what one of the machiens does; Lesterson praises it, saying it has curiousity like a human. The Dalek starts to say “a Dalek is better than a human”, but cuts off halfway through better… and then rephrases, “a Dalek is not the same as a human. If I am to help, I need to know everything.”

 The Dalek promises to build him a computer that could compute meteor storm activity with 100% accuracy, as opposed to the device he has that has 70% accuracy – all it needs are the materials and a dedicated power source. (Right, you can see where this is going…) Lesterson, of course, doesn’t question any of it (not the claim, not the fact that such a task would indicate a much greater intelligence than he suspected or, more importantly, than the Dalek has demonstrated thus far. I’m finding his completely love affair with the Dalek a bit hard to swallow.)

 Lesterson leaves to consult with the governor for permission and requisitions, and the Dalek messes with the control unit, increasing the power output. It then enters the capsule.

 Ben and The Doctor are out, presumably to speak to Bragen about the missing Polly, but The Doctor’s mind is elsewhere. He stops to work out some figures on a piece of paper, but gets frustrated, cursing about incomplete data. He puts the paper back on a bulletin board. Someone is approaching (I don’t know if they’re in Bragen’s office, or some office, or in a hallway or what) and The Doctor pushes Ben out of sight. They watch Lesterson go by, and The Doctor says this is their chance to get into his lab again.

 They arrive at the lab, to find power lines running into the capsule. The Dalek comes out, demanding to know what they’re doing there. The Doctor orders the Dalek to stand aside, but the Dalek says access is restricted. When the Doctor says he has a badge, the Dalek still refuses entry.

 Two other Daleks come out (these two fully armed) of the capsule, and The Doctor and Ben sprint out of the laboratory. The three Daleks confer and begin a chant of “we will conquer! We will conquer!”

 The Doctor and Ben confer with Lesterson and Hensell and Bragen. Hensell gives Lesterson “carte blanche with the Daleks” and announces he’s going on a tour of the perimeter and leaves Bragen in charge, ordering him to give Lesterson whatever he wants. Hensell departs, followed by The Doctor and Ben.

 Ben and The Doctor are in their quarters when Bragen shows up; Ben tells him that Polly is missing and Bragen says he will alert his guards to look for her. He then talks to The Doctor about a body found in the mercury swamp; when The Doctor asks what that has to do with him, Bragen replies, “You’re the examiner. Or perhaps you’re not.” They realise that Bragen was the murderer. He won’t arrest them, but tells them to leave Lesterson and the Daleks alone, before leaving.

 A slip of paper is slid under their door. It’s a note that says, “The girl is safe; she will remain so as long as you leave the Daleks alone.”

 Lesterson confers with the Dalek, who says the other two were disarmed. They come out and are visibly disarmed. When Lesterson says they will get the materials and power, a Dalek chant of “We will get our power” begins… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 The Daleks chant until Lesterson reduces the power to half, which weakens them. He asserts his control over them, and they agree “We… are… your… servants…” and “We… obey…”, so he turns the power back up. Obviously, the Daleks have something even bigger in mind than just the reanimation of the three of them, and they need Lesterson’s help (and his power) to achieve it.

 Two of the Daleks return to the capsule to “await your orders, master.” The remaining Dalek shows Lesterson the blueprints for the meteor storm prediction copmputer.

 Bragen and Valmar are in Hensell’s office, Bragen sitting at the governor’s desk (getting ahead of himself, perhaps?) Valmar is working on repairing the communication device (at least, supposedly. He is one of the rebels, I’m thinking being out of contact with Earth would be to their advantage.) Valmar and Bragen argue, so apparently Valmar took much longer than anticipated to fix it. Valmar is dismissed as Ben and The Doctor enter, pursued by a guard. Bragen tells the guard he has it under control. Ben shows him the note about Polly, and Bragen says he has men looking for her but “the planet is a large one.”

 A Dalek glides in, bearing a glass on a tray – again, I’m reminded strongly of the Matt Smith story, “Victory of the Daleks” – I’m guessing they must have taken some inspiration from this one. The Doctor is not remotely pleased at the presence of the Dalek, and it leaves after delivering Bragen’s drink.

 After leaving, The Doctor wonders how much longer the Daleks will be able to move along on the floors, as the floors are not metal.

 Bragen activates the communicator, which looks like a small television, and speaks to Hensell, who is still out for “a day or two, at least.” When he’s done, the Dalek returns to inquire if he’s finished his liquid (drink).

 Janley is seen hanging a sign on a notice board, when Kebble, one of the colonists, comes up to her in the hallway. They talk, briefly, and she moves off. We then see The Doctor and Ben walking, as The Doctor explains why the Daleks need static electricity to move about more freely. They stop, seeing Kebble staring at the notice board, and then suddenly, three Daleks move past them all, down the corridor.

 They both realise that, with the one back at Bragen’s office, that makes four Daleks – one more than they were aware of being in the capsule! The Doctor speculates that there may have been more in the capsule than they were aware of – he doesn’t believe Lesterson could be making more. They turn and see Kebble at the notice board, but he hurries off, rousing their suspicions. The Doctor begins to suspect there’s something going on with that notice board, but Ben is still too focused on finding Polly and drags him off.

 Lesterson gives Janley another list of requisitions from the Daleks. He’s sensing that he’s not as in control of the situation as he thought. He’s afraid of their ability to think on their own, and worried that they’re dangerous, that perhaps the examiner is right about them. Janley tries to talk him out of it, and reveals to him that Resno is dead. She tells him not to worry, nobody will find Resno’s body. We start to see a bit of Lesterson’s humanity, and we see Janley’s ruthless side fully shown here.

 The Doctor and Ben burst in, telling him that Polly has been kidnapped. He claims he knows nothing of it. The Doctor asks if he’s been building Daleks and explains they’ve seen four. Lesterson quickly realises that they must be building more Daleks, and panics, crushing the list and becomes a bit incoherent. Janely takes charge of the scene, calling for a guard to remove Ben and The Doctor, claiming they attacked Lesterson.

 Janley gets on the phone and calls for Valmar to come. She then takes Lesterson to a couch and gives him some water, which she put a sedative in. Valmar arrives and she instructs him to lay in some new power cables. A Dalek comes out of the capsule to discuss things with Janley, though Valmar seems unsure. She asks Valmar if he saw the notes, which fits my assumption – the notice board is a way from the rebels to communicate.

 At the notice board, The Doctor has broken the code and discovers there’s a meeting tonight at Rocket Room P. Ben hopes that this will help them find Polly.

 That evening, Ben and The Doctor are hiding in the back of Rocket Room P, when Janley and Valmar enter, accompanied by a Dalek. Then, a group of colonists enter, most sitting at the table, though one man remains in the shadows.

 Janley seems to be running the show, or at least the meeting with the “section leaders” – the rebel movement seems to be pretty big. While she talks, Valmar attaches the gun stick to the Dalek. She announces that, to date, they’ve been relegated to nuisance-level actions, but “now we’re ready to take over.”

 Valmar announces that he’s modified the gun stick, fitting it with a control device, allowing them to control it, regulating the power and turning it off and on as they see fit. Janley turns to the man in the shadows, asking if they should have the demonstration now. He nods, and Ben, watching, tells The Doctor the man in the shadows must be the one running things.

 The Doctor pulls out his recorder, as if he’s going to start playing it, and Ben frantically waves for him to put it away, which he does. I’m not remotely sure the significance of that – is it just a way of showing us the frivolous nature of the Second Doctor, or perhaps that he’s still affected by the regeneration sequence? Or is there something more to it.

 Janley says that they have a screen of tungsten, two inches thick. Valmar has the Dalek fire at the screen, and it is destroyed. The rebels panic, saying they cannot trust it, cannot control it. One of the rebels asks if they can stop it from killing, and questions whether it can tell the difference between the governor’s men and the rebels. Valmar insists that he can control the Dalek and keep the gun from firing upon a target if they so wish. Janley offers herself for the Dalek to be tested in such regard. As Ben and The Doctor watch on, Valmar consults the man in the shadows, who gives his assent.

 Valmar gives the Dalek the order to fire, and it does, but nothing happens – Valmar has deactivated the gun. After some congratulations, Janley orders Valmar to remove the gun from the Dalek.

 Talk then turns to “the girl” – they talk about having her safely locked up. Ben, trying to hear, hoping to find out where she is locked up, leans forward and inadvertantly knocks a crate over, which crashes to the floor. Ben races out, after telling The Doctor to stay hidden, in hopes of finding Polly.

 The colonists grab Ben and Kebble knocks him unconscious. They quickly grab Ben and move to leave. Bragen (the man in the shadows, obviously) calls out, “You may as well come out, we know you’re there,” and The Doctor steps forward. The Dalek watches him intently.

 When The Doctor acknowledges Bragen, he responds, “Of course. Whom else is fitted to be the leader of the rebels?”

 “No doubt, you want to be leader of the Daleks, too.” – The Doctor

 “I AM the leader of the Daleks.” – Bragen

 The Doctor challenges him to stop the Dalek from trying to kill him, and Bragen orders the Dalek to stop and turn away, then gives it a command to fetch the guard… the Dalek seems to struggle in its response, “I… … obey.”

 The Doctor threatens to tell Hensell about the dual role Bragen is playing, but Bragen says the governor won’t listen to anything an impostor has to say. Janley returns with a Dalek and two guards, and they take The Doctor away.

 Janley and Bragen talk; she says The Doctor is a dangerous man, but Bragen is more concerned with Hensell. He says they will have time afterwards to deal with The Doctor and Quinn.

 We see Quinn in his cell, and he jumps up as The Doctor is brought in and placed in another cell. The two inmates begin sharing notes. Quinn criticizes the examiner for not doing his job properly, and The Doctor admits that he’s not the real examiner. They agree they need to get out to stop things from escalating.

 Back at the lab, Lesterson awakes from his sedation. Two Daleks exit the capsule. He listens in shock as one Dalek gives orders to the other; he realises that the examiner was right. After they leave, he enters the capsule and moves down a corridor, following a light, determined to discover how there are four now.

 He comes to a glass partition, looking into a chamber, where several Daleks operate controls. At the end of the chamber is an archway with a conveyor belt; as he watches in horror, the conveyor belt moves, with bottom halves of Dalek mechanism casings moving along the belt. They stop and are processed before moving further down.

 A Dalek is seen taking a green living mass out of a green globe and putting it into one of the empty Dalek casings. The casing moves further down the conveyor belt, and the Dalek repeats the process with each of the casings. Further down the conveyor, the top half is placed on each casing and fitted together. (Yes, I think this is the first time we’ve seen concrete proof that the Daleks are nothing remotely humanoid.)

 A large number of completed Daleks are seen gathered together, talking at the same time, in a cacophony of evil… and the credits roll.

 Even with only the most limited of video, this is still a chill worthy scene. I can only imagine what it would be like in its original glory.

Episode 5:

 Lesterson scurries out of the capsule, and moves a large cabinet in front of the doorway to the capsule. Janley arrives, asking him what’s wrong. He’s panicked, almost babbling, but tries to tell her they’re duplicating themselves. He moves to the console, and turns off their power. He starts shouting at her, that he’s going to wipe out the Daleks, that he doesn’t care if she tells everyone about Resno. She leaves, and he gets on the phone, demanding to speak to the examiner, but is told he’s in lock up. While arguing with whomever is on the phone, a Dalek exits the capsule, pushing the cabinet out of the way easily.

 He asks how the Dalek can be active, since he cut the power, but the Dalek replies that they can store power and will soon have their own. It asks him why the door was blocked, and Lesterson flees the lab, fearing for his safety.

 Other Daleks exit the capsule and the first Dalek gives orders to “seal off the capsule’s secret entrance” and for no more than three Daleks to be seen together at one time.

 Lesterson runs up to two guards, demanding to see the examiner. They reaffirm that he’s in prison, and Lesterson runs off, frantic almost to the point of delirium.

 Polly, bound and gagged, is brought into Lesterson’s lab by Janley and Kebble. The Dalek demands to know why she is “restricted”, and Janley says because she is against the Daleks. (From what I understand, Anneke Wills was on vacation during the filming of the previous episode, thus the disappearance from Polly on screen.) Kebble takes off Polly’s gag and gets her some water.

 Janley tells her that if she behaves, no harm will come to her. The Dalek pretends to be subservient, but Polly doesn’t believe it – even if Janley does. Kebble takes Polly into the capsule, while Janley quizzes the Dalek about the power cables.

 In the cells, The Doctor makes sound but running his finger around the glass of water, musing about how the Daleks are converting the power into static electricity. He keeps playing with the glass, hoping to hit the right note to unlock the cell door (the doors are locked by a means of sonics.)

 Lesterson bursts into the cell area, struggling with the guard, demanding to see the examiner. He rants, telling The Doctor that the Daleks are duplicating, they have their own power, and he cannot control them any more. Two guards grab Lesterson and drag him off.

 The Doctor requisitions more water from the guards, and they bring some in for him. The guard operates the lock with a sonic device, as The Doctor watches (and more importantly, I think listens) with his recorder in hand. (Mind you, this is the musical instrument, not a recording device.) The guard pushes a pitcher of water through the open door and then closes and locks the door.

 Lesterson is brought before Bragen (again sitting in Hensell’s chair.) A Dalek is laying cable nearby. He tries to tell Bragen that the Daleks are lying, that he didn’t order for it to do so. The Dalek continues to play the servant role and departs at Lesterson’s insistance.

 He tells Bragen that the examiner was right. Janley arrives, and Lesterson tells Bragen that she’s in league with the Daleks. She plays the sympathetic part, claiming that Lesterson agreed to go to a hospital. Bragen plays along, of course. Lesterson insists that he’s seen the Daleks duplicating, but he’s taken away.

 Valmar is working on something in the capsule, with Polly nearby, bound. Kebble comes in, and the Dalek who was present leaves. Polly talks, and Kebble starts to bully her, but Valmar tells him to lay off. She says she’d like to see him try to push a real man, like Ben, around, and Kebble crows how they’ve got Ben stowed away.

 Polly tries to appeal to Valmar about the danger of the Daleks, but Kebble tries to shoot down what she says. As she continues to try to warn them, the Dalek returns. Valmar seems to be taking at least some of Polly’s words to heart – especially after she’s explained that The Doctor is not really the examiner – and he is vague when the Dalek asks how much longer it will take. He sends the Dalek off to get another junction box.

 Polly explains that the Daleks can’t be trusted – they hate anything unlike themselves and think they are superior to all other races. Valmar sees the truth in this, but Kebble says if he wants to tell Janley he’s more than welcome to. The Dalek returns to announce the other junction box is outside.

 We see a Dalek laying cable down a corridor, when Hensell and a guard appear. Hensell demands to know what all the cables are for. The guard replies they’re for the “emergency power supply”, the lie the Daleks gave Bragen earlier. The guard doesn’t seem to recognise who Hensell is.

 Back in the cells, the guard tells The Doctor to stop playing with the water. He pulls out his recorder and plays a tune and Quinn’s cell unlocks. The Doctor throws water in the guard’s face when he gets close to investigate, and Quinn overpowers him. They lock up the guard in a cell (making sure to spill the water before leaving.)

 Hensell has returned to his office and asks Bragen what’s been going on, but Bragen tells him to hold on. He tells Hensell that the examiner is an impostor and is locked up in a cell. Hensell is worried about Earth, and finally gets irritated by Bragen’s attitude. Hensell calls for the guards to remove Bragen from his office, but they do not obey.

 “You forget, Hensell, that they are my guards, not yours.”

I am the governor!”

No, not now. I am.”

 Bragen has finally made his play. Hensell moves to leave, but the guards stop him. When Hensell demands to know what Bragen’s guards will do against the people, Bragen’s reply is that the people will do as they are told. He presses a button on the desk, and then rises out of the seat. He offers the seat to Hensell, telling him it will be easier for everyone if he cooperates with him. Hensell moves to his chair, somewhat relieved, and sits down.

 A Dalek enters, and Bragen orders it to remain. The guards are dismissed. Bragen tells Hensell that his cooperation will save bloodshed, and “I might even let you keep the title of governor.” Hensell tells him that he will surrender and order his guards to disarm.

 Bragen pulls out the gun stick and attaches it to the Dalek. He asks once more if Hensell still refuses his offer, and when he does, orders the Dalek to kill Hensell, which it does.

 “Why do human beings kill human beings?” – The Dalek

 Bragen returns to his chair, proclaiming, “From now on, I will have complete obedience… from everyone!”

 Back at the lab, Valmar tells the Daleks that he has to check the cable circuit, while Quinn and The Doctor hide behind a table. When Valmar asks him why they have to convert the power, the Dalek begins a tirade, but quickly changes its words to try to sound subservient.

 Janley arrives, frantically telling Valmar that the governor is back. Valmar moves to follow her, and the Dalek says it will follow them. When he asks why, it replies, “I am your servant.”

 Polly struggles from Kebble, inside the capsule and calls out. She comes out, followed by Kebble, and Quinn and the rebel fight. Quinn bests Kebble and knocks him out. The Doctor and Polly catch up a little, but an armed Dalek emerges from the capsule. They rush out the door, and The Doctor jams a spanner in the door handles to the lab.

 Another Dalek emerges and crosses the room. The first Dalek sends the newcomer back in to report, as it fires on the door, so it can exit the lab. Inside the capsule, Daleks assemble. They are waiting for the humans to start fighting amongst themselves before they strike.

 We get an “Exterminate” chant. Ah, there we go…

 Quinn, The Doctor and Polly are in the governor’s office, looking at Hensell’s corpse. Bragen arrives, saying Hensell was killed by a Dalek because Hensell wanted to destroy them. Bragen announces he’s declaring martial law and taking care of things.

 Bragen has the guards take the three of them away, to be locked up and properly guarded.

 The Daleks exit the capsule, chanting “Daleks conquer and destroy!” and the credits roll.

 Great cliffhanger ending there, can’t imagine what the viewers thought back then, having to wait a week for the next episode.

Episode 6:

 An enormous amount of Daleks (yay, looped video fragment) of Daleks exit the capsule.

 The Doctor, Quinn and Polly are escorted by guards towards the cells, but an armed Dalek orders them to turn back, declaring that area is restricted. Another Dalek appears on their other side, telling them to obey or be exterminated. The Doctor beckons the group back the way they came.

 A triumphant Janley arrives to tell Bragen the revolution is over, but he says it is not over yet. He tells her that “Kebble, Valmar, and that rabble” must be dealt with. He tells her to let them rebel, and the guards will deal with them. Valmar is just outside and is listening to this; Janley seems reluctant to sacrfice them, but Bragen says he cannot trust them not to rebel against him.

 As Janley thinks over what he has said, she has turned her back to him. Bragen pulls out a gun, wondering out loud if she is still with him. She reluctantly nods, saying, “I suppose so” and we see Valmar’s face as he hears this.

 The Doctor and Quinn attack the guards accompanying them while they’re distracted with the Daleks.

 Valmar takes Ben into a room, where Ben questions what side Valmar is on. He tells Ben to wait there, he’s going to try to bring Polly and The Doctor there.

 Bragen receives a report that the rebels are organising; he gives orders to strike first. Using the communicator, he gives an announcement to the people, informing them that the rebels have killed Governor Hensell.

 Ben is reunited with his friends and Quinn; Ben fills them in on Bragen’s actions. The Doctor tells Quinn to keep them there and he dashes out.

 The Daleks attack the guards and rebels alike. The Doctor is moving along, and saves Kebble from attack by a Dalek. Guards and rebels are being slaughtered wholesale by the Daleks.

 At the lab, Valmar fits some control wires to some Daleks. Janley inches closer, but Valmar points a Dalek’s gun stick at her, warily. The Dalek tells Valmar and Janley they are their friends and demand to be taken to “the center of your group.” Janley tells Valmar she played along with Bragen because she was afraid for her life, but now they must use the Daleks if they have a hope of winning.

 The Doctor and Kebble arrive where Quinn and the companions wait. As they slip out a window, a Dalek comes in and fires, killing Kebble.

 Governor Bragen issues a bulletin on the rebellion. A guard comes in to report that the rebels are using the Daleks. Bragen orders the man to get out and fight, even though the guard has told him their weapons don’t work on the Daleks.

 The Daleks turn against the rebels, expectedly. They announce to Janley and Valmar at their usefulness is over. A guard shows up and is exterminated, allowing the two rebels the chance to escape.

 Lesterson, The Doctor and his companions are in the lab, hiding. Lesterson’s mind is nearly gone – he’s delirious with admiration and fear of the Daleks. We see Daleks coming and going from the capsule. The Daleks talk of the static circuit is nearly completed.

 Polly cries, quite usefully, I’m sure. Ben yells at Lesterson that he has to help them stop the Daleks. The scientist replies that Valmar laid a secret cable and that must be the current source of their power, but only Valmar knows where it is.

 The battle continues outside, more guards and rebels are exterminated.

 Janley is killed by a Dalek; Valmar weeps over her (he had a thing for her, apparently) and Quinn is trying to get him to leave her behind, when The Doctor shows up, demanding to know where the secret power supply is. Valmar says it’s in the capsule (I think that’s what he said, which is kinda dumb.) The Doctor says he needs more time, and says Bragen’s guards must distract the Daleks.

 Bragen sits in his office, using the communicator, trying to contact the different sections, to no avail.

 Scenes of dead colonists, of both sides of the conflict, are shown.

 Bragen speaks over the communicator, telling the Daleks to work for him, not the rebels. He’s basically grasping at straws. Ben and Polly go into a cupboard to hide, while Lesterson enters the capsule.

 Quinn comes into Bragen’s office, telling him to use his guards to distract the Daleks. Bragen reluctantly contacts the outer guards, summoning them to the capital.

 The Doctor and Valmar arrive and Ben and Polly come out. They go inside the capsule and retrieve a junction box. The Doctor begins changing the cables about on the junction box. They hide as two Daleks enter. When the Daleks notice the cables have been moved, Lesterson comes out of the capsule and distracts them, telling them he wants to help, and when they ask why, he replies in a mock-Dalek voice, “I… am… your… ser…vant…”

 Meanwhile, The Doctor takes advantage of the distraction to move to the control panel. The Daleks fire on Lesterson (I guess he’s dead now.) Valmar distracts the Daleks while The Doctor starts randomly throwing switches. The console explodes, rendering The Doctor unconscious, but the Daleks spin out of control and start exploding randomly.

 We see Daleks outside the capsule, in the hallways, as well as in the capsule, start exploding and dying.

 Bragen takes Quinn’s gun and holds him at gunpoint. Valmar arrives and shoots Bragen. Quinn says they will rebuild together.

 The Doctor recovers as Quinn and Valmar arrive at the laboratory. The Doctor seems to be surprised that he stopped the Daleks. Valmar yells at The Doctor about destroying the colony’s power supply, but Quinn verbally restrains him.

 To Ben and Polly, The Doctor says, “I think we’d better get out of here before they send us the bill.”

 As the travellers return to the TARDIS, Ben and Polly wonder if The Doctor was intentional in stopping the Daleks, or just lucky. They enter the TARDIS and it dematerialises, with the sound of a recorder being played.

 An interesting start to the new Doctor. I know Troughton’s Doctor was played a bit more for comedy than Hartnell’s (who relied on the companions for the comedy), and that takes some getting used to. Of all the Doctors, I think Troughton is the one I’ve seen the least of – mostly because so many of his were lost serials. Thankfully for the Loose Cannon and Butterfly Effect reconstructions, I think it’ll be enjoyable enough.