We open with a closed… not sure, factory or some sort of establishment (a coal mine, perhaps?). Underneath, in a tunnel, a man in coveralls and with a helmet with a headlamp moves hurried, almost panicking.

A vehicle arrives at another plant, Global Chemicals Research Centre, where a group of men stand outside the gate. A man, obviously someone in charge or with some clout, gets out and says he’ll address the assembly. He tells them he has a piece of paper that will bring “wealth, in our time”, but the group of men scoff.

Underneath, the worker runs along, coming to a lift. He activates it and jumps in and it rises to the top. On his hand is a growth or burn that glows green.

The man addressing the throng of men talks of the coal mine being shut down and the future is in oil. He has it in writing that the government is going to support the initiative, as well as promising money for future expansion. The group of men seem pleased at this, except for one man, a Professor Jones, a “troublemaker”.

As the conversation gets heated, an alarm sounds from the coal pit. The men rush off. We see the worker, triggering the alarm; more than half his face is green.

In his lab at UNIT HQ, The Doctor is tinkering with the space-time coordinate programmer, saying that it’s in need of some repair. (Hey, they’re actually addressing the fact that the previous Doctors had no control over the TARDIS, how very cool.) He and Jo talk about Metebelis 3, which they never got to, and he promises they’re going there next.

Jo reads an article about Global Chemicals getting the approval for the go ahead, which upsets her greatly. She says she has to go to Wales because of the story she read.

Professor Jones and the men cover the worker’s body; he’s dead, and even the professor is baffled at the cause and some of the symptoms.

The Brigadier argues with The Doctor, trying to get him to go investigate. “But, Doctor, it’s right up your alley. This fellow is bright green… and dead!” The Doctor protests that they’re not policemen.

Jo and the Brigadier agree on going to South Wales; The Doctor tries to talk her into going with him, promising her anywhere, anywhen. She remains steadfast and he says he understands and for her to tell the Brig that he’ll follow down, later. She pauses, seeming to understand some greater meaning behind it. When she departs, The Doctor says out loud, “So, the fledgling flies the coop.” He enters the TARDIS and it disappears.

The Brig drops Jo off at Professor Jones’ community. The Brig doesn’t quite approve, but seems to respect Jo’s determination and dedication to her cause – she even threatened to resign from UNIT if need be.

The TARDIS materialises on a blue lit planet, presumably Metebelis 3. He exits and looks around at the blue/purple sky, but then suddenly a furry tentacle reaches out and grabs him.

Jo meets Professor Jones, but she doesn’t recognise him and makes a bit of an ass of herself.

The Doctor, his clothing torn and somewhat in disarray, runs for safety.

Professor Jones plays a light-hearted prank on Jo and they stop being mad at each other.

The Doctor clings to a cliff wall, blasted by snow.

Professor Jones is working on high protein mushrooms. Jo finally realises who he is.

The Brig meets with the big wigs at Global Chemicals. The one guy, who addressed the crowd, steps on the Brig’s toes, but he puts him in his place. He asks for a line to ring The Doctor, but we see The Doctor is still on Metebelis 3, avoiding the giant claws of some enormous bird.

Jones protests Global Chemicals’ new procedure; though it can get 25% more oil and fuel from crude oil, he says it’s still using oil and still creating pollution. He tells Jo that wind and tidal energy is the way to go (and here I am, almost forty years later, almost to the day of original air date, watching this… and the same arguments are still being made, though to little avail.)

The GC big wigs tell the Brig that their new process, the Stevens process, generates very little waste; Jones tells Jo that it cannot be true. He postulates that it might even have to do with Hughes’ death and Jo says they should investigate the mine.

In the local pub, one of the men says that he is going down the mine to investigate what happened to Hughes.

The Brig tells the big wigs that the mine cannot be shut down; as soon as The Doctor arrives, he intends on going down to investigate.

The Doctor runs some more; it is Doctor Who, after all. He makes it back to the TARDIS, as a bunch of spear-like projectiles are thrown at it. He materialises in the lab, and answers the phone.

We next see him zipping down the road in Bessie.

At the mine, the man from the pub is lowered down the shaft via lift.

Stevens, the head bigwig at GC, is very displeased that the Brig is insistent on investigating the mine. When the Brig sees The Doctor arrive in Bessie, he goes off to meet him, and Stevens calls for his lackey, Hinks. When Hinks arrives, Stevens seems confused at first, perhaps conflicted. He recovers himself and tells Hinks that “Nobody shall go down the mine. Nobody.” Hinks goes off to do what must be done.

Stevens pulls out an ornate headseat and puts it on, attaching it to a computer and seems to enter a trance.

Jo arrives at the mine. She encounters the two men who sent their buddy down the shaft. As they argue with Jo, their buddy down the shaft rings them on the phone; we see him with a glowing spot on his hand. One of the guys goes down, taking Jo with him.

The Doctor and the Brig arrive at the mine in Bessie, but Hinks is there, watching them. When The Doctor and the Brig enter the lift room, they order the man to stop the lift, but he says he can’t, it’s out of control… and the credits roll.

A story I know next to nothing about. So far, interesting and a little mystery – are we dealing with Earth baddies – a corrupt corporation, or something more?

Episode 2:

Jo and Bert are thrown about as the lift plummets at rapid speed. The Doctor and Brig use a bar to grind the lift to a stop, but they reach the bottom. They recover and Bert says it felt like brake failure. He opens the door and drops a tool to gauge how far it is. Guessing twenty feet, he scales down a rope, afraid that the cable could snap.

The man at the top says they’ll have to go to Global Chemicals for a wire cutter.

Jo and Bert find Dai, the man who went down first. Bert sees his hand glowing green, just like Hughes’ had been.

The Brig’s call to GC is cut off as they’re in mid-conversation, asking for the cutting equipment. We see Stevens is behind the loss of signal. The Brig contacts Jones, but he says he doesn’t have the equipment.

Stevens tells Fell, one of his top men to prevaricate, but he refuses, saying they must help the two in the mine. When he tries to leave, Hinks stops him and then the computer speaks, telling Stevens to “process him”. When Stevens questions it, the computer tells him it is necessary and to do as he says.

The Brig arrives back at GC, and Fell, now seeming quite unlike he did before, insists that GC doesn’t have the equipment. As Stevens and the Brig leave, arguing, Elgin, another of Stevens’ right hand men, tries to talk to Fell, feeling something is amiss.

Fell is very terse and too by-the-book; Elgin realises something is certainly not right with his friend.

The Brig radioes in to Captain Yates.

Jo and Bert are down below; he tries to reassure her, as she’s quite distraught.

The Doctor discovers a lynch pin had been removed from the brake mechanism and says that it was intentional, not an accident.

Bert says a while back he had been trapped, but struggles to remember how he had gotten out.

The Brig returns from GC, but shoots down Jones’ idea to steal the cutting equipment. He goes off to head to the nearest town to find some, but The Doctor and Jones hatch a plan.

Outside the GC plant, Jones leads a demonstration party, banging on drums, chanting, carrying signs and the like. Security at the gate calls for back up, and while they’re distracted, The Doctor drives up to the fence and lowers himself over with a crane. He inadvertantly triggers a futuristic alarm system and cameras well beyond the tech of the 1970s follow him.

The computer advises Stevens to take “no action, yet” against The Doctor. They watch as he enters the storage area. The computer tells Stevens to apprehend The Doctor.

Jo and Bert move through some tunnels; Jo is rather afraid, but Bert continues to reassure her.

The Doctor is approached by Hinks and two others, and beats the three of them handily (though in one angle, you can tell it’s a stuntman in a wig and not Pertwee.) As backup comes running, The Doctor scampers off, but finds himself trapped.

Stevens arrives and shows The Doctor the shed that the cutting equipment is believed to be in; it is empty.

The Brig returns with the cutting equipment. Everyone starts arguing over who is going down to rescue Jo and Bert. It’s decided that The Doctor, Davis and a couple others will go down.

Jo whines and wants to stop, but Bert tells her they have to keep pushing on.

The cutting is done and The Doctor and crew go down.

Bert and Jo make it through the tunnel and he says they can take a rest now. After they turn off their headlamps, they realise they can see each other from some green glow. They see a glowing green ichor, and Bert touches it, saying it burns.

The Doctor, Davis and two other men arrive to find a map attached to Dai’s body, with a note from Jo. The two men take Dai’s body back up, while The Doctor and Davis look for Jo and Bert.

Bert is weak, suffering. Jo helps him, and when they stop, they see his hand is beginning to glow, like Hughes, like Dai. He says she has to go on, to fetch help. She doesn’t want to, but she agrees.

Davis and The Doctor arrive at the area with the green glow. Davis goes to touch the ichor, but The Doctor stops him. They comment on the strange smell and go on, finding Bert. The Doctor tells Davis to take Bert back to the lift, to go up and tell the Brig not to send anyone else down, it’s far too dangerous.

Jo comes across a cave filled with large maggot-like creatures in the green ichor. The Doctor finds her and sees it, horrified. They try to head back, but there’s a collapse in the tunnel and several of the large maggot-like creatures cut them off, threatening them… and the credits roll.



Episode 3:

Jo and The Doctor run from the creatures.

Davis returns up top; Jones advocates going down, but the Brig says they must respect The Doctor’s wishes that nobody else go down. The Brig says he will do something and intends on visiting GC.

The Doctor and Jo push a mine cart through the maggot-infested area.

Elgin confronts Fell about the mining equipment and the dead man (Dai) and dying man (Bert) recovered from the mine. Fell seems to almost resist his programming, briefly, but the recovers. Elgin follows him into a room and watches him surreptitiously.

The Brig informs Stevens that he’s taking over, as security risks override any other concerns. Stevens threatens the Brig, the Brig throws his weight around and Stevens responds by asking his secretary to get the Minister of Ecology on the phone, much to the Brig’s displeasure.

The Doctor and Jo crawl through a tunnel, coming across what look to be eggs. The Doctor says he thinks he’s beginning to understand. He takes one of the eggs and puts it in a bag. The climb upward through the emergency shaft (where Bert was trying to lead her earlier.)

Fell tells Elgin that he is not authorised to be in this room. Fell tries to dissuade Elgin from asking any questions. Elgin realises that Fell is lying to him about draining local tanks.

The Brig speaks to the Minister of Ecology, who tells him to toe the line and work with Stevens. The Brig is put on the phone with the Prime Minister, who sets the Brig straight.

Jo and The Doctor come to and begin to scale an exit pipe. An alert is triggered and Fell and Elgin see them in the pipe. Elgin realises that the waste disposal is about to go into that pipe and says they must stop it, but Fell says, “They are intruders,” as if that explains everything.

Fell says that the operation is automatic, he cannot stop it.

The Doctor and Jo feel the pipe vibrating and The Doctor says they must hurry.

Elgin keeps nagging at Fell, who’s programming is slipping. He’s at war with himself, but Elgin asks how to open the hatch. In the nick of time, Fell tells Elgin and he lets them out just before the waste is funneled through.

Stevens offers the Brig use of his office and secretary, but the Brig says his own staff are on their way.

The Doctor tells Elgin what happened, and of the maggots. Fell rises (he seems to have had passed out from the internal dispute in his brain) and slips out. The Doctor wonders if he’s going to report to Stevens, but Elgin isn’t sure.

Fell arrives in Stevens’ office and says he has a headache. Stevens tells him he’s been overdoing it and invites him to sit down. He pulls out the strange headset, saying he’ll help him as he did once before. Hinks holds Fell still as Stevens places the headset on Fell’s head. Fell sees strange alterations to what’s in the room, and says, “You’ve done something to my mind.”

The computer tells Stevens that the processing has failed and “self-destruction” is needed. Stevens says it’s not necessary, but the computer calls him a “sentimentalist” and Stevens presses a button. Fell rises from his chair and walks out without a word.

Elgin leads The Doctor and Jo out through some back halls, and watch as Fell runs by and leaps off a high exit to his death.

Stevens is visibly upset over Fell’s death. The computer taunts him for being a sentimentalist.

At Jones’ commune, The Doctor, Brig and Jo and Jones’ people have a happy dinner. (Wow, really? They watch a man kill himself earlier and are partying? Nice.) The Doctor is told there’s a call for him on the telephone.

Jones goes on a lecture about going down the Amazon, looking for a toadstool referenced in some text from the late 1800s.

The Doctor returns with news that Bert passed away and there’s little to be learned from Dai’s body.

Hinks tells Stevens about The Doctor and Jo’s story of the egg and the maggots. Stevens tells Hinks to go fetch the egg.

Jones consoles Jo over her grief because of Bert. They bond and almost kiss before the Brig and The Doctor show up.

As good nights are said, Jo is reading Jones’ book about the Amazon and a maggot is seen crawling into the room, coming up behind her… and the credits roll.

Oh, that’s a nasty cliffhanger, good thing I’m not leaving you hanging on that one.

Oh, wait, I am! Muahahahahahha!

(See you Saturday for the second half.)