A six part serial, only episodes 1 and 3 remain in full video – for the rest, I have the reconstructed Loose Cannon episodes. The intro is with Anneke Wills, and sadly she gives a big spoiler about the story right off – so if you watch it, you may wish to fast forward through her intro until after you’ve watched the serial.

Episode 1:

 The opening sequence shows an airport and the TARDIS appears on the runway. Jamie sees a plane coming in for a landing and thinks it is a “flying beastie” and he and The Doctor and companions run from it. Being spotted by a police officer, the four scatter.

 In the control tower, they receive word from the pilot of the plane that there’s a police box on the runway, but find it hard to believe. The Commandant callls in a report to the airport police to investigate. Two cops/security get on motorcycles – they’ve got realy cool long coats and helmets, looking rather stormtrooperish. (Not so much Star Wars stormtroopers, more the fascist militia kind.)

 The TARDIS is place on the back of a lorry, and brought in. Jamie and The Doctor are together, hiding among the planes. We see Polly by herself and she ducks into a hangar marked Chameleon Tours. Two men enter, but she hides behind some crates. They seem to be arguing and the one man dressed as a piot shoots the other (wearing civilian garb) with a futuristic looking pistol. Presumably he’s dead, and the pilot covers the body with a tarp.

 The pilot then goes into another room while Polly watches. He opens a secret door and steps into a small room, where he contacts someone via a video device, saying there’s been trouble. He explains that someone found “the post cards”. Polly triggers an alarm and the pilot exits to pursue her. She was checking on the body and we see the corpse’s hand sticking out – it looks strangely disfigured. Polly runs and escapes.

 The motorcycle cops bring in the police box and report via phone to the Commandant, who is amazed that it is, in fact, a police box. His assistant questions if it might be a student prank.

 Polly reunites with Jamie and The Doctor and tells them about the murder. She whines a bit, but we’re used to that by now. Aren’t we?

 The murderer and the man he called for assistance (also in a pilot’s uniform) check the body – it turns out the victim was a Detective Inspector of the police department. They arrange for the disposal of the body. The detective’s wallet are put into some unit, along with some suitcases, to be destroyed.

 The two men are back in the secret room, when the alarm is triggered – on the security screen, they see The Doctor, Jamie and Polly. The Doctor discovers that the detective has been electrocuted and says that such a weapon hasn’t been invented on this planet yet. The two men hear this and are concerned about his knowledge. The murderer’s associate (apparently his superior) gives him orders to “get the girl”, and they’ll deal The Doctor later.

 Polly is grabbed as she follows The Doctor and Jamie as the three of them head towards the main building. She’s kept from crying out and they have no idea she’s been grabbed. The murderer (I think his name is Spencer) brings her back to their secret room for interrogation.

 Jamie and The Doctor are seen returning back to Chameleon Tours, but they find no sign of Polly and leave to report everything to the authorities. At the immigration desk, they run into an officious bureaucrat, Jenkins, who detains them and calls the Commandant.

 Ben is spotted skulking around and happens to slip into the hangar for Chameleon Tours. He runs into the murderer, but pretends to be a new member of airport staff and Spencer escorts him out.

 The Commandant questions The Doctor and Jamie, but he finds their story hard to believe, but eventually agrees to go to the hangar to see the body. When they get there, the body has been removed. The Commandant brings them back to the immigration desk while he calls the police, and Polly shows up as if getting off a flight – she doesn’t seem to know them and says her name isn’t Polly.

 The two conspirator pilots are seen escorting a man into a medical station in the airport. The person’s arms are heavily bandaged and his(?) head, seen from the back only is inhuman looking… and the credits roll.

 Interesting start, lots of mystery, thumbing the nose as bureaucracy. I’m quite interested to see where this goes…

 Long story short, it’s a very good episode, a lot of fun. Many of the incidental characters are well written and acted and there’s character growth in these six episodes.  It’s interesting to note that there’s a connection between this serial and one of David Tennant’s episodes, but it’s not a story connection, but an actor one.  You’ll have to read through to the end to find out, though.

Episode 2:

 In the medical station, we see a man is on one of the beds, unconscious.

 The Commandant questions Polly, who insists she is from Zurich. She provides a passport, proving her identity. She even has a work permit. When the Commandant calls the police, Jamie and The Doctor run. 

 Back at the medical station, Spencer’s associate/boss (his name is Blade, though I don’t know that’s come up in story yet) and Spencer tend to the faceless humanoid (it’s like he’s been skinned) who is in one bed. Next to him is the man we saw earlier. A nurse is present and seems to be part of their little group. She fetches two armbands, one attached to Meadows (the man, an air traffic controller) the other the faceless one. Headbands with electrodes and discs are attached to both. Blade says Meadows may be useful to them because of his position.

 They activate some machinery; Meadows body twitches, the other is completely still.

 In the concourse, two policemen search for Jamie and The Doctor. Jamie and The Doctor sit nearby, each holding a newspaper up to obscure their faces. (Jamie’s is upside down.) The policemen move off.

 The Doctor explains that he doesn’t think it was Polly at all that they met earlier, much to Jamie’s confusion.

 “You don’t want to believe everything you see, Jamie.” – The Doctor.

 The Doctor notices an advertisement in the paper about Chameleon Tours for budget tours for the younger crowd – 18 to 25 year olds. The Doctor suspects the ad is bait. He explains to Jamie what a chameleon is, and feels there’s something strange.

 Ben shows up and The Doctor says they need a place to hide. Ben says he knows the very place and they head off.

 The faceless one’s face changes, becoming identical to Meadows. Blade and the nurse help him sit up. The chameleon has difficulty speaking and Blade adjusts a dial on the chameleon’s armband. He is able to speak properly. They test his sense of smell and eyesight. Then, he’s quizzed on who he is – he answers all the questions properly – apparently the transfer is more than physical.

 The Doctor and his companions spot “Polly” working at the Chameleon Tours desk. He approaches her and confronts her, questioning her; this confuses her and some of Polly’s memories seem to break through whatever’s been done to her. The Doctor and Ben and Jamie head off to talk privately. Blade had been watching from an office and calls her in – she’s apparently one of the faceless ones, from the way they talk.

 Meadows is seen relieving a controller in the tower. The Commandant is watching from his perch, attended by his assistant Jean. The Commandant has a visitor, Detective Inspector Crossland. Crossland is looking for Gascoigne (the man Spencer murdered earlier) who was, ironically, investigating a disappearance of a passenger from a charter flight (obviousy, Chameleon Tours.)

 Ben’s great hiding place is a photo booth, where all three men jam in. Jamie is confused about where they’re hiding. The Doctor isn’t sure whether Polly is Polly or someone else. There’s a “comedic” moment as someone pulls open the curtain so the three men pretend to be posing for a photograph (well Ben and The Doctor do, Jamie just looks around.)

 They split up – Ben is free to walk around (the police are not looking for him), and The Doctor wants to speak to the Commandant. Jamie is told to keep an eye on Polly.

 Jamie wanders around, quite overwhelmed by his surroundings.

 Polly is approached by a woman about her brother, who’s disappeared from the tour. She mentions receiving a postcard from Rome from her brother – obviously part of the cover-up, since Spencer killed Gascoigne because he found “the postcards”. Polly asks the woman to wait and goes into the back office, where she uses the video device to try to contact Blade, but is told he’s not available. The young woman is asked to wait and she goes and sits next to Jamie, who starts asking questions about her missing brother.

 Jean tells the Commandant there’s a man to see him about a dead body. The Commandant gets on the phone to summon the police. When the police arrive, The Doctor pretends to pull out a grenade and throws it at them; he runs off, but it’s only a small rubber bal.

 Polly is given instructions to get rid of the girl, “close the kiosk and get on the next flight.” She brusquely dismisses Samantha, who goes back to Jamie and tells him what happened.

 Ben returns to the Chameleon Tours hangar. He opens one of the large cases there, only to find Polly inside! She’s motionless, eyes wide open. He runs into the office and uses the phone to try to reach The Doctor.

 The Doctor arrives at the kiosk and Jamie tries to introduce him to Samantha, but he’s intent on talking to Polly. He goes in the back office, sees the video communicator and searches around, finding postcards and unused foreign stamps.

 The video monitor comes on and shows Ben on the phone. Spencer appears on the screen behind Ben and The Doctor calls out. Spencer blasts Ben with the same device he used to capture Polly and Ben is rendered immobile. The Doctor calls out helplessly to his companion.

 Spencer and Blade talk about expecting The Doctor.

 Crossland is talking to Jenkins at Immigration Desk #5 (he’s the officious guy who gave The Doctor and Jamie a hard time.) Crossland is asking about Brian Riggs (Samantha’s missing brother) as well as his colleague, Detective Inspector Gascoigne. Jenkins fills Crossland in on the disturbance that morning involving The Doctor and Jamie.

 As Jamie and Samantha talk, a flight attendant enters the kiosk and makes announcements for Chameleon Youth Tours flight to Zurich. They wonder what happened to Polly.

 The Doctor has arrived at the Chameleon Tours hangar, searching for Ben. He finds the weapon that Spencer used on Ben on the floor (great place for it.)

 The flight attendant is talking to the youth tour travelers, saying they have postcards for them – if they want, they can fill them out in advance and she’ll post them for them from Zurich. Samantha asks one of the travellers for his post card and realises that this could explain how she got one from her brother.

 As they’re about to try to find The Doctor, Crossland appears and tells Jamie he wants a word with him.

 The Doctor opens one of the crates as Spencer watches over the monitor. In the crate, The Doctor is shocked to find Meadows sitting there, motionless. Spencer uses the PA to trick The Doctor into a room, where he is locked in and gas is pumped into the room – gas that has a freezing effect… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 (the other full video episode)

 The Doctor plugs the gas flow and covers the camera with his jacket, forcing Spencer to come up. Feigning unconsciousness, he blasts Spencer with his own weapon, freezing the pilot and then flees the hangar.

 Jamie and Samantha are talking to Crossland when The Doctor arrives. He identifies the picture of Gascoigne as the corpse they found in the hangar.

 Spencer recovers as Blade returns to the hangar. He informs Blade that The Doctor escapes. Blade is preparing to fly to Zurich. He orders Spencer to stay behind and kill The Doctor, to make up for his incompetence.

 Crossland tells The Doctor to come with him to talk to the Commandant. They leave Samantha and Jamie behind, but she talks him into coming along with her while she goes to check out the hangar.

 The Commandant finally believes there was a body, but both he and Crossland have trouble believing The Doctor’s story. But he finally makes some headway.

 In the hangar, Samatha finds a folder of postcards, all previously filled out. She and Jamie leave to go to the Commandant’s office. They burst into the control room to deliver them to The Doctor and he shows them to Crossland and the Commandant.

 Meadows reports back to Spencer, informing him what happened in the control room. Spencer gives Meadows a device to attach to The Doctor – he has a remote device he can use to activate it that will “take care of him”.

 Meadows returns to the control room and attempts to place the device on The Doctor. After several botched attempts, he finally manages to do so, just as The Doctor, Samantha and Jamie leave.

 Crossland questions Spencer at the Chameleon kiosk; he wants to speak to the man in charge, who Spencer says is Captain Blade. He says Blade is getting ready to depart on a flight, but gets permission from Blade to send the detective out to the plane.

 Crossland gets on the plane as the youths are boarding and ends up being taken prisoner by Blade and the flight attendant.

 The Doctor and Jamie find the secret room in the Chameleon hangar. The use the monitor set and see the first aid post. They leave to head there, but Spencer activates the disc on The Doctor’s back. He falls down in pain, but Jamie removes it and stomps on it.

 The plane is in flight on the way to Zurich. As Crossland watches (from the seat he’s tied up in) Blade activates some dials and all the youths in the seats disappear… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 Spencer confronts Jamie in the hangar, holding him at gunpoint. Samantha tries to help Jamie, but in the struggle he hits both of them with his freeze pen. He lays their immobilised bodies next to where The Doctor is on the floor and sets up a laser cutter, which starts a beam across the room, moving towards them. Like a villain in a badly written comic book or spy novel, he then leaves the room, assuming the death trap will work without staying behind to make sure.

 Jamie and Samantha discover they can talk but not move. So can The Doctor, though he wasn’t hit by the freeze ray. The laser comes closer… and Samantha discovers she can move one arm.

 We see Jenkins in the medical room, being fitted with the machinery to allow the nearby Faceless One to transform into his likeness.

 Samantha hands Jamie her compact and, since he can use his hand now, too, he’s able to use it to reflect the beam against the laser generator to destroy it. They slowly recover their ability to move and get up. The Doctor and Jamie head off to find the medical post while Samantha is sent to the Chameleon kiosk to watch for Spencer.

 “Jenkins” comes to and is given the same exam/quiz by the nurse. In the waiting room, The Doctor and Jamie arrive, the latter pretending to be ill. He tries to take Jamie into the X-Ray room, but the nurse won’t let him use it. Spencer and “Jenkins” watch from presumably the kiosk back room and see The Doctor talking to the nurse. They make plans to deal with The Doctor.

 The Doctor and Jamie show up at the control room, where Jean tells them Scotland Yard is trying to get in touch with Crossland. She tells them that Samantha went to the kiosk and The Doctor is upset about this – though, that’s precisely what he told her to do in the first place. He specifically told her to go and keep an eye on the kiosk to see when/if Spencer left it. He sends Jamie to go assist Samantha.

 Jean reports to the Commandant that all the destinations that Chameleon fly to report that they take people from there but never have any arrivals – and she’s checked many cities, all confirming the same. The Commandant calls the Roya Air Force, planning to have the planes followed, thinking they’re diverting to some private air field.

 The Doctor confers with Jean, telling her his suspicions about the medical center being somehow related to whatever’s going on.

 Jamie and Samantha are over by the kiosk. She’s planning to fly on the next Chameleon Tours flight, which is going to Rome, and she feels it’s better to do something than sit around. Jamie suggests going along with her, but he doesn’t have the lolly, the brass, the money. He kisses her, surprising her. They kiss again and he lifts her ticket from her bag while they’re kissing.

 After the Commandant has made arrangements for a jet to tail the next Chameleon flight, Jean pretends to faint. Nurse Pinto (from the medical centre) is very unhappy, but leaves to attend to her in the command room. This allows The Doctor the chance to slip and enter the X-Ray room, where he finds the transference chairs – obviously, far more advanced than X-Ray machinery.

 While The Doctor is poking around, he flicks a switch that, unbeknownst to him, opens a cabinet where the real nurse Pinto is stored. He closes it, poking around some more and collects several of the armbands. Jenkins slips in from another room, armed with the energy pistol and is aiming it at The Doctor, but just then a passenger enters the medical centre and Jenkins has to slip his gun in his pocket. The Doctor explains to the woman that he’s off duty, but indicates Jenkins, “This gentleman will be more than pleased to attend you.” (Well played, Doctor.)

 Nurse Pinto is checking on Jean, and when The Doctor returns, she claims to be feeling better. She says she didn’t have a lunch and the nurse scolds the Commandant for not letting his employees eat.

 The Commandant quickly catches on that Jean wasn’t sick, but The Doctor shows him the armbands, saying he’s not sure what they are but knows someone there would recognise them. He approaches Meadows’ work station, but the ‘man’ is not there. The Commandant says he’s off duty.

 Samantha is at the check in desk, but she cannot find her ticket. She finds out that an “S Riggs” has already checked in and was a boy. Ann receives a call from Spencer, who is watching from the back room, and Samantha is invited in. She recognises him and gasps, but he has a gun pointed at her.

 The Chameleon plane is allowed to take off, and the Commandant says they’ll be followed this time. The Doctor asks, “How high can a jet fly these days?” When he’s told ten miles, plus, his response is, “How futile.”

 On the plane, we see Ann making her way amongst the passengers, telling them they can unfasten their seatbelts. She sees Jamie isn’t feeling well and asks how he’s doing, but he says he’s fine… then covers his mouth and dashes for the bathroom.

 The RAF jet radioes in that he’s following at 10K feet.

 Captain Blade tells Ann that something is following them. He switches on a monitor and sees that it’s a fighter jet. Ann gives him a radar reading and he fiddles with some switches. There’s a flash of light and the jet spins out of control.

 As the control room watches the jet spin out of control on the radar, The Doctor points out that the Chameleon plane is standing still, it’s not moving at all.

 In the passenger area, Ann moves amongst the seats, pulling a small object off each seat and putting them in a box. She’s summoned into the cockpit, where Blade asks her some questions. She returns to collecting, but apparently has missed Jamie’s seat. (So the passengers are turned into these objects? Also, I was thinking Jamie was going to be in the bathroom still and not teleported off, which was my first guess what was happening… or turned into some small object, if that’s what’s going on.)

 The Commandant and The Doctor argue whether or not the Chameleon plane crashed or was taken upwards, into outer space.

 We see a (modern, done for the recon) animation of the plane flying straight up, where a space ship awaits. It opens bay doors on its bottom and the plane flies up into it. As they close, the credits roll. (Can only imagine what was done in the 60s for it – probably little model plane and big model space ship.)

Episode 5:

 Ann and Blade discuss how the Earth people are comparable to animals on their home planet. As they do, we see one of those animals (named Jamie), watching from a hiding place. (I had a feeling…)

 He starts to leave his spot after they leave, but two Chameleons board and start removing the hand luggage. Carefully, Jamie slips past them and out of the plane.

 Ann pours the contents of her container into a drawer (one of many drawers) in a storeroom. Jamie watches her depart and is about to follow her, but decides to go into the room instead. He finds the rack of drawers (three wide, tall as he his, each about five inches tall) and he opens one to find miniaturised humans inside!

 Ann catches him, and armed with a pistol, he’s taken prisoner by her and a Chameleon.

 The Commandant receives a call that the RAF pilot did not survive the crash of the plane. Just then Meadows comes in and The Doctor confronts him, demanding him to roll up his sleeve, to see if he has an armband. Meadows makes a break for it but Jean pushes a chair in his way and he falls and is caught.

 On Meadows’ left arm is a black armband with dials. The Doctor threatens to mess with the dials, but Meadows is horrified at the prospect. He answers The Doctor’s questions and we find out that his people had a horrible accident on their planet and they need 50,000 people… but not exactly what for is specified.

 Meadows agree to accompany The Doctor to the medical centre, to see where Nurse Pinto keeps her original (the person she was copied from.)

 Pinto is strapping Samantha down to a table. She contacts Spencer, who orders her to prepare Samantha for transference. The screen goes blank when The Doctor enters the medical centre. He’s accompanied by Meadows and two policemen and they confiscate her freezer pen weapon.

 Inside, The Doctor finds Samantha (whom he calls Sam) and frees her. Meadows helps The Doctor find the original nurse. Chameleon Pinto pulls out a gun and shoots one of the cops, but Meadows helps immobilise her. The original Pinto is placed on one of the beds and starts to recover.

 Samantha fills The Doctor in on the fact that Jamie was on the plane and he bemoans, “First Polly, Ben and now Jamie.”

 Jamie is seen in a room, where Crossland greets him; as they talk, we discover that the food and drink on the plane are the first step towards miniaturisation. It’s obvious that Crossland is actually a Chameleon, and we discover not only is he one, but he is their leader, the Director.

 The plane departs the satellite and flies downward to Earth. (It’s obviously been modified for traveling so far away from the surface of Earth.)

 The Commandant is giving a list by The Doctor of the Chameleons and is about to give an order to have them arrested. Since there’s only one Chameleon flight left, The Doctor wants to use the plane to get to the satellite.

 When Blade returns, he and Original Pinto (pretending to be Chameleon Pinto) bluff, saying that The Doctor is Meadows, re-transfered. Blade says the flight leaves in fifteen minutes. He leaves and the two head off to board as well.

 The Commandant receives a report that The Doctor and Nurse Pinto were seen boarding the plane, and that everyone else who boarded was airport staff of some sort. The Commandant has the airport security searching the premises for the original bodies of the humans the Chameleons took the identities of.

 On the satellite, we see Jamie has been copied and Crossland (The Director) is running him through the tests. Blade enters, to report that they’ve got two intruders – Nurse Pinto and The Doctor. Chameleon Jamie is asked what he knows of The Doctor and informs them that “he’s not of this Earth or this century, he has traveled through time and space. His knowledge is even greater than ours”. The Director denies Blade’s desire to kill The Doctor saying that he needs to live on, as one of them.

 The Doctor and Nurse are skulking about when Blade and several Chameleons confront them… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 The Commandant and Chief of Security are getting frustrated at their lack of finding the copied people. The Commandant gives an order to divert all planes (presumably to other airports) and goes on the PA to order all airport personnel to report to airport police for instructions, and apologises to the public for the temporary suspension of all outgoing flights. A massive search effort is then organised.

 Aboard the satellite, The Doctor is brought before the Director. The Director claims that his race is “the most intelligent race in the universe”. The Doctor comments on the Jamie Chameleon, saying it wasn’t a very good copy. He almost gets the Director to slip up and give out the location of the original Jamie. He tries to stir up resentment with Blade and Spencer over their not knowing where their originals are. He bluffs that the Commandant has the bodies and unless The Doctor speaks to him, he’s going to start processing the originals, starting with Blade’s.

 The Chameleons contact the Commandant; he’s quick enough to realise he needs to bluff, and does so.

 Jean and Samantha return to the Chameleon kiosk, looking for some paperwork about twenty-five cars.

 The Director has found out about Blade contacting the humans and orders the communication to stop. Blade’s figured out it was a bluff after all and admits as much to the Director, who orders for The Doctor’s processing to begin. The Doctor causes the processing unit to explode, but only postpones things as the Director sends the order for another unit to be brought there.

 Jean and Samantha are moving among the cars in a parking area, checking tags with a list. Meadows is skulking nearby and grabs Samantha. Jean rushes over and the two girls struggle with the Chameleon, eventually overpowering him.

 They discover that the original bodies are being kept in the cars in the parking lot. Police arrive and more are recovered.

 The Doctor and a Chameleon are hooked up for transference. Gatwick tries to contact the Chameleon ship to let them know they really found the bodies this time, but the Director says ignore them, they’re bluffing. The Commandant gives orders for a message to be sent and they release Jenkins from the device on his arm.

 On the ship, Chameleon Jenkins disintegrates, leaving only a pile of clothes and an armband.

 “They HAVE found them. They WEREN’T bluffing!” – Blade, talking to the Director.

 The Director is not terribly sympathetic to the danger his subordinates are in. Blade does not take kindly to this, and he and Spencer raise their guns at the Director and Chameleon-Jamie, demanding they contact Gatwick.

 Gatwick confirms they have found the bodies and then demands to speak to The Doctor, else Captain Blade is freed next. The Doctor makes a deal – the Chameleons can stay alive by returning the miniaturised people to their original state and deprocessing the originals they were copied from (safely, so they aren’t disintegrated). Blade and Spencer agree to The Doctor’s terms. When the Director and Chameleon-Jamie try to flee, Blade shoots them both.

 Original Jamie is recovered from a cabinet. Crossland is found in a nearby cabinet as well.

 The Doctor returns to the command centre, asking the Commandant for the return of his police box. He and Jamie say their farewells to the Commandant and Samantha… but Jamie finds it hard to say goodbye to the lass. They kiss again… and honestly, I thought she might be tagging along.

 Ben and Polly arrive with The Doctor at the hangar where the TARDIS is. Ben and Polly are reluctant to leave so soon. While they talk, they discover the date is July 20, 1966 – the same day they inadvertantly accompanied The First Doctor after helping him defeat WOTAN’s war machines.

 The Doctor is reluctant to see them stay… and Ben even offers that they’ll leave with him, “…if you really need us.” Polly says it’s their home and The Doctor replies, “Yes, I know. You’re lucky, I never got back to mine.” It’s a poignant scene. He tells them “Go on. Ben can catch his ship and become an admiral and Polly… Polly, you can look after Ben.”

 Hugs and handshakes all around and the two companions turn and leave, stopping to look, their faces a mix of happy and sad.

 The Doctor tells Jamie they’ve lost the TARDIS, it’s not where it was taken, and they set off to find it… and the credits roll.

 It’s always sad seeing companions leave, as long as they’re not annoying – I won’t (Vicki) name any (Vicki) names, though. (Vicki) Even when Susan left, it was sad and touching.

 A fun episode, I think it could have been done in four, maybe five episodes tops, by cutting out some of the bouncing around – this show does suffer at times from that (see especially The Dalek Master Plan, or even The Chase, though the latter was more entertaining in its unnecessary diversions.) Again, I find it ironic that I’m complaining that a British show is using too much time for a story, when these days, the British television programs tell much more powerful stories in half (or less) the episodes that most American tv shows have in a season. 

As promised – the actress who played Samantha, Pauline Collins, has a connection to a David Tennant episode. Now, before we get there, it’s worth noting that she was offered the chance to be a companion on the show after this serial, going off with Jamie and The Doctor, but she turned it down. She did return, many years later, to take the role of Queen Victoria in “Tooth and Claw”.