Only one episode of six, the first, exists in full video. Again we turn to the fine folk at LOOSE CANNON for the reconstruction.

Episode 1:

 The TARDIS doors are open as the ship travels – a very dangerous thing. The Doctor and Victoria lay on the floor as the ship canters, holding on to the console, struggling to not be sucked out the doors, into the void, like Salamander. The Doctor yells for Jamie to close the doors; the highlander is holding on to the walls of the control room. He makes it to the console, but though he flips the switch, he falls and is almost sucked out, grabbing on to The Doctor’s leg at the last possible moment.

 The doors close and the ship rights itself. They recover and when The Doctor asks where they want to go, Jamie says the TARDIS has a mind of its own and The Doctor can’t control it. This led us to trouble last time it came up…

 We shift scenes to find a much older Professor Travers (remember him?) standing before a stuffed Yeti in a museum. His daughter, Anne, has arrived in response to a cable he sent, saying there is great trouble. Julius Silverstein, the curator of the museum says the Yeti has been there for thirty years – so it’s been a while since the professor crossed paths with The Doctor.

 Anne tells her father that the Yeti isn’t a threat without a control unit, but Travers says he has reactivated the control unit. Anne thinks this is wonderful news, but Travers says the control sphere has disappeared. Silverstein thinks Travers is trying to scare him into parting with the Yeti.

 Anne seems to think her father is just being absent minded. As Silverstein chases the Travers out of his museum, we see the control sphere floating outside a window, as if trying to find a way in. As Silverstein blows out the copious amount of candles in the museum, the sphere breaks through the window. The curator thinks it’s Travers trying to scare him some more, until the Yeti comes to life and attacks him.

 In the TARDIS, Jamie argues with The Doctor whether a console light was flashing or not. Victoria shows up with a new outfit, one she thinks is very sophisticated (though it shows off far more of her legs than a Victorian girl would remotely consider sophisticated). It’s obvious that she yearns for Jamie’s approval, though he seems not terribly interested.

 She notices the light flashing, the one Jamie claims had been flashing earlier. The Doctor turns on the scanner to find nothing but stars. The Doctor says that something strange has happened – the TARDIS is suspended in space. We see from outside that the TARDIS is slowly becoming encompassed in what appears to be webbing.

 From inside, they can see something obscuring the scanner – the webbing is covering the view.

 We see a military facility, where a soldier is on the phone repeating, “Hello?” Captain Knight is being interviewed by reporter about a Colonel Pemberton. Professor Travers is brought in to the captain, though apparently his daughter is being the professor being brought here.

 The reporter begins questioning the professor whether or not he or his daughter will be in charge of the scientific team and how long will it take for them to sort things out. Travers, quite the ham, takes the microphone and begins going into detail that they might not be able to beat the menace, that even the whole of London, if not England, might be completely wiped out.

 The Doctor has cobbled together some device for when they are let go; as he begins to explain the web obscuring the scanner clears. The Doctor attaches his device to the console. He tells them to hold tight and activates the device as they land. There’s a horrible noise and a sudden jerk as the TARDIS lands.

 The Doctor explains he’s shifted them some half mile from wherever they were being directed to land. Looking out the scanner, they see what appears to be a constructed tunnel or other subterranean complex. Fetching torches (flashlights), they explore. It turns out to be an underground (subway) station, Coventry Station to be exact.

 As The Doctor explains what it is, he remarks, “Funny, isn’t it, how we keep landing on your Earth?”

 When they reach the surface, it is broad daylight, though there is no sounds at all. They find what appears to be a sleeping old man, but it turns out to be a corpse, covered in cobwebs. There’s a newspaper billboard that reads, “LONDONERS FLEE! MENACE SPREADS!” They decide to go down the line to the next station, hoping to be able to get out there.

 As they travel, The Doctor deduces that the trains have not run in quite some time. Rounding a bend, they come across a power cable. Just then, lights come on and they hide. Three soldiers are laying cable down the line. The Doctor sends his companions to follow the soldiers while he investigates where the cable leads to.

 Victoria walks into a cobweb and cries out, alerting the soldiers, who capture them. Meanwhile, The Doctor follows the cable to some boxes. As he pokes about, we hear the beeping of a control sphere and he hides as a Yeti walks onto the platform.

 Back at the military station, Captain Knight juggles Anne Travers and the reporter and all the other things going on.

 Two Yeti are on the platform that The Doctor is hiding under. He peeks to see what a strange noise is and the Yeti are using a gun to put webbing on the boxes on the platform.

 At the military station, Captain Knight is ham-fistedly trying to flirt with Anne Travers. The soldiers from the tunnels come in and they brought in Jamie and Victoria. Capt Knight orders for them to be held, but the Staff Sergeant is instructed to make sure they were alone before the demolition job can be continued.

 The Yeti have encased the boxes (demolitions, obviously) in smoky webbing.

 Jamie and Victoria have lied, saying they were on their own and the order is given to set off the explosives. The switch is flipped and The Doctor, who was poking around the web-encased explosives receives a large shock… and the credits roll.

 Interesting to see what the Yeti are up to – I’m guessing the Great Intelligence is going to be behind them still.  You’ll have to read on to find about a certain character that appears within that just happens to be my favourite non-Companion of The Doctor’s. 

Episode 2:

 Victoria whines and Jamie blames himself over The Doctor’s dilemma. Capt Knight sends Staff Sergeant Arnold to go check on the tunnel and what happened, and then goes to interrogate the companions. Knight starts accusing them of being up to something but then one of his men comes in with a report. Jamie and Victoria over hear them talking about the Yeti.

 In the main office, soldiers are listening in on the military radio – there’s the sound of conflict, guns firing and men screaming. Knight demands to know what’s happened, but the soldiers were uncertain. The tv man gets on Knight’s nerves.

 Staff Sergeant Arnold and Private Blake arrive at the platform – there’s no sign of an explosion and the explosives are gone.

 We see Professor Travers fiddling about with a control sphere when his daughter arrives to tell him about the youngsters who know so much about the Yeti and control spheres. He rushes out, demanding that she bring him to them.

 Jamie is telling Victoria that he believes the Great Intelligence must have been the force that brought them there, seeking revenge, when the Travers arrive. Victoria recognises Professor Travers and introduces herself and Jamie. Professor Travers is shocked and sits down, saying it’s been forty years! He takes Jamie with him to look into what’s happened to The Doctor, leaving Victoria with his daughter to bring her up to speed.

 Travers and Jamie arrive at the main office, where the Staff Sgt informs them that The Doctor wasn’t killed in the explosion as there wasn’t any explosion – he blames The Doctor, but professor Travers stands up for him, saying he’s the one man who can help. Jamie wants to go and look for him and says he might know where he is. Staff Sgt Arnold says he can go and look but only if he goes along.

 Chorley (the tv reporter) tries to find out what Victoria and Anne are talking about, but Anne tears him a new bunghole for having a reputation of perverting the truth, being a sensationalist.

 The squad sent to check on the other squad encounter two Yeti and there’s a firefight – well, is it a firefight when only one side has firearms? Oh, wait, the Yeti do have guns, the ones that shoot webbing. And they use them on the soldiers, too.

 Arnold and Jamie arrive where the soldiers put a barricade of explosives. They start webbing the barricade, but Knight fires his gun and detonates the explosives, but seemingly the Yeti are unharmed. When they try to retreat, the soldiers and Jamie discover that two more Yeti have arrived behind them.

 The two Travers are discussing The Doctor while Victoria, who was bringing tea, stops and listens outside the door. Anne thinks it’s too much coincidence that The Doctor has shown up both times in her father’s life that the Yeti have been a problem – she thinks The Doctor is behind them. When a guard comes down the corridor, Victoria goes in, and they cut off their conversation.

 Jamie and the three soldiers are motionless, captured by the Yeti, who stand equally motionless, with their guns pointed at the humans. Suddenly the Yeti wander off, leaving their captives behind. Jamie asks if they shouldn’t tail the Yeti, but Knight says not to push their luck.

 Two soldiers in the operations center speculate whether the Yeti are from outer space or a foreign power. They see a map of the London Underground and it shows a black area in the tubes moving, spreading and they talk about “that fungus stuff is on the move again.” The Travers are informed and they discuss that it hasn’t moved in three weeks, now it’s moved faster than before.

 Chorley says that Victoria and the others are spies. Professor Travers leaps to her defense, but then it’s discovered that she’s not anywhere to be found. We see Victoria, fearfully walking through the tunnels and calling out for Jamie and The Doctor.

 Jamie, Captain Knight, Staff Sgt Arnold and Blake move along the tunnel when they hear someone singing, coming down the tunnel. It turns out to be a soldier, Evans, who says he always sings when he’s afraid. He informs them that he came across a tunnel full of some cobweb-type substance that was following a Yeti carrying a glass pyramid – I’m guessing the “fungus” is the corporeal form of the Great Intelligence.

 Knight wants the team to head back to HQ – from Evans’ report, they’re concerned the HQ could be in danger. Jamie says he’s not going back until he finds The Doctor, and Evans volunteers to accompany him. When the others leave, Jamie thanks Evans, but the soldier says that the first chance he gets, he’s escaping the tunnels.

 When Knight and his group return, the Travers fill him in on the advancing of the fungus in the tunnels.

 Victoria is still alone, lost in the tunnels, still calling out for her friends. Someone in military boots is following her or laying in wait, hiding in an alcove.

 At the HQ, the soldiers speculate that The Doctor must be dead by now. On the map, the fungus has spread almost full circle, with only monument station breaking the circle.

 Jamie and Evans arrive at Monument station, only to see the amorphous fungus approaching through the tunnel… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 A Yeti appears from the tunnel, carrying a pyramid. Jamie yells for Evans to destroy the pyramid. Evans shoots it and there’s an explosion, but nothing seems to have changed and they run off.


 Okay, apparently, he’s Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. Still. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is so cool. I had no idea. I mean, I knew he’d pop up soon, but still. Yes, I’m geeking out here.

 Victoria, The Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart exchange notes and the Colonel orders them back to HQ.

 Back at HQ, it’s been determined that they’ve been cut off by the circle line being filled with the fungus. Knight receives a report that a colonel has brought in The Doctor and Victoria, but everyone is surprised that some colonel has shown up.

 Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart reveals to Knight that he’s been sent to replace Colonel Pemberton. Knight asks for any proof, and CL-S hands over his papers, pleased that they don’t take things at face value. After checking the papers, Knight dismisses Blake. It turns out that Evans was part of CL-S’ party.

 Professor Travers shows up and vouches for The Doctor. The two Travers and Victoria and The Doctor catch up and discuss what Victoria overheard.

 Jamie and Evans approach another station – St. Paul’s. Evans stops to buy a chocolate from a vending machine.

 Chorley wants to leave the HQ, but Arnold tries to explain to him that they’re cut off because of the circle line.

 It turns out that Professor Travers seems to have been responsible for the return of the Great Intelligence, even if indirectly and accidentally – he brought back various pieces of the Yeti and other artifacts, including an intact control sphere that he fiddled with for years and somehow activated.

 Lethbridge-Stewart summons everyone for a briefing.

 Evans tells Jamie that he’s taking off at the next station.

 During the briefing, we hear how things started – first a mist swept in, then the fungus was sighted in the Underground and then several days later, the Yeti were first spotted. The Doctor points out that the Yeti appear rather different, and he and Travers coin the ‘Mark II’ terminology in regards to them. Lethbridge-Stewart postulates that the mist above ground and the fungus below have made the same complete circuit of the circle line and the corresponding surface. The mist interferes with communications, disrupting radio signals.

 Chorley interrupts the meeting and CL-S is very brusque with the newsman. Chorley leaves the meeting and starts picking Private Weams’ mind, trying to figure out what buildings above ground might be taller than the mist, hoping to get a radio signal out. Weams goes to the map of the underground and sees that the fungus is almost at HQ and runs out to inform the others.

 Jamie and Evans have split up, but the soldier is following Jamie and the highlander surprises him. Evans says he couldn’t get out at the station and that’s why he’s back with him.

 Professor Travers postulates that they’ve got a couple hours at best at the rate the fungus is spreading. After using diplomacy with Chorley (assigning him a position to help coordinate things, pretty much to keep him out of the way), CL-S turns to The Doctor for thoughts. The Doctor suggests blowing the tunnel near Goodge Street (I so wanted to type Google Street there) to slow things down, which CL-S thinks is a practical idea.

 Someone (unseen) slides the bolt on the main door to HQ. Later, Anne discovers that one of the Yeti models (brought back from the monastery) has gone missing and we see a man’s hands swapping the base of the missing model and places it on the floor. In response, we see a Yeti move off down a corridor.

 Victoria is the only person who seems to be worried about Jamie being cut off by blowing the tunnel.

 A Yeti enters the HQ, then breaks the lock off the door where the explosives are stored.

 Staff Sgt comes in and reports that the main door was open. Just then, Blake enters to report the padlock on the explosive storage was torn off and the model Yeti was found on the floor nearby. The Doctor and others rush off to investigate – they open the door and it’s filled with glowing amorphous something or another (no narration to specify whether webbing or fungus or what) and they slam the door shut.

 The Travers try to soothe Victoria’s fears about Jamie.

 The Doctor tells CL-S his concern – someone in the HQ is working with, if not actually controlling the Yeti. CL-S says that it could even be The Doctor.

 Chorley starts quizzing Victoria, who talks too much. She tells him about their plans to blow up the tunnel, which he didn’t know about. The Doctor yells at her for running her mouth. Jamie and Evans run into Chorley who pushes past them, but they then find The Doctor and Victoria, who want to rush after Chorley.

 The Travers are working when they hear a scream; Professor Travers investigates and finds Weams on the ground, either dead or unconscious. He finds the model that Weams was in possession of and then a Yeti appears and roars, Travers screams… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 Anne rushes to her father’s aid and is struck by the Yeti. The Yeti then drags the professor from the room.

 Jamie, The Doctor, Victoria and Evans try to pursue Chorley, afraid that he’ll try to take the TARDIS.

 CL-S and Staff Sgt Arnold are ahead of Knight and the others, and they hear something. The others approach and say that the other station where there were explosives stored has already been covered by the fungus.

 The Doctor and his fellows find the tunnel that leads to the TARDIS has been filled with the fungus. The Doctor approaches, wanting to take a sample. Victoria whines, shockingly. When The Doctor picks up some fungus with tweezers, there’s a horrible sound emitted by the fungus. They run off and encounter Staff Sgt Arnold, who tells them that they were not able to find what they’d gone in search for.

 Returning to HQ, The Doctor and company find the door smashed down. Victoria screams because there’s a body (Weams?) in webbing. Anne is found, she’s alive and conscious, though disoriented. She explains that the Yeti have taken her father.

 The other soldiers return and notes are exchanged. The fungus is on the move, encroaching closer, faster and faster. CL-S consults with The Doctor about who might be in league with the Great Intelligence. The Doctor tries to explain to CL-S what the Great Intelligence is.

 The Doctor tells CL-S and Captain Knight about the TARDIS; Knight scoffs at the idea of a police box that travels through time and space, but CL-S says they’re going to try to recover the TARDIS, so The Doctor might be able to help them all escape.

 Talking to Anne, The Doctor realises that perhaps her father was taken because he was close to figuring out a way to stop the Yeti. He and Anne return to the lab to see what they can figure out. They start working on a device to help interfere with the control. Evans brings The Doctor the Yeti model and his tobacco tin, which stores the fungus sample.

 CL-S briefs his soldiers with his plan to retrieve the TARDIS.

 The Doctor opens the tin to discover that it’s empty.

 Evans is with Staff Sgt Arnold and Blake, as one of the teams on the TARDIS retrieval mission. Staff Sgt Arnold tells Evans to behave and not try to slink off during action.

 Arnold and Lane put on gas masks and enter the web while Evans watches. They scream out in pain or fear, while Evans helplessly stands there. He pulls the rope connected to the trolley they had, and the trolley slides out with Lane’s body on it. There’s no sign of Arnold.

 On the street, CL-S leads a team. They’re pursued by Yeti. The soldier open fire on the robots, but their guns have little to no effect. Grenades are thrown, but I’m not sure if they’re any more effective. The Yeti use their guns that fire the web-gas. This segment is woefully lacking in narrative text.

 The Doctor has gotten permission to go up to the street level, accompanied by Knight, to get some needed components for the device he’s working on. While in the shop, a Yeti enters and attacks Knight. As The Doctor runs in from the other room, the Yeti stops and turns and leaves. In Knight’s pocket, The Doctor finds a Yeti model.

 Back in the HQ, The Doctor discusses what happened with Anne, his companions and Evans, who apparently has returned. The latter seems paranoid that everyone is going to blame him for putting the model on Knight, but The Doctor is more concerned where the last missing Yeti model is.

 The soldiers on the street are on the run – the Yeti are too powerful. CL-S is the last man standing from his team and makes a run for it. He makes it back to the HQ, ashamed that he’s the only one from his team. He finds out from the others that Evans was the only one who survived his team. He also learns that Knight has died, too.

 The Doctor realises that someone in the room has a Yeti model from the low beeping (really? If I were beeping I’d notice and check my pockets) and CL-S says he’s been hearing that all night. He empties his pockets and lo and behold there’s a Yeti model there (gee, how does a model get in your pocket without you noticing?) The Doctor smashes it just as two Yeti enter, accompanied by Professor Travers… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

 The Great Intelligence speaks through Travers’ body. It relates its purpose – not revenge, it claims that revenge is all too human a desire. The Great Intelligence wants to drain The Doctor’s mind. He talks in a really, REALLY, REALLY annoying fashion, almost like someone having an asthmatic fit while talking.

 Travers takes Victoria prisoner and gives The Doctor twenty minutes to decide. Jamie tries to pursue, despite The Doctor and CL-S’s admonitions to the contrary. Evans asks CL-S why not turn The Doctor over to the Great Intelligence.

 Victoria is led down the tunnel, but she drops her hankerchief to leave a trail.

 The Doctor and Anne continue to work on their device. Jamie tries to get CL-S and Evans to go out and try to recover Victoria and Travers. CL-S leaves Evans to guard Thej Doctor and Anne while he and Jamie go off to try to find their friends.

 The fungus has gotten into HQ and CL-S and Jamie report this to The Doctor and Anne. They argue with the scientists about whether they’ve been wasting their time. Evans decides that it must either be CL-S or Jamie who’s working with the Great Intelligence, and they end up leaving him.

 The Great Intelligence releases Travers from its control once he’s brought Victoria to a platform. He’s unaware of all that has transpired and tries to escape but they run into a Yeti. Victoria screams.

 Back at HQ, The Doctor tests the control box on the sphere, but it only works at very short range. The Doctor takes the sphere and hopes to reprogram it to respond to verbal commands.

 Jamie and CL-S make their way down a corridor. They find Victoria’s hankerchief.

 Staff Sgt Arnold arrives at the platform where Travers and Victoria are. He’s battered and injured but slips off to return to HQ to inform them where Travers and Victoria are being held prisoner.

 Evans almost shoots the sphere but The Doctor tells him to not shoot – he has successfully reprogrammed the sphere. He and Anne ask Evans to help them get it inside a Yeti but he says it’s too dangerous.

 Arnold runs into Jamie and CL-S. He tells them about Victoria and Professor Travers. Back at the platform, the Yeti herd the captives down the tunnel.

 At the HQ, Evans informs CL-S, Jamie and Arnold that The Doctor and Anne left to find a Yeti. They encounter one and The Doctor uses the control box to immobilise the Yeti. He swaps out control spheres and the Yeti is under The Doctor’s voice commands.

 The fungus breaks through the walls of HQ and begins to pour in… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 Evans and Arnold run from the fungus. Evans runs off when Staff Sgt Arnold says they have to go warn the others.

 The Doctor, Anne, CL-S and Jamie meet up. The Doctor and Anne have told their controlled Yeti to follow orders from the Great Intelligence until he orders otherwise. The Doctor doesn’t know who’s been working with the Great Intelligence, so he’s not telling anyone else about tehir Yeti. The four of them encounter Arnold, who tells them that HQ is lost to the fungus and that Evans scarpered.

 From behind, three Yeti (including the reprogrammed one) approach the four of them. On the other side, two more.

 Evans is caught by several Yeti.

 Arnold slips away from the Yeti during a distraction.

 Chorley is seen in a room with a large glass pyramid. He hears Victoria and Travers talking and he hides out of sight. The Yeti bring in the captives and Travers postulates that it must be the machine that the Great Intelligence plans to use on The Doctor.

 At the Picadilly Circus station (hey, I’ve been there!) The Doctor plays his recorder and CL-S paces while the Yeti keep them there. Jamie sits quietly, then whispering with The Doctor. The Doctor has filled him in on their Yeti.

 Chorley wanders into Arnold and the newsman acts afraid. Arnold wonders how Chorley survived all this while on his own.

 CL-S questions The Doctor on whether he plans to give in to the Great Intelligence’s demand or not. A lot more than twenty minutes have gone by – most of that was spent working on the control box. Even with sloppy writing, it’s surely been a good hour of story time that has passed since the 20 minute warning.

 The Doctor is herded towards the ticket hall. The other Yeti herd the rest off the platform, not noticing the Jamie is hiding.

 The Doctor is led down a corridor where a second Yeti brings forth a helmet. The Doctor activates his control box and both Yeti freeze. The Doctor fiddles with the helmet and places it back in the Yeti’s hands before turning off his control box.

 Anne, Victoria, Travers, CL-S and Evans are brought together at the room with the giant pyramid machine.

 Jamie is in the tunnel near Piccadilly, using the microphone to summon their pet Yeti. A Yeti appears and Jamie tries to get it to raise its arm but it walks by him. Dejectedly, he bemoans that it’s no use and turns around, bumping into another Yeti.

 At the pyramid room, The Doctor is brought in, wearing the helmet. Victoria starts whining and whimpering, but The Doctor repeatedly tells her with emphasis that she doesn’t pick up on that “everything is all right”. Chorley shows up and everything thinks he’s the Great Intelligence but Chorley points at his companion and says it is he that the Great Intelligence is within – Staff Sgt Arnold!

 Jamie is brought in by a Yeti.

 The Doctor enters the large pyramid and sits down. Arnold lowers a circlet to connect to The Doctor’s helmet. Everyone watches in anxious horror. As Arnold gives a droning speech quite akin to a supervillain’s “I have you in my death trap soliloquy”, Jamie orders the pet Yeti to attack and it turns on its fellow Yeti.

 The Doctor yells for it to stop, saying they don’t understand, they’re going to ruin everything. The others break The Doctor out of the machine, though he struggles against their assistance. The machine explodes and The Doctor yells at Jamie for stopping him from draining the Great Intelligence.

 Everyone starts consoling The Doctor’s wounded pride. When Chorley tries to tell him that he’s going to be a household name, The Doctor calls for his companions to accompany him and rushes off. The companions head down the tunnel looking for the way to the TARDIS, fearing that the trains might start up again… and the final credits roll.

 Some pretty silly plot holes, but nothing so bad as to ruin the enjoyment of the story. Fun seeing an older Professor Travers (again portrayed by Jack Watling, father of the actress playing Victoria.) The Yeti’s new design makes for a better looking antagonist and the Great Intelligence is a good villain.