This is it, the final post on The War Games. So here we are, spoiler warning time!

Episode 8:

 The resistance ponders what to do – they want to set up some precautions in case the space-time machine returns to the general’s quarters. Their first idea (explosives) is shot down by Zoe, who says if they blow up the machinery in the general’s room, the Time Barrier zone around the chateau will go down and the soldiers will be able to get them. Instead, they decide to set up a machine gunner.

 The Doctor and the processing apparatus are brought back to central command. The SC informs the War Lord that the prisoner is in the security room. He examines the prototype improved processing device and instructs the SC to have the Scientist to return to “the home world” and have it mass produced.

 The War Chief tells the War Lord that the prisoner might resist interrogation and may need special treatment; the War Lord tells him to be sure that he gets it.

 The SC uses the truth helmet on The Doctor, demanding him to admit that he’s working with the War Chief. The Doctor seems to resist the compulsion.

 Zoe rattles off a list of resistance leaders as they discuss whom to contact next. Arturo Villar of the Mexican Civil War is considered to lead the largest resistance group and must be the first they recruit.

 A space-time machine appears and the machine-gunner fires on the guards, who duck back in. A sonic rifle takes down the gunners, but Carstairs throws a grenade in and the machine leaves.

 Still the SC tries to get The Doctor to admit, and still The Doctor resists. The War Chief interrupts, saying that since he is of the same race, he knows that the truth helmet can be resisted by The Doctor. The SC latches on to this admission, “Then you admit it – you do know him!”

 “Of course I do. And only I can deal with him.” – The War Chief

 The SC reluctantly releases The Doctor into the War Chief’s care. The guards take him away to the War Room. After the WC leaves, the SC moves to his desk and presses a button, demanding he speak to the War Lord on the top security channel.

 In the War Room, the War Chief dismisses everyone so he and The Doctor are alone. Oh, this is gonna be good!!!

 “You may have changed your appearance, bu I know who you are.” – The War Chief to The Doctor

 When the War Chief starts pointing out that The Doctor has a TARDIS, and that he cannot be a stranger, our hero replies, “I had every right to leave.”

 The War Chief begins to explain the purpose behind the War Games. The aliens have designs to conquer the galaxy, a thousand worlds, and mankind is going to be their army.

 “We can bring peace to the galaxy… and you can help.” – The War Chief, appealing to The Doctor. (Oh. Oh. What a concept for an alternate reality story. Imagine The Doctor slipping into an alternate reality, finding one where his 2nd incarnation accepted the WC’s offer, and they succeeded?)

 In the chateau, the resistance men drift off to sleep, and Mexican rebels slip in, taking them hostage. Arturo Villar and his men have arrived to speak to Russell. When Zoe stands up to him, he tells her, “For such a little woman, your mouth is too big!”

 Since Russell is not available, Jamie pretends to be the second in command, acting tough with Villar. This is the comic relief segment, apparently.

 As the War Chief continues to try to win The Doctor over to his side, the War Lord, accompanied by the Security Chief and guards, arrive. The War Chief admits to the War Lord that The Doctor is a fellow renegade Time Lord. The SC argues for The Doctor’s execution. The War Lord says that if The Doctor helps destroy the resistance, he will be allowed to live. He tells the WC that if they are unsuccessful, he will have them both killed.

 The resistance leaders finalise their plans for their attack on the central command zone.

 In the Roman Zone, the resistance attacks and take out the communication device there. In the Crimean War Zone, the same happens. Each time, the SC sends guards and technicians are sent. It continues through the various zones, and then they begin phase two of their plan.

  In the barn, a man rushes in, opens the panel to the communication device. Villar is there, but stops his man from destroying it.

 In central command, the WC criticises the SC for spreading his men so thin to all the different areas. The SC says that they believe the attacks are being coordinated from the American Civil War Zone, as that device was not damaged. He wants to use a neutron bomb. The War Lord shoots down the idea, saying they will be more subtle. He turns to The Doctor and says that this will be his opportunity to prove his loyalty and save his life.

 As the resistance leaders, now assembled at the barn, prepare to destroy the communicator, The Doctor’s face appears in it, asking for Jamie and Zoe. He says not to send the army, just the leaders – he’s arranging for a space-time machine to be sent there.

 It arrives and they cautiously enter. Petrov (a Cossack) is left behind to supervise as the others all board. The Doctor brings them back and is happy to see them. He leads them into a trap, and then rushes to stand by the War Chief, who thanks him and says, “A nice, neat little package for us to dispose of.”

 Jamie and Zoe cling to each other, looking at The Doctor in disbelief, and he gazes back, his eyes full of torment… and the credits roll.

 In a serial full of excellent cliffhangers, this is by the far the best yet!

Episode 9:

 The resistance leaders are taken prisoner, while they threaten to kill him for his treason. The SC wants The Doctor taken prisoner, too, but the WC insists that he is working with them and is still needed. The others leave and the two Time Lords talk some more. The Doctor begins to suspect that the War Chief does need him, something to do with the space-time machines.

 He compliments the WC’s accomplishments with the space-time machines – remote control and other modifications always resulted in “the shortening of the life of the time-control units” in The Doctor’s time, (on their homeworld, which still has not been named, I must note.) The Doctor is very curious to know how the War Chief got around that – the WC says they will talk later, they must not keep the War Lord waiting.

 The Doctor realises that he has not solved it and that the War Chief wants him for his TARDIS – eventually, the time-space machines will burn out through use.

 The resistance leaders are placed in a cell; the others blame The Doctor for tricking them, but Zoe and Jamie insist that he had a good reason and Zoe brings up that there was a reason he had to bring them there, and they must figure it out.

 The War Lord tells The Doctor that he is bothered by his sudden decision to work with them.

 “I like to be on the winning side.” – The Doctor

 The War Lord is amused by The Doctor’s “silver tongue”, comparing him to the War Chief in that fashion. The Doctor offers to modify the processing machines to work better – a faster solution than waiting for the Scientist to mass produce new ones on the homeworld.

 The Doctor is taken to the processing room and the War Lord and War Chief consult. The War Lord is staying until the emergency is over and the War Games have recommenced.

 The SC brings The Doctor to the resistance leaders and leaves him there, with no guards to protect him. They move in menacingly on him.

 The War Chief and Security Chief butt heads yet once more. The War Chief realises that the SC has been up to something and leaves the War Room to see where The Doctor is. Once he leaves, the Security Chief has a technician play back a recording… that’s not good, I shouldn’t think.

 The Doctor tries to explain that he had no choice – they were planning on dropping a neutron bomb that would have killed them all. The explanation isn’t going well, but the War Chief arrives in time, with guards, to save him.

 The Security Chief listens to the discussion between the Time Lords, where the War Chief talks about taking over as supreme leader.

 Jamie is sitting on a chair, under the spell of the processing apparatus. The War Chief watches as The Doctor works the machine and when Jamie gets up, The Doctor speaks to him as if he’s been processed. It seems obvious that Jamie is playing along. Zoe is dragged there and The Doctor gives her a wink after she’s placed on the chair.

 The War Lord returns to the War Room, but the Security Chief plays the discussion back and has the guards take him to the security bay, and gives orders to collect The Doctor on the way.

 Villar comes out of the machine, not realising it is all a trick and attacks The Doctor, trying to kill him. The others quickly jump to his defense and they explain it’s all a charade.

 Zoe, keeping watch, alerts them that guards are approaching with the War Chief. The resistance jump the guards, and the War Chief makes a deal to work with them.

 The Security Chief sends a blanket announcement to all security zones, summoning all security guards back to the nearest control point. As he speaks, the resistance attacks the War Room. An alarm is sounded and the SC makes an attempt to sneak away, but the War Chief blasts him with a sonic rifle. He hands over the rifle to the resistance, saying, “It was a personal debt I had to settle.”

 The Doctor and the War Chief discuss what to do – the War Chief wants to take one of the machines and leave this world, but The Doctor says they must put an end to the fighting and return everyone back to their proper places. The War Chief says there are only two space-time machines working and they don’t have enough life to transport so many to all the proper times.

 The others hear all this and Russell asks if The Doctor can keep his promise to get everyone back where they belong. He says he can… but the idea is obviously very hard for him to consider. The War Chief realises what The Doctor is thinking and says, “You can’t…. if you summon them, it will be the end of us. They’ll show no mercy.”

 The Doctor yells at the WC to stop the fighting. The War Chief gets on the communication board and puts out a general order to cease all fighting. Zoe and Jamie ask The Doctor who he and the War Chief were talking about.

 “The only people who can put an end to this whole, ghastly business and send everyone back to their own times – the Time Lords.” – The Doctor

 “Who are they?” – Jamie

 “They’re my own people, Jamie.”

 He tells them that this is not exactly a good thing but says there are no alternative. He sits down on the floor and sets out six pieces of plastic or some other hard material. He closes his eyes and concentrates.

 The War Chief tries to stop him, pleading for him not to do it, but the resistance leaders restrain him. As The Doctor concentrates, the pieces line up on the floor and, then of their own accord (perhaps powered by The Doctor’s mind), they assemble into a cube, much to the surprise of those watching.

 The Doctor explains that the box has all the information about what’s been going on here, plus an appeal for help. He explains that returning everyone is more than he can handle. When Jamie asks why he’s never done it before, he replies that he’s never really had the need to, until now. They realise that the War Chief has slipped off, while everyone was distracted and rush out to find him.

 In the landing bay, the War Chief recalls a time-space machine, but two guards stop him. The War Lord is there and the War Chief says they must return to the homeworld to get reinforcements, as there has been a revolt.

 But the War Lord says it is too late – he heard the recordings. The War Chief tries to claim that the recording was a forgery. He tries to escape, but the War Lord has his men kill the War Chief! They drag off of the body and the War Lord prepares the space-time machine to take them to the homeworld for reinforcements.

 The resistance arrives and attacks the guards and capture the War Lord. The Doctor tells them not to kill him, let the Time Lords dispose of him. He tells everyone he is going to summon the Time Lords and they need to stay here to await them… but he cannot stay.

 He turns to his companions and says, “Jamie, Zoe, this is where we say goodbye.” They don’t understand why he’s afraid of them, and ask, “But I thought they were your people, your friends?”

 “Yes, Jamie, they are my people, but… oh, it’d take too long to explain. I have to go!”

 Oh, now I’m gonna cry. This is why Jamie is so awesome (and Zoe, too.) The highlander tells The Doctor, “Now loo, if you’re gonna be in trouble, you’ll need me to look after you,” and Zoe chirps up, “Me, too!”

 Reluctantly, he agrees that they can accompany him, but telling them, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” He readies the space-time machine, and then sits down and concentrates again, and the cube disappears. He gets up to leave, but Russell and Villar stop him, the former wondering why he wants to leave so bad if the Time Lords are friends and the latter thinking he’s leaving them to die.

 Villar tries to stop him, even to the point of moving to shoot him in the back as he enters the space-time machine, but Russell stops him. The Doctor, his companions and Carstairs return to the 1917 zone – they to find the TARDIS and Carstairs to find Lady Jennifer.

 The War Lord tells Villar, “Don’t worry… when the Time Lords find him, he’ll wish you had shot him.” He looks up as there’s a strange, hollow noise echoing all about, and says simply, “They’re coming.”

 The Doctor, Carstairs, Jamie and Zoe run down a hill. They say their goodbyes to the Lieutenant and head down. As Jamie looks back, he sees Carstairs disappear and stops to indicate it. The Doctor yells for them to hurry and the hollow echoing is heard all about. They run to the TARDIS, but everything is in slow motion… the distorted voice of The Doctor says “We must get away” as the reach the TARDIS, but they collapse, and The Doctor’s hand touches the door… and the credits roll.

 WOW. That’s fucking dramatic, right there. Holy shit, I’ve got goosebumps!

Episode 10:

 Zoe cries out, her voice distorted. The Doctor, his voice also distorted, says it is a force field and they have to concentrate. Jamie helps him with the key and they struggle to get in the TARDIS. The Doctor struggles to the console. Inside, they feel the effects, but not as strongly. The Doctor gets the TARDIS in motion, and they seem to be unaffected now.

 The Doctor explains that he was bored with life – the Time Lords just sit back and gather information and knowledge and observe and live forever (barring accidents.) He wanted to explore and meet people and see things and civilisations.

 Jamie asks why that’s a bad thing, why the Time Lords frown upon it… and The Doctor replies with the best quote ever, the biggest understatement of all time and space: “Well… it is a fact, Jamie, that I do tend to get involved with things.”

 Jamie’s response is lovely, too. “Aye, you can say that again! Whenever there’s any trouble he’s right in the middle of it.”

 Zoe asks what The Doctor is going to do – he says he’s set the controls for the farthest known planet he can find.

 Again, Jamie gets the awesome reply, “Oh, in that case, we’ll probably end up right in their laps.” Suddenly, the TARDIS begins to land, which The Doctor says is too soon.

 We see the footage of the TARDIS landing on the water (from Fury from the Deep), but the scanner then shows them below water. Suddenly, water starts dripping in from the roof and The Doctor says the Time Lords are weakening the TARDIS’ defenses. He takes them to outer space, saying they have given them the slip.

 A disembodied voice echos throughout the TARDIS, “There is no escape, Doctor. Return the TARDIS immediately to our home planet.” When The Doctor asks why they won’t leave him alone, the voice replies, “You have broken our laws, you must return for your trial.”

 Again, The Doctor tries a quick transference jump, hoping to get somewhere safe. They land somewhere surrounded by crocodiles or alligators, and then the controls start moving on their own.

 The ship travels and comes to a stop. Using the scanner, they see multiple time-space machines lined up. Obviously, they’re on… well, they haven’t called it Gallifrey, yet, just the Time Lords’ homeworld.

 In a most chilling sequence, the voice says, “You have returned to us, Doctor. Your travels are over.”

 The Doctor confirms that they’re on his home planet. He tells Jamie they can’t get away, not this time, and the three of them exit the TARDIS (which still looks like a police box.)

 Outside, a man in robe-like garments tells them to accompany him, though Jamie questions it. The Doctor tells Jamie they must do as he says. The man leads them into a chamber where the War Lord stands. He does not acknowledge their arrival.

 The man joins two other men in the same robes and informs them the witnesses have arrived. The tallest of the three, a man with grey hair, says they will wait until needed and then instructs the trial to continue.

 The War Lord is being tried for his crimes against the humans who died in the War Games. A Time Lord speaks in details about the various offenses involved in the scheme of the War Lord and his people.

 As the Time Lord speaks, The Doctor explains to his companions that the Time Lords usually do not get involved, and a trial is a rare thing, but since he summoned them, they were forced to get involved. Jamie asks if they can get away, but The Doctor says while they may be able to, he doesn’t think he will.

 The Doctor is instructed to step forward, and he does so. He asserts that everything in his report was due to his personal observation. The Doctor identifies the War Lord as the accused. They ask the War Lord if he has anything to say in his defense, and they use their minds to cause him pain when he refuses to do so.

 He refuses the authority of the court, saying the humans would have killed each other anyways, that the ends justify the means. The War Lord tells the tribunal, “If I am guilty, then you are guilty, too!”

 In the docking bay, two Time Lord technicians examine The Doctor’s TARDIS console. One of them hears the sound of an arriving space-time machine and goes to investigate, to find guards from the War Lord’s people. They fire their rifles at the technicians, killing them both.

 The tribunal announces that the War Lord has been found guilty, and his attempt to implicate others is transparent. The War Lord says they have no authority over him, and when his guards burst in, he adds, “and no power with which to pass any sentence.”

 The guards take The Doctor and his companions hostage, telling the tribunal he will have them killed if they try to stop him. The tribunal says they will not endanger innocents.

 The War Lord tells The Doctor he will help them if he wants to save the lives of his two friends. When Jamie insists that The Doctor cannot steer it properly, the War Lord snaps, “Of course he can steer it, now into the machine,” and the guards push everyone into The Doctor’s TARDIS.

 The Doctor tries to explain that the directional control is faulty, but the guards grab Zoe and point a gun at her. The War Lord gives coordinates for his home planet and The Doctor says, “I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.” He flips some switches, telling his companions to hide their eyes and run.

 Bright light fills the console room and a shrill sirend sounds. The guards are blinded and disoriented as our heroes dash out. The War Lord and guards give chase, but two of the tribunal stand outside, waiting. The Doctor and his companions hide behind them.

 A force field surrounds the War Lord and his men, and one of the Time Lords tells him that a force field has been placed around his planet as well, “so that your warlike people will remain prisoners forever. You have been found guilty of all charges and you and your murderous associates will be dematerialised. It will be as if you had never existed.”

 And the War Lord and his guards fade into nothingness.

 Jamie and Zoe walk to the TARDIS, saying, “Well, it’s time to go, come along, Doctor,” but the force field surrounds them. The Doctor tells them the Time Lords won’t let him go.

 The tall Time Lord gestures and The Doctor follows them; the companions are told they must wait there while The Doctor is on trial.

 Back in the trial chamber, The Doctor is told he is on trial for breaking “our most important law of non-interference in the affairs of other planets.”

 When asked if he admits to them, he replies, “I not only admit them, I am proud of them. While you have been content to merely observe the evil in the galaxy, I have been fighting against it!”

 He asks them to allow a thought channel, so that he might show the evils he has fought against. On a screen, we see each of the following and he tells the Time Lords about them – the Quarks and the Dominators, the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, the Ice Warriors, Cybermen, and worst of all, the Daleks. 

 “True, I am guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need!” – The Doctor. Man, this is some good fucking stuff here. Wow.

 The tall Time Lord says they must have time to consider his words – he has raised “difficult issues”.

 Zoe and Jamie are told they are being taken back to their proper time and place. They ask for permission to see The Doctor, and the Time Lord seems surprised they are attached to him. The Time Lord leaves the three of them together to say goodbye.

 When they ask what is going to happen to him, The Doctor replies, “Oh, nothing much. I expect they’ll make me listen to a long boring speech about being a good boy. They like making speeches.” Obviously, he’s not aware of how seriously they’re taking it.

 The two companions try to talk him into attempting an escape and he gives in – he seems very afraid of the Time Lords and of what they are capable of. They leave the room and make it back to the TARDIS bay, where the Time Lords are waiting.

 The Doctor finally convinces his companions that this is it and they say their goodbyes. And I’m crying, a little, even though this serial aired before I was even born and I’ve know the ending of it for most of my life. Jamie and The Doctor exchange some touching words, then they wave goodbye and enter one of the space-time machines.

 The Time Lord tells them that they will remember their first adventure with him, and they will be returned moments after they had left with him. He then tells The Doctor to follow, as his fate has been decided. They return to the trial chamber, and on the screen, we see Zoe, back on the Wheel. The sounds of a space-time machine dematerialising can be heard as she looks around, a bit confused. Tanya, one of the characters from THE WHEEL IN SPACE, approaches and asks if she is all right, to which she replies in the affirmative, and that she just saw The Doctor and Jamie off.

 Tanya says they’d better get back to work, there’s a lot to be done if they’re to get the Wheel back to normal. Zoe stares off, frowning, and Tanya asks, “Are you sure you’re all right?”

 In a bit of a heartbreaker, Zoe replies, “Oh, yes, I thought I’d forgotten something important, but it’s nothing.” Ok, getting sniffly all over again.

 She moves to follow Tanya, but stops and looks around one more time.

 The Doctor asks the Time Lords if she’ll be all right, and they answer, “Of course.” When he asks about Jamie, the screen activates again, and we see Jamie getting up from the ground, dressed in his full piper regalia again. A redcoat appears and takes aim with his rifle, but Jamie ducks.

 Jamie snarls, “Try to murder a McCrimmon will ya? Well, I’ll show you.” He draws his sword and charges, shouting, “Brigadoon!” The redcoat runs away and The Doctor laughs, pleased.

 “They both will continue their lives as if nothing had happened,” they tell The Doctor. They go on to tell him that they have accepted his plea that evil must be fought and he still has a part to play in that battle. They say because of his frequent visits to Earth, he must have special knowledge of it. The Doctor agrees that Earth seems to be more vulnerable.

 They tell him he will be exiled to Earth, in the 20th century, and he will remain there for as long as they deem proper. The secrets of the TARDIS will be taken from his mind for that duration.

 He protests that they cannot exile him to “one primitive planet in one century… besides, I am known on Earth!”

 “Your appearance has changed before, it will change again. That is part of the sentence.” Notice they’re not telling him that he’s regenerating, so this is still not part of the parlance. Very interesting, that. It’s just another change, this one induced. (Remember, when he regenerated from William Hartnell’s Doctor, it was explained that the TARDIS was responsible.)

 Outraged, The Doctor yells, “You can’t just change what I look like without consulting me!” When they tell he will have some say in the matter, he settles down, but remarks, that he is “very particular!”

 They show some sketches on the screen, which he begins to shoot down, “He’s too old, he’s too fat, too thin, too young, that won’t do at all!” They accuse him of wasting time, but he maintains that he has the right to decide as people on the Earth attach a very great deal of… and the rest of his words are garbled as the screen fades to black and we hear grunting.

 The Doctor’s face appears on the screen, with Troughton making some amusing facial contortions. Multiple mirror images spin about his central face as this goes on, and he watches them. He keeps asking what is happening.

 The Time Lords say it is time for him to choose and begin his exile. We see The Doctor spin away, as he protests they cannot do this to him, and then he fades from sight, leaving only a black screen… and the final credits roll.

 Wow, what an amazing serial with an amazing sequence of events. I’m amazed and impressed. I know I saw a little bit of this as a teenager and obviously, back then, I was a fucking moron, because I got bored with it and didn’t watch much.

 I feel worn out from this experience – I was so anxious about seeing this, so emotionally invested. Obviously, Doctor Who is a very important show to me – after all, why else would I be doing a year long view and recap blog about it? So, this is a very emotional and personal adventure and at times it affects me strongly and this is one of those times.

 I thank you, whomever you are, for joining me, following along. Two Doctors down, five more to go.