All spoilers, all the time.

Episode 5:

 Carstairs has Zoe at gun point. He begins to pull the trigger, but the Scientist arrives, telling him that he’s done a good job, capturing the spy, but she mustn’t be killed. Despite this, Carstairs goes on about her being a spy and pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn’t fire/is out of ammo. The Scientist says that he is Carstairs’ superior officer and the soldier snaps to attention, saying, “Prisoner delivered, sir!” The guards with the Scientist take Zoe away as the Scientist leads Carstairs in the other direction.

 Von Weich is tied up and held at gun point. Jamie asks how long they’re going to keep them there, and the black soldier says they’ll let Russell decide what to do with them. (Jamie and Lady J aren’t exactly thought kindly of because they stood up for Von Weich, not wanting him killed, in hopes of using him to find The Doctor and Zoe.)

 The resistance thinks there’s a tunnel in the barn as they keep seeing lots of troops coming out of it. Jamie and Jennifer try to explain it’s not a tunnel but a machine, but they won’t listen.

 One of the other resistance men says there’s no tunnel, they’ve got the supplies loaded and it’s time to go. He points his gun at Von Weich and he and the African-American soldier struggle while the others watch. During the fight, Jamie and Jennifer make to sneak off, but a man in another military uniform shows up and fires his gun to get their attention.

 Harper is the African-American, Spencer was the man he was fighting with. I’m assuming the new arrival is Russell. As he sets everyone to duties, scolds them, Von Weich is fiddling (oh not, not again) with the video communicator in the barn. Jamie grabs him and pulls him away and directs everyone’s attention to it – since they’ve already resisted the processing, they’re able to see it for what it is.

 Back in command centre, Zoe is brought into a room with spiral patterns on the wall. There’s a strange humming in the room. The guard shoves her in a chair and a little man in a dark outfit (similar to the War Chief’s) comes in. He tells her she will be answering the questions, not asking them. He walks over to her, puts on a blocky helmet and fits a piece the juts forward down (like a magnification device). There’s a buzzing from the helmet and he starts asking questions, which she answers as if compelled.

 He doesn’t believe her when she answers that she was born in the 21st century. He questions her what the TARDIS means and she answers. She mentions The Doctor and he learns forward, flashing images of men into her mind, saying she will identify anyone known to her, “particularly this Doctor!” We see the first several images, but none are known to us.

 The Doctor runs (it IS Doctor Who, after all) through the corridors and ends up in a room with Carstairs and the Scientist, who demands to know what he’s doing there. The Doctor says he was so interested in the demonstration he wanted to come along and see how it was going.

 He tries to explain that he was trying to catch “the girl” (Zoe) when he ran off. The Doctor tries to pick the Scientist’s brain, and learns that only the War Chief knows the timing of the plan. He watches (allowed to stay because he sucked up to the Scientist’s ego) and is asked to tie down the man, which he does, but only loosely.

 When the deprocessing is completed, The Doctor and Carstairs overpower the Scientist and throw him in the deprocessor and turn it on.

 Jamie and Jennifer are explaining about the video communicator and the box that brings the troops to (presumably) Russell, who has trouble believing it. Von Weich manages to trip an alarm, and we see a man at a communications board in the command centre, responding asking what the emergency is.

 The War Chief consults the interrogator who was working with Zoe – she didn’t recognise any of the men (all known resistance leaders, presumably) they showed her and thus feel she is part of “a small resistance group”.

 If the War Chief knows The Doctor, he doesn’t acknowledge it with his subordinate. However, he does ask if all things were otherwise normal with the girl, and the interrogator responds, “Yes… the normal pattern of resistance activity. Did you expect something else?” So, perhaps he does know more than he’s sharing with his lackeys.

 The communication board worker brings in news of the emergency call from the Civil War zone. The War Chief tells the interrogator to follow, that Zoe can wait. As they leave, The Doctor and Carstairs come around the corner and knock out the guard left in the security room with Zoe.

 After Zoe tells him what happened, The Doctor puts on the headset. He sees several faces, including that of Harper. As he asks her what they were asking about, The Doctor cycles through the pictures – we see Harper and others from the Civil War, men from the 1914-1918 war (World War One), and he says there are “scattered groups of resistance”, but wonders if they can somehow organise them. With Zoe’s power of recall, they’ll be able to know all the men (faces and names) to contact in each zone.

 Guards are summoned to go to the landing bay to go to the American Civil War zone. The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs follow them there.

 Back in the barn, everyone’s still arguing, when Jamie hears the sound of arrival of the machine. Everyone hides, and when two guards come out, Harper jumps out but his shot. The resistance grabs the guards and disarm them, but Harper is dead.

 The War Chief and the interrogator argue; the War Chief is putting the blame on the interrogator (he’s also the head of security, I gather), even saying that the only reason they knew of the intruders was because he pointed them out. The interrogator responds, “Yes, that has been troubling me… how did you recognise them?”

 The War Chief quickly deflects the questioning, saying that the interrogator’s incompetence is threatening this whole operation. “When I came to your people I was promised efficiency and cooperation. Without the knowledge I have,” and he grabs a large pendant hanging from a chain that he wears around his neck, “this complete venture would be impossible!”

 Oh, wow, I have no idea what that thing around his neck is… oh, this is so exciting. I mean – okay, I think it’s pretty obvious he’s another time lord. But what is he up to? Why are they doing this? Who are these other people? They’re not humans, we know that by how they refer to the Earth people.

 The interrogator tells him if he has any complaints, take them to the War Lord. This doesn’t have quite the effect he was hoping for, as the War Chief calmly replies, “I intend to do so.”

 The interrogator returns to the security room to continue with Zoe, and finds the unconscious guard.

 Jamie argues with Russell and finally says he’s going on without them, though. Lady Jennifer tries to go, but Russell says he’s going with Jamie and Lady J is needed back at their base – they’ve got hundreds of injured men and she’s a trained nurse. Russell takes two of his men with him, and as the machine dematerialises, Von Weich looks on with a very satisfied grin.

 The interrogator goes to the Scientist’s lab and finds him trapped in his machine. He lets him out and finds out that Carstairs was freed by The Doctor. He mentions altering the War Chief, but the interrogator says no. He dismisses the guards and the two men talk – he tells the Scientist that the girl, under the “truth machine”, revealed they have the knowledge of space-time travel, just like the War Chief.

 “[The War Chief] is not of our race. Who knows where his true loyalties lie?” – the interrogator.

 Aha, we learn that the War Chief is “a traitor to his own people.” Yes, I rather assumed that was the case.

 The War Chief is alerted that the machine is returning from the American Civil War zone but has not followed proper procedure; the War Chief first tells the communication man to alert the security chief (interrogator dude, obivously), but then says he will handle it personally, and sends out a call for all guards to report to landing bay.

 At the landing bay, The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs hide. The Doctor says they just need one of the machines to land – if he can get inside again, he feels certain he can control it. (Of course he can, it’s obviously a form of TARDIS, brought in or created by the War Chief.)

 Alarms go off and a bunch of guards arrive. The arrival light flashes and the machine (sounding more like a TARDIS now) arrives. The door slides open and Jamie and his associates arrive, only to be ambushed by the guards, who open fire… and all the men fall, including Jamie… and the credits roll.

 Oh, this is so exciting, I don’t want to stop, I want to keep watching, but it’s getting late, so I’ll watch the last five of the serial tomorrow.

Episode 6:

 The Doctor and Carstairs drag Zoe away, to keep her from getting caught. The guards start collecting the bodies as The Doctor leads the Lt and Zoe to the processing room.

 In the security room, the Security Chief and the Scientist discuss The Doctor; the Security Chief believes he and his companions came to “this planet” without being brought by them. The Security Chief says that he thinks the War Chief is responsible.

 And then, in response, we have a historical moment in this show. Are you ready? I’m bouncing, I’m excited.

 The Scientist questions, “Are you suggesting he’s bringing in his own people, the Time Lords?” SQUEEEEE! There it is, said for the first time ever! Woo hoo!

 The Security Chief tells the Scientist they must find proof before going before the War Lord with their accusations. He tells the Scientist that before anyone is reprocessed, they are to be evaluated and if anything is out of the norm, they are to be brought to the Security Chief.

 The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs find a bunch of guards in the processing room. They skulk about to an adjacent room.

 In the processing room, Jamie and several others of the resistance are seen laying. The Scientist has one on his table and is using the truth helmet to scan his brain; the scan seems to indicate that all is normal and he has the guards take him away.

 The Doctor demagnetises one of the wall panels to access the processing room. Through a crack, they watch as Jamie is scanned – Zoe is delighted to see that he is alive. Jamie’s scan reveals that his brain is different and the guards prepare to take him to the Security Chief, but the War Chief shows up and starts questioning the Scientist on why Jamie, particularly, is being taken to the SC.

 The War Chief allows Jamie to be taken, but informs the Scientist to include him in any such unusual developments. After he departs, Carstairs grabs the sole guard and The Doctor confronts the Scientist.

 Back in the Civil War zone barn, Von Weich is sitting, guarded by one young man with a gun. The boy is rather nervous and it’s obvious Von Weich is going to try something. When the boy fetches a canteen for Von Weich, he starts to make a break for it, but the boy stops him.

 Jamie is being interrogated by the SC, revealing how The Doctor and his companions got there, and whether or not they were summoned there or not. The WC and SC argue. The WC tells him if he suspects him, go to the War Lord, but be absolutely sure, or he will crush him.

 The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs free the resistance me and make a run for it. Alarms go off and guards come running. The Doctor tells Russell they need to return to the time zones and find the various pockets of resistance to link them up into once concerted effort.

 Von Weich asks the boy to get his monocle out of his pocket for it. He uses it to brainwash Private Moore, though the boy resists at first.

 The WC and SC are brought to the processing room, but there’s nobody within. The Security Chief makes an accusation that only a “space-time machine” woud have allowed them to escape, but the War Chief finds the loose panel in the wall.

 “I am sorry to crush your wild theories, but there’s your space-time machine!” – the WC, before sending the guards to the landing bay to cut off the prisoners’ escape.

 They rescue Jamie from the security room and march off, everyone wearing military uniforms from World War I. Guards approach, several of them slipping past a force field The Doctor erects. The resistance quickly defeat them, and Zoe, Russell and several others take the space-time machine to the 1917 zone. The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs stay behind to get the processing machine.

 The machine arrives at the barn (though The Doctor said he was pre-setting for 1917…) and Russell steps out. Von Weich commands Moore to attack Russell and Russell tries to use words to break the conditioning, but they fight instead. Von Weich gets a gun during the fracas and uses it to capture Russell. As he’s about to shoot the resistance leader, Moore grabs his rifle and kills Von Weich.

 The SC points out that the War Chief knew they’d be able to operate the space-time machine (he’s still looking for any evidence to back up his theories about the WC’s bringing in his own people), but the WC points out that it was merely logical to make that assumption – after all, that was how they gained access to central command. (Though, really, it wasn’t; The Doctor and Zoe initially just rode one of the machines on automated pilot…)

 The War Chief tells the Security Chief that he’d better “do something about this resistance group before the War Lord arrives.”

 The Scientist sees The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs stealing the processing unit. They make their way to the landing bay and The Doctor sets the controls for the space-time machine and they make their getaway… but something stops the machine. The Doctor sets the lock so they cannot get in, and begins to fiddle (oh dear) with the master controls, which he mentions is a “slightly different design to the TARDIS”.

 When the SC sends a message to surrender and their lives will be spared, The Doctor assures Jamie and Carstairs that they’re safe, “this thing is impregnable against outside attack.”

 Jamie’s response is spot-on, “You mean like the TARDIS?” The Doctor’s reaction is only to glance at the highlander.

 The War Chief tells the Security Chief they need to force them out and he walks over to the control panel. He activates the dimensional control, and within, it begins to get smaller – we haven’t seen that happen since the First Doctor dealt with The Mad Monk, I don’t think.

 Inside, the walls, ceiling begin to close in on them. As the War Chief says they have thirty seconds, we see the three of them pushed together, crying out in fear… and the credits roll.

 Another wonderful cliffhanger and we finally have the term “Time Lords” in use. This is such geeky, wonderful fun.

Episode 7:

 As they’re being squashed, The Doctor says they have to do as the War Chief demands. He crawls out of the space-time machine, waving a white cloth – a flag of truce, though the War Chief and Security Chief seem not to respect that. The Doctor throws down a capsule of gas which disorients/incapacitates everyone, steals the master circuit from the control board and rushes back in to the space-time machine to escape.

 Later in the command centre, the War Chief and Security Chief argue over who is to blame. Klaxxons sound, signalling the arrival of the War Lord. After more arguing, the WC goes off to greet him, leaving the SC in charge of the command centre, where they wait to see where the space-time machine will land.

 The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs ready to depart as soon as it lands – The Doctor knows they’ll be able to detect them once they do.

 Sector 5 – the Roman zone – seems to be where the map indicates the space-time machine has landed, and the SC sends a man to contact the Roman commander. The War Lord, a thin, bearded man wearing spectacles, has arrived with the War Chief at his side. The War Lord is unhappy to discover that the intruders stole the revised processing machine.

 The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs quickly find themselves pursued by Romans and run towards the Time Zone Barrier.

 The Security Chief and War Chief butt heads yet again, the SC blaming the WC for The Doctor’s presence. They begin yelling and the War Lord tells them both to cooperate or else.

 Escaping through the mist, The Doctor and his two associates have made it to the 1917 zone, but are captured and taken before General Smythe. Zoe and the resistance watched the capture from afar and she says they must follow.

 The Doctor is taken away for execution – Smythe seems to have a personal vendetta in mind. He reports in that he captured them but The Doctor was killed trying to escape. The War Chief tells him to find the machine and bring it and the others to him. When Smythe asks Jamie where the machine is, they tell him only The Doctor knows where it is.

 Suddenly, the resistance attacks, saving The Doctor and storming the general’s HQ. He sends a plea to the War Chief for assistance, but Russell bursts in and shoots him as he was trying to deactivate the “area control”.

 The War Lord says that the resistance are foolish as they’ve gathered their numbers in one location. The Security Chief advises sending in his guards, but the War Chief says that would be foolish and it would invalidate the experiment and it would be better to use artillery to destroy the chateau. The War Lord says it woud be equally foolish, as bombing the chateau would destroy the control machinery and the Time Zone barrier would fail – instead, he says to use conventional forces.

 Both armies are pushing on the chateau. The Doctor tells the resistance that he just needs time to work on the machines – if successful, they will have a safe base of operations.

 Back in the command centre, the War Chief and Security Chief butt heads yet again. The SC accuses the WC of letting The Doctor get away/escape. The WC assures him “this Doctor will die.”

 The Doctor manipulates the machinery to surround the chateau with a Time Zone barrier, cutting off the armies from attacking and giving them a safe base of operations!

 The War Lord tells the WC that the SC is correct – he has failed. He turns to the SC and criticises his leadership of the security forces, as well. He declares that he, personally, will take charge of the “whole situation”.

 In the chateau, they deprocess one of them men, a Frenchman. The Doctor tells Russell with more equipment, he can rig up a machine that will handle larger numbers.

 A space-time machine is heard arriving in the general’s office. Guards exit and blast their way in, grabbing The Doctor and the processing machine, dragging them back into the machine and leaving. Zoe, Jamie and the others rush in to find the machine gone… and the credits roll.

 See you tomorrow for the final chapter of THE WAR GAMES!