Another one I don’t believe I’ve ever seen; another one I do know a little about, and am excited to see! So let’s do it! This is six episodes, so we’ll do three on Thursday and three on Friday.

Episode 1:

A man aboard a ship makes the radio and calls in a mayday, saying they’re under attack and are abandoning ship. We see a monstrous hand grab the microphone from him as he is about to give the coordinates. He backs away from the creature and screams.

The Doctor and Jo ride aboard a boat to an island with a castle on it. The Doctor indicates it, saying it is The Master’s permanent residence. They’re dropped off, the boat’s operator saying he’ll be back in a couple hours.

Arriving at the facility, they’re brought to the office of Colonel Trenchard, the governor (warden) of the facility. He’s a gruff looking balding fellow and asks them for their passes, though they went through this at the gate. They’re there to see the only prisoner there – The Master.

When Jo questions about the guards being resilient to The Master’s power of hypnosis, Trenchard arranges a demonstration. While they watch via a video screen, a new guard enters. The Master tries to use the power of his mind to overcome him, but it is to no avail. The guard simply acts as if nothing had happened and walks away.

Trenchard brings The Doctor and Jo to The Master’s cell, where he is using a rowing machine to exercise. They banter and it comes up that there were a lot of people pulling for his execution – the implication being that The Doctor must have spoken up for him to be spared.

The Master says he’s had a chance to reconsider his life. The Doctor scoffs at this, but asks for the location of The Master’s TARDIS, which he will not divulge. When they leave, The Doctor asks him if there is anything he can do to help. The Master asks that he stop by regularly for conversation. He then offers The Doctor his hand, and while our hero is tempted, he choose not to shake, holding up his hand in a farewell gesture instead.

After they’v e left, The Master returns to his rowing machine, and begins a little maniacal laughter.

Jo realises that The Doctor was concerned about The Master, that he wanted to visit to make sure he was all right. The Doctor confesses that they were very good friends, once. Trenchard returns to his office to stamp them out, as per procedure.

After they leave, Trenchard returns to The Master’s cell and they are obviously in cahoots – the bit with the guard was all a ruse, a performance. The Master says The Doctor didn’t come to see him, he must be there about “the vanishing ships”. Trenchard, who had briefly mentioned this when first meeting The Doctor, says he did so and The Doctor showed no interest, but The Master is quite irate at Trenchard’s action.

The Doctor talks to the boatman, who tells him about the missing and attacked ships, telling him that there’s a naval cover-up. The Doctor asks him if they can go to the naval base and has to bribe him to walk away from the boat so he can go off on his own.

At the base, Captain Hart, a Navy man dictates a letter to his leggy secretary. Looking out the window, he sees The Doctor approaching in his boat. Hart is quite upset, as this is supposed to be a top secret base. He calls security and a group of Navy boys grab The Doctor.

Jo pays the boatman to use his motorbike and helmet, and she goes off to find The Doctor.

The Master watches some insipid puppet show for children, when Trenchard brings in some naval charts he wanted. The Master plots out the sites of the three ship attacks and notes in the middle of the plotted points, there’s an abandoned island. Trenchard tells him it’s no longer abandoned, it’s being converted into a signal station.

At the island, two men are playing cards, maintenance men. One of them mentions he keeps feeling he’s being watched.

The Doctor and Captain Hart talk. The Doctor explains that the lifeboat was fired upon by heat beams from beneath. Hart’s leggy assistant takes a call and informs him that there’s a lady at the gate with two UNIT passes looking for The Doctor.

The one maintenance man goes off to investigate some noises. The other, who stayed behind, hears him scream and goes looking for him. He finds the man and then sees a rather horrific humanoid creature there.

The Doctor tells Hart he wants to go to the abandoned island, but Hart says there are only some maintenance men there. He refuses to give The Doctor a ride out to the fort.

Jo and The Doctor arrive there in a boat (guess The Doctor’s getting his money’s worth out of the bribe.) They enter the fortress and start poking around.

Outside, a scaly green humanoid hand is seen reaching out of the water, grabbing the side of the boat.

Jo and The Doctor find the maintenance men’s card table. As they search around, they hear an explosion. Looking out the window, they see their boat is gone. As they search around for a radio, a rather alien humanoid creature with a sleek skull watches them.

The Doctor finds the first maintenance man, and determines he’s dead. They hear someone coming… and the credits roll.

Oh, very exciting. The Master, interesting new creatures, secret naval bases, me likey!

Episode 2:

The second maintenance man approaches. He swings a spanner at The Doctor, who disarms him and he begins babbling about sea monsters. Jo helps The Doctor escort him back to the bunkroom. The radio is there, but it’s been ripped out.

The Doctor administers a shot to the man, while questioning him about the presence of any radios or even receivers. The Doctor goes off to find a transistor radio, while Jo tends to the man, who quickly falls asleep.

While moving through the fort, The Doctor encounters one of the Sea Devils (though we don’t know what they are yet), who fires a handheld weapon at him. The Doctor runs back to the bunkroom and barricades the door, setting up a trap.

When Jo asks him what’s going on, he says, “Just as I thought, reptiles… like those creatures in the caves,” obviously referring to the Silurians. However, that was Liz Shaw who was his assistant then, not Jo.

Jo spends the whole scene asking him questions, which he mostly just ignores.

The creature burns a hole in the metal door and reaches through. The Doctor electrifies the door and it screams in pain and runs off. Jo and The Doctor give chase, but it makes it to the water.

The next morning, Captain Hart receives a report from “Legs” Blythe that The Doctor borrowed a boat and never returned it and when she tried to raise the fort he was interested in going to, there’s been no response. Hart puts a call in to have a rescue copter sent out to check on things.

The Doctor works on rigging up a transmitter to contact the authorities. There’s a comic relief moment where he tells Jo he’ll show her it will work, flips it on, and it receives her favourite DJ.

They go on to talk about the Silurians (the Brig had told Jo about them, apparently), and The Doctor theorises that the sea creatures are related to the Silurians. The Doctor gets the transmitter working and contacts the rescue copter Captain Hart sent.

Trenchard brings in a special item for The Master; apparently the box contains a military uniform.

The Doctor and Jo are back at Captain Hart’s office, trying to convince him about the Sea Devils.

Trenchard has smuggled The Master out of the prison and onto the naval base. He’s dressed as a superior officer and marching sailors salute as they go by.

Trenchard shows up in Captain Hart’s office, talking about an upcoming golf tournament. They can’t seem to get rid of him.

The Master is in a store room, collecting items when the quartermaster comes in. The Master tries to bluff, that doesn’t work, then he tries to use his force of will, and when that doesn’t work, he knocks him out with a blow to the back of the neck.

While The Doctor and Captain Hart argue over shutting down the shipping lanes or not, Jo looks out the window, seeing The Master. She tells The Doctor, but he’s out of sight. A report comes in about the CPO found in the stores room.

They go to speak to the Chief Petty Officer, who describes The Master to a tee. The Doctor and Jo return to the prison. Trenchard shows them that The Master is in his cell, but says he’ll go to check directly.

While the colonel is away, The Doctor tries using the office phones, but they’re all dead. He sends Jo to go back to the naval base to contact the Brig right away, to have everyone at the prison replaced immediately. She argues briefly but goes.

Trenchard and The Master talk; The Master tells him to bring The Doctor down and he’ll explain things to him and get him to see their side. Trenchard leaves and The Master puts a cloth over the camera in the air conditioning vent. A guard comes in and when he turns his back on The Master, the Time Lord attacks him from behind and takes a knife and gun off him.

The Doctor, bored, blindfolds himself and takes a put, putting a golf ball in a glass, much to Trenchard’s astonishment. He tells The Doctor that he should go check in on The Master himself. Almost reluctantly, The Doctor goes, Trenchard saying, “You know the way”.

Trenchard calls down to the gate, telling them not to let Jo leave.

The Doctor enters The Master’s cell; again, The Master is dressed in his workout gear. The Doctor accuses him of having been on the naval base, which he denies one moment and then says, “I guess I’ll have to tell you everything,” the very next.

The Master draws a gun, but The Doctor, who was still standing in the door way, shuts the door. The Master pursues, but is disarmed by The Doctor. Both Time Lords grab swords off the wall (just happen to be hanging there) and begin fencing.

The Doctor bests The Master (several times, in fact, letting his opponent have his sword back more than once) before taking it away and saying, “How many times have I told you… violence never gets you anywhere.” When he turns his back, The Master pulls out the knife and throws it… and the credits roll.

Now, THAT’S a great ending.

Episode 3:

we have to sit through the sword fight all over again. It’s really bad. Pertwee’s facial expression alone are horrible.

The knife misses The Doctor by a hair. Trenchard comes down, with an armed guard, and arrests The Doctor, ordering the guard to take him back to his office.

Jo escapes the men at the gate when they stop her from leaving.

Trenchard tells The Doctor that he will be kept there until a proper investigation can be held. He refuses to allow The Doctor to use the phone to call UNIT and has the Doctor taken away. He receives a call about Jo’s escape.

Trenchard returns to The Master’s cell. When he finds out that Jo is on the loose, The Master says they must work quickly from now on. He tells Trenchard to bring The Doctor to see him.

Captain Hart sends a submarine to check out the area around the fort, to use sonar to investigate the area.

The Doctor is brought to The Master’s cell and chained to a chair. Trenchard departs, leaving a guard just outside.

No doubt, Doctor, you’re wondering why I sent for you?”

Your usual childish desire to gloat, perhaps?”

The Master tells The Doctor that he can leave any time he wants, but the prison makes for a great base of operation. He has plans to contact the “reptiles” to help them become masters of the Earth once more.

Blythe tells Hart she contacted the prison, but Trenchard claimed Jo and The Doctor left for London already. She finds it odd that they didn’t return to the base first, and Hart seems to agree.

The crew on the submarine search the area as ordered, the captain half amused at their orders.

The guard tells The Master that Trenchard wants to see him. When he says in time, the guard insists that he go now.

Jo skulks about the property, trying to get back in the prison building; she sees The Doctor in The Master’s cell and uses charades to have a communication with him.

She leaves and finds an open, unlocked window. (In a max security prison with only one prisoner… really.) Gaining entrance, she skulks about some more, trying to find The Doctor. At the arranged time, The Doctor distracts the guard, and Jo is able to slip into the cell to help free him.

Hart visits with Trenchard, who attempts to dissemble. Hart asks if he could see the prisoner, and Trenchard activates the video and shows him The Master sitting and reading a book. He then becomes brusque and all but chases Hart off.

On the sub, they have a contact. The sonar begins pinging like crazy. Suddenly, power all over the sub begins dropping.

The Master enters Trenchard’s office; it seems the colonel believes that the disappearing ships are because of saboteurs.

Jo frees The Doctor and they double-team the guard and leave the cell.

Hart tells Blythe to check in with UNIT, see if The Doctor and Jo have returned to London or not.

The Master and Trenchard discover that The Doctor has escaped.

The sub sinks to the bottom; the engines seem to be fine, even though there isn’t any power. The crew hears banging on the hull of the ship. One of the sections reports they’re being invaded, and the man screams.

The Doctor and Jo run about the property, being observed by a guard as they head to the beach. The Master tells Trenchard to let them reach the beach, they will use his device to “trap them all”. Trenchard is under the belief that The Doctor and Jo are associates of the saboteurs.

As The Doctor and Jo rappel down a ‘cliff’, The Master and Trenchard arrive at the top with The Master’s device. The Doctor and Jo are caught between a minefield on once side, a squad of guards on the other and the beach in front.

The Master activates his device, and a Sea Devil comes out of the ocean… and the credits roll.

See you Friday!