Four of the six episodes are reconstructions.

Episode 1:

The TARDIS lands, but there’s some difficulty with the scanner. They detect a large amount of metal around them. The scanner comes up but instead of showing scenes from outside, pictures tempting them to go elsewhere appear. Suddenly, there’s smoke flowing from the console. The Doctor opens a console near the door and pulls out a rod. They slip out and The Doctor explains by removing the rod he’s turned the inside of the TARDIS into a regular police box.

 They find themselves inside some form of rocket or space craft. The Doctor offers Jamie a “lemon sherbet”, a candy, which makes me think of Tom Baker’s Jelly Babies.

 The Doctor pokes around while Jamie accidentally hits a button, opening a door. They pass through, and stop at the end of the corridor, listening. The Doctor finds a monitor and uses it to peer into the other side, though it all seems safe enough, but The Doctor wonders where the crew is. They check all the doors in the corridor, finding only living quarters.

 A robot (done in modern animation) moves about in the piloting chamber, and opens the door to look down the corridor.

 The Doctor tells Jamie that the ship is just drifting in space. He tells Jamie that they’ll need the get some mercury before refitting the TARDIS with the rod he removed.

 When Jamie talks about being hungry, The Doctor keys Jamie’s choices for roast beef, cabbage and potatoes into a machine that delivers a small brick, much to Jamie’s displeasure. After eating, Jamie decides to have a lie down, but asks what happened to the crew. The Doctor is intent on getting into the control room.

 The robot departs the control room, coming down the corridor.

 The Doctor is telling Jamie that they’re in no immediate danger, but the highlander has fallen asleep. We see a counter counting down, nearing 1000, and the robot returns to the control room, using a laser to seal one of the corridor doors.

 The Doctor exits the living quarters, noticing extra tracks on the floor from the robot. He tries to access the video monitor, to no avail. Suddenly, the rocket jolts, throwing The Doctor against the wall. Jamie wakes and finds The Doctor, woozy from his head hitting the wall. They find the door to where the TARDIS is has been sealed. Jamie helps The Doctor back into the living quarters and into a bunk.

 The counter reaches 0000 as the robot brings out a long metal box with six spheres that float out, presumably into space? On a monitor we see what appears to be a space station. Jamie stares out the window at the space station while The Doctor has slipped out to the sealed door and uses the time vector generator (the rod he removed from the TARDIS) to try to unseal the door. The robot comes up behind him and he turns about. Jamie rushes out and throws a blanket over the robot, who staggers about, confused.

 They dash back into the living quarters and the robot starts cutting through the door, but Jamie uses the time vector generator as a weapon to destroy it.

 On the space station, we see a group of people in a control room. They are aware of the approaching rocket – it’s known to them as a ship that was due some nine weeks ago at a different station altogether. There’s concern that if the ship is on automatic and is misfiring the engines, it could rocket right into the space station.

 The six spheres move through space, ominous music playing.

 One of the women in the control room picks them up on the scanner. The spheres approach the station and somehow pass right through the shell of the station.

 Jarvis, the station commander, orders for a laser to be aimed at the rocket – he suspects that there’s nobody on board and is planning to destroy it before it crashes into the station.

 On board, The Doctor wakes, looks about and… the credits roll.

Episode 2:

 The technicians in the control room keep trying to contact any crew on the rocket ship, with no success. One of the women ask the controller to step outside and confer before making any furth action.

 Jarvis asserts to the woman, Carol, that the ship (The Silver Carrier) is a threat to the wheel. She points out that if the automatic system was working wouldn’t it have taken it to station five, which was its destination?

 Jamie takes the time vector generator and tries to signal the station with it. On the station, the technicians wearing headsets scream out and are injured. Jarvis is informed of the events and comes out, more intent to destroy the ship. The technicians notice that there’s a pattern to the static and they deduce that there is someone on board.

 Two men suit up and cross over to the ship. Jamie directs them through the window to the air lock. After they enter, Jamie meets them, telling them that someone (The Doctor) is injured.

 Later, on the station, they communicate with another ship, Voyager 5, telling it about possible meteor storm. The technicians discuss strange readings, but it’s discussed that everything is working properly. The Doctor and Jamie have been brought aboard and are being checked over in the medical center.

 Leo (seemingly one of the upper ranks) consults with Tonya (a tech) who is still concerned over the minute drops in pressure (that coincided with the spheres entering the station). We see three other spheres entering the station.

 Jamie is being given a physical by Gemma, a lady doc. She says that The Doctor has a concussion. Jamie gives “John Smith” as The Doctor’s name. Gemma sends Jamie to find a girl named Zoe to show him around the wheel. After he leaves, Gemma contacts Zoe to instruct him to keep an eye on the stranger.

 Jamie finds Zoe in the Parapsychology Library. She laughs at his clothing, saying he’s wearing women’s clothing. After they butt heads, she takes him to learn about interstellar flora. He is shown a laser cannon that can fire up to ten thousand miles.

 Zoe inquires about The Doctor, once she realises that he’s a scientist.

 Jarvis is upset about all the mysterious things happening. Gemma reports to Jarvis that Jamie’s been lying about being sick and (she suspects) The Doctor’s name. She mentions that he’s not properly been trained – his asking for water and not drinking it runs against all the training of the space faring types.

 Jarvis leaps at the possibility of them being saboteurs, though Gemma only brought it up as a possibility. He dashes off, almost thinking it’s a certainty.

 Jamie and Zoe have made it to the control deck. There, he learns that they’re about to destroy the rocket. Jamie slips away, obviously concerned about this. He makes it back to the power room, looking around while trying to figure out what he should do.

 Jarvis finds out that Jamie was there and slipped away. When he mentions the power room, Jarvis and Bill rush off.

 On the rocket ship, we see the counter at zero and a machine starts flashing. Two spheres (presumably on the station now) are seen side by side. They start glowing and there’s a form inside and it’s a Cyberman, and it starts to break out… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 Jamie is still struggling to figure out how to stop them from using the laser and grabs a bottle of “quick set plastic”, which he sprays inside to gum up the works. Jarvis and Bill show up, but it’s too late, the damage has been done.

 The Controller (Jarvis) issues an Easy Yellow alert, and all men are to be issued side arms.

 Two Cybermen are sitting in the rocket ship cockpit and report into a superior that looks nothing like them.

 Jarvis accuses Jamie of being a saboteur and asks when his companions will show up. They lead him off while Bill stays to repair the laser. Two Cybermats enter and Bill thinks they’re just some creature.

 Jamie visits with The Doctor in the sick bay, telling him what’s been happening. The Doctor still doesn’t remember what happened in the rocket just before he hit his head. He doesn’t remember the robot.

 The Cyber-whatever has the annoying voice we’ve heard in previous serials with them. The regular Cybermen (somewhat altered from previous appearances) talk more like a Dalek than a Cyberman.

 The Cybermat has been messing with the bernalium supplies in the power room – something need to repair the laser controls.

 Gemma checks over The Doctor, telling him that concussions can lead to memory loss. Zoe arrives and starts asking questions.

 “Logic, my dear Zoe, merely allows someone to be wrong with authority.” – The Doctor, after Zoe upstages him.

 The Cybermen have unleashed a plan to cause a star to go nova, which will alter the path of the Perseid meteors, directing them at the wheel. The Cybermats are there to destroy the bernalium, making the laser useless against the meteorites.

 Gemma quizzes Bill about the “space bug” (Cybermat) and wants to see it for herself.

 A communication tech assigned to help with the laser is surrounded by four Cybermats; he uses the quick set plastic on one, but the others zap him. Bill and Gemma hear the scream and go running. Jamie tries to leave the sick bay but the guard won’t let them out.

 The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie are looking at the plasticised Cybermat. Jamie theorises that the technician accidentally covered some machinery when trying to defend himself against a saboteur.

 Jarvis puts Bill on suspension, assigning Leo to repair the laser. He consults with Gemma, who thinks it’s all about the rocket. Jarvis has an irrational fear of mysteries, where he mentally avoids the thought process that goes down that route. My friend, Nate, who is watching with me has wondered if Jarvis is just poorly written/over-acted or if he’s actually part of the ‘Earth for Earth’ conspiracy.

 Two men are sent over to the rocket ship and encounter the Cybermen, just as we see The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie X-ray the plastic to discover the Cybermat within… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 The Cybermen do some kind of mind control on the two men who traveled over to the rocket ship and tell them that they will take them to the ship.

 Jarvis confronts The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie about the Cybermen – he doesn’t seem to know of them or believe anything they’re saying.

 The two Cybermen get into a large crate and the men seal them in, covering the secret compartment with cases of bernalium.

 Jarvis refuses to listen, saying they’re trying to spread fear. When Gemma tries to talk sense to him, he yells at her not to tell him how to do his job and storms off.

 The two men bring back the crate to station three. They radio the station for approval to bring in the crate of bernalium. Jarvis gives the approval for them to enter via the loading bay and not the pre-arranged air lock.

 Bill confirms that the X-ray of the Cybermat matches the ‘space bug’ he saw. Zoe mentions the meteorites and The Doctor and Jamie realise that the Cybermats woud have put the gun out of commission, even if he hadn’t.

 Bill is brought by Jarvis back to work on the laser. Leo sends his assistants away on a break. Chang arrives to help and Bill sends Leo off on a break as well.

 The Doctor and Gemma talk about Jarvis, whether or not he would be able to handle situations without any reasonable answer.

 In the loading bay, the Cybermen are out of the crate and kill a technician poking around. Leo returns to the command center, where they’ve noticed the incinerator in the loading bay was active.

 The two controlled men arrive at the power room and assist Bill. The controlled men seem very worried that the wheel not be damaged. As Bill works on the laser control a Cyberman comes in and takes him over by mental control. The Cyberman says they will assemble the laser controls and send him to operations center.

 Zoe complains to Gemma that Jarvis ignored some calculations she reported. Gemma wonders out loud that Jarvis is getting worse. Zoe and Gemma talks about whether she’s emotionless – apparently the parapsychology training that makes her so intelligent can often stifle emotional development.

 The Doctor hears about the bernalium coming over from the rocket ship and suspects that the Cybermen may already be here. Bill arrives on the control center and is found out to be under their control. The Doctor instructs for metal plates to be placed on everyone’s neck as a way to resist the Cybermentalcontrol.

 We see (an animation for the recon) of a Cyberman walking down the stairs to the loading bay… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

 The Doctor and Jamie follow the Cyberman down and watch as it takes a case of bernalium back upstairs. The Doctor communicates to the control center and tells them that the Cybermen are on the wheel. He advises they lock all the air locks.

 Two Cybermats have arrived at the loading bay and The Doctor gets the control center to run some signal interference, resulting in a loss of control and the two Cybermats are destroyed.

 Jarvis has slipped into a near-catatonic state; they confront him with a Cybermat and he mumbles it as being natural. Gemma and The Doctor talk about security measures – a force field has been erected to cut off part of the station from the Cybermen.

 Zoe and Jamie talk, and Zoe has come to the conclusion that, despite all her training, she’s useless in any sort of situation that hasn’t been accounted for in advance.

 One of the crew, Flannigan, is sent to check on the power room. He struggles with the two controlled men and one of them is killed in the fight. A Cyberman comes in and asserts mental control over Flannigan.

 Flannigan reports that the laser has been repaired. Meteorites are zooming in towards the wheel. The laser is extended and sighting is made and shots are fired.

 The Doctor consults with Gemma, talking about how the Cybermen set the damage to the laser as a way to get on the wheel. He suggests that they want to use the wheel for some purpose, not to destroy it.

 The Doctor asks where the time vector generator is, Jamie says it should be in his pocket, but it’s not. The Doctor tells Jamie he’s going to have to cross over to the rocket ship to recover it.

 Gemma sends Zoe to go out with Jamie. Leo chastises The Doctor for letting his companion and Zoe go out into space.

 Near the air lock, Gemma hides as she hears someone approaching. It’s a Cyberman and Vallance (one of the controlled men) and they’re sabotaging the oxygen reserves, poisoning it. A Cyberman approaches Gemma as she reports to The Doctor and she fights back but it kills her.

 We see Jamie and Zoe crossing over in space suits as a meteorite storm approaches… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

(yay, video!)

 The station fires the laser to destroy the meteorites. Afterwards, there’s no sign of the Zoe or Jamie, and everyone worries whether they made it or not. The Doctor tells them about Gemma’s warning and her sacrifice. Another swarm of meteorites come in and while they’re firing on them, Jarvis wanders out, unobserved.

 He ends up encountering a Cyberman and tries to grapple with it. It throws him down and fires from its chest gun and kills him.

 The Cybermen’s leader deduces that one of the crew must have previous knowledge of their methods and instructs the controlled human to think of the different people on the station, so they can peer into his mind to determine who has knowledge of them.

 Something comes in on radar – it changes course so it’s not a meteor. It’s too big to be an Earth ship and The Doctor speculates that it is a Cybership.

 Jamie and Zoe, on the ship, are privy to the Cybermen communication; they see the positive ID of The Doctor and hear the Cybermen receive orders to set a trap for The Doctor.

 Flannigan is given orders to destroy the force field.

 Jamie and Zoe have returned to the wheel, finding Gemma’s dead body. They bump into Flannigan. He tells them to follow him.

 Flannigan leads Zoe and Jamie to the operations center, where Leo and others grab him before he can destroy the force field. They put a metal plate on the back of his neck, which seems to break the influence.

 The Doctor has rigged a booby trap in the power room. Two Cyberman have arrived and he catches one of them in the field, disabling (or killing) it. The other flees. The Doctor gets the time vortex generator and plans to use it to boost the laser’s power, hoping to destroy the Cybership.

 Jamie and Flannigan don suits and the latter pretends to be under the control of the Cybermen. They use their ruse to get close and break the other controled man from the Cyberinfluence.

 We see Cybermen walking in space towards, but Flannigan manages to get the air lock shut before they can gain entry to the wheel. The Cybership is destroyed by the modified laser.

 Zoe accompanies Jamie and The Doctor back to the rocket ship so they can restore the TARDIS. Zoe tries to ask Jamie about the TARDIS but he’s mostly dismissive. Zoe tries to smuggle herself aboard, but they find her. She says that she wants to go with them.

 The Doctor hooks himself up to a thought processor so he can show Zoe what she’s in for if she joins them – he decides to show her the Daleks and we see the scene from Evil of the Daleks, where the Dalek kills Kennedy.

 Zoe watches in horror… and the final credits roll.

 Always happy to see a Cybermen story, this is one that I didn’t know was one until we got two episodes in. This is the end of the season of “bases under seige”, I wonder if next season has a theme?

 This serial was pretty good, outside of the characterisation/writing of Jarvis. Gemma was done well, Zoe is pretty cool – I’ve seen her before and don’t recall her being terribly whiny. Her intellect is provided as a foil for The Doctor being the only know it all. Looking forward to see how it plays out.