Half way in, it’s spoiler time.

Episode 4:

The UNIT men assemble the device under the impatient guidance of The Doctor.

The Master orders Azal back, chanting at him.

Jo wakes up, saying she must get to the cavern. She slips out the windo of her room and climbs down a ladder that just happens to be there and heads off on her own.

The Doctor tells the UNIT science officer to “reverse the polarity” of the transistor. I think this is the first time that exact phrase has been used. Geek love!

Azal demands The Master explain why he has summoned him. The Time Lord says that he should be the leader of the inferior humans, but Azal says that he would speak to the other representative of his race first. Azal says that he will consider The Master’s reqeust, and says that he will appear but once more. He brings up Atlantis as a warning that his race destroys their failures and reveals that he is the last of the Dæmon race.

After the second tremor (when Azal took leave of The Master), Yates discovers that Jo has slipped off. He leaves Hawthorne and Benton at the pub to await The Doctor while he goes off after her, feeling she’s going to the cavern.

The Master admits to the publican that he was foolish to summon Azal without the coven to back him up and sends the publican off to deal with The Doctor.

Yates slips into the church, not realising Jo was unconscious outside, having been caught in the second tremor.

The Doctor departs back for the village, having given instructions to the Brig and his science sergeant. As he watches The Doctor head away on motorbike, the Brig quips, “You know, Sergeant, sometimes I wish I worked in a bank.”

Jo wakes and heads to the catacombs. There, she screams as she sees Bok in his inert state, but Yates grabs her from behind. Before they can leave, they have to hide when a cultist arrives.

The Doctor rides the motorbike back to town (this is the running scene, I guess) and is fired upon by the publican. He loses control of the bike and gets to his feet and runs off (okay, THIS is the running scene.)

Benton tries to raise the Brig, but because the science man is testing the machine, no signals can get through. Benton starts going on about not being able to find anyone and when Hawthorne brings out tea, gives her a hard time for “nattering on about tea”.

The publican returns to Vicar Magister, to explain his failure.

Benton finally gets ahold of the Brig, to discover that The Doctor should have been back there by now. Benton and Hawthorne watch the May Day ceremonial dancers, and then, when The Doctor tries to pass by, they take his prisoner. Benton leaves to help but one of the dancers attacks him as he opens the door.

After tying up The Doctor, the villagers decide, under the leadership of the publican, to burn The doctor. 

Yates and Jo watch as The Master begins the ceremony to summon Azal, assisted by his coven this time.

Hawthorne rushes out, claiming The Doctor is a magician named Quiquaiquod. He pretends to cause a streetlamp to burst, a weather vane to spin, and then Bessie to come to him. Benton comes out and grabs the publican when he tries to run. Hawthorne frees The Doctor.

Jo rushes out, trying to stop The Master, but it’s too late. Azal manifests and we see him for the first time, appearing as a classic satyr, laughing terribly… and the credits roll.

Episode 5:

The Master welcomes Azal. As Jo and Yates try to run off, the cultists grab them.

The Doctor tells Hawthorne and the villagers that neither he nor Magister are magicians. The Master is using the cultists mental energies to power his ceremonies and to control Azal.

The Master demands the power he sees as rightfully his. The cultists bring forth Jo, in a white dress, apparently some form of sacrifice.

Yates escapes the church, still tied up, to warn The Doctor about Jo being in the cavern and Azal having been summoned. The Doctor radioes the Brig and says they need that machine ASAP.

The Master sends Bok out to deal with the villagers. Bok vaporises the publican when he approaches.

The machine creates a passable tunnel in the heat barrier and the UNIT vehicles start passing through.

Azal starts reacting – even then, the machine is affecting him. After they bring it through the barrier, the machine blows up.

The Doctor makes in past Bok and enters, soon finding The Master, Jo, Azal and the cultists.

The Brig and his troops arrive in the village and Yates fills him in on what’s happened. He points out Bok and throws a rock that the gargoyle vaporises.

At this point, one of the Brig’s most notable lines is uttered. So notable that Nicholas Courtney used part of it as the title to one of his autobiographies.

The Brig calls up Jenkins, one of his soldiers, who has a rifle. He indicates Bok and says, “Chap with the wings there – five rounds rapid.”

Sadly, the rounds seem to have no effect.

Azal asks The Doctor why he came. The Doctor says he has come to talk, but first he demands that Jo be set free, and Azal frees her. The Doctor tries to bluff that he has a machine that could destroy him. When confronted by Azal for lying, The Doctor says he was only trying to get him to listen.

The Master orders Azal to kill the Doctor but the Dæmon says he commands, not obeys. He tells The Master he only answered The Master’s call because it was time for his awakening. He is here to complete the experiment or destroy it. Again, The Master appeals to be granted power to rule over the Earth.

Azal is not convinced that The Master is the right choice to rule over the planet. The Doctor says that he can leave, just leave the planet alone. The Master says that a strong leader can show mankind the proper way and Azal agrees, but decides to give the power to The Doctor.

The Doctor shouts that he doesn’t want it.

The UNIT team blows up Bok with a bazooka, but the gargoyles reforms itself.

Since The Doctor refuses the power, Azal decides to give the power to The Master. But first, he says he must destroy The Doctor. He begins to blast The Doctor with some force but Jo cries out “No, he is a good man! Kill me, not him!” and in reaction, Azal becomes confused, staggering about, crying out in agony.

Tremors shake the village as everyone flees the catacombs. Bok has reverted to stone. There are explosions from the catacombs and all seems well.

Benton takes The Master prisoner.

The Doctor reveals that Jo’s willingness to sacrifice herself was what saved the day, turning Azal’s power against himself. They hear an explosion from afar, and the man at the dig reports that the barrow had a big explosion and the barrier has gone down.

The Master hops into Bessie and tries to drive off, but The Doctor uses his remote control to bring Bessie back and they recapture The Master. The Doctor tells them to be careful with him, that he wants to deal with him later.

Do you, Doctor? You always were an optimist.” – The Master

There’s a bit of a happy-sappy ending with May Day dances and the like. And the final credits roll.

A fun story, lots of screen time for my UNIT boys, always a good thing. Seems The Master keeps falling into the same cycle, find a power alien force, try to control it, lose control and try to escape.