And a special Saturday post, aren’t you lucky? We’re in the middle of the serial, so it’s spoiler warning time…

Episode 3:

 The creatures attack, Bill is struck and drops (dead? Unconscious? Unsure!) and the three surround Jo and The Doctor with their arms. We hear the Axos voice says “repersonalisation process” and they assume their humanoid forms. Jo and The Doctor walk with them, almost as if under a trance, as the voice says, “Bring them back to Axos.”

 If the creature is one, why does it have to talk to itself? Is it just for the viewers?

 The Brig is on the phone and he is irate. He is sending a cable to inform the UN about Chinn’s deal, but it seems someone has already sent a similar message. The Army captain comes in, pointing his gun, but the Brig calmly tells him he’d better get in touch with his HQ before trying to do anything.

 Chinn and… oh, apparently the guy I thought was Sir George was a scientist named Winser; Sir George is still here. Mea culpa. Anyhow, they enter the lab, where one of the Axon humanoid forms is there, and tells them of Winser’s death by radiation, but says it has been removed. The Axon says this must never happen again or they will cancel the agreement.

 Jo and The Doctor are back inside Axos, struggling against the restraining claws.

 Bill is found; he’s still alive, but in a coma. The Army captain tries to tell Chinn about a message from HQ, but Chinn doesn’t want to hear it.

 Axos tells The Doctor that Axos will suck Earth dry of all energy. This is the scene where the bad guy reveals the master plan to the hero so they can stop it.

 The Army captain reveals that the Ministry has ordered command to be handed over to the Brig. The Brig takes charge. Chinn blusters and protests.

 The Doctor asks questions of Axos, learns of the seventy-two hour time limit.

 The Minister contacts Chinn on a video phone link and says that worldwide distribution of axonite is to be taken immediately.

 Bill is in the medical wing, mumbling about axonite, that it must not be distributed.

 The Master (in a mask), dressed as a military man, dismisses Benton and the other guards in the lab. The Doctor’s TARDIS is there, and he picks the lock.

 Axos probes The Doctor’s mind and says that they have “explored the blocks the Time Lords imposed upon your memory and can free them”. Axos demands the secret of time travel.

 The Master discovers that The Doctor’s TARDIS is in great disarray. Wires are everywhere on the console.

 Axos ages Jo to advanced age, but The Doctor gives in and they revert her.

 The Brig says they must stop the distribution of axonite until they hear from The Doctor. The Axon male humanoid is there and says there are large quantities ready for distribution.

 Axos tells The Doctor to think the equation and it will read it. He closes his eyes, and seemingly does as instructed. Again, he does so with the power requirements for time travel. Axos determines using the Nuton Power Complex power, space-time travel is possible. When he says they just cannot walk in and take it, Axos says it can.

 Chinn rattles off a list of units of axonite and their destinations. The Axon male is happy. He receives orders to go to the main reactor and does so.

 Bill awakes and tells the Brig about the dangers of axonite. The Brig leaves to stop the distribution, but sees the Axon male, depersonalising as he is walking (becoming more monstrous), and the Brig yells at him to stop.

 The tentacled creature leaves the building. A UNIT guard opens fire with a machine gun, though it only seems to do minimal damage. The creature vaporises the guard. As it approaches the main reactor, it attacks and kills two more guards.

 The Brig comes running up after him, seeing where it is going. He returns to the lab to tell them that the axon creature walked into the main reactor.

 The Master is getting frustrated with The Doctor’s TARDIS. He gets an idea and departs the TARDIS.

 Sir George says that if the Axon entered the reactor, it would be suicide. From the control booth, they observe The Master leave the TARDIS and enter the accelerator. The Brig, Yates, Benton and others take The Master captive.

 Sir George reports that the reactors could go critical at any moment. The Master reveals that the Axons must have taken over. The Master proposes helping them, but only if they guarantee his freedom.

 Bill arrives, trying to take The Master prisoner, but the Brig tells him they’re working with him.

 The Doctor attempts an escape while Axos is busy building power for time field generation. He finds Jo and helps her escape.

 The Master stores up a load of energy in the TARDIS, then prepares to surge it at Axos in one burst, which should destroy it. Bill asks what about Jo and The Doctor and The Master says they will die with Axos. When the Brig protests, The Master reminds him, “Either we destroy Axos or Axos destroys the world. Which is it to be, Brigadier?” The Brig turns away and The Master flips the switch, and we see Jo and The Doctor staggering through the ship… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

 The power is surged into Axos and the creature cries out mentally, washing into Jo, causing her to stop and scream. The Doctor gets her to focus on mathematical equations to keep her mind from being overwhelmed as they fight their way out of Axos.

 The Master turns to leave, but The Brig says he cannot leave just yet.

 Axos reverses the power back at the accelerator. Sir George issues an evacuation order for the sector. He tells the Brig to get his men out, while he stays behind to disconnect the cables. They watch from the booth but there’s an explosion, sending him flying across the room, killing him.

 The Master tries to escape in the confusion, but Bill pulls a gun and then The Doctor walks in.

 In a conference, The Doctor tells them what Axos is up to, how axonite plays into things. The Doctor has a plan, but he needs The Master’s help.

 Jo approaches Bill, trying to cheer him up. She says he looks like a disappointed bloodhound.

 “All bloodhounds look disappointed, it’s an occupational hazard.” – Bill, in reply.

 Bill is suspicious why The Doctor and The Master are working by themselves, not with any of the technicians. Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor makes an offer to The Master, that they repair the TARDIS and leave Earth to Axos. If The Master refuses to help, The Doctor says he’ll turn him over to UNIT – if we can’t escape together, we die together.

 Reluctantly, The Doctor confesses to The Master that he needs him to pilot the TARDIS as well as fix it, as the Time Lords have put mental blocks on him. The Master finds this very interesting, but agrees to help.

 The Doctor removes a component from the TARDIS, “Just in case you were thinking of leaving without me.”

 Axos begins activating nutrition cycles. We see the ship rise up out of the ground. The Brig orders his men back to the complex. As they try to return, Yates and Benton are attacked by tentacled Axons, but manage

 Bill realises that The Doctor and The Master are planning on leaving and draws his gun; The Doctor uses The Master’s laser weapon to shoot it from Bill’s hand as Jo screams, “Doctor!” The Brig shows up and The Doctor quips, “Ah, Brigadier, just in time to say goodbye.”

 The Doctor says goodbye and apologises and enters the TARDIS with The Master. The Master says he never thought he’d go through with it. Inside, The Doctor activates dematerialisation and the TARDIS disappears. In the lab, Benton and Yates arrive to say they’re under assault.

 The Master realises that The Doctor is materialising already, saying they can’t yet, they’re not even in space-time.

 “This is as far as we’re going.. for the moment.” – The Doctor’s reply.

 He lands the TARDIS and directs The Master out, at laser point, out into Axos. He tells Axos they have a proposition – that they join forces with Axos against the High Council of the Time Lords. The Master says his part is through and he wants to leave in his own TARDIS, but Axos says when the link is complete he will be allowed to leave.

 The Axons have activated the accelerator, and the scientist there says that eventually it will just explode. 

 In The Doctor’s TARDIS, The Master realises that The Doctor is planning to put Axos in a time loop. They overhear that the nutrition cycle was incomplete. The Master rushes out, trying to tell them that The Doctor is sending them into a time loop. He rushes into his own TARDIS.

 The tentacled Axons attack the lab; the UNIT forces fight back as best they can, but it seems that doom is at hand!

 We see Axos disppear from the field, and then the Axons disappear from the laboratory.

 The Doctor is being held down by Axons in his TARDIS. Axos says they are trapped together for all time, but The Doctor manages to break free of it.

 In the lab, the accelerator is still building power, and everyone flees. After they do, The Doctor’s TARDIS appears. He steps out, looks at the guage on the accelerator and then goes to step out, but part of the roof collapses, so he dashes back in the TARDIS. He quickly activates the TARDIS.

 From afar, Chinn, The Brig, Jo and others watch the complex as it explodes. They return to inspect the debris and watch as the TARDIS materialises.

 The Doctor steps out, smiles, and says, “Well, this is a fine welcome, I must say!”

 The Doctor explains that he put Axos in a time loop, but isn’t really able to explain a time loop to the Brig and others. When asked about The Master, he says there’s a chance he might have escaped, but he hopes he’s in the loop with Axos.

 The Brig asks if The Doctor came back to Earth on his own accord, and he reluctantly admits no, the TARDIS is programmed to return there as per the Time Lords’ sentence.

 He vents, “It seems that I’m some kind of galactic yo-yo!”… and the final credits roll.

 An excellent serial – good characters, good story, interesting threat. The Master playing both sides, The Doctor pretending to turn against Earth, twice… all very good dramatics.