A seven part serial, only one episode still exists fully. Thankfully we have a Loose Cannon reconstruction to watch. Which is introduced by Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor, and one of my favourites.)

 Slight change to the schedule – I didn’t realise this was a 7 part serial; from now on, any over 6 will be split into two posts. But I don’t want to push off the next season, so there will be a second post on Sunday, parts 4-7 of this serial, and Season 5 of Doctor Who will begin on Monday, as it would have normally.

Episode 1:

 The TARDIS is being hauled away on the back of a lorry (truck, for my fellow Americans) and The Doctor and Jamie are running in pursuit of the lorry. They have to give up as it’s going too fast and they cannot keep up and they watch as it leaves the airport.

 They go into a nearby hangar, to ask why it was taken off. Talking to the worker there, they discover it was signed for by a “J Smith”. When The Doctor says he’s going to have to call the police, the worker offers up the name of the firm who picked up the TARDIS – Leatherman. All the while, some man is listening in on the conversation with a listening device.

 From a nearby field, he watches The Doctor and Jamie leave the hangar. They hang about and watch the worker (who The Doctor noticed was too big for his overalls and the order on his clipboard for the TARDIS was way different than the other invoices – this combined with his being cooperative once the police were mentioned made The Doctor very suspicious) depart and they follow him. The observer in the field watches al this and then radios in to a base – Kennedy, the man in the field, refers to The Doctor by name.

 The worker gets in a car and departs; The Doctor flags down a taxi and they follow.

 At an antique shop, a man named Mr. Perry shows up to look at the proprietor, Mr. Waterfield’s goods. Perry is the man charged with bringing the police box to him, apparently a job for a client of Waterfield’s.

 The Doctor and Jamie have followed their target to a warehouse.

 Kennedy has returned from the field and is meeting with Hall, the man from the airport. He’s given money and instructed to help kidnap The Doctor and Jamie, and he and Kennedy get into an argument – Hall doesn’t want to get involved in kidnapping. Kennedy grabs a piece of wood and swings at Hall.

 The Doctor and Jamie enter, to find Hall knocked down, a wound on his head. Kennedy sneaks out the back at The Doctor and Jamie are checking on Hall. After a bit, Jamie is frightened by a passing train and as The Doctor tries to explain what a train is, Hall gets up, grabs his money and sneaks out, locking them in.

 The Doctor finds matches for a coffee bar, deduces that the man is left handed and says they need to go to the coffee bar. They leave (obviousy through a different door) and Kennedy watches them from the shadows.

 Kennedy reports to Waterfield the developments – Hall’s refusal to assist and The Doctor and Jamie finding the planted matchbook. Waterfield pulls out pictures of The Doctor and Jamie and Kennedy confirms that they are the two men. Waterfield and Kennedy keep having trouble with their vernacular – I’m beginning to suspecdt that Waterfield isn’t native to 1966.

 Waterfield sends Kennedy out to fetch Perry. Kennedy leaves but listens at the door. Waterfield triggers a secret door and a bookcase slides away. Inside is a small room with futuristic device in it. From the room (from the device?) Waterfield takes out an antique vase or sculpture of some sort and returns to his office, the bookcase sliding shut behind him.

 Perry knocks on the door and is invited in. When he notices the antique, Waterfield tries to play it off as a new arrival from the night before that he just brought in. It’s for a “Doctor Galloway”, and sends Perry to meet with The Doctor (showing him the pictures) to invite them to come to the antique shop tonight at 10pm.

 After Perry leaves, Kennedy listens again at the door. Perry once more enters the room, this time flicking switches on the equipment. Lights begin to glow. Waterfield sits down in a chair facing the lights.

 Outside the office, Perry catches Kennedy at the door and Kennedy moves away.

 The Doctor and Jamie are hanging out in the coffee bar. The Doctor says it’s a trap they’re walking into… and he feels that he knows who their enemies are.

 Waterfield is talking to someone, saying that he demands the truth, that he’s done everything they’ve asked. If he gets a response, we don’t hear it, but he seems to be responding to something – even if perhaps their silence. Kennedy is again at the door, listening. Waterfield gets up and storms out of the secret room, seemingly disoriented.

 Back at the coffee bar, The Doctor notices Perry staring at him. He approaches The Doctor and Jamie. He gives them a card and passes on Waterfield’s apology for not making their “meeting” and invitation to come to the shop at 10pm. The card has the name and address of the shop on it.

 After hearing from Perry that The Doctor got the card and invite, Waterfield tells Kennedy that The Doctor will be there at 10pm and he wants his assistance to deal with him. When Waterfield heads off, Kennedy picks the lock to Waterfield’s office and breaks in.

 He searches about the office and finds the key to the secret room. He uses the key and the bookcase slides open. He starts messing with the switches and activates the lights on the machinery. Poking around more, he finds a combination safe door.

 His back is turned to the machine and he does not see a Dalek manifest out of thin air! Kennedy has opened the safe and is looking in the box when he notices there’s something behind him. He spins around and the Dalek demands to know who he is… and the credits roll.

 So far a very interesting start. From the title of the episode, we know the Daleks are the bad guys, so it’s good to get that surprise out of the way as soon as possible. This, of course, explains how they knew of The Doctor.

Episode 2:

 (the only full video episode remaining)

 Kennedy tries to run but the Dalek shoots him dead.

 The Doctor and Jamie slip in to the shop thirty minutes earlier. As they poke around, Jamie notices that everything is brand new, though the store claims to be an antique shop – he thinks they’re faked, but The Doctor says they’re all genuine.

 Jamie posits that Waterfield invented a time machine and is bringing everything from the past to the modern day. The Doctor says it’s not likely, but they’ll have to ask Waterfield.

 Waterfield returns to his office to find Kennedy dead. He goes in the secret room and argues with the Dalek over killing him. The Dalek then uses the machine to disappear, return from whence it came.

 The Doctor and Jamie surprise Perry who is skulking about in the storefront. Perry agrees to answer their questions if they answer his as well.

 Waterfield is in the secret room, and tears the Doctor’s picture in half, leaving one half in a box on the floor of the room.

 Perry informs them that they do have the police box and Jamie wants to know where it is. As they talk, a door randomly opens and the three of them enter. They find Kennedy, dead, and Perry tries to use the phone but there’s interference on the line. He goes off to fetch the police.

 Jamie wants to find the TARDIS and go – he’s almost in a panick about the idea of the police. They find the second half of The Doctor’s picture in Kennedy’s hand (apparently Waterfield put that half there, too.) Kennedy’s body is laying in a position to indicate the secret door – again, it’s obviously a trap.

 They find the secret room and the box with the other half of The Doctor’s picture. Waterfield is watching from the door to the room. When Jamie opens the box, gas pours out and knocks The Doctor and Jamie out. Waterfield comes in, covering his mouth with a rag, and closes the box, then stands between the arms of the machinery (where the box was resting and where The Doctor and Jamie have fallen) and everyone and the machine disappear.

 The next scene, we see The Doctor and Jamie sleeping in an ornate room. As The Doctor wakes up, a young woman in Victorian serving garb comes in with some refreshements. As they moan and bellyache, she comments on “quite the party last night” and says she brings something from “the master”.

 (Of course it’s not THE Master, he won’t come around until the Third Doctor… but still, as The Master is my favourite character of all the Doctor Who shows, one cannot help but say, out loud, “I wish!”)

 As The Doctor tries to ask some questions, the master of the house, Theodore Maxtable and Edward Waterfield enter. They dismiss Molly, the serving girl. Maxtable explains they’re in the year 1866. Waterfied explains that his daughter, Victoria, has been kidnapped by those responsible.

 We then see Victoria (a very fetching young lady with some REALLY pretty eyes.) A Dalek enters where she is, and it orders her that she will eat and stop feeding the “flying pests” (birds). She’s forced into a machine which ramps up and she clutches her ears. The machine tells the Dalek that Victoria has lost 17 ounces and when she yells at it, it yells back and tells her more food will be brought to her and she will eat it or be fed by force.

 Maxtable leads The Doctor into a laboratory, full of tubes and beakers and smoking chemicals and the like. The Doctor is demanding answers, but Maxtable is taking his sweet time.

 Maxtable and Waterfield explain that they tried using mirrors and electricity – specifically, static electricity. The Doctor quickly latches onto that, and he keeps questioning, “STATIC electricity?” Obviousy, his mind is going to the Daleks. They explain during their most recent experiement, the one using static electricity, creatures burst from the cabinet. The creatures knew of The Doctor and set up the trap in 1966.

 Just as The Doctor asks what the creatures were called, a Dalek comes into the room, greeting him, “Doc-torrrrrrrr!” The Dalek informs The Doctor that he is to help them with an experiement – they will perform an experiment on Jamie, or else.

 The Dalek leaves and The Doctor asks the two men about the test. Maxtable surmises that the Daleks are seeking a way to overcome their defeats by humanity by pursuing the Human Element, hoping to infuse their own race with it.

 Jamie wakes up and meets Ruth, Maxtable’s daughter. She checks on him and then departs. He pokes around and discovers the year is 1866. A man steps into the room but hides behind the curtains so Jamie does not see him. As Jamie messes with the chair, he clubs Jamie from behind. Molly comes in with the tea tray as ordered by Ruth and thinks he’s fallen asleep again. The man grabs Molly from behind, covering her mouth.

 As The Doctor and Waterfield return, they find Jamie gone and Molly unconscious in his chair.

 Two Daleks discuss the test and one says, “Any delay will result in death,” and the first replies, “There will be no delay,” menacing the camera view with its plunger… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 A piece of straw is found in the room where Jamie was kidnapped. I guess that’s what they call a “clue”.

 Jamie is shown in a barn (hey, it is a clue!) with his kidnapper. A man in fine clothing enters and the ruffian (Toby) and he argue briefly, but the gentleman pays him and sends Toby off. Jamie watches the man strangely, who has a dizzy spell and then wonders where Toby went. Jamie, confused, answers, “You just sent him off!” The man demands of Jamie to tell him where Victoria Waterfield is, but Jamie doesn’t know. The man suffers another dizzy spell and then is more assertive, confident as he was with Toby.

 He introduces himself as Arthur Terrall and says Toby was kidding about being paid to kidnap Jamie.

 The Doctor shows up and Terrall departs. Jamie explains everything that just happened to The Doctor.

 We see Victoria packing her belongings; a Dalek says she is being moved. We see a Loose Cannon video reenactment of the scene, it’s funny. (The actress filling in for Deborah Watling, who plays Victoria, doesn’t look at the screen.)

 Jamie overhears The Doctor and Waterfield talking about him, whether he’ll cooperate or not.

 Maxtable is in the lab with a Dalek. Maxtable seems to be working with the Daleks, as opposed to being coerced, like Waterfield. After the Dalek moves out of sight, Maxtable brings in a man from London, a dark skinned Turk named Kemel. (Prior to bringing in Kemel, Maxtable speaks of him quite disparagingly of Kemel’s intellect, making him seem almost mentally retarded. I don’t know if this is accurate or done to show Maxtable is not a good guy, or just a sign of the times?) Maxtable has Kemel bend a thick iron bar around his shoulders (like a circus performer trick) – presumably a feat of strength to impress the Dalek. This followed by Kemel smashing a thick plank of wood with one blow from his fist.

 Maxtable shows Kemel a picture of Jamie, telling him he is going to be guarding a place and not to let the man in the picture by. Kemel looks at him, as if needing justification, and Maxtable says the man is a rogue and a cut-throat and would kill them all, given the chance.

 Maxtable leads Kemel to the south wing of the house, which is apparently disused. He tells Kemel to wait while he lights a candle and explains that the man in the picture will try to come through. The door is booby trapped with a portcullis. Kemel is left there to wait.

 The Doctor, Waterfield and a Dalek are talking; the Daleks seek the Human Factor. When The Doctor asks why Jamie, the Dalek replies that by traveling with The Doctor, Jamie is unique. The Doctor then asks, “Why him and not me?” The Dalek replies that The Doctor has traveled too much through time and is not suitable because he is “more than human”. (Again, the show, or at least the Daleks in this case, still believe The Doctor to be a human. Again, I’m wondering when the producers/writers/etc decided to change that.)

 The Daleks have brought dormant Dalek biological masses, to be infused with “the Human Factor”. (Anyone else thinking of “Daleks in Manhattan”/”Evolution of the Daleks” from 2007?)

 A test is arranged for Jamie to try to rescue Waterfield’s daughter – obviously, Kemel hiding in the shadows is part of that.

 Jamie meets Arthur again, this time accompanied by Ruth. She’s surprised they know each other and then surprised that they “bite at each other like old enemies.” Suddenly, Arthur clutches his head and has a spell and runs off, followed by Ruth. Molly arrives to ask about Jamie and The Doctor’s luggage and as they talk, she tells him that the house is supposedly haunted. She also tells him that Arthur is Ruth’s fiancee, and is usually a calm man, but lately has been different. The Doctor arrives and Molly quickly departs; apparently, she’s not meant to be there.

 Since it came up by talking to Molly, The Doctor who has come in, starts lecturing him about the Crimean War. Jamie is fired up, having heard The Doctor and Waterfield talk about getting Jamie to do what’s expected. He’s upset over the theft of the TARDIS still, as well as the murder of Kennedy. (Jamie has always been one of my favourite companions, though I’ve ever only seen a few stories with him in it. It’s not just my slight bit of Scottish ancestry, either – though I won’t say that’s not a factor – he’s strong willed, noble hearted, a man of action, gets frustrated with duplicity and double-talk. All admirable, in my estimation.)

 Waterfield enters and the argument escalates. Waterfield drops a hint about the south wing during the exchange. Jamie leaves after a bit and The Doctor explains that all went according to plan and congratulates Waterfield on the bit about the south wing.

 We see Toby, again meeting with Arthur. Toby has asked to speak with Arthur, who tells him to take off, to leave, to stay away from the house, to go to London. Toby makes a comment about getting paid for stories, threatening to tell people in London, if he doesn’t get proper pay.

 Again, Terrall has a dizzy spell. This time, Toby takes advantage and knocks Terrall out. He searches him and takes all his money, as well as his keys, planning to find something worth taking in the house.

 Night has fallen and Mollie is in the sitting room. Jamie startles her, but she has what he wants – plans to the house, including the south wing. He asks her to show him to the door to the south wing.

 The Doctor, Maxtable, Waterfield and a Dalek are discussing how the Dalek machines will record Jamie’s emotions and reactions. A second Dalek enters the room to report that “the young human being is on his way”.

 Toby sneaks through the house, ending up in the laboratory. He encounters a Dalek, which shoots him and he screams.

 Elsewhere, Mollie is startled by Toby’s scream. Jamie sends her back to her room. He finds a candle (the one Maxtable used when bringing Kemel there) and lights it. He finds the secret door, and when it opens a bird flies out, startling him but it keeps him from walking into the falling spikes/portcullis. He finds a way past them and slips through. As he rounds the corner, he finds the imposing figure of Kemel waiting impassively… and the credits roll.

 (So far an interesting story. Not super keen on the character going through the test of traps bit, but maybe it’ll pan out interestingly enough. See you Sunday for the completion of the serial!)