Another mostly lost serial, only one episode of six survived the BBC junking policy of the 1970s. Fortunately, Loose Cannon is here to save the day!

Episode 1:

 The TARDIS maerialises by the sea side. Jamie and Victoria question where, when The Doctor is less than specific. He runs off to the water’s edge to play in the water. A hovercraft comes onshore and The Doctor waves them down. Three men exit and, viewing through binoculars, seem to recognise The Doctor. They radio to a woman, seemingly their superior, who doesn’t believe it when they tell her “He is here.” Obviously, we’ve got a case of mistaken identity going on… I wonder if the person they think The Doctor is will be a villain, like William Hartnell’s story of mistaken identity.

 The woman tells them to wait until she gets there, but Anton (the lead of the three man team, it seems) cuts communication. She reports to someone (presumably a man named Giles that she referenced during her conversation with Anton) who says it cannot be “Him” and orders her to stop Anton from killing him.

 Back on the beach, The Doctor has finished playing in the water. He and his companions watch as the hovercraft comes towards them. The Doctor gets a bad vibe and they run. The men on the hovercraft fire at them. (It’s Doctor Who, there’s gotta be running!)

 The travelers make it to sand dunes and hide behind what little cover there is. The hovercraft comes to a stop and the men move out to circle around. There’s more running through the dunes. And dramatic music. Jamie knocks out one of the men when he comes up on them.

 Astrid (the woman they radioed) arrives via helicopter, and the two remaining men say they have “get them before she interferes”. The helicopter lands and she waves for The Doctor and companions to get on board. Anton and his other man fire as the helicopter takes off and flies away. (Nice subordinate there.) The men return to the hovercraft and give chase.

 Astrid informs them that the gas tank has been hit and they’re losing fuel. However, they make it to a bungalow. When departing the helicopter, The Doctor realises that Astrid has been hurt. She tells them where the medical kit is. The Doctor tends to Astrid’s injury, while they both ask each other questions.

 When The Doctor asks why the men are trying to kill them, Astrid says, “They hate you.” The Doctor responds, “Me? I’m the nicest possible person.”

 She explains that they think The Doctor is someone they hate passionately and completely. It seems that The Doctor is an exact duplicate of a man called Salamander, “a man who is determined to be dictactor of the world!” She wants to take them to the man she works for, Giles Kent. The Doctor is leery, but then Anton and his associates arrive in their hovercraft and enter the bungalow.

 One of the men is killed and Anton and Rod run to the helicopter, to follow the fleeing Astrid and our heroes from above. However, due to the damage to the helicopter from being fired upon by Anton and his men, the craft blows up once they get into the air.

 Later, Giles Kent meets with The Doctor and companions and he’s amazed at the astonishing resemblance. Again, to explain why they don’t know who Salamander is, or that The Doctor resembles him, they explain that they’ve been out of touch… “on ice, you might say.” I guess this is going to be a recurring shtick? Last serial, they explained they were in Tibet and out of touch.

 Salamander is the leader of the United Zones Organization, perhaps the replacement or evolution of the United Nations? He’s come to power through the invention of a device that harnesses the Sun’s power to increase food production to save the world from a food shortage.

 Giles Kent used to be a man of some power, but has since been discredited by Salamander. They want The Doctor to impersonate Salamander and have him sneak in and discover proof of Salamander’s evil deeds. While they talk, Kent gets a phone call and informs them that Salamander’s head of security has arrived and the only way for The Doctor to avoid arrest as an imposter is to pretend to be Salamander. (Turns out that Kent had tipped off Bruce, the head of security, to set up this situation.) The Doctor is rushed to another room, separate from the others.

 Accompanied by a guard, Bruce arrives and begins bullying Kent and everyone else. Victoria stands up to him and he laughs at her. He tells Astrid that he’s there because of the actions at her bungalow. He wants to know who the other man who was at the bungalow was, when The Doctor enters, pretending to be Salamander… and the credits roll.

 Well, that answered my question about whether the duplicate was going to be a villain or not. I’m interestied to see where this is going to go.

 I have to say that this is one of, if not the best one I’ve seen thus far in my year long watching. And this easily is one of the best Doctor Who stories I’ve ever seen.

 (spoiler warning)

Episode 2:

 Bruce is irate that his leader is here, when he thought he was in the Central European Zone; “Salamander” tells him that he will not be questioned by his own security and the two men argue. “Salamander” promises Bruce an explanation “when I return from the Central European Zone”.

 The Doctor’s performance seems to be close enough to fool Bruce, and the head of security departs with his guard. The Doctor isn’t quite convinced that Salamander is the paragon of evil that Kent makes him out to be. A plan is hatched for Jamie and Victoria to accompany Astrid to infiltrate Salamander’s retinue while the leader is in the CEZ, while Kent and The Doctor will go to the research station in Kanowa to see what Salamander is up to and to see the proof of his evil.

 Bruce goes to speak to a man named Benik, in charge of the research station while the leader is away, hoping to learn if he saw Salamander actually board the rocket to the CEZ. It turns out Bruce is a bit more suspicious than seemed at first. Bruce tells Benik to contact Salamander at the conference but the man is under orders not to radio him until the conference is over.

 We see Salamander meeting with Denes (Kent’s sole ally amongst those with power) and others, telling them that a dormant volcano in Hungary could very well become active. A woman enters to inform Salamander there is a communication but he yells at her that he was not to be interrupted.

 Jamie, Victoria and Astrid have arrived in the CEZ after traveling by rocket. Astrid reports in to Giles, but the signal is partially interrupted by sun spots. Jamie has been sent to infiltrate Salamander’s retinue (because it makes perfect sense that a highlander could just manage becoming part of a world leader’s posse, yo.) There’s an amusing bit when The Doctor overhears Astrid refer to a “disused jetty” and thinks she said Yeti.

 One of the men meeting with Salamander, Fedorin, talks to the woman who works for Salamander, Fariah. She refers to Salamander as a “brujo” (Spanish for male witch, sorceror.) Fedorin is unsure why he is there – he knows only that he’s been instructed to await Salamander.

 Salamander arrives, accompanied by a guard. Just then, Jamie climbs onto the terrace and knocks out the guard. Holding a gun at everyone, he orders them to back up as he picks up a box that was present. Making a comment to Salamander about not being as protected as he thinks, Jamie tells everyone to duck, then throws the box into the air, while Astrid presses a remote detonator switch to cause the box to explode in the air.

 Jamie sets his gun down as guards rush into the terrace. Salamander tears into his guards, yelling at them how they’re no good. He kisses up to Salamander and the leader offers Jamie and his “girlfriend” (Victoria) jobs. After Fariah and Jamie depart, Fedorin asks Salamander what a brujo is.

 Jamie arrives to meet with Victori and Astrid, with the news of his success. Astrid moves off when Fariah and the guard captain arrives; the guard asks who Astrid was, but Fariah bullies him into leaving.

 Astrid arrives at the yeti, I mean jetty. She’s checking out her gun when Denes arrives and they talk quietly. She reports to Denes what’s transpired. Denes says, now that he’s met Salamander, he believes what Astrid and Kent have said about him.

 They talk about Fedorin, wondering if they can trust him, but they quiet as a patrol nears.

 Salamander has confronted Fedorin with some information he has; apparently, Fedorin has been involved in some illegal activities, swindling of some sort, and is using it as blackmail to get him to work with him. Salamander wants Denes replaced by Fedorin, so he can take over the CEZ. He tells Fedorin that Denes will be assassinated. As they talk, there’s the sound of distant rumbling and Salamander says, “My predictions were correct!” (Okay, I’m so betting he’s using his sun machine, or some other device, to activate the volcano to make him look more the genius.)

 There’s footage of volcanic eruptions.

 Bruce arrives (okay, so suddenly all the chicanery is going to be exposed, right) but Salamander tells him to join him and watch. Bruce finds it a horrific sight and voices pity for “those poor people”, presumably the victims of the volcanic eruption (though that’s pretty fast moving… some narrative text to explain what Bruce was showing rather suprising sympathy for would have been nice.)

 Denes arrives, accusing Salamander of being behind the eruption(s). Salamander accuses Denes of intentionally not warning the public – apparently a lot more time has passed than it seems between scenes. When Denes appeals to Fedorin to back him up, Salamander says that Fedorin will be the chief witness in Denes’ trial… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 (yay, video!)

 Salamander puts Denes in Bruce’s care, though the head of security doesn’t seem too keen on it. We see Jamie, looking spiffy in his stormtrooper garb. I’m waiting for Bruce to notice him. Salamander and Fedorin walk off, where Fedorin complains that it’s blackmail, Salamander says it’s insurance.

 It’s a lot of fun seeing Patrick Troughton as the sinister Salamander. I’ve seen Troughton in other roles (notably the priest in the original Omen movie, of course), but not many. And none so evil. His Mexican evilman is quite fun.

 Salamander gives Fedorin poison to use against Denes, much to Fedorin’s horror.

 Bruce starts barking orders when he notices Jamie. He asks Jamie what Salamander and Kent were talking about before, but Jamie stands up to the bullying Bruce and tells him, “if Salamander wants you to know, I dare say he’ll tell you himself. You’ll get no confidences out of me!” YAY, JAMIE!

 Bruce gives orders for Denes to be treated very kindly. This is rather surprising; there’s more to Bruce than first appears, I think.

 Victoria is assigned to be a spud girl in the kitchen. The head cook is quite the smart ass and goes into a rant about his menu being ruined by attempted assassination, earthquake and interference in the kitchen.

 Fariah tells Victoria to get out, not to get caught up in Salamander’s world. Fariah is about to go into details about not liking Salamander when Jamie walks in and she shuts up.

 Kent and The Doctor are in some small trailer outside the research station, involed in an argument; The Doctor finds it hard to believe that Salamander is behind the earthquakes. They hear sirens and The Doctor hides in a chest. Benik, the man Bruce confronted at the station earlier, enters the trailer. Benik is a smarmy sort. He smashes a picture of Denes and when Kent tries to fight back, and armed guard comes in and smashes all the dishes in the cupboards. “Well, there’s not much point in your staying here now, is there?” – Benik

 The Doctor admits that while Salamander’s cronies are rude and destructive, it’s not proof that Salamander is evil. Kent makes a bombastic statement that Salamander is “trying to destroy the world!” but The Doctor emphasises, “Facts, Kent! I must have facts!”

 Astrid is moving hurriedly through the building and is stopped by one of Salamander’s guards. He checks her pass, then hits on her. He lets her by, but then the guard captain (who saw her in the park sitting on the bench near Jamie and Victoria) stops her. Denes (who is nearby, under guard in the hallway, which is really stupid) drops his book, distracting the captain, and Astrid slips off. She meets with Victoria and Jamie in the kitchen and tells him to make a distraction exactly at eleven, so she can free Denes.

 The cook is funny as hell. The cook slips out of the kitchen again – I don’t know if that’s part of the running gag or if there’s something more to it – is he part of the conspiracy against Salamander? Is he something else?

 Bruce complains to Salamander about Denes being held in the hallway, deserving to be treated better because of his rank. I don’t know why Bruce hasn’t brought up seeing Salamander in Australia with Kent. Bruce asks, “Who’s going to control this zone now, Fedorin?” and Salamander acts like it’s a great idea.

 Victoria is bringing the food cart to Denes, when Fedorin bumps into her. He swipes the salt from the cart and sends Victoria back to fetch some salt, and while she’s away, he pulls out the poison Salamander gave him.

 The guard captain has finally realised where he knew Astrid from and is reporting the event to Salamander. He tells his guard captain that he received no message. Salamander says he will deal with Jamie and Victoria and orders the captain to have her followed.

 Food is brought to Denes and the guard captain arrives as Denes is about to cut into his meal. He takes away Denes’ knife and after Denes complains about cutting a steak with a spoon, the captain cuts the food for him, while Denes (politely) teases him about it. The captain tells Fariah to leave with him and Victoria asks Denes if she might stay with him – it is six minutes before eleven.

 Fedorin is talking to Salamander; he was not able to bring himself to poison Denes’ food and Salamander tells him not to worry. He pours Fedorin some wine but poisons it with the very same poison. Fedorin drinks it and dies.

 Jamie pretends he sees someone outside the kitchen. He tells the cook to hide and send the guards out to help. Jamie runs out and shots are fired. The cook yells, “I know the food’s bad, but you don’t have to go that far!” Ahahahahahah – the cook is AWESOME!

 Astrid arrives to break out Denes but the guards are on it; Denes is shot in the back and when Victoria tries to stop the guards with the food cart, she is arrested. She and Jamie are brought before Salamander and he has the two of them taken away.

 FINALLY Bruce brings up seeing Jamie with Salamander in Kent’s office. Salamander is all like, “No way!” Bruce is like, “Yes huh!” Salamander says, “Nuh uh, you’re a poopy head!”

 Okay maybe not, but we do go through, “I haven’t seen Kent in months!” “Yes, you were with him, I saw you there with Kent, the Ferrier girl and the other two. I was so curious about it, I spoke to your number two, Benik. That’s the real reason I came to this zone.”

 And we end with Bruce saying, “It was you! Or… someone like you!” He and Salamander stare at each other wide-eyed… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 (and back to Loose Cannon’s reconstruction for the remainder of the serial)

 Kent and The Doctor, still in the trailer outside the research facility, wait nervously to hear from Astrid. Their presence there is dangerous, but they don’t want to needlessly take risks by moving about.

 Astrid arrives at Kent’s office and makes a video call to Astrid. They switch to scramble, but they are being monitored by Benik, who orders for the guard captain to be contacted. Astrid reports to Kent that Denes is dead – the shot was lethal. Kent tells her to stay put, he and The Doctor will join her. After the call is terminated, Fariah enters Kent’s office. They struggle, but Fariah says she has information for Kent – she hates Salamander and wants to help destroy him.

 Benik speaks to the guard captain (the one from the CEZ), who confirms that Astrid Ferrier had been there. (Hungary to Australia is only two hours flight by rocket ship.) The guard captain reports that Fariah and Astrid were seen at Kent’s office. Benik orders for them to be captured.

 The Doctor and Kent have arrived and meet with Fariah. She reports that Jamie and Victoria have been taken prisoner and will be interrogated, even tortured.

 It turns out that Fariah works for Salamander because he has some blackmail over her, but she is reluctant to say why. The Doctor goes on a rant about how nobody has any concrete evidence to prove to him that Salamander is, in fact, as evil as they all say, when Fariah hands over the file on Fedorin, saying that not only did he kill Fedorin but he manipulated the man into the swindles in the first place.

 Benik has arrived with the guard captain and his guards outside Kent’s office.

 The Doctor claims that even Fariah’s file isn’t “real evidence” though he begins to admit that Salamander may well be evil. The Doctor agrees to help, only because he wants to rescue his friends – Kent changes the arrangement, if The Doctor doesn’t help them rid the word of Salamander (as in help kill him, which The Doctor has refused to do), then Kent will not help him rescue Jamie and Victoria.

 Benik gives the orders that everyone is to be shot on sight; the guard captain is reluctant to give the order but Benik threatens his position and he gives in.

 Inside, Kent and his conspirators have realised they’re being surrounded. They make for an escape hatch as the guards try to break down the door.

 Outside the building, Fariah is separated from the others and is shot by a guard. The guard captain reprimands the guard for following orders. Benik arrives and demands to know who the man with her, Astrid and Kent was, but she refuses to answer. They find Fedorin’s file.

 Salamander has arrived at the research station and he and Bruce chastise him for his failure (by Salamander) and for over-reaching his authority (by Bruce – again, I find this very curious. Granted, I suppose it could be explained that Bruce is a control-freak, very possessive of his position and power, but I still find it very curious that Bruce, who was originally presented as a bully, seems to be the most humane of all those in power.)

 Benik and Bruce head off to go over the security arrangements, though Benik hands Fedorin’s file to his leader first. After they leave, Salamander gives orders that he is not to be interrupted for the time being and that “security locks are to be engaged”.

 Salamander then enters a secret compartment where he straps himself into a stretcher and puts on a helmet and plastic sheeting, then operates a control box. The stretcher descends (into where, I’m not sure) and there’s sounds of high power.

 Bruce and Benik discover that Salamander has locked himself away in the Records Room and there’s no way to contact him, much less enter. Bruce is upset about this, he finds it very confusing and perplexing – especially when Benik says that the locks can only be opened from the inside.

 Salamander arrives in a control room deep underground. A group of poorly dressed people are seen in a shelter. Salamander sits at a control desk and operates a communications unit and speaks to the people in the shelter, saying he has returned and will make a “report about the surface”. The people react with great hope about his return and hoping he has good news, finding a new food source.

 Salamander stays behind a glass partition and tells them he has not yet been decontaminated. Swann, one of the men, says that he does too much, but Salamander says someone has to bring them food. Salamander waits until the radiation meter goes down before allowing the others to approach. He speaks of one day the meter will stay at maximum and it’s obvious he’s risking his life by going to the surface.

 He tells them that he’s found another store of undamaged food; Colin (a younger man) asks if they may return to the surface but he says not yet. Salamander and Swann talk, and Salamander tells Swann that “it is terrible up there”.

 In the common room, Salamander is greeted warmly by the large group of people. Salamander talks about how they are approaching the five year anniversary that they’ve been in the shelter. He talks about how they are doing something, they are fighting back. Colin asks if they will ever return to the surface and Salamander says that it is what he is working towards, but “up there it is terrible, still… the war goes on and on… you never know if the air is clean or poison. We must continue fighting, we must create natural disasters where the enemies of truth and freedom gather!”

 Colin is not happy with the same words and demands an answer – when will they return to the surface? Salamander, though still weak (and Swann moves to help him keep from falling), answers, “You will return to the surface when you have a good chance of survival.” He begs them to believe him, that they have to wait until they can survive.

 In the trailer, Astrid is helping apply make-up to The Doctor while Kent looks on, to help him pass better for Salamander. They hear a noise, and Bruce and a guard enter. Bruce turns to The Doctor, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you again,”… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

 Bruce reveals that when Benik visited, he placed a tracking device, which is how Bruce found them (obviously, the trailer has been moved from just outside the research facility.) He questions them and wants to know why The Doctor is going to impersonate Salamander – to what end. They tell him that there is proof of Salamander’s wrong doing, in the records room, but Bruce dismisses it as Kent’s hatred. The Doctor says they have a file on Fedorin, or rather Fariah does – and Bruce informs them Fariah has been killed.

 Bruce says he’s going to investigate, but in his own way. He’s not convinced that they’re telling the truth. Astrid grabs the gun from Bruce’s guard.

 Benik tries to visit Salamander, but the guard outside the door says he’s not allowing anyone in yet. Benik leaves orders to be informed once that changes. Jamie and Victoria are brought in on stretchers, the two of them unconscious.

 Astrid and Kent threaten Bruce, who threatens back. The Doctor asks Astrid for the gun, which she turns over. Turning to Bruce, he says, “I think you’ll agree that, at this moment, your life in is my hands.” He then hands the gun over to Bruce. He tells Bruce that he believes there is reasonable doubt to suspect Salamander’s integrity. Bruce agrees to trust him and makes the deal that he and The Doctor will go into the research facility while Astrid and Kent are kept in the trailer as hostages.

 In the underground facility, the food cases are unloaded and scanned for contamination. Colin is unhappy in the facility, constantly griping about being stuck there, being unable to return. He wants to see what’s going on up on the surface, not have to rely to hear about it from someone else.

 Swann finds a piece of paper, perhaps a label, on one of the packages that catches his eye. He goes to the control room, presumably to report to Salamander the results of the unloading, watched by Colin and Mary. Swann enters the control room and demands to know what he’s found – it’s a piece of newspaper from a year ago, with a report about a holiday liner (cruise ship) that has sunk. Swann realises that Salamander has been lying – if there was still a global war, there wouldn’t be a cruise ship.

 Salamander continues to prevaricate, claiming that yes, the war is over, but the survivors are mutated in mind and body. Swann asks why they’re creating natural disasters if there’s no war and Salamander says that they don’t deserve to live. Swann demands that he return above to see for himself, but Salamander agrees only if Swann doesn’t tell everyone without going first.

 Colin freaks out, screaming that they didn’t take him, like a petulant child.

 Victoria is awake and helps Jamie come to. They move to the door, but Benik and guards come in. Benik informs them that he’s going to torture them for information. Benik begins handling Victoria roughly and Jamie’s resistance fades fast. As he starts asking questions, The Doctor and Bruce enter and dismiss Benik and his guard.

 The Doctor plays the role of Salamander with his companions. They fall for it completely. When they find out Fariah was killed, Victoria moves to slap “Salamander” and he breaks character. They don’t believe him at first, but then he whistles a tune he usually plays on his recorder and says they made him leave it in the TARDIS. The companions react joyfully, but Bruce wonders out loud what the TARDIS is.

 Benik chastises the guard for not informing him when Salamander leaves records, but the guard tells him that nobody has left.

 Salamander and Swann have reached a storage area; Salamander tells him he would be safer there – above the radiation (from the “nuclear war”) would be too dangerous. Swann says he wants to see the surface and Salamander promises he will.

 Kent and Astrid wait in the trailer, afraid and nervous. Astrid says that they’ve made great leaps – weeks ago, nobody would have listened, but Bruce is actually considering believing them. Astrid says she’ll draw the guard off so Kent can slip off.

 Salamander and Swann walk down the long corridor; Swann questions the radiation but Salamander says it is minimal here. Swann questions why he doesn’t allow others to come up here, at least, just to get out of their subterranean prison. Salamander picks up a crow bar and approaches Swann, menacingly from behind.

 Astrid and Kent fake Kent being shot and the guard enters to check on Kent. Astrid runs off and he gives chase, allowing Kent to slip out on his own. Astrid evades the guard, but hears someone crying out and investigates. She finds Swann, injured, in the tunnel. She asks who did this, and he replies, “A man named Salamander”… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 As The Doctor argues with Bruce over whether or not Salamander is creating the natural disasters, he tells the head of security that the proof should be in the records room. Bruce says that’s where Salamander is and The Doctor says that they’ll have to wait until he comes out. Just then, Benik enters.

 Astrid collects water in the tunnel for Swann.

 The Doctor is asked to sign some forms by Benik, who then asks if the record room door worked fine when he left. The Doctor says that it did, but Benik says it’s jammed now and asks for his key. The Doctor pats his pockets then says he must have left it in the records room. Benik asks for permission to use the emergency key instead. The Doctor delays signing the forms and gets Benik to leave to fetch the key. The papers Benik brought are curious though, as they account for catering for thirty people, while the research facility only houses twelve at a given time.

 Swann asks Astrid about the war, but she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Swann realises that Salamander has kept his people down below for no good. He begs her to promise to release his people with his dying breath.

 The Doctor summons a security detail to escort Jamie and Victoria out of the facility. They discuss plans, but then The Doctor receives a call from the gate. He asks if the pass is in order and then gives permission to “let him in” – I’m presuming it’s Kent at the gate. The Doctor asks Bruce to get Jamie and Victoria out as soon as possible, instructing them to go to the TARDIS.

 Down below, the inhabitants are eating and talking when the buzzer sounds – they react with hope, but it is Astrid who enters the control room. She examines papers on the desk and then she opens the door to the main room. The people below back away from her, afraid for their safety (from the “radiation”) but they panic and throw things at her. Colin comes to her rescue before one of them hits her with a pick axe.

 Astrid brings word of Swann’s death at Salamander’s hands and how he asked her to come free them. They ask that she decontaminate in Salamander’s control room and she agrees. The meter drops at it does every time and she demonstrates that it’s a fake, using a ruler from the office that she found.

 Astrid informs them that there is no war above ground and Colin demands to know where Salamander is, a sentiment that Astrid echoes.

 Bruce bullies past the guards, trying to get Jamie and Victoria out. The guards give in but then go to contact Benik.

 Kent enters the records room and confronts Salamander, who is within. Kent pulls out a gun and points it at Salamander. Outside, Benik and Bruce watch on a monitor. Bruce gives orders to equipment to break through. Kent gloats to Salamander that he had the chance to get rid of him and dropped the ball, but the world will be better off without him. (I’m almost wondering if this is The Doctor, playing the part to see what Kent says and does.)

 They hear the sound of the guards trying to cut down the doors. Outside, the guards cut. Bruce takes Benik’s gun. (Not sure what’s going on with that last bit.)

 Kent seems to know about the people down below and opens the door that leads to the tunnel. He mentions having a bunch of explosives down there, and The Doctor breaks character (ahah, I was right) to ask why he didn’t tell him all this before. Astrid, Mary and Colin come through the door from the tunnel and Mary and Colin recognise Giles Kent as the man who brought them down below in the first place.

 Astrid says she knows everything, that he and Salamander were working together, they put people down there as an endurance test. The real Salamander is watching all this on a monitor screen from another place. Astrid continues, saying that the next person from above they saw was Salamander, who said that an atomic war had started.

 Kent grabs The Doctor and puts his gun to his head. Mary and Colin demand to know why they were kept below and Kent answers that they needed someone to work the natural disasters. The Doctor says he suspected Kent all the while, that anyone who resorts to murder as eagerly as he did must be suspect.

 Kent pushes The Doctor aside and escapes through the tunnel.

 Benik takes the guard’s gun, but Forester (Bruce’s deputy) arrives and takes Benik prisoner. The Doctor contacts Bruce from within, to inform him that Kent is going to blow up the facility.

 In the tunnel, Salamander surprises Kent and grabs his gun. Kent appeals to Salamander to work together, but Salamander is not keen to put aside their differences. He says that Kent is no longer useful and shoots Giles. Kent runs, wounded, while Salamander laughs and gives chase.

 Kent makes it to the control panel, but Salamander shoots him again. Kent reaches for the controls as Salamander cries out for him to stop.

 In the research center, there’s an explosion. Astrid is worried about the people down below, but they check via the monitors to see that they’re still alive. She wants to find a way to rescue them.

 Jamie sees The Doctor staggering to the TARDIS and helps him in. He stares at the console with confusion, though they take it to his being stunned from what he’s been through. Obviously, it’s Salamander. He gestures for Jamie to operate the controls and Jamie questions it, saying they’re never to touch the controls. The real Doctor says, “Quite right, Jamie,” as he walks in the TARDIS.

 Salamander and The Doctor struggle and switches are activated on the console. The TARDIS dematerialises but the doors are opened at the same time and Salamander is sucked out into the void… and the final credits roll.

 What a fantastic serial. I really wish it existed in full video – this is easily one of the best ones of the entire run I’ve watched so far this year. Troughton’s performances were delightful, I really enjoyed the characters of Bruce, Kent and Astrid. Even Benik, though over the top in his smarmyness, was well done and easy to dislike (the intention of the writers, obviously.)

 Now, I’m wondering if they’ve ever done, or would do, a story that was a sequel – somehow Salamander survived being thrown in the void and was changed, transformed into something greater, infused with the energy of the void, he comes after The Doctor for revenge…