Another six episode serial, two days of three a piece. Another one I don’t know the first thing about, so very excited.

Episode 1:

We open with what appears to be a dream sequence; first with start with explosions and lava, quite reminiscient of INFERNO. Then, in an ornate temple, The Doctor lays on a couch. He wakes and looks around and sees a glowing crystal artifact.

A giant form of The Master looms over him, up high, reaching towards him, shouting, “Welcome! Welcome to your new master,” and laughs then fades into mist. The Doctor wakes to find Jo shaking him, concerned about him. Spurred on by his dream, he asks Jo if there have been any earthquakes or volcanic activity. She chastises him for not listening to a story she had read him the night before.

The Master is seen handling a piece of crystal, much like the one from The Doctor’s dream. He’s in a lab, attended by two humans who know him as Professor Thascalos. He tells them he has to meet with some important people but gives them instructions go ahead with the experiment, saying a test run isn’t important.

Dr. Ingram, one of the people assisting him, gets very upset when he takes a patronising tone with her, but he apologises (although not horribly convincingly) before departing.

Jo gets Mike Yates to bring maps of the Greek isles. When Jo mentions Atlantis, The Doctor suddenly becomes urgently upset about things and calls the Brig to tell him about his dream.

At the Newton Institute (Cambridge), we see The Master walking to his meeting.

The Brig informs that Priority A-1 of UNIT’s standing orders is to keep an eye out for The Master. He tells The Doctor they need to go to the Newton Institute to observe the test run of TOMTIT (Transmission Of Matter Through Inter-stitial Time), a form of transmat, but The Doctor says he’s too busy. Benton gets drafted to assist the Brig in attending.

The Master is confronted by the director, who has determined that The Master is not who he claimed to be. The Master uses the force of his mind to force the man to do as he commands.

Dr. Ingram and the other guy are working with their equipment, running checks. She complains about not doing a test run, and he talks her into doing one.

The Doctor is working on a time sensor, a device to detect any time machines, TARDIS or otherwise. We see the scientists testing their machine and then, back at UNIT, the time sensor becomes active.

The Master, in the director’s office, notices the tolling of the clock tower is altered, and realises they must be testing the machine. He curses under his breath and rushes out.

In the lab, Stu (the male assistant) and Dr. Ingram dance around, celebrating, until The Master returns.

The Doctor tries to narrow down the location of the time activity, but isn’t able to. He and Jo head to Bessie, hoping to be mobile should it happen again.

The Master consults with Dr. Ingram over a power surge during the test run. He comes to a conclusion on what must be done and sets Ingram with instructions as Stu notes that the VIPs are arriving (he’s looking out the window.) When Stu mentions a UNIT jeep is part of the VIPs coming in, The Master is suitably concerned. He asks Dr. Ingram to go in his stead, claiming that he’s a pacifist and has no desire to be around the military men.

Benton and the Brig find a window washer (who had been watching the experiment through the window and fell) laying on the ground outside the Newton Institute.

The Doctor and Jo are driving in Bessie, when the device activates again. They narrow it down to a town, Wooten. Jo says that’s where the Brig went, and The Doctor worries that The Master might be behind TOMTIT. The Doctor drives quickly, hoping to get there before the 2pm demonstration.

The VIPs (professors, govt men and the Brig and Benton) are brought to the lab by Dr. Ingram, who wonders at the absence of the professor. Stuart says he was there a few minutes ago, but isn’t sure where he went off to. Dr. Ingram begins explaining to everyone the theories behind their machine.

The Doctor and Jo rush, pushing Bessie’s super-fast speed, but still have not arrived.

Professor Thascalos arrives in the lab, dressed in full radiation gear, obscuring his identity from the Brigadier and Benton. They begin the process, but this time, The Master increases the power, much to Ingram’s concern. Stuart says he’s getting too much power, but The Master ignores them, calling out, “Come, Kronos, come!”… and the credits roll.

The Master, pretending to be someone he’s not, meddling with time. You know it’s going to turn against him eventually, but it’s a great serial so far.

Episode 2:

Stuart clutches his head and collapses in the chamber. The Master seems to have disappeared when everyone was looking at Stuart. Ingram moves to the controls and starts flipping switches.

Bessie pulls up outside, but Jo is in a sort of trance-like state. He rushes out, almost in slow motion and enters the building, as The Master watches from a hiding spot.

The Doctor makes it into the lab and tells Ingram to reverse the temporal polarity! (Woo hoo, we’re reversing the polarity again!) After the levels are reduced, they go in to find that Stuart has been aged to a near terminal age.

When Dr. Ingram mentions the name of Professor Thascalos, The Doctor and Jo realise that ‘thascalos’ is Greek for ‘master’.

Stuart wakes, muttering about seeing seeing him, seeing Kronos, and then collapses. The Doctor seems to recognise the name and orders Dr. Ingram to come tell him about the machine; he says he has a job for the Brig and leaves Jo to watch over Stuart, with orders to ring him if he wakes and talks again.

The Brig calls in to Yates, telling him to bring a bunch of men and weaponry there, as soon as possible, as well as The Doctor’s TARDIS.

The govt man tells the director that there will be a Whitehall investigation. The Brig overhears this and asserts that there will be no such thing as he is taking over here as it is now a UNIT matter. The govt man takes off in a rush. The Brig approaches the director, informing him he wants the location evacuated by three o’clock.

The Doctor and Ingram arrive at the lab, where Benton is keeping watch. She shows him the crystal, which is, in fact, the one from his dream – the Crystal of Kronos. He explains to Ingram that he’s been outside of space-time, it’s a dangerous placed filled with chronovores, time eaters. Kronos is the most fearsome of the lot.

The director (Dr. Percival) returns to his office, to find The Master waiting for him.

The Doctor informs Ingram and Benton that The Master is trying to use the crystal to capture Kronos, which would be a threat to all of existence.

The Master, once more, forces his will into Percival’s mind. He tells the director to attend to his telephone while he tries to sort out why the massive power build up happened.

The Doctor realises that one of the computer banks in the lab is The Master’s TARDIS. As he works out some figures in his head, he comes to the same conclusion that The Master did – logically, that power build up should not have happened. (Both of them use the same quote in the seperate scenes.) The Doctor says that the only thing to do is switch on the apparatus and see what happens. (Because, that’s what I’d do with a machine that was trying to capture a chronovore and bring it to the space-time continuum.)

Benton is instructed to move the crystal, but he can’t. The Doctor realises that the crystal has swapped places with its self in ancient Atlantis.

We see a hazy view of Atlantis. We see a young boy run to a priest, telling him that the crystal is afire. The priest sees this and praises Kronos as another man looks on.

The phone rings in the lab, and Benton answers. Jo has called to let The Doctor know that Stuart has woken and is in a bit of a state. When he wakes, he discovers that he’s become old and is, obviously, quite upset. The Doctor and Ingram arrive and he describes what it felt like, what happened to him. He explains he “just knew” about Kronos.

Benton receives a call from the director, saying that the Brig wants him to lock up and come attend him. When Benton questions it, The Master orders the director to tell him to call another line. Benton hangs up and does so, and The Master answers, disguising his voice as the Brig’s, telling him to do exactly that.

They watch as Benton leaves, but he circles back, having left the window open, not trusting the phone call. He reenters the lab and waits, his gun at the ready. The Master and Percival enter and Benton steps out from his hiding spot, ordering them to put their hands in the air. However, The Master manages to overcome the sergeant.

Benton taken out, The Master tells Percival he’s bringing someone who can help him harness the power to take over the Earth.

Back in ancient Atlantis, we see the priest praying to Kronos, calling out for power and strength. The priest is surrounded in a nimbus of light and brought to the modern day… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

The Master enters and greets Krasis, who introduces himself as high priest of the temple of Poseidon in Atlantis. The Master introduces himself as “The Master, Lord of Time and ruler of Kronos,” which offends the priest. The Master says that with the assistance of Krasis, they can bring Kronos there and get him to obey them.

Benton, who has recovered, escapes, but The Master says it is of no import. He gets Krasis to hand over the seal of of the high priest, from which The Master says he can figure out the formula to summon and bind Kronos.

Jo, Ingram, the Brig and The Doctor escort Stuart out to a waiting ambulance. Benton shows up to inform them that The Master has gained access to the laboratory.

The Master uses Krasis’ amulet to know the proper settings and adjusts the apparatus accordingly. He activates the machine, again calling out for Kronos to come. A winged human form appears, glowing white and absorbing Percival. The Master calls out that he is Kronos’ friend, but Krasis only carries on that Kronos is The Destroyer.

Holding forth Krasis’ amulet, The Master manages to get Kronos to calm down a little, and closes the door on him. (Okay, so the chronovore can eat time, but a simple door will keep him penned in?)

The Brig and others rush on, but are caught in a time field. The Doctor is able to rush in and bring them out one by one – he is not affected by the time effect. Stuart has become young again.

In the lab, Kronos flies around the one room as The Master reverses some interstitial effect or another. Kronos is forced into the crystal. The Master bullies Krasis into serving him, demanding to know why he could not control Kronos. Krasis says that the crystal The Master has is only a part of the true crystal of Kronos.

Back in time, in Atlantis, the young man who was watching has brought his King, telling him that Krasis and the crystal disappeared. The king fears that Kronos will return, and says the world is in great danger. He leads the young man down into lower levels of the temple. The king says that when he was a boy, some five centuries before, he saw the raising of the temple of Poseidon. He shows the youth the true crystal of Kronos, hidden in a secret lair.

He tells the youth that the crystal is guarded by a creature, half man, half beast, after they hear it roar.

Back at Stuart’s apartment, The Doctor asks for tea. The Brig gives him a hard time for this, but The Doctor goes on to explain the time slowing was a side effect of the apparatus creating a crack in time between the now and now.

The Master drains the temporal energy from the crystal, preparing it to be moved.

The Doctor works with a wine bottle and various household implements, creating a “time flow analog”, something that will somehow put a fly in the Master’s ointment, so to speak. The Doctor is disappointed that he doesn’t work, but when handed a cup of tea, realises tea leaves are the missing component. He places the drained cup atop his device and it works!

Just as The Master gets Krasis to believe the crystal is safe to touch, because of The Doctor’s device, it begins to glow. The Master runs some feedback through the TOMTIT apparatus, frying out The Doctor’s device. As he and Krasis begin to move the crystal, The Master overhears the UNIT troops coming in with The Doctor’s TARDIS.

He sets an ambush, bringing a knight on horseback out of time to charge the UNIT trucks. They move off the road, and end up stuck in the mud, and the knight disappears. As Yates orders his men to get the truck(s) out of the mud, they find themselves under attack by roundheads with a cannon.

The Doctor realises that The Master is using the crystal to bring them out of time. He, Jo and the Brig head off to help Yates and his men. The roundhead forces disappear and The Master brings in a B1 bomber from WW2. The convoy has freed itself from the mud and the Brig tries to radio Yates to warn him. The signal is weak and they see the convoy driving down the road, entering a wooded area. The plane drops a bomb and there’s an explosion from the woods… and the credits roll.

Great cliffhanger, that one. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens next!