Another complete serial, and one I know nothing about.

Episode 1:

 We open with a quick scan of the Moon and Earth (or at least my guess that’s what it’s meant to be – the models aren’t very good and the Earth doesn’t have any distinctly Earth appearance) and then we shift to T MAT EARTH CONTROL, where a voice rattles off different shipments, which seem to be transported instantaneously. (I’m guessing T MAT is “Transmat”, which is a recurring tech in the DW universe.)

 There seems to be a mistake in one of the shipments, it ended up elsewhere. Fortunately it wasn’t people, just foodstuffs. They get it sorted out. One of the assistant controllers on the moon, Fewsham, seems to be at blame for this slip up and others.

 Commander Radnor shows up for detail; he looks familiar and I just looked upt he actor (Ronald Leigh-Hunt) and I know him from a Tom Baker serial, REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN, so we’ll be seeing him later on, albeit as a different character. (Though another man in charge type.)

 On the moon (what is it with DW’s fascination with putting bases controlling events on Earth on the moon? The weather was controlled by the base in The Moonbase, and now teleportation is run through the moon base), we see the replacement for Fewsham giving him a tongue-lashing. Fewsham apologises and the other dude lets up. Fewsham goes to leave when the air locks alarm goes off. There’s a scream outside and a man staggers into the control room, collapsing. Other men run in and they’re pursued by something that we don’t yet see. One of the men runs but it shot by the intruder.

 T MAT RECEPTION sees a delay signal and try to contact the moonbase, but there’s no response.

 We see the staff acquiescing to the demands of the intruder, who speaks in a sibiliant whisper. Sounds like an Ice Warrior to me. The man, I think his name is Osgood, seems to do as the intruder demands, but actually sabotages the machinery. They (there’s more than one, apparently) kill him why the other men look on in shock.

 At T MAT RECEPTION they check on the status of the equipment. Commander Radnor demands answers from Miss Kelly, the woman running the T MAT RECEPTION.

 We then shift to the TARDIS, where they have materialised in a museum. They exit to have a look around. Zoe activates an automated display that tells them about Travel-Mat. Jamie gets in a dig at The Doctor about their travel system not being fool proof, but before The Doctor can protest too much, they find a gun pointed at them.

 On the moon, the intruder, who we see part of (still suggesting an Ice Warrior), talks to the rest of the crew, trying to get them to do what it/they wants. Fewsham argues with the other two after the intruder leaves, whether they should help or not.

 Commander Radnor returns from a meeting to find out that they’ve ruled out any problems on Earth – it must be on the Moon, but there’s no response. It’s decided that the only way to get there is by rocket (the T MAT is down, sabotaged by Osgood, I gather.) Radnor says there’s only one man who can pilot a rocket (apparently T Mat has superceded that as a form of space travel – though what do they do if they want to go somewhere they haven’t been before and there’s no T Mat booth already at the destination?)

 The Doctor and his companions are being questioned by the man who owns the workshop they’re in; obviously, he’s also going to be the man Radnor is talking about. He has his ray gun pointed at them. It turns out his name is Professor Eldred, he is the owner of the museum, which is no longer open to the public. Zoe appeals to his wounded ego, his pride in his collection.

 Once The Doctor starts marveling over a rocket, Eldred puts his gun down and starts lecturing about the design, which was his creation. Seems that space travel was killed by T Mat, which answers my earlier question.

 “Nobody cares any more about exploring space.” – Prof Eldred.

 On the Moon, Fewsham appeals to his fellow techs to help him out. The other two decide to try to fix the video link in hopes of contacting T Mat Reception in London.

 Commander Radnor and Miss Kelly arrive at Eldred’s workshop. Eldred thinks The Doctor and his companions are Radnor’s spies, though he denies it. In the course of conversation, it comes up that Eldred has been working on a personal ion rocket. They need his rocket to get to the Moon. Eldred is amused at the irony, but he refuses to help.

 The techs get the video working and their call is patched through to Commander Radnor in Eldred’s lab. Locke, the tech, says that Osgood is dead and they’re in trouble, but the signal is suddenly cut!

 On the moon base, two Ice Warriors have stopped the transmission and they kill Locke… and the credits roll.

 Definitely interested to see where this goes; Ice Warriors seem to have some good potential for story. Maybe Steven Moffat will read this and bring them back into the show?

Episode 2:

 They killed Locke, and the other tech runs off. The commanding Ice Warrior has a different helmet and armour than his guard, who looks mostly like the ones we saw in last season’s THE ICE WARRIORS. The commanding Ice Warrior is shorter, his armour is less bulky, and his helmet is grander, more flowing.

 The guard pursues the tech who ran off, while the commanding Ice Warrior threatens Fewsham with death if he doesn’t fix the Transmat.

 In Eldred’s lab, Radnor appeals to the professor, his old friend, for help. Eldred’s resistance is due to the fact that the rocket isn’t quite ready, he feels it’s nowhere near ready, there’s not enough safety checks. Miss Kelly chimes in, but he’s adamant.

 Jamie asks why can’t they help, but Zoe says they’d overshoot by a few million years, and The Doctor agrees, adding, “Or a few million miles. I’m afraid the TARDIS is not suited to short-range travel.” They agree to help with the rocket however they may.

 Still, Eldred is against it. The T Mat computer contacts Radnor, informing him of the hold up – T Mat is down worldwide and critical medical supplies and food are not going to where they’re needed. You can see this weighing on Eldred, and it’s obvious he’s going to give in. The actor playing him (Philip Ray) has very evocative expressions and eyes – he conveys more in a silent glance than many actors do in a minute of dialogue and action.

 In the end, Radnor has to assert himself, use his governmental authority to mandate it, against Eldred’s will.

 The Ice Warriors search for the hiding tech. There’s at least two guard IW.

 Things are moving apace at Eldred’s lab. There’s been a briefing and a score of techs are milling about. Miss Kelly talks to Radnor about being the third member on the rocket – it’s become apparent Jamie really doesn’t have any space travel experience, at least not like Zoe and The Doctor, and she says she’s the only one qualified to repair the T Mat. Radnor says no, but she continues to argue.

 Fewsham is almost done with repairing the emergency one way link; he says it won’t help them, even if they had an army, they wouldn’t be able to send them all to Earth. The Ice Warrior commander says they will not need an army, Earth will be theirs “for the taking… very soon.”

 The escaped tech is in the power room, fiddling around with things. He’s intent on a “Solar Power Line”.

 The Doctor and his companions are aboard the rocket. They’re running through a check cycle and all checks out. There’s a countdown. Jamie is very nervous, though asserting to everyone he’ll be fine with this “G-Force stuff”.

 It’s funny, the three of them sitting in swivel chairs, not strapped down, no suits, preparing to face G-forces in take off. (Edit – they are strapped down, one belt at the waist.)

 The rocket launches, The three actors make funny faces, simulating G Force discomfort. After launch, Eldred and the others lose video link with the rocket. Radio works, but then one of the consoles in the rocket starts emitting smoke. In the process, the rocket loses contact with Earth.

 “Aw, no, this is worse than the TARDIS!” – Jamie. I think Jamie may well be one of my top five fave companions.

 On the moonbase, Fewsham has completed repairs on the T Mat emergency link. The IW commander orders him to activate it to receive only (though it’s already been established it’s a one way trip to Earth only, so why they wrote that in, I don’t get.)

 Okay, now I’m confused. They said it was one way to Earth only, but apparently it is not. T Mat reception informs Miss Kelly that the link is working but on send only; she gives them instructions to ready an emergency repair kit, as she plans to go through.

 The escaped tech is still doing stuff with machinery.

 Fewsham sits in the control room of the moonbase, all tense. Kelly and two others arrive. Fewsham tells her a story that Osgood went mad with “space madness” (anyone else thinking of Ren and Stimpy?) When she asks him about being nervous, he slips up talking about Osgood dying, but covers it by saying Osgood went outside without a pressure suit.

 Two Ice Warriors watch from seclusion as Kelly and her techs set to fixing things. Fewsham turns off the emergency link, under the pretense of not wanting to short it out. Kelly compliments his thinking and also muses that it’ll keep Radnor from sending anyone after her to drag her back to Earth.

 The tech has cobbled together a space radio and is trying to contact Earth. That’s some serious signal strength on such a little box. He doesn’t seem to make it through and opens up the box to fiddle more.

 The rocket is heading to the Moon; they have no communication. Zoe explains to Jamie how the homing beacon works. They activate it and a signal goes off where the tech is. He keeps trying to raise Earth, but the Ice Warrior searching for him comes in. The tech swiches on the solar power line with an adapter that blasts the Ice Warrior into nothing, but in the process the homing beacon is taken out!

 The Doctor and companions begin to panic – if they can’t find the homing beacon they might crash or as Zoe tells Jamie, “…drift endlessly into space!” Jamie stares at her in horror… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

 Back in the moonbase, the tech continues to try to contact Earth. As Zoe informs them that they’ll drift into the Sun in about five months, the tech’s signal has reached them. They speak to him and find out that aliens have taken over the base.

 Kelly and her techs have replaced the overloaded circuits, and as they head to the T Mat chamber, the Ice Warriors step out and demand they stop. The two men with Kelly are killed, one for fleeing, one for resisting. The three Ice Warriors converge on Kelly.

 Radnor and Eldred arrive at T Mat Reception, but no word from Kelly has come through.

 Jamie and The Doctor explain about the Ice Warriors – the tech gave them enough of a description to make that connection. They orbit the Moon and once they get to his side of the Moon again, they get back in touch with him. They convince him to run the transmitter so they can home in on his signal like they would have the beacon. However, as the rocket is landing, the signal goes out… panic sets in but the tech switches out the fuse or transistor (tee hee) and it is working again and they land safely.

 Tee hee, fuses…

 The Doctor leaves Jamie and Zoe to tend to the rocket for refueling and checking on the motors.

 Fewsham reluctantly works with the Ice Warriors; Kelly tries to get him to stand up but he’s too afraid. The Ice Warriors tell them both they will remain alive as long as they are useful. If they don’t do as ordered, they will be killed.

 The Doctor is in the moonbase and using the map given to him by Radnor, finds his way to the storage room where Phipps (the escaped tech) is hiding. The Doctor contacts Jamie but tells him he and Phipps are going to put T Mat out of action first. After they sign off, Zoe comes up to report that the rocket motors are useless, T Mat is their only way back to Earth!

 The Doctor and Phipps encounter an Ice Warrior with Miss Kelly. They distract him and she escapes. Then we have a running scene (well, it IS Doctor Who, after all) as The Doctor runs about different sets (really? A hall of mirrors on a moonbase? Really?), being pursued by Ice Warriors. Eventually, they trap him and tells the two guards that their leader will want to speak to him, for he is a genius. This is obviously good enough for the Ice Warriors, so they take him away.

 Jamie and Zoe are lost, trying to find their way. They hear an Ice Warrior coming and hide but it hears them and gives chase. (Ice Warriors move as fast as shambling zombies, so it’s really not much of a chase.)

 I’m still not sure how many Ice Warriors there are.

 The leader tells Fewsham to prepare to ship “cargo” to various cities, listing major cities. The Doctor is brought to the leader, who demands to know who he is, how he got there. The Doctor plays coy, trying to find out the plan. Again, it becomes obvious they have some other plan to take over Earth as there are not enough Ice Warriors to invade a planet. Two Ice Warriors are shown bringing in a package of orbs.

 The Doctor tells Fewsham that he has to see what is in the package.

 Phipps, Kelly, Zoe and Jamie meet up and discuss how to take out the Ice Warriors – Jamie tells them their weakness is heat.

 The Doctor tries to get Fewsham to help him, but the man is afraid. He reluctantly agrees to distract the guard while The Doctor slips over to the container. Their ruse is seen through, but the IW leader tells The Doctor to open the case. He takes out one of the orbs, saying it looks like a seed pod. It balloons in his hand and explodes, releasing powder. The Doctor chokes and gasps and collapses.

 In the solar power room, the humans hide from an Ice Warrior. Phipps and Kelly set up the solar device they’re working on while Jamie holds the door shut against the IW, and let him in to vaporise him with the solar energy.

 That’s two Ice Warriors down.

 A seed pod is placed in the T Mat chamber.

 The T Mat computer informs Radnor and Eldred that situation is critical. Radnor says without T Mat, millions will die.

 The seed pod is transmitted to the T Mat Reception chamber. Radnor, Brent and Eldred hear the signal and rush over. They find the pod and Brent touches it (you know, cuz that’s proper procedure when something completely unknown is T Mat’d into your command centre) and it explands. They watch, exclaiming, “It’s alive!”… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 The seed bursts and Brent is killed by the smoke. Everyone else is coughing, hacking. They have to tell one of the other men to switch the air conditioning to “expel”, otherwise he would have stood there, clueless. He does so and it sucks out the smoke… which has now been dispersed into London’s air! Perhaps that was the plan all along? Those smart Ice Warriors!

 On the moonbase, more seed pods are T Mat’d to other cities – Oslo, Hamburg are seen flashing on the control board. Fewsham keeps asking what they’re doing, why they’re sending these pods to different cities, but the Ice Warrior commander only orders him to transmit.

 Kelly and Zoe are working to repair the circuits on the weapon they and Phipps had put together – after killing the Ice Warrior, the circuitry shorted out. We see they have at least two put together now.

 Jamie and Phipps are sneaking through service tunnels, intent on getting to the control room where they can turn up the heat. Literally. (I know you know this, you just read it moments ago, but for me, it was a day ago since I watched the first three episodes, so work with me, mmmkay?) They arrive and watch through a grate as the Ice Warrior commander orders Fewsham to prepare to send a seed pod to Paris.

 At T Mat Reception, reports of deaths in other T Mat Hqs from around the world are coming in. Eldred posits that there’s more to what’s going on than just killing random people. The autopsy on Brent comes in – he died of oxygen starvation, a process that usually takes minutes, not moments.

 Outside somewhere, we see a pod split open and foam spreading out.

 On the moon, a pod disappears, being dispatched to Zurich. The IW commander tells Fewsham that it may be necessary to send more seeds later. Fewsham gets up and checks on The Doctor, who is still alive. The IW commander find this unusual as, in his words, “most humans woud be dead”.

 Jamie and Phipps watch as Fewsham is ordered to bring The Doctor’s body into the T Mat cubicle, and is instructed to T-Mat him into space. (I thought T Mat had to have a reception cubicle.) When Fewsham says he can’t be expected to kill a man, the commander tells him by dispatching the seeds, he’s already condemned his entire species. Fewsham breaks down, crying, at that.

 Fewsham says that T Mat is programmed to send to other centres; he’ll have to reprogram it first. Jamie and Phipps remove the grates they’ve been peering through as Fewsham works on the circuit. He verbally resists but gives in and dispatches The Doctor, yelling at the commander, “You’ve killed him!”

 The commander doesn’t reply, other than to instruct Fewsham to prepare to dispatch to London, and then asks one of his guards if he is ready for his mission. The Ice Warrior guard replies that he is ready, but Fewsham says he must again reprogram the circuit.

 Phipps and Jamie split up; apparently, while the camera was on Fewsham (when the commander was telling him to transmit The Doctor away) Jamie was able to rescue The Doctor and is going to take him to safety while Phipps tries for the heating controls. Phipps tries to slip out another grate but has to hold back for fear of being spotted.

 In the (as yet unknown) outside location, we see the foamy mass growing and expanding, little bubbles (more pods?) popping and dispering more substance.

 A report of “vegetable blight” attacking the parks and gardens in the metropolises comes through to T Mat Reception. As they listen to the report, the Ice Warrior guard appears in the cubicle and smashes out, startling Radnor and Eldred. The computer drones on as the Ice Warrior attacks. The foam is a by-product of spores which spread by bursting. The fungi is spreading fast and could threaten cereal crops… the rest is unheard as the Ice Warrior combats some guards and kills them. He storms out of the command centre and we hear more gunfire – human and Ice Warrior.

 Radnor follows, but comes back quickly to report that all the guards are dead.

 On the moon base, the commander asks about the search for the escaped humans and says the search must be increased.

 The Doctor is unconscious on a bed in the power storage room while Jamie, Zoe, Phipps and Kelly discuss trying to get to the heating controls. The grate is too small for Phipps to fit through, but Zoe says she can do it. Jamie insists she can’t go, but Kelly comes to her side.

 The Ice Warrior is seen walking through the foam/fungi.

 Radnor says the guards have lost track of it, but Eldred says there must be some greater purpose.

 Men are seen spraying something at the expanding foamy fungi as the Ice Warrior watches and then attacks him with his blaster gun. Two men run off after the first is killed.

 Phipps starts to crack under the pressure. He’s getting confused in the service tunnels and yelling at Zoe. 

 A security guard has visual on the Ice Warrior, who killed the three technicians now. Now he kills the security guard reporting in to Radnor. Radnor sends an armed patrol to that location, though Eldred says he’ll only lose more men that way. Eldred realises that all the cities that the pods have been sent to are in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, where it is current winter, and the cities are all cold climates.

 Just then, the computer reports that should T Mat cessation continue, it predicts “total breakdown in social order” and that the current emergency measures are inadequate.

 Phipps still can’t remember how to get to the grill at the command centre, so Zoe uses her powers of recall; realising that the service tunnels run parallel to the main corridors, and she saw the map of the facility, she gets them there… but they have to wait as an Ice Warrior is standing too close.

 Jamie and Kelly hide as an Ice Warrior enters the power storage room. When Kelly flips the switch to blast the Ice Warrior, nothing happens. The Ice Warrior finds the unconscious form of The Doctor laying there.

 Fewsham sees Jamie and Zoe and distracts his guard by fiddling with the cubicle. There’s a lot of fiddling going on in this serial, I’m not sure I approve. Fiddling should be done behind closed doors. Zoe slips in and makes her way to the heating control, which is a rather large wheel (like a ship’s wheel) that is hard for the small girl to turn but she does.

 As she sneaks back, the Ice Warrior turns and fires at her. Apparently he misses, because she’s still alive/uninjured, and she calls out to Fewsham, “Can’t you help me,” as the Ice Warrior stalks towards her, gun pointed at her… and the credits roll.

 Okay, other than the heating control being a big wheel, that’s a rather well done scene.

Episode 5:

 Fewsham finally shows some balls and grabs the Ice Warrior, struggling with him. The Ice Warrior throws him off, but by then the temperature has risen too high and the Ice Warrior collapses. Zoe rushes off to tell everyone the good news.

 The Ice Warrior hears The Doctor moan and moves towards him. Jamie and Kelly struggle with him until the temperature raises enough to incapacitate/kill him. Zoe arrives to inform them that T Mat is working and that Phipps was killed (that’s who the Ice Warrior shot at – strange how they filmed it, they should have made the firing of the gun the cliffhanger ending.)

 At T Mat Reception, Radnor tells Eldred that Sir James Gregson, the UN Minister with special responsibility for T Mat, has arrived. Just then, he walks in and starts demanding what’s going on. He seems like an officious ass.

 The Ice Warrior is still plodding about in the foam and arrives at the Weather Control Station. (Now I’m wondering, is this set before or after the weather control station was on the Moon in the serial THE MOONBASE? According to Wikipedia, THE MOONBASE was set in 2070 and this is set “the end of the 21st century. Oh, man, I’m not gonna live long enough to see T Mat?)

 The Ice Warrior enters and then our camera view is obscured by the spreading foam. Inside the Weather Control Station, the Ice Warrior kills the technician manning the station and fiddles (there we go again) with the WEATHER CONTROL UNIT, setting all four controls to “DRY” before blasting it.

 Fewsham T Mats The Doctor and his companions, saying he’ll follow using a delayed time switch. Kelly argues with him that the time switch was reported as being inoperable, he says they fixed it – I’m guessing he’s lying to get her to go so she’ll be safe.

 The Doctor and companions arrive, the time lord (still not a term used in the series, but we’re awful close to that changing) complaining how disappointing it was. He’s such a little boy at times, The Doctor – especially this incarnation.

 Radnor, Eldred and Gregson start bombarding them (and Kelly, who arrives immediately thereafter) with questions, which they do their best to answer. They realise that Fewsham wasn’t able to make it, that he lied about the time switch. Kelly still thinks he’s a willing accomplice to the Ice Warriors, but The Doctor questions why let them escape if that was the case.

 The Ice Warrior commander makes it to the control centre, staggering, suffering from the heat. Fewsham is playing like he was attacked. The commander reduces the temperature and then demands to know what happened – Fewsham claims he was attacked when he refused to go with the others. He tells the commander that if he returns to Earth he’ll be executed.

 The commander says that the Ice Warrior fleet will land on the Moon and when the seed pods have completed their work, the second phase of their plan will begin.

 The Doctor goes to collect samples of the foam/fungi, but is caught when a spore bursts in his face. He collects as much as he can and rushes off.

 Kelly has worked out a way to use the satellites around Earth for T Mat instead of the moon base – they wouldn’t be able to handle the same traffic as before, but enough to get essential food supplies and medicines to where they are most needed.

 The Doctor determines that the fungus is intended to reduce the oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere dramatically (to 1/20th, according to Eldred’s calculations), which would bring it close to that of Mars. (Okay, figured that already, but if they’re doing that, why need an invasion force? All human life would be dead by then.) As they talk, their sample continues to spread, forming one of the pop-bubbles; Eldred runs, fearing for his life, but The Doctor bravely (stupidly?) stays and pours random chemicals on it, but only one has any effect – and I’m sure it’s water.

 Jamie and Zoe ponder the solitary Ice Warrior, when The Doctor videos in, looking for Radnor. He reveals that water is the fungi’s weakness. He tells Zoe to get Radnor to get in touch with the weather control bureau. (Of course, we already know what’s happened there.)

 Zoe tries to get the computer to connect her with Commander Radnor. I know what’s going to happen next… yup, Zoe says they’ll have to go to the bureau on their own.

 On the moonbase, the Ice Warriors bring in a device. The commander says it’s a communication unit. Fewsham questions it and finds out it has a homing beacon built in to direct the armada to the Moon.

 Zoe and Jamie make it through the fungi to the Weather Control Station. They close the door, “in case that warrior’s still prowling around out there”, but I bet he’s still inside… they wander around, wondering where everyone is, and find the dead tech in the control room, as well as the fused controls.

 Zoe figures out that the warrior must have done it, when they hear his breathing and hide. Does the station have its own weather control?

 On the moonbase, the Grand Marshal is communicating with the Ice Warrior commander. He says the fleet is approaching the gravitational field of the Moon. Fewsham fiddles… okay, he activates the video link.

 At T Mat Reception, The Doctor and Eldred have returned and with Kelly and Radnor, they’re watching as the rocket is preparing to take off, taking a new satellite to orbit that will handle T Mat. Suddenly, the Moon Control video link comes on and they see the Ice Warriors and Fewsham. They listen in record the transmission.

 Fewsham gets the commander to test the device’s homing signal, obviously hoping that anyone at T Mat Reception is smart enough to figure out what to do. Fortunately, The Doctor was, as he was the one who told them to record the transmission. The signal runs and Fewsham talks about the fleet having only marginal fuel and if they overshoot they’d end up being pulled into the Sun.

 The Ice Warrior commander does a double-triple take, looking back and forth between the camera in the far wall and the unit and figures out that the video link is active and accuses Fewsham of treachery. Fewsham is a man in his final moment and is killed by the Ice Warriors.

 The Doctor tells them to cancel the satellite launch, so they can use the satellite to mislead the armada with a fake homing beacon. (though how they’d keep the legit one from running I don’t get…)

 Talk turns to the fungi and The Doctor finds out that Zoe never got ahold of them and they haven’t made it rain yet. Eldred informs The Doctor that the Weather Control Bureau was the last place the Ice Warrior was sighted.

 There’s a running scene (it IS Doctor Who, after all) and The Doctor arrives at the bureau to find it surrounded by foamy fungi. He covers his face and carefully treads through to the front door, but the foam quickly becomes agitated and foams all about while he bangs on the door.

 Once again, timing between scenes seems really poorly scheduled/thought out. The Doctor said he talked to Zoe over an hour ago, and yet we see them still hding from the Ice Warrior, in the same spot we saw them last – and since the WCB is on T Mat property, it can’t be THAT far to get to, even by foot (or The Doctor never would have got there nearly that soon)…

 The Ice Warrior is inches from finding Zoe and Jamie’s hiding spot, when he hears the banging on the front door and The Doctor calling out for Zoe and Jamie.

 Outside, The Doctor is chest deep in foam and more is pouring towards him like a tidal wave.

 The Ice Warrior heads to the door.

 A huge bubble forms in front of The Doctor, about to burst… and the credits roll.

 Again, outside of the poor time scheduling between scenes, a very well crafted cliffhanger. Very tense, and great emoting from Troughton, as always.

Episode 6:

 (I wonder how much fun it was, or wasn’t, playing around in the foam filming these sequences.)

 The Ice Warrior makes his way to the front door, Jamie and Zoe skulking about, following. Jamie jumps out and distracts the Ice Warrior, who fires his gun and presumably gives chase.

 Outside, we see the large spore bubble forming in front of The Doctor, as Zoe fights with the door, barely opening it in the nick of time. The Doctor stumbles in, followed by foam and they close the door. Zoe tells him that there’s an Ice Warrior and Jamie’s drawn him off.

 The warrior follows Jamie back to the control room, firing his gun, but the canny Jamie manages to avoid being shot. He runs and finds The Doctor and Zoe and they hide in a Solar Energy Room. The Ice Warrior blasts at the door, trying to get in.

 Outside the Weather Control Bureau, we see a squad of security men making their way through the foam. They enter the station and engage in combat with the Ice Warrior.

 The Doctor has rigged up a unit similar to what Phipps made on the moon base (though Zoe says Phipps’ was bigger – guess size really is important.)

 The Ice Warrior has pursued the security team out the front door. The Doctor has twin dishes, more portable (cuz they’re not bigger, so there, Zoe) and wanders the halls, looking for the Ice Warrior. They meet, and The Doctor yells for Zoe to throw the switch and the Ice Warrior is killed. Yay!

 Kelly works on reproducing the frequency of the Ice Warrior homing beacon. She gets it set and when Eldred, being a bit of a smart ass, asks how she’ll get it to the launching pad without T Mat, she tells him she found a petrol car in a museum. Excited, he asks her what make.

 “I’ve no idea. It has four wheels and it runs!” – Kelly’s response.

 The Doctor fiddles (AUGH!) with the controls of the weather control (who controls the controller?) machine.

 The Grand Marshal yells at the commander for killing Fewsham. The commander says he can get more technicians to repair the machine if it fails. He tells the Grand Marshal all is prepared, and then returns to the ship to finalise the invasion plans. (Really? I’d have thought the plans were finalised before execution.)

 The Doctor is covered in wires, as he tries to get the weather control apparatus working. Whenever he’s messing around with tech, there’s wires all over him, it seems. He says when he gets that working he wants to modify his sun gun.

 Next we see the rocket launching. The Doctor and his companions saunter back into T Mat Reception, proclaiming soon it will rain. Miss Kelly asks won’t some of the Martian ships follow the right homing signal and he replies that there won’t be a right one, only theirs, which will lead them into orbit around the Sun. He plans to T Mat to the Moon and destroy their device himself.

 The Doctor has made his sun gun portable and is beamed up by Kelly (not Scotty, though.) He appears on the Moon and blasts the Ice Warrior in the command centre. He then pries begins to pry open the device, but another Ice Warrior comes in, accompanied by Slaar (the commander.) Slaar has his warrior destroy The Doctor’s weapon (which he has set down to fiddle with the directional beam.)

 Slaar tells The Doctor if he can operate the T Mat mechanism, he can be useful and can live. The Doctor agrees, and when Slaar tells him that he will be sending the warriors to Earth, the two banter.

 “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip” – The Doctor, to Slaar, who had said that nothing could go wrong with his plan.

 In the T Mat Reception, they watch on a screen as the fleet changes course and follows their signal instead of Slaar’s. Radnor tells Jamie, who’s worried about The Doctor (good companion, that boy) that a squad of security, armed with flame throwers, are on their way to Reception.

 The Grand Marshal yells at Slaar that his signal has led them into a Sun orbit. They have insufficient fuel to break the orbit of the Sun! Slaar realises that The Doctor had cut power to his signal and it wasn’t being broadcast beyond the control room.

 Slaar tries to gloat re the fungi, but The Doctor shoots down his happiness over that as well. Jamie (who had gotten Zoe to T Mat him to the Moon) distracts the guard when Slaar gives him an order to kill the Doctor, and The Doctor points the warrior’s gun at Slaar, who is killed. The Doctor and Jamie then kill the Ice Warrior guard.

 Major rain storms are sweeping the Earth, wiping out the fungi. Kelly and Radnor are making plans to rebuild T Mat, but controlling it from Earth. Eldred complains that they should have learned not to put all their eggs in one basket, that they need a series of rockets on stand by. He turns to The Doctor to back him up, but he and his companions have rushed off already.

 We see them arrive at Eldred’s museum, complaining over the rain. The Doctor says they had to rush off because questions and explanations are “very difficult”. They enter the TARDIS and it dematerialises… and the final credits roll.

 Outside of some shoddy writing/production, an excellent serial. The Ice Warriors are great fun, I really liked Miss Kelly, Commander Radnor and Professor Eldred and Fewsham. Good drama, good action, not too much stupid, it’s a win!