All spoilers, kids.

Episode 4:

The Doctor and Jo make a break for the minefield as the Sea Devil starts firing at the guards. Trenchard chastises The Master for not telling him the truth about the “enemy agents”.

The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver as a mine detector to avoid the mines. The Master cranks up his device, grumbling, “Stupid beast, why doesn’t it attack them?” It chases into the minefield after them, but The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to detonate several mines in close proximity to the creature, injuring it, and it runs off.

Captain Hart checks with his radio man, but is told that they’ve heard nothing from the sub. Hart says he’s ordering a full search.

On the sub, the men ready their small arms as the hatch to the bridge is blazed through, but stare in shock at the Sea Devil who comes through.

Trenchard and The Master argue; The Master tries to tell him that he only lied to him because he would never have believed him. The Master says they must wait until his device is perfected before telling anyone.

The Doctor and Jo run around the prison grounds, pursued by men on horse and in vehicles.

On the sub, the Sea Devils have taken over. One of them indicates on a map where it wants them to go.

Captain Hart refuses to believe about sea monsters. While he and The Doctor argue, Legs receives a call that the search for the submarine is being called off until the next morning.

However, Hart’s man picks up the sub moving towards the prison beach. The Doctor gloats, “Perhaps you’ll believe me now,” like this proves anything.

The Master communicates, presumably with the Sea Devils, via his device. Trenchard walks in, saying they should notify the authorities as soon as possible. When a reply comes through, though it’s just noise to us, Trenchard somehow guesses it’s a message.

A group (or two?) of Sea Devils exit the ocean, onto a beach.

Trenchard is on the phone, asking to speak to someone, saying the security of the nation is at risk, but he’s told they’ll have to call him back. A prison guard is attacked by a Sea Devil. Trenchard checks on The Master via his video link, then tries to raise the guard on the phone.

Two guards round a corner and come face to face with two Sea Devils. They sound the alarm and a firefight begins. Trenchard joins and starts shooting at the Sea Devils, seemingly hurting one, but is killed for his effort.

The three Sea Devils enter The Master’s cell and he looks all pleased.

Apparently it’s morning now. The contact with the sub has been lost (so they just sat there and kept trying to raise them the whole night through? The pacing/timing of the scenes seems really off in some of these serials.)

Hart, The Doctor, Jo and some naval troops make it to the prison, entering and finding Trenchard’s dead body. They return to the naval base, to learn that the sub is moving to the fort now. The Doctor says he wants to inspect the sea bed at the fort, and Hart says there’s a diving vessel at the ready.

Hart, Jo and The Doctor board the Reclaim. The Doctor is planning to go down by himself in a diving bell. He suits up and they hoist up the bell and lower him into the water. At the bottom, The Doctor looks out the porthole and a Sea Devil is looking in.

Despite him saying not to bring him up, Hart gives the order to raise him back up. When the bell is back on board, The Doctor is nowhere to be found!…and the credits roll.


Episode 5:

The Doctor is brought into the Sea Devil base in a rather convoluted looking thing. Their version of a diving bell/pressure thing, I gather, but it just seems odd.

Mr Walker, the Parliamentary Private Secretary, shows up at Captain Hart’s office. Blythe (Legs) tells him he’s at sea. Walker starts issuing orders much to the displeasure of Blythe.

The Doctor argues with the Sea Devils over the history of the Earth, who rightfully it belongs to, etc. The Doctor says he’s met their people before and wants to ensure they’re not destroyed.

Again, The Doctor attempts to broker for a peace between Man and the reptiles, as he did with the Silurians. The Sea Devil leader seems to be swayed by The Doctor’s words, and just as he seems that he’s going to agree, The Master enters, saying, “The Doctor is yoru deadly enemy! He must be destroyed!”

Hart and Jo are back in Hart’s office, dealing with Walker. Walker says the only option is to attack. He informs them that the orders have already been given, when Hart protests.

Both The Master and The Doctor argue for the Sea Devil leader to listen to him. The Master is pushing for them to ignore The Doctor and to fight. The leader walks behind The Doctor and touches the back of his head, saying he does not believe The Doctor is lying as The Master insists.

We see the naval task force ship cannons preparing to fire, loading artillery. Walker gives the order for them to begin the attack. When Hart tries to plead for Walker to reconsider, Walker threatens to have him removed and replaced with someone who will follow orders. Hart apologises to Jo and gives the order.

The ships begin a barrage of underwater artillery.

The Sea Devil leader charges The Doctor with brokering a truce with Man, and agrees to let the sub and the crew go free as a token of good faith. The Master protests once more, but just then, the base shakes with the assault from above. The Master jumps at the chance to say “is this the promised peace?” The Sea Devil leader agrees with The Master, saying the apes cannot be trusted. He orders for The Doctor to be taken away and killed (why not kill him there? Why not do it himself? Makes no sense.)

The Master tells the Sea Devil leader to let the apes think that the attack is a success – he still needs time to fix the hibernation unit so the majority of the Sea Devils can be awoken.

During the assault, there’s a partial cave in in the tunnel The Doctor is being taken down. His escort is knocked unconscious and the Time Lord collects one of the weapons.

The task force reports to Hart and Walker that lizard bodies and debris are floating up from below and Hart gets Walker to agree to let the attack end.

The Master tells the Sea Devil leader that he needs electronic parts to repair the hibernation device and they will have to attack the humans to get what he needs.

The Doctor frees the sub captain and his number one from a cell and learns the rest of the crew is still on the sub, in an undersea harbour. He hands the Sea Devil gun to the captain and the three of them go to find the sub.

On the bridge, three crewmen are playing cards under the eye of a Sea Devil. They hear rapping in morse code and create a diversion. The Doctor, captain and number one enter and the captain shoots the Sea Devil. The Doctor chastises him, saying it wasn’t necessary (shouldn’t have given him the weapon, then, Doctor. Duh.)

The Doctor’s escort wakes and sounds an alarm. As the sub leaves, the Sea Devil leader orders a force field to be activated; it stops the sub from moving. At The Doctor’s suggestion, the captain gives the order to fire torpedos at the tunnel wall and this breaks them free.

The Doctor returns to Hart’s office and receives a joyous reception from Jo. He then meets Walker and begins to chastise him. He tells Walker that he hasn’t destroyed the enemy, only angered them.

At the waters outside the naval base, Sea Devils emerge and access the beach. They attack a sentry and enter the base proper.

Walker’s answer is to seek approval from the Minister for a nuclear attack. The Doctor appeals to Walker’s ego, asking to let him approach the reptiles again to try, once more, to broker peace.

As The Doctor, Jo and Hart leave, planning to head to the Reclaim once more, Jo sees a Sea Devil and cries out, “Doctor!” (At least she doesn’t scream all the time.) The Doctor stops and turns and the Sea Devil raises its gun… and the credits roll.


Episode 6:

The Doctor fights off two Sea Devils but a third incapacitates him. The Master shows up with a large group of Sea Devils and they take them captive.

The Sea Devils seem to have overrun the base, locking up many naval men in a store room.

The Master gloats to The Doctor, but says he needs The Doctor’s assistance in reviving the reptiles.

Jo and Captain Hart, locked with Walker, in a communication room (but since power has been cut, they can’t use the equipment), try to escape. Walker whines as they work on getting Jo into the ventillation ducts.

The Doctor and The Master are in the electronics store room; The Master tells The Doctor that he needs to help him, else the humans on the base will be killed. (Though, once the reptiles are revived, they plan to kill all the apes, so why help?) The Master shows The Doctor his schematics and The Doctor says he’s got it all wrong and starts making corrections.

Jo slips out of the building via the ducts and makes it to the roof and down the side. She finds the building where The Doctor (who sees her through the window) and The Master are. The Doctor manages to get The Master to go fetch a component, and while he’s gone, The Doctor tells Jo that he’s going to create a diversion and to be ready to get Hart and the others to safety.

The Doctor runs a test of their device, and the Sea Devil who has arrived there grabs its head and writhes in agony.

All over the base, Sea Devils are writhing in pain. Jo frees Hart, but Walker remains in the facility, afraid to pass the Sea Devil. Hart and Jo make it to a hovercraft and leave the beach; the captain takes out several Sea Devils with an automatic rifle (they don’t seem as tough as their land-based cousins, the Silurians.)

The Master switches off the machine (so he just stood there for long minutes while the Sea Devil in the room with them writhed and danced about in agony? REALLY?) The Doctor pretends it was a simple mistakes of some crossed wires and The Master doesn’t question it. (REALLY?)

The hovercraft returns, as The Doctor and The Master and the device are being escorted to go back to the Sea Devil base. The Sea Devil leader has the Time Lords and the device placed back in the electronic stores facility, with a guard, while he goes to alert his men.

Troops disembark from the hovercraft, led by Hart, followed by Jo (because, sure, they’d let an unarmed woman go into a battle. REALLY?) A big firefight ensues and the navy boys are kicking some Sea Devil ass. Myers, one of the navy boys, finds The Doctor and shoots the Sea Devil. The Doctor has Myers keep The Master under guard while he goes to look for Jo and Captain Hart.

The Master uses his force of will to confuse Myers and then incapacitates him.

All over the base, there’s chaos and conflict. The Doctor is told Jo is on the beach and as he heads there, he sees The Master carrying the hibernation trigger device. The Master boards a one man jet boat (like a large jet ski, almost) and The Doctor boards another and gives chase.

The Sea Devils retreat into the ocean.

The Doctor catches up with The Master, but it’s a trap, as a group of Sea Devils show up.

Walker is back on the nuclear strike bandwagon.

The Doctor and The Master have made it back to the Sea Devil base. The Master is fanning the flames of the Sea Devils’ desire to make the apes pay, to be the “rightful” masters of the world again. The Doctor asks if there’s nothing he can say to make them change their mind and the leader says, “Nothing.”

Then I am sorry,” replies The Doctor. I suspect this is a very telling line.

The Sea Devil leader gives the order to activate the machine, and The Master does so. He then says to the Sea Devil leader, “I suggest you now dispose of this man!” In response, the Sea Devil leader orders both Time Lords to be locked up. (Yep, once more, The Master allies himself with an enemy force only to have them turn against him. Will he ever learn?)

After they’re locked up, The Doctor tells The Master that he “reversed the polarity of the neutron flow” of the device, which will destroy the base in about ten minutes. The Master calls out to the guards, but they don’t hear him.

The Master realises they’ll both be killed, but The Doctor says, “Unless we both can escape.” He uses his sonic screwdriver to open the cell door and they find some “submarine escape equipment” just laying around. (REALLY?)

At Jo’s insistence, Hart orders a high speed hovercraft to skim the water surface before the attack. The Doctor and The Master are found floating in their escape suits and brought on board the hovercraft.

On the hovercraft, The Master clutches his chest and collapses. As the crew checks on him, The Doctor watches on, but everyone is distracted by a large underwater explosion – the base!

Jo hears that one of the two people they rescued “was in a bad way” and fears the worst. She’s relieved to find The Doctor is okay, when he gets off the hovercraft. They bring The Master off in a stretcher, but it’s one of the crew in a mask. The Master escapes in the hovercraft, heading out to ocean… and the final credits roll.

Wow, that’s an interesting way to end the serial. A lot of fun, but some really annoying little plot contrivances in this one, a lot of them. Still, always enjoyable seeing Delgado as The Master and the Sea Devils were fun.