Why don’t you take me to spoiler town…

Episode 4:

The Doctor bangs on the door to the airlock with the empty air tank as Professor Dale panicks. As the old man drops down and The Doctor attends to him, The Master arrives to save the day. (Yes, that’s rather clever.)

The Doctor and Dale then appear before the Governor of the prison, along with Cross, The Master and several guards. The Doctor accuses the Governor of wanting Dale dead as he is a threat, politically. Cross denies it, of course, and the Governor orders the two men put in solitary for a year.

The Master protests, asserting his claim on The Doctor, but the Governor says that since The Doctor committed an offense in the prison and is “under punishment”. The Governor says once his year in solitary is over, he’ll be happy to reconsider the representative from Sirius Four’s request.

The Master then threatens to support The Doctor’s request for an official enquiry unless The Doctor is handed over to him. The Governor decides this is best and agrees to it. When they go to see The Doctor in his solitary cell, The Doctor tries to out The Master, but his nemesis mentions having The Doctor’s accomplice in his ship and The Doctor protests no more.

On The Master’s ship, The Doctor and Jo are reunited in a cell. The Master dismisses the guards that brought the prisoner onto the ship and then takes the opportunity to gloat. (I have to admit, I do love a villain who gloats. Who takes the time to rub it in the hero’s face that they have the upper hand. And Roger Delgado could gloat with the best.)

The Master says that his employers have a “special interest” in The Doctor. He doesn’t need his assistance, but claims his mere presence is enough. He informs his prisoners that they’re headed to the home of the Ogrons.

As soon as The Master departs for the flight deck, The Doctor and Jo begin to hatch an escape plan.

After lift-off, The Master observes The Doctor and Jo, via close circuit video, as they seem to be chatting; in truth, The Doctor has a steel file and is working away at the cage, behind his back, which is obscured from the camera. The Doctor regales Jo with a highly inaccurate tale of his trial before the Time Lords, from the end of THE WAR GAMES. After getting bored of The Doctor’s tale, The Master pipes in with a snarky line to his prisoners, and then settles down to read HG WELLS’ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

Time passes by and The Doctor manages to saw through and slips out. The Master is still engrossed in his book, though he has the audio on (and video, but he’s not watching), and Jo is rattling off as The Doctor slips out of the cell. (There’s a wonderful bit where Jo goes on about how The Doctor should give The Master a break. I won’t quote it all, you really should watch the serial to enjoy it.)

The ship flies on as The Doctor suits and Jo goes on and on and on (even prompting The Master to dial down the volume, a bit I just loved.) The Doctor leaves the cell area and exits the ship (okay, so there wasn’t an alarm triggered?)

Just then, as coincidence would have it, The Master has to make a course correction, and The Doctor is throw off the ship. Using his air tank as propulsion, he manages to make it back to the ship.

The Master checks over the intercom to see how his prisoners are; Jo says she’s fine and asks The Master not to wake The Doctor, when he doesn’t respond verbally to The Master’s inquiry. Suspecting something, The Master grabs a weapon and departs the flight deck.

The Doctor travels along the ship , entering through another hatch.

The Master arrives at the cell, discovering The Doctor is gone. Jo fears that The Doctor is lost in space, but The Master decides to take precaution, putting her in the airlock.

The Doctor, meanwhile, arrives at the holding cell, having heard from the flight deck what was going on. He disarms The Master.

Outside, another ship approaches The Master’s ship. While the two Time Lords fight, Jo bangs on the door, wanting to be let out. The Master gets to the airlock button, threatening to press it (opening the outer airlock door) if he doesn’t hand over the blaster to him. The Doctor complies, and just then, the ship shakes as the other ship docks with theirs.

Draconians enter the airlock, and The Master spins his cover story, but the Draconians don’t care about “disputes between Earthmen”. The lead Draconian says all diplomatic relations between Earth and Draconia have been severed. Since they have violated Draconian space, the captain sentences them to death, but upon appeal from The Doctor, he agrees to take them to Draconia, locking all three up in the cage.

The Doctor reveals that he’s once before been to Draconia and he helped them through a dangerous time. The Master scoffs at The Doctor’s little tale, and lays down to rest. He activates a small hand held device, which flashes a light as he hdoes.

On another ship, we see an Ogron sitting at a console, receiving some report, some message… and the credits roll.

Oh, what fun – Delgado is firing on all cylinders as The Master.

Episode 5:

The ship has landed on Draconia and the prisoners are ready to be brought before the Emperor.

The Draconian Prince petitions his father to strike first on Earth. The Emperor says he will speak to the Earthmen first.

The Doctor obeys the proper protocol of addressing the Emperor, apparently knowing from his previous time. He claims to have been conferred a noble rank by the fifteenth Emperor. The Prince scoffs, saying this was five hundred years ago. When The Master laughs and addresses the Emperor directly, he is commanded to be silent.

The Draconian Emperor speaks of a legend of a stranger who assisted the fifteenth Emperor when a space plague threatened Draconia. The Doctor says he is there to warn the Emperor about The Master’s plan to foment war between Earth and Draconia.

The Doctor explains the plot against Earth and Draconia, while The Master tries to dismiss it all as the ravings of criminals. The Prince argues with his father when the Emperor seems to put some credence in The Doctor’s explanation.

An Earth spaceship has arrived and a Draconian appears to inform the Emperor that the ship asks for permission to land.

The Master gives a speech that he, too, supports peace. He talks about being a lawman and says that law and order can only exist in times of peace.

The Doctor, in response, puts his hand on his former friend’s shoulder asking, “Are you sure you feel all right, old chap?” Classic banter, love it.

Jo says she hears the sound, saying it’s the Ogrons. The Doctor petitions the Emperor to put the ship that just arrived under guard, and The Master begins to protest, but Ogrons burst in, opening fire. One is killed (or perhaps knocked unconscious) and the others take The Master away.

The Emperor sees the “Earth trooper” that was killed(?) change appearance, once the other Ogrons (and the device that causes the illusion) have left. He sees the truth in The Doctor’s words.

The Master, back on his ship, berates the Ogrons. He says they must ensure that The Doctor does not return to Earth with the Ogron as evidence.

The captured Ogron is interrogated in the Draconian court, but answers no questions. The Emperor says that they will tell the Earthmen, but the Prince and The Doctor say Earth will not believe them, though The Doctor feels with the Ogron as evidence, they have a chance.

The Emperor agrees and sends his son in charge of the mission – they’re using The Master’s craft will allow them to enter Earth space without being attacked and has a cage to keep the Ogron in.

The Master and his Ogrons follow them, but The Doctor and the Prince notice they’re being pursued. The Master regrets having to destroy his nemesis from afar, feeling rocket missiles are so impersonal… but as they close to firing range, they fire the missiles nonetheless.

On the ship, the captive Ogron has broken free and makes it to the flight deck, attacking them. In the fracas, the ship speed is reduced and The Master’s ship docks and a boarding party of Ogrons attacks.

Meanwhile, an Earth battlecruiser approaches. The Master sees it, recalling the boarding party, but the Ogrons take Jo with them. The Master’s ship disengages, but the air lock is still open – The Doctor and the Prince manage to close it, but shortly thereafter, the Earth battlecruiser arrives and tells them they are under arrest for being in possession of a stolen police ship.

Back on Earth, The Doctor and the Prince have been brought to the President who, with General Williams present, have heard the Prince’s claims; however, since the Ogron captive was rescued by The Master, they have no evidence to back their story. Williams shoots down the suggestion to go to the Ogron planet to investigate, saying they need the forces as they are on the brink of war. (He also goes on the “how do we know it’s not a Draconian trick” schtick again. I don’t recall, but I still wonder if he’s part of the Master’s conspiracy.)

The President offers The Doctor one ship, but the General overrules her. The Draconian Prince says how can we expect help from the man who caused the last war between their peoples and it comes out how it all began – the General’s ship fired upon an unarmed Draconian Battlecruiser when they were supposed to be meeting for peace discussions before full war broke out. But the General’s ship had been damaged by a neutron storm, and when the Draconian ship didn’t respond to radio (as their communications had been destroyed by the very same storm), the General’s ship opened fire (which they weren’t supposed to be armed, either…)

The Master’s ship arrives at the Ogron homeworld.

General Williams apologises to the Draconian Prince for his error that led to the Draconia-Earth War. (Holy shit, I totally did not recall this or expect it this time.) He then says he will not only authorise an expedition to find the Ogron homeworld, but he will lead it.

The Master takes Jo into an underground lair on the Ogron homeworld. Jo discovers that The Master has the TARDIS. He tells Jo that she’s going to help him set a trap for The Doctor. He approaches her and tries to force his will on her, but she uses a trick to beat him – reciting nursery rhymes out loud. He then pulls out the device used to make the Earthmen and Draconians see each other and activates it, saying it works on the fear centers of the mind…

Jo reacts with horror… and the credits roll.

Episode 6:

Jo resists, as best she can, the effects of the device. She sees a Drashig, a Sea Devil and others, but she keeps repeating that it’s “just” The Master, and he is just using a device… and though she almost succumbs, it seems her will is strong enough (go Jo!). The Master admits she got the best of him again and has her taken away to a cell.

An Ogron arrives to inform The Master that two of their raiding parties have returned, reporting success in attacking Earth cargo ships, even destroying one. The Master is delighted at this, saying that will “stir things up; It can’t be long before they declare war on each other.”

On Earth, the President, The Doctor and the Prince watch a vide of a man calling for war, a crowd cheering for his words.

General Williams arrives to say everything is ready, they must leave at once. The Prince and The Doctor bid the President farewell and depart with the General.

In her cell, Jo is given a bowl of gruel, and starts digging through the dirt floor with the metal spoon.

The Doctor programs the coordinates for the Ogron homeworld into the General’s personal scoutship. Just then, they are attacked by a(n actual) Draconian battlecruiser and are hit before they can escape via hyperspace. They drop out of hyperspace, but The Doctor must suit up and go outside to repair the damage.

As he’s working on the repairs, they detect an approaching ship. The Doctor is under a tight crunch, as they believe it to be the Draconian battlecruiser in pursuit. Just as The Doctor effects the repairs and slips back in, the battlecruiser arrives and opens fire, but they slip into “maximum hyperdrive”.

Jo has managed to escape her cell and skulks about The Master’s lair.

The General’s ship has arrived at its destination. The pilot has to take it in closer, but worries about whether the repairs The Doctor did can take the heat of entry into the planet’s atmosphere. We see smoke billowing out of the area he did the repairs on as the ship enters atmosphere.

Jo finds a communication room and uses it to send out a mayday message to Earth and Draconia, using galactic coordinates (okay, how did she learn that?) The General’s ship hears the signal and gets a general location on it; first they must orbit around before they can land.

The Master arrives and takes the communication microphone from Jo, saying that was the trap – he left the coordinates for her to find, but the communicator was short range. The Master is well aware that The Doctor is in orbit (well, he knows there’s a ship in orbit and suspects, correctly, that it is The Doctor on board.)

The repairs on the ship are shown to be heavily pouring out fire and smoke. The General’s ship picks up a homing signal that The Master set up to bring them in… but The Doctor and the General muse about it being too convenient.

The Master watches on a scanner and sends out patrols to find them, ordering them to bring The Doctor back alive.

On the surface, The Doctor and the others search for the source of the beacon, using a hand held device. The Doctor, the Prince and General Williams are accompanied by four of Williams’ soldiers.

A group of Ogrons ambush the rescue party. A giant creature that I can’t even describe and the Ogrons rush off. They return to The Master’s lair, terrified of “the monster”. The Master yells at them, frustrated with their cowardice. He says his employers are coming.

As The Doctor and crew start following the beacon again, they see a ship fly overheard; likely, The Master’s employer(s).

Later, The Master calls to The Doctor from above as the party is going through a ravine. The Master is accompanied by four Daleks; they kill two of Williams’ men before The Doctor can get them to surrender.

The prisoners are brought back to The Master’s lair. The Daleks want to exterminate The Doctor immediately, but The Master begs them to let him live for now. Let him live long enough to see their plan come to fruition, to see his beloved Earth destroyed, and then kill him. The Daleks place The Doctor in The Master’s care for the time being.

The Daleks return to their base to prepare their army. The Master tells The Doctor not to be too grateful for his life, as it’s going to be a short war. The Doctor, Prince and Williams are locked up with Jo. Jo has The Master’s fear device, and The Doctor takes it, adjusts it. He tells Williams and the Prince that they need to return to their homeworlds as soon as possible and organise their people to attack and take this base as soon as they can.

After asking Williams and the Prince to close their eyes and cover their ears, The Doctor uses the recalibrated device to compel their guard Ogron to open the gate to the cell. The creature does so, then runs off.

The Master grumbles after getting off the communicator with the Daleks, muttering, “We’ll see who rules the galaxy when this is over…” The guard Ogron arrives to tell him the Dalek told him to open the cell. The Master, knowing all the Daleks are on their ship in orbit already, sends the Ogron to fetch the others.

Jo points out a mural in the lair, showing a large blob-like monster. It looks very similar to the one The Doctor and company saw when the Ogrons ambushed them.

Williams and the Prince head to the surface, while The Doctor and Jo enter The Master’s main lair, only to encounter the renegade Time Lord and a group of Ogrons. The Doctor activates the fear box and the Ogrons panic. The Master fires his gun as an Ogron bumps into him and the blast merely grazes his head The Doctor, but drops him. The gun is dropped and after Jo grabs it, The Master runs off with them.

Jo helps The Doctor, stunned and bleeding from the head, into the TARDIS, where he closes the door and activates the TARDIS. As it begins to travel, he uses the telepathic circuits to contact the Time Lords…

And the final credits roll. Um, what? Now I realise why I wasn’t sure what I thought about this serial, I definitely didn’t watch the last episode… maybe not even the last 2. I’m guessing it’s being continued in the next serial, PLANET OF THE DALEKS… which we’ll do on Monday and Tuesday of next week.