Picking up where we left off.

Episode 4:

 Jamie and Kemel face off in a tense game of Dance Dance Revolution!

 (Ahahahahah, gotcha!)

 Seriously, though – Kemel charges Jamie and they begin to brawl. Jamie’s a faster fighter, but Kemel’s strength is quite imposing. Jamie apparently is a bit of a canny fighter, quick to take advantage of an opening. When Kemel tries to kick him, Jamie grabs his foot, twists the ankle and sends the big man crashing into a chair. While the big man is down, Jamie slips through a door but the Turk follows and the fight continues.

 Jamie slips into a small room and starts searching for a weapon; Jamie lurks by the door and when Kemel charges in, the Turk’s momentum carries him through an open window. He’s holding on by one hand until Jamie fetches a rope to help his opponent. (Jamie’s got a big heart, yo.)

 Kemel is quite confused by Jamie’s actions – remember, he was told by Maxtable that Jamie was an evil man, a cut throat – no cut throat would help someone from falling after fighting them. He lets Jamie pass (Kemel never speaks a word during this fight, or in the previous scene with Maxtable.)

 Jamie moves down the corridor and finds a cell; entering, he finds a lady’s hankerchief (moments before placed there by a Dalek… why wait to the last minute? Why not have the hankie there long before? Again, I’m not really keen on this whole Jamie-runs-the-gauntlet scenario… I think it’s completely unnecessary. Again, I assure you, I find it completely ironic that I’m complaining that a British show is dragging out a story over too many episodes.)

 Jamie bends over to pick up the hankie, but Kemel comes up from behind and pushes Jamie, narrowly saving Jamie from an axe that chops down from the nearby wall.

 The Doctor and a Dalek discuss Jamie’s kindness towards Kemel. The Dalek dismisses it as “human weakness”, but The Doctor points out that Jamie would have died in the axe trap had it not been for that kindness and says, “If you want the Human Factor, part of it must include mercy.” All the while he is fiddling with electronic equipment.

 Maxtable and Waterfield find the body of Toby. A Dalek tells them to hide the body and not to tell The Doctor. Waterfield argues; he’s quite distraught over another death. Maxtable pleads with him, invoking Victoria to get him to obey the Dalek’s orders.

 Waterfield tells Maxtable that once Victoria’s freedom is earned, he plans to confess all his guilt in the events to the authorities. Maxtable is quite bothered by this and before helping Waterfield with Toby’s body, he discreetly takes a pistol from a drawer and slips it in his jacket.

 Jamie tries to talk to Kemel but discovers the giant Turk cannot speak. He tells Jamie his name by writing it in dust on the windowsill. When Kemel sees the hankerchief he points to the embroidered initials – VW – on it. Yes, the hankie belongs to a carmaker! (Tee hee, sorry. Obviously, it’s Victoria’s.)

 Kemel produces a pressed flower out of his belt; Jamie deduces that the giant got it from Victoria and has a crush on her. Jamie and Kemel join forces to free Victoria.

 Toby’s body is taken to the stable. Waterfield is jumping at every sound, Maxtable tries to tell him to calm down, then becomes very brusque and harsh with Waterfield. Waterfield is taking the deaths of Kennedy and Toby upon his shoulders and the strain is almost too much. As Waterfield leaves, Maxtable pulls out the gun and is about to shoot, but Terrall comes out of the shadows and stops him. Maxtable tries to explain that Waterfield (who has left by now, completely unaware of how close to death he was) plans to go to the authorities. Arthur tells Maxtable to go back to the house, that he will deal with the body, and then speaks much like a Dalek – “You will obey! You will obey!”

 There are intermittent scenes of The Doctor working out calculations on a Dalek computer. At one point, The Doctor speaks of human beings as MAYBE if he weren’t one – this is the first sign that I can say where the writers have begun to hint that he’s not a human, himself. (And, honestly, I could be looking too hard in regards to this one.)

 Jamie and Kemel follow a Dalek down a corridor. Jamie triggers another trap but they manage to avoid it. The Dalek arrives in a large room. Victoria appears at a balcony and the Dalek asks her name, making her repeat it louder – I’m guessing it’s part of the test/trap? Jamie and Kemel watch from a hiding spot, Jamie commenting on how beautiful Victoria is.

 Kemel takes a mace from its wall mount and he and Jamie make plans for Kemel to distract the Daleks while Jamie tries to save her. Jamie argues that it isn’t safe enough. In a cut scene, The Doctor gives us some insight into Jamie’s argument – preservation is a human factor.

 Terrall drags Mollie into the trophy room by the wrist, yelling at her. Mollie apparently heard Victoria’s voice, though Terrall argues that Victoria is in Paris. Arthur is being very rude and yelling at Mollie. After Mollie leaves, crying, Ruth appeals to Arthur to leave with her “before it is too late”, but he says he cannot leave.

 Maxtable tells a Dalek that he’s been their agent on Earth as needed and he is getting “tired of waiting”. He seems to think he’s a peer of the Daleks, though the Dalek treats him as a servant. The Dalek pushes him physically and Maxtable demands to know “the secret… that is why I have done all of this!” The Dalek tells Maxtable that “the Daleks know many secrets… you will learn the most important” before departing.

 Maxtable talks to himself, saying he must not be afraid, they are just different, their ways are different, alien. And he will make them tell him what he wants to know.

 Ruth enters (wonder if she’s used to Daddy talking out loud like a complete nutter) and he yells at her – she’s not to come in there at all. She’s willful and says she heard him speaking, but nobody’s there (so, there’s our answer) and she says Arthur is acting oddly, he is involved with something. She demands to know why he’s changed and where Victoria is.

 Maxtable says he cannot answer the questions, but he will tell her one thing, and when he does, perhaps she will learn that there are good reasons why there are secrets that must be kept. He starts talking about a great secret… the transmutation of metal to gold! (Yup, he’s a complete nutter.)

 He even says, “Nothing will stop me!” I think that cinches it.

 Jamie and Kemel each take an end of the rope and use it to slam the Dalek into the fireplace, disabling the Dalek. They then throw the rope up to the balcony and Jamie climbs up. Kemel follows and Jamie rattles Victoria’s door. Below, a Dalek enters and the two men turn to look down. Their backs are turned to Victoria’s door, which opens to reveal a Dalek… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

 Okay, somehow the Dalek that came up behind them ends up falling over the balcony, breaking in twain upon impact. The reconstruction team totally dropped the ball on this one. I would guess maybe Kemel picked it up and pitched it over? No clue, really. We saw a shot of Jamie’s hand holding… the rope… as if that were some clue.

 Anyhow, they slip in and Victoria is happy to see Kemel. They barricade the door with some furniture.

 Okay, The Doctor is enjoying something – a drink, it seems. Now, the First Doctor REPEATEDLY declined alcohol, always stating he did not touch it. The Doctor offers some to Arthur, who declines saying, “I never touch the stuff.” That’s irony, there. The Doctor presses him to join him for food.

 The Doctor examines the room they’re in, admiring the collection of knives. Arthur keeps trying to rid himself of The Doctor’s company. The Doctor presses him, saying he’s interested in him. He points out that he’s never seen Arthur eat or drink anything. When Terrall tries to intimidate The Doctor with a sword, our hero determines that Terrall is charged with electricity – this seems to explain a lot of things, yes?

 Oh my… here’s a great exchange. Waterfield arrives to ask The Doctor to accompany him. As The Doctor moves to go, Terrall says, “No doubt you are a keen student of human nature, but some things are better left alone.”

 The Doctor replies, “No, Mister Terrall, I am not a student of human nature, I am a professor of a far wider academy, of which human nature is merely a part. All forms of life interest me.”

 After they leave, Terrall takes the decanter of wine and pours a glass. As he lifts it to his lips, a ghostly voice (obviously in his head, not audible) says repeatedly, “Obey.. obey… obey…” His hand trembles and he clutches his head in pain, but sets down the wine glass.

 Victoria and Jamie talk, exchanging information. It seems that Victoria only has partial recollection of her being kidnapped – Jamie suspects that there are some drugs involved. Jamie proposes that someone in the house is working with the Daleks and must have slipped her the drugs in advance. (Of course, we viewers know that Maxtable is a willing cohort of the Daleks, and Terrall seems to be under their control.)

 Maxtable, Terrall and Mollie are in a room. Maxtable seems to be hypnotising Mollie with a jewel on a chain. After Mollie falls into a hypnotic state, Maxtable programs her to believe that hearing Victoria’s voice was a dream. After Mollie leaves, we discover that Maxtable used his mesmerism to “persuade Victoria to go to the Daleks.” As they talk, Terrall holds his head, and becomes despondant, asking for help. Maxtable begins giving Arthur orders – I almost wonder if Maxtable was somehow responsible for this onset of Terrall’s weakness.

 Maxtable opens a secret door and sends Terrall to fetch Victoria. Terrall hears the repeated “obey” in his head and does as ordered.

 The Doctor has three capsules embedded with copies of Jamie’s emotions and his virtues. There’s three packing cases, each containing a dormant Dalek. Waterfield asks what will happen when they implant the capsule into the Dalek’s brain and The Doctor replies, “Perhaps it will drive them insane.” Anyone who’s seen the Ninth Doctor episode “Dalek” or the Tenth Doctor “Daleks in Manhattan”/”Evolution of the Daleks” knows that’s a good guess.

 A Dalek arrives to confirm that the capsules are ready and orders him to begin and warns him to “be careful”. The Dalek leaves and Waterfield asks him not to go through with it. He’s afraid that adding the strengths from Jamie will make the Daleks super-creatures.

 The Doctor acknowledges his arguments by saying, “That IS their purpose.” He seems to be intending to go through with it. Waterfield considers attacking The Doctor, but The Doctor says it will do no good.

 The door to the room where Victoria, Jamie and Kemel are holed up begins to melt. They move more furniture in front of the door and while they’re busy with that, Terrall appears from a secret door and grabs Victoria. Jamie and Kemel find the secret door as the Daleks break through the door.

 Victoria struggles with Terrall and escapes. Jamie and Kemel are behind and they split when they come to a fork in the corridor. Terrall arrives at the trophy room. Jamie comes through, ducking an attack from Terrall and grabs a sword of his own and they begin fighting. (There’s no inclination of Terrall’s being magentised during the fight.)

 Ruth and Mollie come in and Ruth sends Mollie to fetch The Doctor. Ruth pleads with Arthur to stop (all while the men keep swordfighting) and he yells at her to leave him be. She starts crying and Arthur clutches his head and collapses. The Doctor and Mollie arrive as Jamie is dumbfounded at Arthur’s sudden immobility.

 The Doctor tells Ruth to go ready a carriage, that she must get Terrall out of here if she wants him to live. The Doctor disengages a small black box from Terrall’s collar – a control device. The Doctor pushes Arthur to leave, to go to the stable and leave with Ruth, that they will take care of the creatures.

 Kemel arrives at Maxtable’s laboratory. He finds Victoria lying on the floor, unconscious and moves to her. A Dalek enters and orders him to pick up Victoria, but he refuses to move at first, but complies and takes her into the cabinet.

 Jamie is angry at The Doctor (still/again) and lectures him, saying that they’re finished, that The Doctor is too callous, that he doesn’t care about anyone. Jamie questions whose side The Doctor is on. The three experimental Daleks come out of their packing case, but The Doctor says they’re friends.

 Maxtable, who I didn’t know was there, explains to Jamie that his emotions and feelings were implanted in the Daleks.

 The HF Daleks start pushing The Doctor around, and he realises that they’re playing with him. He is actually riding on the ‘lip’ of the bottom of one of the Daleks and laughing… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 The Daleks march in order and then spin about, repeating words and saying “Dizzy Doctor”. Maxtable leaves (likely to report to The Daleks) and The Doctor introduces Jamie to the Daleks as a friend. The Doctor marks the HF Daleks on the their bases using a marker or chalk.

 When the HF Daleks ask what he’s done (in regards to the marking) he tells them that he’s given them names – Alpha, Beta and Omega. They repeat their names, like children – which The Doctor has explained to Jamie they are like children, though they will “grow up” within hours.

 After declaring The Doctor and Jamie are “friends”, they announce that all Daleks are being summoned back to Skaro.

 Waterfield and Maxtable talk; Maxtable tells Waterfield that Victoria has been released and tries to get rid of Waterfield by sending to look for his daughter. After Waterfield leaves, Maxtable seems to be packing but is distracted by a grey box on the floor, which he cannot move.

 A Dalek arrives to tell him not to touch the box and not to question. Waterfield is just outside, listening through the door. Maxtable has ordered to bring The Doctor and Jamie to the Daleks and is told he will get the transmutation formula. When the Dalek leaves, Maxtable again tries to move the box but leaves to fetch The Doctor when he cannot. Waterfield enters and confronts Maxtable. The two men fight and Maxtable smashes a test tube into Waterfield’s face.

 The Dalek returns to order him to bring The Doctor and explains that the machine will destroy the house. Maxtable runs off, shouting for The Doctor. Waterfield, partially recovered, struggles to get to his feet. Daleks are seen passing by, repeating orders to return to Skaro.

 The Doctor and Jamie arrive and Waterfield explains what the device is. He tells them where to find his time machine and they use it to escape the explosion by a few seconds.

 Kemel tends to Victoria as she awakens in a futuristic room. Maxtable is brought in and explains they’re on another planet, though it seems to be lost on her. Maxtable is then ordered to leave by another Dalek and Victoria and Kemel are left behind.

 Waterfield, Jamie and The Doctor are on Skaro, observing the city from afar. They enter a crevice in the rockface.

 Maxtable is interrogated by a Supreme Dalek, though he argues with them, he’s more upset about the destruction of his house, his laboratory than anything else. We learn from his rant that he’s been working with them for years leading up to this. There’s a lot of yelling by all parties and then an alarm goes off. Daleks mobilise in response to “human intruders in the city”.

 The Supreme Dalek questions one of the HF Daleks about the mark and it explains that is its name and The Doctor is a friend. The Supreme Dalek orders the HF Dalek to follow it and they move off together.

 Victoria and Kemel are brought into a room where Maxtable awaits. Maxtable asks Victoria questions but she ignores him. A Dalek shows up and takes Maxtable away. Victoria hears his screams. The Dalek returns for Victoria but Kemel tries to follow.

 Jamie, Waterfield and The Doctor hear Victoria scream. As they move onward, they encounter Omega, who says he’s there to help them. The Doctor pretends to stumble, falling down in front of Omega, where he can see the mark up close. When he gets up, he pushes “Omega” off the side of the cliff face and the Dalek falls to the ground below – turns out it was a false mark.

 Victoria and Maxtable are brought back into the cell – they’re fine, the screams were forced to try to bring out the human intruders, apparently. (I know Doctor Who was considered a kids’ show, but this level of silly chicanery is hard to swallow. Daleks would actually torture someone to draw out The Doctor, not pretend to torture someone!)

 Victoria realies why they were made to scream and breaks down and cries. Oh, joy, another Polly.

 The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield skulk about the city. Three Daleks encounter them and order them to follow and take them deeper into the city, to the control room, where they meet a giant Dalek with huge cables attached to it. The Doctor tells this Dalek that he’s beaten the Daleks, that he’s introduced the Human Factor into the Daleks, and they will question and eventually there will be rebellion.

 The Dalek leader replies that without knowing, The Doctor has helped them find the Dalek Factor. The Daleks played The Doctor, using him to find the Dalek Factor – all that makes Daleks strong. The Doctor says he will not obey, he will not work for them, but the Dalek leader shows The Doctor that they have the TARDIS and says that The Doctor will spread the Dalek Factor throughout the entire history of Earth… and the credits roll.

Episode 7:

 The Doctor, Maxtable and Jamie argue over transmutation of metal and Dalek promises and such. A Dalek appears and orders Jamie not to threaten Maxtable (hot-headed Jamie was getting irate during their argument.)

 The Doctor plays his recorder, while Waterfield appeals to Maxtable to try to help them try to escape. Victoria asks The Doctor what he’s thinking and he stops playing his recorder to tell her he’s trying to puzzle out how the Daleks are going to make him help them.

 He talks of his home planet, only briefly, and talking about how it is a “long, long way from Earth.”

 A Supreme Dalek reports to the Emperor Dalek that the experiment is ready. We see a scene where a Supreme Dalek passes the order to a group of Daleks to cease work, but one of them (unseen) questions, “Why?” The Supreme Dalek becomes angry, demanding to know who questioned a Dalek order.

 (Please note that what I refer to as a Supreme Dalek is often called a Supreme Controller Dalek or simply a Black Dalek – I understand that a story from the 70s, Planet of the Daleks, had a variant called a Dalek Supreme – not the same thing.)

 The Doctor watches as the Daleks perform transmutation of iron to gold. Maxtable is overjoyed as the Daleks tell him the machine is his. The Doctor warns him not to go near the machine, but he does not listen. Maxtable is infused with the Dalek Factor and becomes an obedient slave. That is what the Emperor Dalek wants The Doctor to do to all of humanity.

 The Emperor Dalek receives a report that one of the HF Daleks questioned an order and demands it be found immediately.

 Maxtable hypnotises The Doctor and leads him through the archway that infused him with the Dalek Factor. Jamie wakes and shouts for The Doctor not to go, but it is too late. The Doctor speaks like a Dalek, telling Jamie to stay where he is.

 Maxtable takes The Doctor to show him the machines for the mass production of the Dalek Factor and the dispersal unit – they plan to make it into a gas to be sent into the atmosphere.

 The Doctor is obviously playing along (no surprise there) and under the pretense of examining the machine, switches the capsules in the machine, swapping human factor with Dalek factor. He then goes back to the cell and tells them to walk through the archway when he gives the word. A Dalek comes and The Doctor tells the Dalek to take him to the Emperor.

 Jamie, Victoria and Waterfield debate whether it’s another Dalek trap or if The Doctor was himself. Kemel just stands there, mutely.

 The Doctor tells the Emperor Dalek that in order to root out the HF Daleks all the Daleks should pass through the archway hooked up to the Dalek Factor infusion, to wipe out the Human Factor in them. (Interesting to note – The Doctor refers to Maxtable as “this human” – again suggesting that the writers may have decided that The Doctor is not a human.)

 The Doctor explains to his companions and the other captives that he’s swapped the factors and that it’s safe to go through. When Jamie asks why the Dalek Factor didn’t affect him earlier, his answer is “I don’t come from Earth, Jamie!”

 Jamie walks through the archway and tells everyone it’s all right. Waterfield says he must help The Doctor and heads after The Doctor while the others move through the archway.

 Everywhere, Daleks are disoriented and silly – chanting and singing things like “Dizzy Daleks” and questioning orders… and blatantly defying orders. When a Supreme Dalek kills one of the dissenting Daleks, other Daleks present fire upon it and kill it in kind.

 The Emperor orders the Black Daleks to exterminate the rebels. When The Doctor gives them an order, one of the rebel Daleks replies, “I obey… but not without question!” Waterfield saves The Doctor from one of the Black Daleks, but dies as a result. The Doctor promises him that he and Jamie will protect Victoria.

 The Daleks are in full civil war. The battle makes it to the Emperor Dalek’s control room. It orders everyone not to fight in there but neither side listen. The rebels fire upon the Emperor, even though it tels everyone that the Dalek race will die out completely. They continue firing until the Emperor explodes.

 Kemel and Maxtable struggle and Maxtable pushes the giant Turk off a cliff side to his death.

 The Dalek city dies with the Emperor, falling apart all around the battling Daleks. Maxtable is ranting that the Dalek race cannot die, the race will survive and rule forever.

 The Doctor reunites with Jamie and Victoria and he informs her of her father’s death. The Doctor tells Jamie that she’s coming with them. They make their way to the TARDIS but The Doctor stops to look, proclaiming it is the final end of the Daleks… and the credits roll.

 Apparently, Terry Nation (creator of the Daleks and who, to this day, still owns the rights to them) was shopping the Daleks around to US television and this story was intended to be the last Dalek story, writing them out of the show so he could take them elsewhere… obviously, that never happened.

 This was a good story, even with the unnecessary bits (I thought the Jamie vs the house of deathtraps was completely useless.) I’d have rather seen more time on Skaro devoted to The Doctor more actively pushing the Daleks to rebel.