Not much to say here that isn’t spoilery.

Episode 5:

 The Doctor and Jamie hurry back to the canoe and make a hasty retreat. Captain Turner is hitting on Isabelle when they return to inform him what they’ve discovered. Turner reveals that BL-S is reporting to Major General Rutledge as they speak.   

 In Rutledge’s office, BL-S is getting the runaround from the (obviously) controlled man. Rutledge struggles a bit with his programming at one point; BL-S is told that he’ll have to leave the matter with Rutledge. BL-S begins to perceive that Vaughn has something over Rutledge, but he thinks it’s merely some form of blackmail.

 After the Brigadier departs, threatening to report to UNIT central, which is outside of the jurisdiction of the Major General. Rutledge reports over videophone to Vaughn, but it’s obvious that his programming is fading. Vaughn orders him to return to Vaughn immediately.

 The UNIT staff receives reports that the Brigadier has already left Rutledge’s office, as has the Major General.

 Rutledge reports to Vaughn, still struggling with his programming. He resists answering some of Vaughn’s questions, to little avail. Vaughn gives Packer orders to have Watkins’ machine brought to the warehouse. Vaughn confers with his allies and tells them the timetable for the invasion must be advanced – it must start in fifteen hours or they will face the combined the might of the world’s armies.

 The Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, Isabelle, BL-S and Captain Turner sit about discussing options and looking at a map of tunnels under London, which The Doctor feels would be the likeliest avenue for the Cybermen to take to gain access to the city. The Brigadier agrees when Turner tells him that he had better have some concrete proof before going to UNIT central command.

 Vaughn has Gregory (his pet scientist) and Packer with him. Gregory has Watkins’ machine with him and they’re going to test it out on one of the recently awakened Cybermen, to determine if they really do have a back-up plan for dealing with their allies.

 Watkins’ machine is used to induce fear into the Cyberman. (It doesn’t seem like a terribly useful weapon – it has to be physically attached to the target.) The Cyberman goes mad and flails about, escaping them and heading down the sewers. Packer, of all people, is worried that it will go and “kill anyone who gets in its way”, but Vaughn says, “Good! Anyone fool enough to be down in those sewers deserves to die!”

 Isabelle suggests to BL-S that they take some IR film down below to take pictures of the Cybermen as the proof he needs. BL-S offends Isabelle with his refusal to let her take the risk. Jamie then manages to offend the ladies by agreeing with the Brigadier. The girls head off to London, reluctantly allowing Jamie to accompany.

 The Doctor and Turner discover more circuits that don’t quite belong in some of the IE electronics they have in the HQ.

 Vaughn and the Cybermen butt heads through their communication machine. They tell Vaughn that he must be fully converted if he wants to remain in charge of Earth after the invasion (which was their original arrangement.) They insist that he undergo conversion – he makes a counter-offer, his body will be converted but not his brain. The Cybermen find this agreeable.

 Interestingly enough, Packer is in the room for all of this and seems rather horrified. He is worried that the Cybermen’s plan to transmit control waves will affect those working with them. (I’m guessing that’s what the odd circuitry is for in the IE devices.)

 The Doctor and the Brigadier guess that Jamie and the girls have decided to head into the sewers on their own. They radio Benton, who was their driver, but he just dropped them off. BL-S gives Benton orders to catch up with them and bring them back. The Doctor heads off to London to use Watkins’ laboratory at Travers’ house.

 (it’s sad – originally, there were plans for Travers to be part of this story but that was changed.)

 The girls and Jamie make their way into the sewer, just as a police bobby sees them and yells at them. Benton drives up and hops out as the bobby starts yelling down the entrance.

 Isabelle teakes pictures of a Cyberman. Jamie keeps grabbing her the entire time, so I’m sure the pictures are going to come out blurry. The bobby comes down after the kids, but runs into two Cybermen coming from the opposite direction. They kill him and the kids, who had been heading back, fleeing their Cyberman, stop. They realise they’re trapped, and we see the maddened Cyberman staggering towards them (he was the one Isabelle was photographing)… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 The wild Cyberman walks right by the kids.

 Benton is still at the sewer entrance (the manhole, though I’m not sure what they call them in England) when Captain Turner and some men show up. They go below and start calling out for the kids; Jamie advocates not responding, for fear of alerting the other Cybermen.

 Turner, Benton and the other soldiers encounter the two Cybermen who killed the bobby. The Cybermen order them to surrender, but the wild Cyberman distracts them and the soldiers throw grenades, which take out two of the three and injure the third.

 One of the soldiers flees and is blasted by the surviving Cyberman, killing him immediately. The other soldiers wait while the survivor (the wild one, I presume) staggers off, then they collect the body, find the kids and hurriedly climb back up to the street. Jamie is the last one up and is almost pulled down by the Cyberman, but the soldiers beat him down and toss another grenade down, to be sure.

 The Doctor struggles with the circuitry, studying it in Watkins’ lab. The Brigadier comes in and there’s this really odd music playing and the weird part of my brain just had a horrible thought that somewhere, on the internet, someone has written a Brigadier/Doctor slash fan fiction.

 Isabelle brings in the developed photos, but BL-S says they look a bit like fakes and might not be convincing enough. Even if so, it will be days before UNIT central command will be mobilising forces. The Doctor seems to have a moment of inspiration in regards to his circuitry.

 Watkins and Gregory bring in the modified device. Watkins is horrified that it has been changed into a weapon. Vaughn reveals that Isabelle is free and uses the device on Watkins, inducing fear. When Gregory comes to his defense, Vaughn threatens him with it as well. Vaughn sends them back to mass produce the devices.

 Watkins threatens to kill Vaughn if he gets the chance and Vaughn gives him Packer’s gun, but the professor has to be bullied into firing it. He shoots thrice and Vaughn just laughs it off, the bullets barely penetrating him. Watkins collapses and is dragged off.

 UNIT gets a report that Professor Watkins is being transferred back to London and they issue a raid and free him. Gregory reports back to to Vaughn, having fled the attack and being the only one who didn’t get apprehended. Vaughn has him placed in the sewers where the Cybermen kill him.

 After talking to Professor Watkins, The Doctor deduces that the professor’s machine is going to be used against the Cybermen once Vaughn has no further need for them. This gives him some insight into the strange circuitry in the IE devices – he says they’re emotional circuitry, not logical.

 Jamie keeps taking naps. I don’t know the significance of this. I understand that Frazier Hines takes the final episode off (with only one pre-filmed scene at the end), but that’s still several episodes away. Perhaps this is the set up for his absence?

 The Doctor has sorted out that the IE circuitry will be used to amplify and broadcast the Cyber-hypnotic force to control humanity. The ship on the dark side of the Moon will broadcast it down and from the devices it will spread out. The Doctor instructs Zoe to show Professor Watkins how to create the jammers worn on the back of the neck to resist the signal (though I seem to recall that on The Wheel in Space, merely a piece of metal on the back of the neck was all that was needed.)

 Vaughn is contacted by the Cybership (through the device, that’s whom he’s been speaking to at all times – the Cybermen on Earth are merely the shock troops.) It is one hour until the invasion begins. The Cyber-ship is moving into Cyber-position, getting ready to Cyber-transmit the Cyber-signal. (ok, I made up Cyber-position.)

 Scenes of the city are shown. It’s apparently early in the morning. Isabelle is looking out the window, enjoying how peaceful the city is, when Turner offers her a penny for her thoughts. Ah, young love. I wonder which one of them will die?

 Suddenly, a strange pulsating noise is heard. The Doctor realises that his depolariser has fallen off and collapses. Zoe yells for Watkins to get one for The Doctor.

 We see people all over affected by the pulsating signal. It’s reported that hundreds of Cybermen have been spotted coming out of the sewers. We see groups of them walking through the city… and the credits roll.

Episode 7:

 The Doctor recovers and the group contacts the Brigadier, who says he’ll send a vehicle to fetch them.

 Vaughn takes orders from the Cyber-ship, but he tells them that he must run the Cybermen on Earth directly. Again, he loses his cool, yelling when the Cyber-… Cyber-leader? Cyber-ship? Whatever. He asserts that if they do not agree he will no longer assist them.

 After shutting the secret panel, Vaughn contacts Packer, who has located Watkins. He tells him to go fetch Watkins and not to worry, all the UNIT people are under Cyber-control. (Didn’t make that one up.) 

 A jeep arrives at the Travers house, but when the driver comes in, they see an IE squad of goons arrive. They attack the UNIT team/heroes and Jamie is shot in their attempt to get out. Turner radios BL-S who sends a helicopter.

 Packer reports to Vaughn, getting a dig in about if he had “taken care of” The Doctor when he had the chance, he wouldn’t have been able to find a way to fight off the Cyber-control. Once more, we see Vaughn losing his cool. I’m guessing this is going somewhere.

 The Doctor and crew have made it back to UNIT’s operational HQ. The Brigadier comes up with a plan to launch a missile at the Cyber-ship. It turns out that Jamie only took a flesh wound in the leg. The Doctor asks Zoe to help the Brigadier, while he plans to go have a tete-a-tete with Vaughn.

 Once in the sewers (his planned route to get to Vaughn’s HQ), The Doctor contacts BL-S via radio. They inform him there’s a copter nearby if he needs any help, though Zoe points out that a copter isn’t going to do much good when The Doctor is in the sewers.

 Vaughn spends more time gloating to Packer about how the world will be theirs. A security alarm goes off and when Vaughn cycles through the videophone links, he finds The Doctor on one. The Doctor says he needs to speak to Vaughn and is on his way up. Packer advocates killing him right out but Vaughn says he’s their insurance policy.

 The Doctor leaves his radio on so the UNIT boys can eavesdrop on the conversation, all part of The Doctor’s plan. Vaughn confides that he was the one who contacted the Cybermen, not the other way around. Vaughn claims that all the Cybermen will be under his control, but The Doctor seems to have placed some doubts.

 Meanwhile, something strange is going on at UNIT HQ – all the soldiers are slumped over their desks or laying on the floor, seemingly unconscious or perhaps paralyzed or dead. The score is exceptionally creepy again, whomever scored this did a great job.

 Ok, it’s not the HQ, it’s another UNIT outpost. The Brigadier, Zoe and others arrive and begin outfitting the men with devices to block the Cyber-signal (still didn’t make that one up.) BL-S checks in and gets a report that Turner has made it to Russia (he’s going to help outfit their missile with a warhead to fire against the main Cyber-ship, the one orbiting the Moon.)

 Vaughn accuses The Doctor of stalling and says that whatever UNIT is up to won’t work.

 At the rocket center, BL-S gets the men up and about and sorted out. He’s very commanding, our Brigadier. The rockets are placed on standby, anticipating the approaching Cyber-fleet. When the ships reach Earth, they’ll be in range of the missiles (but the ship at the moon needs the missile in Russia.)

 The major at the rocket facility argues with Zoe whether they have enough missiles to take out the entire fleet or not. She says with proper calculations they could create a chain reaction that would ensure the entire fleet was wiped out, but he says their computers aren’t fast enough, good enough. Zoe asks for thirty seconds and the Brigadier tells him to do as she says. She rushes about, writing down figures and comes up with the factors needed for their computer.

 “You better be right.” – the major

I am.” – Zoe

 There’s a tense countdown scene. The ignition is keyed, buttons depressed and some impressive footage of missiles being launched. The Cyber-fleet comes in and is completely destroyed.

 Vaughn is told that the fleet has been destroyed and he has failed. He demands more time, but the Cyber-leader or whomever he’s been talking to says no. When he rushes forward, he hits a force field and is repelled. The voice says the Cyber-Megatron Bomb (nope, I’m not making that one up, either) will be delivered, all life on Earth will be eradicated. The Doctor yells at a stunned Vaughn, “Is this what you wanted, to be ruler of a dead world?”… and the credits roll.

Episode 8:

 Benton and Isabelle, listening in on The Doctor’s radio, hear about the bomb and contact the Brigadier. The celebration at the rocket facility is quickly dampened. BL-S leaves them orders to keep an eye to the sky for any more ships, especially the bomb.

 Vaughn yells at the Cybermen leader/thing. He grabs Watkins’ machine and uses it to kill the Cyber-machine. (So, it was a non-man Cyberman? I’m confused and they never explain really what it was.)

 The Doctor explains that the Cybermen will use Vaughn’s radio beam to home in the bomb and they need to shut it down. When Vaughn tries to contact Packer, they see a Cyberman on the videophone. Packer runs into the office, blaming Vaughn, asking him what he’s done to them. The Cyberman comes in and kills Packer, but The Doctor uses Watkins’ machine to kill it.

 The Doctor contacts BL-S who says that Turner is with the Russians, but they need ten hours or more to get the missile that far. The Doctor says that the only chance is to shut down the radio beam. He appeals to Vaughn to help him save the world.

 When he appeals to Vaughn’s better nature, Vaughn scoffs, but says he will help out of hate for the Cybermen. He begins a megalomaniacal rant about how only he is suited to rule the world, but agrees to help ruin the Cybermen’s plans since they ruined his dreams of ruling the world. They head to the roof to meet a helicopter that will take them to the compound.

 The Russians launch their rocket.

 The Doctor and Vaughn reach the compound via UNIT helicopter. They radio BL-S to tell him where the signal controls are. The UNIT HQ is on the plane, which is in flight on their way there, but The Doctor and Vaughn say they cannot wait.

 Vaughn and The Doctor sneak about the compound, as it is manned by Cybermen. Encountering a Cyberman, Vaughn blasts it with Watkins’ machine, but The Doctor bemoans, “Now they know we’re here.” They head up to the roof of one building, where they see their target building is surrounded by Cybermen.

 UNIT troops arrive, deployed from the plane. (It’s a big troop-carrier plane, apparently. Those are pretty nifty.)

 On the roof, Watkins’ machine takes care of another Cyberman, but a patrol of four chase The Doctor and Vaughn.

 UNIT forces get into a firefight with Cybermen on the ground. Lots of bang-bang, boom-boom. Hey, a bazooka!

 The Doctor and Vaughn make it to the building, and just as The Doctor mentions that it’s odd there aren’t any Cybermen about, a trap is sprung. Vaughn is shot and The Doctor runs, luckily encountering the Brigadier and his men. He tells them where it is, what they need to do and stays behind to be photographed by Isabelle. It’s stupid, but kinda funny, especially when The Doctor starts primping his hair.

 In the next scene, BL-S is reporting to the rocket facility that the radio transmitter has been destroyed, but the Cyber-ship is still transmitting the Cyber-signal. The Russian missile is on its way. The rocket facility reports that the Cyber-ship has shown up on radar, as it has been moved in much closer to Earth.

 The Doctor and BL-S realise that the Cyber-ship is coming in close to attempt to deliver the bomb without the homing signal. After contacting Captain Turner, they learn the Russians can alter the course of the rocket, but it will take up to twelve minutes – quite possibly more than enough time for the Cybermen to drop the bomb!

 Everyone stands or sits about waiting, as there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do. The Russian missile appears on radar and the Cyber-ship releases the bomb. The rocket facility readies their rockets, targeting the Cyber-megatron bomb (that’s so much fun to say. Say it out loud. Go ahead. Yeah, you know it.)

 Rockets are fired but they miss the bomb! OH NO! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! A second round of rockets (I thought they only had enough to destroy the Cyber-fleet….) are fired and the Cyber-Megatron bomb is taken out. Moments later, the Russian rocket hits the Cyber-ship and it blows up.

 Zoe is modeling for Isabelle. It turns out young Miss Watkins has gotten quite the assignment based on her photos of the Cybermen in the tunnels. Guess they weren’t too fake looking after all. Captain Turner shows up (okay, I was wrong, they didn’t die.)

 It turns out that Jamie is okay, getting his final check from the UNIT doctors. Turner and Isabelle drive The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie out to the field. They watch as the travelers wander about with their arms outstretched, trying to find the invisible TARDIS. The Doctor finds it, slips in, and puts in the new circuitry, making the TARDIS visible again.

 Isabelle and Turner watch as the TARDIS disappears… and the final credits roll.

 Quite a fun serial, not too silly, better writing than we’ve had thus far this season. I’m rather relieved at that, to be honest. Great fun seeing Lethbridge-Stewart again, seeing UNIT for the first time and seeing Benton for the first time!