Maggot spoilers!!!

Episode 4:

Perhaps I missed it last night, but the maggot that is stalking Jo breaks out of the egg that she and The Doctor brought back (I had wondered where it came from.) It inches through the house into the room where Jo is seated on the floor reading.

Hinks is outside a window, and opens it, slipping in to the room behind Jo. He doesn’t see the maggot until it is too late and it leaps up and bites him on the arm. It inches away as Hinks falls and screams, rousing the others, who come running.

The Doctor collects a sample of the green slime to analyse.

UNIT has arrived at the pit, Benton and soldiers running about, unloading all sorts of explosives.

The Doctor and Professor Jones work on the sample; when exposing it to human mucous membrane cells, the green ichor attacks and transforms the human cells into cells like itself.

When The Doctor finds out the Brig plans to blow up and seal the mine, he asks for time, and the Brig gives him thirty-two and a half minutes. The Doctor goes to speak to Stevens, asking him to rescind the order to seal the mine.

Stevens refuses and brings in a man from the Ministry department – Mister Yates – yes, Captain Yates!

As The Doctor argues with Yates, who pleads the old “orders” bit, the Brig has the mine blown. Upon hearing the explosion, The Doctor tells Yates that this could be the worst day mankind has ever seen.

After The Doctor is dismissed and Yates is taken off to the executive suite, the computer taunts Stevens, saying it is not safe to allow outsiders to do their work. The computer says that D-Day is approaching.

The Brig explains that he had Yates assigned as the Ministry representative, to have an inside man. The Brig is no more fond of Stevens than The Doctor is.

A cleaning lady lets herself into the chamber Fell and Elgin were arguing in, where The Doctor and Jo escaped the pipe, and sees maggots in the pipe chamber. She finds Elgin and cues him in.

Benton patrols the various UNIT guards on duty, checking in on one. A maggot burrows out of the ground at the man’s feet and hisses at the soldier.

Elgin argues with Stevens, who still refuses to believe in the existence of the maggots (or at least pretends so.) Then, mid breath, Stevens seems to change to “oh, I’m not disputing it, just not concerned” (not an exact quote.) When Elgin tries to leave, saying he’s going to find someone who will do something, Stevens locks the door from the desk and tells Elgin to come sit down near the computer.

Elgin refuses and Stevens presses a button; there’s a high-pitched shrill whine and Elgin holds his hands to his head in pain. Stevens tells him to sit down and Elgin listens, obediently. Stevens gets the funky headset out.

Maggots are all over the hillside. UNIT soldiers fire on them but seem to be really bad shots. The Brig fires his pistol, but the bullets bounce off. One of the UNIT boys uses an automatic rifle, also to no avail. Even insecticides don’t work.

The Doctor says that the only solution is a “biological counterstrike”. He says Jones is working on something. The Doctor says they need to get a sample of the waste from GC.

The Brig rings Mister Yates, who can’t speak plainly as he has a GC guard with him at most times. He manages to inform the Brig that he cannot help them get a sample directly, but might be able to assist The Doctor, should he find a way in.

The Doctor disguises himself as a dairy/milk delivery man, pretending to be the dad of the regular guy.

Jo is having fun assisting Professor Jones until she spills some samples and he gets rather brusque with her.

The Doctor gets inside the GC complex but an alarm is sounded and it is announced over the PA that he’s been found out. Oh very efficient, that.

Yates gives his escort the slip when he sees The Doctor, dressed as a washing lady. Yes, you read that right.

Jo goes wandering, hoping to find a maggot for Professor Jones. Benton, driving in a truck, stops and warns her off, but she doesn’t listen.

Yates lets The Doctor know where the formula is being kept, but before they can talk much longer, Stevens and Yates’ escort guard arrive. Nobody realises The Doctor isn’t the regular cleaning lady. This is high comedic entertainment here, folks.

Professor Jones realises that the dried mushroom extract that accidentally got spilled on the slime is the cure. Of course. THEN he realises that Jo is gone. Of course. He reads the note she left him and realises she’s off maggot-hunting and he dashes off.

The Doctor, back in his usual garb, accesses the private lift, using his sonic screwdriver.

The Brig tells Benton that the RAF is flying in with a HE grenade strike in seven minutes.

The Doctor finds a massive computer room, filled with various computer consoles and banks. The computer voice speaks to him and reveals that it is the boss and is “the computer”. The Doctor looks around, rather alarmed… and the credits roll.

Okay, I guess forty years ago that might have been a shock, but I took it from the get go that it was a computer running things.


Episode 5:

Jones shows up where the UNIT troops wait for the RAF strike. He sees Jo moving into the strike zone and follows, unaware of the impending strike.

The Doctor and the BOSS (acronym to be explained when it happens in story) banter, trading barbs and the such. BOSS is aware of The Doctor, having accessed his files at UNIT. When The Doctor asks BOSS what he is, he says he is the first Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor. (Told you we’d explain it.)

BOSS says that the secret to the human creative spark is inefficient and he programmed Stevens to program it to be inefficient and thus have the human spark. BOSS is programmed to make profit for GC and nothing will stand in its way.

Jones find Jo and hustles her away from some maggots that cornered her. They try to get out of the strike zone, but the RAF helicopter is given the all-clear to start dropping the HE grenades and they must take shelter in a mine shaft.

When BOSS says it is infallible, The Doctor gives it a riddle. The riddle seems to get the best of BOSS and when The Doctor makes his pithy departure, the private lift has Stevens and two guards in it, awaiting him.

During the bombing run, Jones is knocked unconscious.

Not all the maggots were destroyed by the grenade run.

The Doctor is sitting, wearing the funky headset. He seems to resist the programming, running sums in his head to fight off the brainwashing.

Jo tries to wake Professor Jones, to no avail.

BOSS has a temper and The Doctor is playing the computer like a cheap violin. When BOSS gets too pissed, it orders for The Doctor to be killed, but The Doctor suggests that killing him will be getting rid of a powerful bargaining chip.

Jo tries to repair her radio that was damaged during the bombing. Outside, maggots are getting closer to their hiding place.

The Doctor is placed in a room for holding, and shortly thereafter, Yates frees him. They try to sneak out, but are spotted on camera and an alarm is sounded. Again, over the general PA everything is announced. The Doctor escapes, but Yates is taken prisoner.

Jo finally gets her radio to work and contacts Benton as The Doctor drives up in Bessie. They drive to the strike zone and look for Jo, finding the cave she and Jones are sequestered in. They rescue Jones and Jo and bring them back to the commune.

Jones only partially wakes, mumbling, “Serendipity,” before passing out again. They see a glowing green spot on his neck!

The Doctor ponders what Jones meant by serendipity, ironically standing before the microscope which still has the slide Jones was looking out when he realised that his mushrooms would be the cure. Mike Yates suddenly appears from behind a desk (he was laying on the floor, apparently, which makes absolutely no sense.)

Yates tells The Doctor they let him go, but it’s obvious he’s been “processed”, especially after he pulls a gun on The Doctor. The Doctor tries to talk him out of it, even after the Brig walks in and starts barking orders.

The Doctor pulls out the blue crystal he took from Metebelis 3, and the stone and The Doctor’s voice begin overwhelming Yates’ programming.

Stevens talks to Mr. James, another GC associate who has been processed by the BOSS.

When Yates awakes, The Doctor tells him he needs to go back into GC, as he has something he needs him to do.

Stevens and BOSS go over “slave unit” numbers in major cities across the world. Seems they have a great number of slave units prepared. Yates arrives, informing them that The Doctor is dead.

Jones is suffering; Jo is very worried about him and The Doctor realises that he means a lot to her.

Yates tries to dissuade Stevens from having Jo killed, but Stevens seems to find Yates’ arguing suspect and has Mr James brought in to keep watch on Yates. Stevens leaves, and Yates uses the Metebelis crystal to free James. As he questions James on what is happening, James begins to talk about a takeover at four pm, but Stevens arrives with two guards and uses the computer to stun/drop/kill James… and the credits roll.


Episode 6:

The Doctor works in Jones’ lab, trying to find a cure, still pondering what Jones meant by serendipity.

Benton brings in a maggot’s shell; it seems they’re beginning to change. The Doctor says the cure has to take a second place to stopping the creatures.

The maggot that killed Hinks shows up in the kitchen, but after it eats some of the fungus that they use for food, it dies. They quickly realise the fungus could be what they need.

BOSS is humming and singing while Stevens works on figures. BOSS inquires how Yates broke James’ programming. Stevens advocates for elimination, but BOSS says he will be used to test a new processing treatment instead.

Benton and The Doctor take Bessie out for a spin, throwing bits of the fungus out to the maggots, who greedily eat it and then begin dying off.

It’s working, I say it’s working. They’re dying like… well, like maggots!” – The Brigadier.

A giant fly watches Bessie drive by.

Professor Jones is very, very ill and Nancy and Jo all but sit by helplessly. Nancy is all zen, “The Doctor will help,” and Jo is all frantic, “even he doesn’t know what to do.”

Yates escapes Stevens and the guards as they take him for the new processing.

The giant fly… well, it looks more like a dragonfly… follows Bessie. There’s some really awesome (and by awesome I mean not) super-imposed images. The dragonfly thing squirts some of the green ichor at The Doctor, but fortunately Bessie’s windshield is in the way. The Doctor throws his cloak over the creature and it crashes to the ground.

Yates escapes Global Chemicals, dropping from the rooftop.

Jo tells The Doctor about her accident in the lab, spilling the dried fungal powder, and The Doctor realises that must be the cure. (Yay, about time.)

A maggot clean up is in process, when Yates arrives to tell the Brig about BOSS. We next see him at the “nut hutch” (Jones’ commune), telling The Doctor that something, but he’s not sure what, is going to happen at 4pm.

BOSS chastises Stevens in a most irrational fashion. Stevens reports that all slave units are ready to be activated. BOSS orders him to link him with all seven computers so the countdown to phase one can begin.

The Brig and The Doctor try to get in the gate at GC, but the guard won’t let them.

BOSS is acting very silly, talking about using the symphony orchestra to play during his triumph. (I guess this is supposed to be the funny part of the show.)

Stevens tries to get BOSS to stop acting childish; Stevens says that until all the links are established they are at their most vulnerable. Landline links are established, but radio links have not been made yet. This is really rather silly and not in remotely a good way.

Phase two begins, and Stevens puts on the funky headset, apparently to connect to BOSS.

A poultice of the fungus is applied to Jones’ neck and he comes to, recognising Nancy and Jo and starts kissing Jo’s hand. It’s really touching. Kinda.

The Brig and his boys wait at the gate; they have only six minutes left in the timeframe The Doctor gave them to wait before charging in to destroy the computer.

The Doctor finds Stevens in BOSS’ chamber. Stevens and BOSS seem one; Stevens’ mouth moves as BOSS speaks. The Doctor appeals to Stevens’ humanity, then pulls out the Metebelis sapphire, using it to deprogram him. Stevens breaks free and tells The Doctor to get out, quickly. He tells The Doctor that the whole place is going to go up in two minutes.

BOSS pleads for Stevens to stop what he’s doing as The Doctor rushes off to get out and make sure the others do, too.

Outside the gate, The Doctor grabs the guard and everyone takes cover just in time as the main building explodes.

Afterwards, Jones seems to be quite well. Jo tells The Doctor that she’s going to the Amazon with Professor Jones. In the course of explaining it, Jones mentions getting married, much to Jo’s surprise and delight.

The Doctor says he’ll come back and see them some time. He gives her the Metebelis sapphire as a “wedding present”. Everyone celebrates with drinks and gives speeches as The Doctor slips out alone. He drives off across the countryside… and the final credits roll.

A companion leaving is always bittersweet – happy for Jo to have found something greater, sad for The Doctor.

This serial really wasn’t one of the best – too much silliness in my opinion. The writing started well but once BOSS became the main focus it just devolved into too much of the silly. Also, what’s the point of having scientific characters if the day is saved by serendipity?

Ah, well.