We’re halfway in, so there’s no point in not starting out with a spoiler warning…

Episode 5:

 The aggressor Silurian attacks The Doctor, but his superior stops him. They argue and I cannot help but think of THE DOMINATORS.

 The UNIT team tries to cut their way out of the trap. They try radioing in, but the cave walls keep their signals from getting out. The Brig discusses that they only have a few hours of air.

 Liz discusses her reports with PU Masters, who is rather impressed with her work. Lawrence tries to put it off as nonsense. Masters gets a call and relays the info that the UNIT forces at the cave mouth have lost contact with The Brig’s team inside.

 The Doctor tries to make a deal with the less aggressive Silurian. Baker yells at him not to be a turncoat and attacks The Doctor through the cage bars, but the Silurian uses his mental attack on Baker to make him stop.

 In the cave, one of the UNIT men is starting to freak out.

 Miss Dawson presses Masters to take action – she’s vehemently anti-Silurian, pushing them to take troops down there. Liz tries to talk against it and brings up The Doctor and his stance against military action. This makes Masters realise that The Doctor hasn’t been around and asks her where he is.

 The aggressive Silurian meets with a scientist Silurian who has been examining one of the UNIT rifles. The aggressive one (think I’m going to call him Aggie; when his superior stopped him from attacking The Doctor, I think a name was used but I couldn’t understand it over the background noise) goes on a rant about the apes being inferior and therefore should be wiped out. Yeah, this is pretty much ripped from THE DOMINATORS.

 Masters gets Liz to reveal The Doctor’s plans. After listening, he tells Dawson that for the time he’s made his decision to wait for the search to turn up something before sending in more troops.

 The Doctor learns that the Silurians entered suspended animation when they detected a small planet approaching and their scientists predicted that it would impact Earth in a great catastrophe. The Doctor tells them that it never hit the Earth, it became the Moon. (Though this flies in the face of what we know about the Moon now, of course.)

 Baker yells at The Doctor, who is in the control room with the leader. Baker accuses The Doctor of being a traitor. The Doctor says he believes there is room for both races on Earth – the Silurians could live in areas away from mankind. He offers to broker a deal between the two races, but suggests releasing the trapped men first as a sign of good faith.

 In the cave, the UNIT man has gone wonky and is doing cave drawings. When another man tries to talk to him, he becomes aggressive. Suddenly, a door in the cave opens, giving them air and freedom.

 The Doctor thanks the Silurian leader and offers his hand. The leader reacts amusingly before taking the hand. Aggie shows up, ranting about how the apes must be destroyed. He storms off and goes to talk to the scientist, where talk of mutiny comes up. After being threatened by Aggie, he agrees to help.

 The scientist Silurian gives him a virus that was used in the past to deal with humanity’s ancestors when they were attacking their crops. He suggests testing it on Baker. They take Baker out of the cage, but he attempts to run, but he ends up running to where the dinosaur is kept and they recapture him and take him to the scientist’s laboratory.

 Masters, Lawrence, Dawson and Liz sit around. They get snarky with each other, when the Brig and his men return. Lawrence gets especially snarky about The Doctor and “his monster friends”.

 The Doctor and the Silurian leader conclude their arrangements and the leader goes off to let the others know. He activates a force field keeping The Doctor from leaving the command room.

 Baker wakes up in a cave, unaware what has been done to them. He leaves, observed by Silurians.

 Aggie and the leader argue over what has been done. Aggie tells the leader that he is no longer fit to lead them and the leader responds that he will destroy him if he ever does anything like this again.

 The leader returns to tell The Doctor what has happened and gives him the virus to take, in hopes of formulating a cure.

 Baker returns to tell everyone about The Doctor being friendly with the Silurians. He tells them that he escaped and they need to blow up the cave entrances. The Doctor shows up just then to tell everyone that Baker is very il and to stay away. He directs Baker to look at his wrist and it is covered in pustules already.

 Aggie and the leader argue again. Aggie attacks him with his third eye and kills him. Aggie tells the scientist (who is present) that the leader was no longer fit to lead them.

 Masters tells Lawrence he’s going back to London. He notices Lawrence seems peaked and Lawrence says he hasn’t gotten much sleep.

 The Doctor and the Brig go searching for Baker, who has escaped. They find him outside the hospital, but he collapses and The Doctor pronounces him dead…. and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

 A doctor and a nurse from the hospital arrive, but The Doctor tells them to keep back. When they don’t listen, the Brig draws his gun and tells them to get inside. YEAH! Lay some smack down, Lethbridge-Stewart.

 The Doctor tells the Brig he’s going back to the lab, while Lethbridge-Stewart stays to get the hospital quarantined.

 Liz and The Doctor work in the lab. They talk about injections of “broad-spectrum antibiotics”, and she makes him let her give her an injection. The Brig arrives to inform them that the hospital have been successfully quarantined. Liz tells them everyone there has been given injections except for Lawrence and Masters, neither of whom she can find. They realise that Masters has left and could be carrying the disease!

 We see Masters get off a train and he’s starting to feel ill. He staggers, drops things as he makes his way through the station and to a waiting taxi. As they leave, a car with flashing siren and lights arrives.

 Aggie has asserted himself as the new leader. He is very confident that “the apes” will not be able to work up a cure.

 Lawrence arrives at the Brig’s HQ where Liz tells him he needs his injections. He refuses to submit to innoculations against an “imaginary epidemic”. As he leaves, the Brig enters and receives a call that they missed Masters at the train station.

 When Liz says they should be able to find him since he got on a taxi, the Brig replies, “Do you know how many taxis there are in London?”

 A UNIT guard is sitting on his ass, chewing bubble gum and popping bubbles. No, I’m not making this shit up. He hears a noise and jumps up, demanding to know who’s there. He picks up the radio phone to call it in, gives his name and gallery number (location), but before he can say more, a Silurian steps out and attacks him with his third eye.

 The UNIT men show up to check on Wright and are attacked by the Silurian.

 Using their scanner, Aggie sees the humans are in the caves and says they must recapture the one who took the sample.

 Various people in the train station and nearby start collapsing. We get a montage of this with scenes of The Doctor in the lab, the Brig on the phone, and Liz administering medicine to people.

 Masters runs down the street, his face covered in pustules. He keeps staggering, stumbling, then comes to a stop (presumably dead.)

 The Doctor and Liz work in the lab, but he’s not having the success he needs. “I’m starting to lose confidence, for the first time in my life. And that covers several thousand years.” Okay, that’s a bit of exaggeration, Doc. Liz gets faint in the lab and he sends her to get a follow up “jab” of antibiotics.

 The Brig gets the report that Masters is, in fact, dead. As he tells Liz, Lawrence bursts in, his face covered in pustules. He blames the Brigadier, saying it all has been a plot to get rid of him. Paranoia has fully set in. He attacks the Brig, as as the soldier fights him off, Lawrence has a seizure and dies.

 The Doctor works in the lab, starting to show signs of fatigue. He keeps working, and believes he has discovered the antidote. He informs the Brig and says they have to test it on a patient.

 In the caves, Aggie and another Silurian (the scientist?) use their third eye to burn a tunnel into the stone, which is “the closest point to the human’s base.”

 The antidote seems to be working and The Doctor returns to the lab to transcribe the formula. The Brig receives a report that the Silurians have exited their base in the caves and are moving towards surface. This is a distraction, as Aggie and the other burn their way into the lab and attack The Doctor with their third eye. The Doctor goes wide-eyed and collapses… and the credits roll.

Episode 7:

 The Brig is coordinating efforts in his war room. Liz reports that the test patient seems to be recovering quickly. The Brig curses, wishing The Doctor would get the formula to them.

 The two Silurians are taking The Doctor away. A UNIT guard sees them and yells for a Sergeant, but they blast him with the third eye. They drag The Doctor into the tunnel they caved out and seal it up with their third eye.

 Liz finally stops asking for more time for The Doctor and goes off to check on what’s taking him so long. She gets to the lab and sees sign of a struggle and goes to report it to the Brig. Hawkins comes in to tell the Brig about the dead private and the scorch mark on the wall (from where the Silurians sealed it.) Liz tries to figure out which of The Doctor’s notes are the right formula.

 Aggie and the scientist have The Doctor in a cage; Aggie crows that he is leader now. He’s like an impetuous child, bragging that he killed the leader. More and more, I’m reminded of the probationer Dominator.

 The Silurians and soldiers fight in the caves.

 Aggie tells The Doctor that he will help them reactivate the humans’ generator to power their next attack against the humans. Aggie instructs the scientist to prepare to awaken more of their people.

 The Brig and Liz try to use the lift, but it’s not working either. Aggie and a party of Silurians break in through the wall, with The Doctor. When they try to kill the Brig, a soldier tries to save him, but is killed. The Doctor tells them no more killing, but as soon as they break into the cyclotron room, the Silurians kill two technicians, mostly because they can.

 The Doctor is told to help them connect the generator to a machine that will remove the Van Allen belt, turning the Earth too hot for the humans to live on. The Doctor seems to be playing along and when he gets the chance, he tells Liz to wait for his signal, at which point she is to lower all the rods at once. When she tries to protest, he tells her he knows what he’s doing and to trust him.

 The first two rods are lowered into the reactor. Then a third. Aggie gives the order to increase the power, and The Doctor gives Liz the signal. The surge destroys their device.

 The Doctor tells Aggie that there’s going to be a meltdown and the area will be irradiated for at least twenty-five years. The Silurians decide to return to their base and return to suspended animation until it is safe to return. They leave, and The Doctor informs the Brig he can’t shut down the reactor!

 In their subterranean base, the Silurians return to their slumber. The scientist and Aggie are the last two, and one of them must remain as the equipment is defective and one must remain to operate it. Aggie says, as leader, he must stay. Their return has been set for fifty years, and Aggie tells the scientist when they awaken, he will be the leader now and he must destroy the apes once they do.

 The Doctor decides to “fuse the control of the neutron flow”. I thought the Third Doctor always reversed the polarity? Regardless, this seems to have done the trick and we have a chuckle.

 The Doctor is seen in the cave gear once more, entering the Silurian base. Aggie finds him and says he will revive the others, but prepares to kill him first. The Brigadier arrives and shoots Aggie multiple times, killing him. The Brig asks what The Doctor is up to – The Doctor has plans to revive the Silurians, one at a time, to be able to bargain with them. He’s rather looking forward to learning from them.

 The Doctor and Liz prepare to return to London, to fetch “testing equipment” and recruit fellow scientists to join in the endeavour. He tells the Brig to make sure that nobody sets foot in, which the Brig agrees to. After The Doctor departs, the Brig gives an order to wait until “they’re clear and then set off the explosives. I want that Silurian base permanantly sealed!”

 The Doctor and Liz have stopped to deal with issues with Bessie and as they get back on the road, they see the explosions. The Doctor realises that it must be the Brigadier, and Liz says the government must have been behind it.

 “But that’s murder. They were an intelligent alien beings. A whole race of them. He’s just wiped them out.” – The Doctor. (Actually, that’s genocide, not murder.)

 A bit of a dark ending, one with a very difficult morality. I can see it from both sides, though I do think the government/Brigadier went a bit too far.

 This is actually a serial I’ve seen three or four times prior to this – last year and then a few times in years prior (mostly in the 80s.) It’s a great one with some excellent writing.