I saw this once, about a year ago.  I remember enough to be excited about watching it, but not enough to remember how much I liked it; also, watching the serials in order gives a greater appreciation for the stories than randomly picking one and watching it, I feel.  

Episode 1:

We open with a ship flying through space.  In the control room/bridge, two crewmembers are seen getting ready for the shift into hyperspace. They talk about hostilities between Earth and the Draconian empire, though one insists it will “blow over”.

As they leap into hyperspace, they almost strike some strange object – recogniseable to us as the TARDIS. They do an emergency stop, and call in a report.

Jo and The Doctor exit the TARDIS, which The Doctor jumped into the cargo hold of the spacecraft. They poke about, Jo checking out the cargo (bulk flour) and peering out a porthole window; outside she sees another space ship outside, though when there’s a high pitched shrill noise, it seems to change shape before her eyes.

The Doctor says they’re in the 26th century, as best he can tell, but wants to find the crew to confirm.

On the bridge, the crew has seen the ship and try to contact it. There’s a high pitched noise and as they watch, the ship suddenly become a Draconian cruiser! The crew gets ready to fight, calling in a distress call.

The Doctor runs into Hardy, one of the crew, who is fetching hand blasters; there’s that same high pitched whine and in Hardy’s eyes, The Doctor, extending his hand in a greeting, becomes a Draconian brandishing a blaster. Jo comes up, and she doesn’t see Hardy, she sees a Drashig! (Which makes a lot more sense, having just watched CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS.)

The Draconian commander contacts the ship, demanding their surrender. Hardy brings the two “dragons” (Jo and The Doctor) on the bridge, but the other tells him to lock them in the hold.

On Earth, a Draconian representative (addressed as Your Highness) accuses Earth of attacking their ships, while the Earth representative (a woman with no form of address as of yet) says they do not but the Draconians have attacked theirs. She reads from the distress report from the ship The Doctor and Jo are on.

A man, General Williams, speaks up, saying that the only time they have invaded Draconian space is in pursuit of the Draconians after they have raided Earth ships. Realising his aggressive tone will be detrimental any chance of coming to a peaceful solution, the woman dismisses him… and he reluctantly obeys, addressing her as “Madame President”.

The Draconian is the son of the Emperor of Draconia. He gives Madame President, accusing her of using lies and evasions and says that this path will only lead them to war… and in war, Draconia will destroy them.

In the brig, The Doctor fills Jo in on the Draconian empire and his theory on the use of sound to induce fear, trigger the fear center of the brain, forcing people to see what they fear most.

The “Draconian” ship is jamming any further distress signals; they demand that the Earth ship surrender their cargo.

On Earth, the President hears about the Draconian attack on the news report; she summons General Williams and demands to know why the blackout was not upheld. He says the news services have their own scanners and must have picked up the story on their own. (uh huh.) She asks about the rescue status and he reports that the rescue ship is seventeen minutes away, but he is sure it will be too late.

We see two Ogrons (!!!) cutting through a bulkhead, presumably that of the Earth ship. (I didn’t remember there were Ogrons in this, very cool.)

The Doctor reverses the polarity of his “ultrasonic screwdriver’s power source” (his words, not mine) in an attempt to escape.

As the “draconians” are almost through the bulkhead, Hardy is sent to fetch the prisoners. As they arrive there, the Ogrons break through. Jo screams (shocker) and she and The Doctor run off, but The Doctor is shot and collapses.

General Williams reports to the President about anti-Draconian protests around the globe; in one, an effigy of the President was burned. A report comes in that the ship has been sighted but is not responding and there is no sign of any Draconian ship.

The Doctor wakes up, hearing Jo’s voice. He gets up, seeing Jo locked up in the brig again. He opens the door and enters, sitting down. He wonders why they used a stun gun on him and didn’t kill him. She tells him they took the cargo, including the TARDIS.

Jo wonders if the Ogrons are working for the Daleks again, but he says that they’re mercenaries, they could be working for anyone. They leave the brig and find the crew, who are also stunned. It seems the Ogrons repaired the airlock, too.

When the Earth battlecruiser radios, The Doctor goes to respond, leaving Jo to tend to the crew. The ships link up and when the troops arrive, the crew of the ship say The Doctor and Jo were stowaways and were working with the dragons… and the credits roll.

So far, a great start. Political drama and intrigue, a mystery that gets bigger, our heroes in physical danger and a cliffhanger!

Episode 2:

Jo and The Doctor are taken back to the brig cubicle and locked in with a guard outside. They discuss the situation they’re in and there’s a cute bit where Jo outlines all they need to do, which is quite the task. “Oh, I don’t know what I’ve been worrying about.”

General Williams, after interrogating the prisoners, tells the President that he suspects them of being spies. The prisoners are locked up while the President is briefed by the crewmen, in the presence of the Draconian Ambassador. Then, The Doctor and Jo are brought in; the President and General confronting the Draconian Prince with them, hoping to elicit some reaction.

The Doctor tries to tell the President that someone is trying to set up a war between the two empires, but the General has them taken away – it really seems that he might be behind the conspiracy!

The Doctor and Jo are taken back to their cell. The Doctor tries using the sonic screwdriver on the door but only manages to set off an alarm.

The Draconian Prince returns to his embassy, wondering what the Earthmen are up to. His associate/assistant wonders if the Emperor might have some plan that the Prince does not know about. The associate says it would be useful to question the prisoners. The Prince says the only way that could happen if the prisoners were to escape, and he could not countenance such a hostile act. The associate muses that if they were to escape and were to seek sanctuary with them, they would have to extend it.

Both Draconians turn and look at each other, meaningfully. The Prince dismisses his secretary, who contacts the President, to discuss the prisoners. He says that the Prince wishes to interrogate them with the President; she agrees and orders the prisoners brought to her.

As they’re being brought to see the President, Draconians attack and capture The Doctor.

General Williams reports to the President, saying they must demand the withdrawal of the Draconian embassy. They bring Jo in to interrogate her.

The Doctor is brought to the Draconian embassy. The Prince accuses The Doctor of working for General Williams, who is responsible for the previous war with the Draconians. The Doctor tells him that the ship WAS attacked, by Ogrons not Draconians.

After arguing with them, trying to get them to see the Earthmen are not behind the plot, The Doctor escapes from the Draconians, only to be captured by Earthmen. He’s brought back to the cell, where Jo awaits. Jo hears the sound that accompanied the Ogrons.

A force of Ogrons attack (the Earth troops seeing them as Draconians, of course) and enter the cell, telling The Doctor and Jo, “You, come,”… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

The Doctor and Jo escape from their Ogron rescuers, only to be caught by the Earth troops again.

General Williams petitions the President to authorise attacking the Draconians. He tells her, “There is one thing worse than war, Madame President, and that is defeat!” He makes a thinly-veiled threat about her position and being replaced.

They continue their debate, but she refuses to strike the first blow. The General says that they must use the mind probe.

The Doctor is shown laying down, the mind probe attached to him. The General is asking questions, and The Doctor answers with the truth; the General refuses to believe he is anything but a Draconian agent (or he’s trying to make him appear to be one.) The General orders the technician to step up the power of the machine and eventually the machine goes on the fritz.

Later, The Doctor is summoned before the President, but not Jo. Again, The Doctor insists that he telling the truth. She offers a bribe, which he says is nice but he has nothing to offer her. The President says he will be sent to the Lunar Penal Colony. Jo will be kept on Earth.

On the penal colony, The Doctor is brought in with a new batch of inmates. He learns that there are no sentences on the Moon – once you’re there, you stay. And all the prisoners are political.

The governor (warden) of the colony addresses them. There’s one rule, “Do as you’re told”. One of the other new inmates makes a claim about the Peace Party winning one day and they’ll be free, but the governor scoffs and turns them over to the inmate trustee/section leader, Cross.

Another inmate, Professor Dale, explains that Cross, like all trustees, are “common” criminals from other prisons, not political prisoners. He takes The Doctor away to have him “kitted” out with a proper uniform.

General Williams and the President review documents from Sirius Four, claiming that The Doctor and Jo are criminals from their world. She has the representative from Sirius Four, one of the dominion colony planets of Earth. The Commissioner from Sirius Four is none other than The Master!

The Doctor is given a tour by Professor Dale, leading into the recreation area. The Doctor keeps asking about escape; it turns out that the most recent escape was a month ago, but like all the others, they failed and ended up dead.

The President agrees to hand over The Doctor and Jo to Sirius Four.

The Doctor pushes Professor Dale; he seems convinced that the professor has a plan for escape. He tries to persuade the professor and another inmate to trust him. He tells them that there is a third party trying to start a war between Earth and Draconia.

The Master visits Jo in her cell. Jo realises that he is behind the Ogrons, which he admits to. Reluctantly, Jo agrees to accompany him.

The Doctor tells his story to Dale and the other inmate. Dale actually believes The Doctor, saying it explains much. Before he can say much more, Cross enters the rec room, demanding Dale to attend him. Seems it’s a spot check. As Cross pats him down, he tells Dale that there’s a VIP spaceship arriving at Bay 7 in ten minutes. Cross has set up two spacesuits for him, saying he can pinch the ship – turns out that he’s helping Dale escape in exchange for help from the Peace Party when they take over.

Dale chooses The Doctor to go with him – he says he can help The Doctor get his story out. The Peace Party has the right connections there, people will believe him this time. They go to the airlock and find the space suits and suit up, as they have to walk on the surface to get to the ship – they could never escape by using the main entrance.

As they suit up, Cross peers through the door, and twists a dial. Inside, The Doctor hears the hissing of air, but Dale asks him to help him with the air tanks. Both air tanks are empty. The room begins to depressurise… and the credits roll.

Now THAT’S a cliffhanger, and a proper one to leave you on until Friday.