Yay, no lost episodes!

Episode 1:

 We open with a fleet of circular spaceships traveling through space and then footage of one landing. Men in goofy outfits step out to melodramatic chords of music. They argue whether or not they should have continued to Epsilon IV or stopped here to attend to fuel reserves.

 They prepare to send out their “quarks” to map out drilling sites and talk of using the local life forms as slave labor.

 Elsewhere, we see four people traveling in a conveyance. One of them is complaining that he’s bored, that they could have used a “travel capsule” and been there in minutes, not hours. The others talk of excitement and adventure. One of them announces they’ve arrived at “the island of death. Uninhabited for one hundred and seventy years, nothing can live on the poisonous plot of soil!” Yeah, that’s the sort of place I’d want to go to for fun.

 Turns out he’s being melodramatic, though the place is dangerous. The melodramatist is “Cully”, who is played by Arthur Cox, who holds the record for the longest period between appearances on Doctor Who, as he also played Mr. Henderson in the Matt Smith story, “The Eleventh Hour”.

 The bored guy complains that he doesn’t know they’re really there, it could be images on a screen. Cully says they can’t go out without protective suits. While they’re arguing, they crash. They check their scanners and it reveals that radiation outside is normal. The others think Cully is scamming them, that it’s not really the “island of death” and they go out. Spotting the two aliens and their quarks, they run to alien ship, though Cully lags behind yelling for them to stop. He watches as the three are executed. (Which is stupid, if they needed slave labor, why kill them?)

 The senior alien scolds his junior for killing them.

 Cully wanders back to his ship, pretty calm for seeing three associates (they really weren’t friends, I don’t think – they were paying him to take them somewhere illegal and exciting). As he passes, we see the TARDIS materialise. The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie disembark, and they talk of the mental images (the ones he was sharing with Zoe to give her a head’s up of what they could face if she traveled with them) and how tiring it is for The Doctor to project them.

 The Doctor reveals they’re on the planet Dulkis, which he says is very pleasant. The natives are very peaceful and friendly – he’s been here before. He breaks out a chair, asks Jamie to blow up a beachball and proclaims it will be a nice, peaceful holiday.  (I think it’s important to note that this is the first time The Doctor has successfully gotten the TARDIS to the intended destination!) 

 Cully is almost back at his craft when it is blown up by the aliens.

 The Doctor and his companions come running when they hear the explosion, and find a ravaged building, something destroyed long ago. Zoe identifies it as “atomic blast damage”. They enter what appears to be a war museum, full of weapons.

 Zoe calls out (not screams, not shrieks, not cries, but calls out) when she discovers what she thinks are bodies (but turn out to be dummies.) Zoe makes the connection and says they must be in some test site for atomic weapons. Suddenly, they turn and find three people in radiation suits.

 Later, the natives have brought them back to their station. They’re perplexed that the travelers have not been exposed to radiation. The Doctor demands to know what happened – Dulkis had banned all weapons the last time The Doctor was there. We learn that a later council opened the experimentation into atomic energy. There was one test on the island, and once the Dulcians saw the destruction power, all further research into atomic energy was banned. (Not being subtle with the anti-nuclear message being spoonfed down our throats, are they?)

 The natives there are a professor and students there to study the effects of the radiation – which apparently the aliens have absorbed all the ambient radiation.

 The aliens argue; the senior alien scolds his junior for destroying Cully’s ship. They go to inspect the drilling sites.

 Cully is outside the TARDIS, poking around, trying to get in to no avail. He sees strange markings on the ground nearby and is looking at them when he hears the aliens approach and scampers off. The aliens arrive, look at the site, notice the TARDIS. The junior offers to have the quarks destroy it (seem this guy is all about destroying things – likely more of the social message/anti-war phiilosophy behind this story, but coming across as one-dimensional and almost cartoony in his desire to blow things up. I know this feeds into what peacniks want to believe, but for anyone moderate, it’s just too ridiculous to convey the message, it just ruins any chance of absorption), but his senior says it would be wasteful since it would not interfere with the drilling.

 Cully arrives at the museum and runs into the third survey team member, Teel, who apparently he knows. Teel takes him back to the professor, just before the aliens arrive.

 Probationer Toba, the junior, is pretty dim. He sees a museum of weapons and proclaims that there are no weapons to threaten them on this planet. (Granted, he’s probably correct, but for all the wrong reasons.) Navigator Rago chastises him, saying that if these are in a museum, then it is entirely likely that they use more advanced weaponry now.

 The professor theorises that the TARDIS somehow absorbed all radiation. Cully and Teel arrive and the professor thinks that The Doctor and his companions were Cully’s three passengers and that they’ve been pulling a fast one. We learn that Cully is the son of the director of the council.

 When Cully reports that the aliens were talking of destroying the TARDIS, Jamie and The Doctor rush off to investigate. Zoe stays behind. At the TARDIS, they see tracks and follow them to the alien spacecraft. They investigate, but Jamie seems somewhat frightened to the point of stuttering.

 The Doctor is about to enter the ship when Jamie points to a nearby hill. Two robots (the quarks) stand atop it, and Probationer Destroythemall appears. One quark asks, “SHALL WE DESTROY?”… and the credits roll.

 Pretty ham-fisted in the delivery of the moral of the story thus far, I hope we get less preaching and more story before long… but it’s not really one of the better serials, at all. 

Episode 2:

 The Doctor and Jamie are brought into the ship by the aliens, who introduce themselves as Dominators. When Jamie refuses to obey orders, the quarks use “molecular force” to bind them to the wall, which then slides out so that Jamie is lying horizontal. They begin a physiological scan of Jamie; they make a point of pointing out that Jamie is frail because he has only one heart. Rago decides not to scan The Doctor as he believes they will be the same.

 Cully’s father gives orders for his son and the strangers to be brought to the capital. Zoe and Cully are sent in a capsule, which appears to be a rocket. Once there, Cully and Zoe crashes a council meeting. When his father, Senex, the director, arrives, he dismisses the council to speak to them personally. He refuses to believe Zoe’s story, thinking it’s some joke of Cully’s.

 The Doctor is subjected to an intelligence test, where he has to put pegs in holes while being subjected to electric shocks. The Doctor played stupid to perform less adeptly. More tests are performed and both The Doctor and Jamie play stupid. Rago, the senior member, isn’t quite so sure that The Doctor is as dumb as he seems.

 The professor and his students debate the drop in radiation. The professor proclaims radiation lasts for 172 years and then goes away, even though the previous declines were more gradual. Again, I’m having trouble accepting this logic – the characterisation of the Dulcians are pretty shallow, too. The council members are complete twits for the most part.

 But it seems pointless to spend time searching for reasons to prove facts. A fact is a truth.” – the professor to his students.

 The Doctor, playing stupid, claims not to know about guns or how to use them. He presents to the Dominators that there are two types on Dulkis – normal folk and “the clever ones”. The Dominators leave them, deciding they have no real use, outside of limited labour potential, warning them to stay away from them and their quarks.

 Zoe and Cully make plans to sneak out and return to the island for proof. At the same time, The Doctor and Jamie are guided to the capsule by the professor so they may catch up with Zoe at the capitol. After they leave, the students nag the professor until he agrees to investigate further about the claims of aliens and robots.

 The Dominators observe the professor and his students approaching. Toba, predictably, wants to destroy them, while Rago advises they investigate. I’m having a hard time enjoying this serial because of the completely one dimensional charactertisation.

 The professor and students enter the ship and are taken captive by the Dominators. They scan the young male student – apparently Dulcians have two hearts and therefore are considered more hearty, better suited for slave labour. (Backing up The Doctor’s claims.)

 The Dominators, accompanied by three quarks (more than we’ve seen at one time so far) enter the research station and raid the data banks.

 Cully and Zoe are seen in the capsule approaching. Cully chuckles, as he has the thought they may have passed Jamie and The Doctor on the way there. They arrive, but nobody is there and they look about for everyone.

 From afar, Toba orders the quarks to destroy the research station and they start blasting it. Inside, Zoe and Cully struggle to escape as things start blowing up and collapsing… and the credits roll.

 I do have to say, that is a great cliffhanger.

Episode 3:

 Just as Toba is about to order the quarks to continue the assualt on the research station, Rago gives them the order to wait. Again he scolds Toba for being a Destroyamaniac. He orders Toba to see if there are any survivors and to bring them to him alive.

 Inside, Cully and Zoe try to open the door. When they do open it, a quark is awaiting them.

 The Doctor and Jamie arrive but are given the runaround in regards to Zoe.

 Inside the Dominator ship, Toba brings in the new captives. Toba and Rago discuss that the Dulcians have limited physical ability but will be used as slave labour nonetheless.

 The Doctor and Jamie try to convince Senex and the council the truth of things. They’ve discovered that Zoe and Cully left and are presumed back on the island.

They finally talk them into contacting the research facility and through the video they see a Quark. Jamie and The Doctor head back in a capsule, though halfway there, Jamie points out there’s a Quark waiting for them when they get there.

 Toba tells Cully, Zoe, the professor and his two students they will serve the Dominators, “masters of the ten galaxies”. Zoe interrupts and gets scolded. They are told to clean the area around the drilling site or they will be killed. When they start working, Zoe and Cully start making plans to revolt.

 In the capsule, The Doctor opens up the console, intent on overriding the automatic pilot.

 The Dominators trasmit their coordinates to the fleet. They receive a report from a Quark, who tells them all are tired except for one female (presumably Zoe.)

 Zoe and Cully are still talking about revolt – despite all their “differences”, they’re not unlike the Dulcians. The professor falls and the Quark tells them to keep working. Zoe makes a play to go after the laser gun, but a Quark inside chases her out.

 The council brings in Chairman Tensa, who has proven himself with natural disasters. He’s been briefed on the situation and presents three options – fight, submit or flee. Director Senex says fight is impossible, they have no weapons; flight is as well – nowhere to hide. And submission to what? It seems agreed they must wait before acting.

 The Doctor and Jamie land on the island, but not at the research facility. They see Zoe working with the others under supervision from the Quarks. Cully creates a diversion, acting worn out/useless, and the Quarks send him to rest. There, he slips off into the museum and grabs the gun. Zoe feigns collapse and when Cully is about to shoot the Quarks, Jamie stops him.

 The Quarks order the prisoners up and Cully cannot get a line of sight to fire the gun. The Quarks have realised that Cully is missing.

 The Doctor, skulking about, runs into Toba. He brings The Doctor to the Quark leading the other prisoners and then runs off with several Quarks to find Cully. From outside the museum, Toba orders the Quarks to fire. Jamie takes the laser gun from Cully and uses it to destroy a Quark. Toba orders the Quarks to start “total destruction” and Jamie and Cully have to flee as the building is demolished… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 Toba returns to the ship and Rago chastises him yet again. Really? This dude has REPEATEDLY disobeyed/broken orders. I’d pull out a gun and kill his sorry ass. But it’s worth noting that the Dominators never do the dirty work, but rather use the Quarks to do it.

 Rago goes further with his chastisement, spelling it out, step by step, saying he is concerned that Toba is not worthy of being a Dominator. He will report his conduct to the Fleet Leader. Toba retorts that he will protest Rago’s conduct. The testosterone gets high, Rago orders the Quark to take Toba under security. Toba tries to supercede the order, but Rago’s command carries greater weight. Things are not going smoothly in the Dominator household it seems. Finally, Rago gets Toba to submit and dismisses him to his tasks.

 The slaves are brought back to the work site. The Doctor and Zoe are kept on the ship. Cully and Jamie are in a bomb shelter, but the exit is covered by rubble and they cannot get out. They realise it’s getting stuffy and are afraid they’ll run out of air!

 The Doctor is being interrogated by Rago; he reveals that the Director Senex is in the capitol and Rago prepares to go to the capitol in the Dominator ship. The Doctor reveals that he does know where a capsule is – he seems rather intent on keeping the Dominator ship on the island.

 The drilling begins on the work site; Toba is called and leaves the Quarks to the drilling. Rago is going to use the capsule to go to the capitol and leaves Toba in charge. Zoe finally fills in The Doctor about the underground shelter and her hopes that Jamie and Cully made it down there.

 Speaing of whom, they finally manage to push their way out through the rubble atop the hatch. Jamie leads Cully away so they might estimate the strength of the enemy – he plans to fight back. They count nine Quarks and four drilling sites.

 Jamie and Cully destroy another Quark with a large boulder. The Doctor and Zoe hear the report on the ship and deduce that Jamie had to be behind it. When Toba leaves with the Quark on the ship, The Doctor and Zoe start investigating to determine what power source the ship uses, discovering that the ship runs off radioactivity of some sort and The Doctor realises that the ship must have sucked up all the ambient radiation on the island.

 Toba tries to bully answers from the professor, but the old man has no idea who destroyed the Quark. He orders the Quarks to destroy any aliens unaccounted for.

 The emergency council meeting drones on. They’re still talking and talking and talking – seems the only thing Dulcians are good for. Rago bursts in (to melodramatic music again). When Rago starts bullying everyone, Tensa tries to stand up to him. Rago has his Quark kill Tensa to set an example.

 Toba is interrogating the students, when he realises that Jamie is still on the island. He thinks they know where he is and orders them back to the ship.

 The professor is on the ship and The Doctor and Zoe are trying to determine why the Dominators are drilling. Toba returns with the students and demands to know where Jamie is. When the professor challenges him, he has a Quark kill him. Toba tells The Doctor is next, if he doesn’t tell him where Jamie is, he will die… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

 Rago arrives just in time to stop Toba from giving the order to kill The Doctor. He chastises him some more. Man, if I were a Dominator, I’d totally be killing me a probationer. We hear that the perimeter bores need to be outfitted with rockets – the planet is going to be destroyed! Rago tells Toba to call off the Quarks pursuing Jamie.

 Jamie and Cully are seen on the run but the Quarks stop giving chase. They return to the bomb shelter, since it seems to be a safe place, now they’ve uncovered the ventillator duct.

 Above the bomb shelter, Jamie and Cully see The Doctor, Zoe and others brought there. They ambush one of the Quarks and bring the captives to the shelter when Toba is busy with the drill.

 Toba stops drilling and gives the order for “search and destroy” AND YET ONCE MORE Rago arrives to countermand the order and sets Toba back to task. He tells Toba that the Dulcians will all die with their planet, and The Doctor and Jamie, down below, heard them speaking about it.

 The Doctor explains that the Dominators are planning to destroy the planet, to create radioactivity to use as their fuel for the invasion fleet. Jamie comes up with a plan to stop them from blowing up the planet. 

 To dig a tunnel, The Doctor pulls out the sonic screwdriver, which he modifies to bore through the wall – so everyone complaining nowadays that the sonic screwdriver does too much and it was never intended to, you can shut up now – you’re wrong!

 Jamie and Cully start blowing up some Quarks, intent on slowing down the drilling, but Toba finally has listened to Rago’s admonitions and keeps the Quarks with him at the site drilling. Finally, they have to attack the drilling site. Rago tells Toba to keep drilling and he will personally deal with the “primitives”.

 Jamie and Cully are seen running from Quarks, cornered on both sides. They run up a hill and Rago orders the Quarks to fire on them. Cully is hit and can’t move on, bu Jamie helps him back to the bomb shelter.

 “I shall enjoy destroying this planet.” – Rago

 The Dominators are preparing to depart the planet. The rockets are ordered to be primed. The C Device (explosive that will blow up the entire planet) is readied to be dropped. The Doctor catches it from the side tunnel they built, but he cannot diffuse it as it is completely sealed.

 The Doctor orders Jamie and Zoe back on the TARDIS, and tells the students to head back to the capitol by capsule to tell them there will be a volcanic eruption but no more. The Dominator ship readies to take off and at the last minute, The Doctor runs up and slips the C Device onto the ship.

 The rockets at the perimeter holes fire, starting a volcanic eruption. On the Dominator ship, Rago and Toba see the C Device is aboard and before they can do anything about it, it explodes, destroying the ship.

 The Doctor stands about, gloating, until Jamie reminds him that they’re on the island and there’s about to be a volcano there. The Doctor panics, and they run inside the TARDIS… and the final credits roll.

 Not one of the better serials. The characterisations were horrible. I cannot recommend this one at all.