Another serial I’ve not seen before/know nothing about. Looking forward to it!

Episode 1:

We open on what appears to be modern day London, the River Thames. But the streets are empty, devoid of people! London has become a ghost town. A few dogs roam the streets, picking through trash, but that’s it.

The TARDIS materialises in a park and Sarah Jane and The Doctor exit. Sarah seems uncertain that they’re in the right time period – she’s very suspicious of his getting her back to the right time and place, which suggests of some other adventures between THE TIME WARRIOR and now.

They find a telephone booth, but the line is dead. They decide to try catching a bus at the nearby stop.

A man carrying a duffel bag departs a building, looking about. Seeing the coast is clear, he starts descending the flights of metal stairs (it’s like a factory or warehouse), but lays down on one landing when he hears a jeep approaching. Soldiers in the jeep drive by, not seeing him and once they pass, he hurries down to his car, parked around the corner. He gets in and drives off.

Waiting at the bus station, The Doctor remarks there are no vehicles, pedestrians, bikers. They set off walking as a car comes down the road; they step out, trying to flag him down (seems to be the man we saw leaving the warehouse) and he almost runs them over.

He pulls up to a storefront, looking about, before grabbing the duffel bag and running it over to one of the storefronts.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane come down the street, as if following his car. They find it parked out front, door open. The Doctor sees an open door and enters, but the man has a gun pointed at them. He leaves them there, driving off, telling them to find their own places.

Sarah Jane tries calling the police, but there’s no answer.

Outside, they hear a car crash and a strange roaring. They dash out and down the street, to find the man dead, and his car totaled.

UNIT troops are in a room with a map of London, tracking sightings of something. The Brig is on the phone and Sgt Benton moves a push pin on a map to indicate the latest sighting. Captain Yates reports to the Brig about the looters becoming more organised, but the Brig is more concerned about the sightings.

At the police station, The Doctor and Sarah Jane try to get it, but it’s locked up. They have the looter’s duffel bag with them. They hear a vehicle and see a jeep roll by, but hear it slow down out of sight. They hurry to find it, but it’s already backed into a garage by time they get there.

Entering the garage, The Doctor calls out, “Hello,” and further in, we see the men scatter and hide. The Doctor encounters one of them and fights, but is attacked from behind. The men rush off after they hear the sound of automatic fire.

As The Doctor and Sarah Jane try to open the garage door, to drive the jeep they heard earlier, a pterodactyl flies down into the garage and attacks. They manage to get into the jeep and drive through the door to escape.

The Brig argues with a superior officer over firing on looters; the Brig feels it is wrong for his men to fire weapons at civilians. Talk of The Doctor comes up – the Brig is waiting for him to show up, any day now. The general(?) gives the Brig extra men for patrols, but with the caveat that any looters who do not surrender immediately will be shot.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane encounter a patrol who fire into the air and demand they raise their hands. They comply and are searched while the vehicle is searched and the loot is found inside. The Doctor realises there’s no point in arguing.

They’re brought into the processing location and are taken for mug shots. They seem to think it’s a big lark. One of their fellow captives tells them the military are in charge because of “the monsters”.

A tyrannosaurus rex burst through a building as army troops fire upon it. Using grenades, they chase the dinosaur off. Back at UNIT HQ, upon hearing the report, during which the radio cuts out, the Brig and Benton discuss the issue with the radio and how it must be related to the dinosaurs.

Upon reviewing the latest batch of looters, Benton comes across the pictures of The Doctor and Sarah Jane. The Brig orders Benton to send someone.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane’s fellow prisoner tries to get them to make a break for it. The Doctor says thanks but no thanks. An officer shows up and a trial (for lack of a better word) is held for their fellow prisoner. He’s declared guilty (it’s really that simple) and sentenced to be locked up during the course of emergency, to be turned over to civil authorities after the emergency has ended.

Sarah Jane tries to tell the officer they didn’t steal the items, but since that was the same story the guy before them gave, he’s not remotely believing it (and likely one he’s heard a hundred times before.) The Doctor tries to explain that he’s an associate of the Brig, but again, the man doesn’t buy it (not that I expect he’s heard that one before.)

The officer sentences them to the same sentence as the previous man. The officer leaves and the other prisoner gives them the “I told you so” line. The Doctor is more interested in the man’s escape plan. They fake a fight until the guard comes over and The Doctor immobilises him. The other prisoner turns the gun on them, but The Doctor takes care of him and he and Sarah Jane run off.

However, as they find a jeep and try to find the keys, the soldiers arrive and take them prisoner again. As they’re being transported (in the very vehicle they were trying to steal), the truck comes to a sudden halt. Looking out, they see the tyrannosaur… and the credits roll.

Okay, the dinosaurs are kinda shoddy, but if you can look past that, it’s a pretty fun serial so far. London under seige, abandoned, and dinosaurs? Yes, please.

Episode 2:

The soldiers exit the jeep and open fire on the rex. Using the distraction, Sarah Jane and The Doctor (handcuffed to each other by one wrist) slip out the back and run off. They find shelter in someone’s workshop and The Doctor rummages about for a tool or something to free them of the handcuffs.

The soldiers return to the truck to discover their prisoners are gone.

As The Doctor and Sarah Jane talk, trying to figure out how the dinosaurs got there, they encounter a man who seems to be from King Richard’s time. He attacks and during the struggle, a strange effect envelops him and he disappears.

Soldiers arrive and The Doctor and Sarah Jane try to bar the door, but there’s nothing to do so with. The door opens and The Doctor moves to attack, but it’s the Brig! He’s oh-so-thrilled to see his scientific advisor.

Back at UNIT’s HQ, the Brig fills in The Doctor and Sarah Jane what’s been going on; it started shortly after they left in THE TIME WARRIOR. The temporary HQ appears to be in a class room, from the children’s artwork on the walls. The Brig informs them they’ve evacuated eight million people from London.

It turns out that not only are the dinosaurs appearing and ravaging the streets, but they are also disappearing. General Finch arrives, wanting to hear The Doctor’s answers for what’s going on. The general thinks that some mad scientist has been breeding dinosaurs and lost control of them.

A dinosaur has been spotted and the Brig and The Doctor go off to see it. It’s a stegosaurus! I love stegs!

Back at the HQ, Yates and Sarah Jane are talking. He’s summing up “that business in Wales” and needing a holiday for a bit (referring to the events in THE GREEN DEATH and the mind control he underwent). They discuss London without people – Sarah Jane is bothered by it, but Yates rather prefers it.

As the Brig and several soldiers are about to give The Doctor a hand in trying to catch the stegosaurus, there’s another time eddy and it disappears.

Back at the schoolroom, The Doctor argues with Finch and tells everyone that whomever is responsible is in central London, despite it being evacuated.

We see several men in lab coats (and one of them is Nyder from GENESIS OF THE DALEKS – I mentioned this back in DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS, where Peter Miles played Dr. Lawrence, the head of the nuclear facility in that serial. I can’t wait till GENESIS OF THE DALEKS, I’ve always considered that my favourite of the original run) discussing the next time transference.

They discuss keeping the authorities off balance – whatever they’re up to, it has more to do than with just bringing in dinosaurs.

There’s a bit of “comic relief” where The Doctor is trying to work quietly but everyone keeps bugging him. It’s kinda cute, mostly for Sarah Jane’s part, but in the end, is ruined by Pertwee’s googly eyes of frustration.

The lab coated men receive a visit from Mike Yates – seems he’s in league with them!

Sir Charles Grover, the Minister with Special Powers (what about one with Super Powers, that’d be cool) arrives at the military HQ. The Doctor is still working on a device to KO a dinosaur. The Doctor recognises Grover as a staunch anti-pollutionist, and a man whose work he admires.

The main lab coat (Nyder’s actor, they haven’t named him in story yet) isn’t impressed with Yates’ opinion of The Doctor’s threat to their operation. His associate says if Yates is right, “Operation Golden Age” could be at risk, all their plans would be for naught. They tells Yates to deal with The Doctor, but he says he won’t harm him, nor allow any harm to be done. “If we descend to that sort of thing, we’re no better than the society we intend to replace,” he tells them.

It seems Mike is definitely in cahoots; he doesn’t seem blackmailed or under control. This is shocking to me, as I rather like Yates.

The Doctor tells Grover that he suspects the dinosaurs are merely being used to clear out central London for some greater purpose. A brontosaurus has been spotted, and the Brig, The Doctor and Benton go off to try out The Doctor’s stun gun. Grover is left behind and he has an odd look on his face (from his politics and ecological view point, I wonder if he’s part of the plan with the scientists and Yates.)

Lab coat boss guy gives Yates a small device to put on the stun gun, which will disable it.

At the location with the brontosaurus, they prepare to use the stun gun. Yates has arrived on scene and fetches the gun for him, placing the device given to him on it. He gives it to The Doctor who approaches the dinosaur and takes aim. He seems to have issues working the gun and the brontosaurus disappears in a time eddy.

Suddenly, behind The Doctor, a tyrannosaurus appears! The Brig orders for his men to fire… and the credits roll.

That’s a pretty good cliffhanger there!

Episode 3:

The troops fire on the t-rex, and the blast stuns The Doctor. Afraid for The Doctor’s safety, Yates rushes in, removes the disabling device, and uses the gun to stun the t-rex.

Later, Yates confronts the lab coats, accusing them of intentionally bringing in the t-rex, knowing it would kill The Doctor. He asks them permission to tell The Doctor what is going on. They say no and say he must go back and sabotage The Doctor’s instruments so he can’t track them.

After he leaves, the lab coats discuss Yates’ loyalty, fearing he’s too concerned with “this precious Doctor of his”.

The t-rex has been brought back to a warehouse, where it has been chained down. The Doctor says they must wait for the temporal energy to fade, upon which the dino will return to its proper time and he can trace the energy.

Sarah Jane says she’s been doing research into time travel experts and a man named Whitaker seems to be the leading scientist in the field. The Brig recognises his name and Sarah Jane says he’s disappeared about six months ago, after being refused government funding.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane catch a ride with the Brig back to the temporary UNIT HQ; The Doctor needs to get some equipment from the TARDIS, which has been brought back there. Once there, Minister Grover tries to put off any suspicion about Whitaker, saying he’s just a harmless crank.

General Finch is the only person who seems interested in Sarah Jane’s theory about Whitaker. When she complains about not being allowed to take pictures of the dinosaur, Finch gives her a note to take to his driver, saying he’ll take her to his HQ where she can get a special pass allowing her to photograph the dino.

After consulting with Grover, The Doctor and the Brig return, to find Sarah Jane gone. The Brig discovers that she left in the general’s car.

Sarah Jane returns to the warehouse, with her camera, so one assumes she got her pass. She begins photographing it and the flash starts to waken the sleeping dino. It begins to rise and Sarah Jane runs out, but cannot get past the office door, as it is locked. As she tries to get out, the dino’s tail starts smashing everything, knocking a piece of the wall down onto Sarah Jane. (Seems to me this would have been a great cliffhanger to end an episode on.)

The Doctor arrives in the nick of time to save her and they run out. The t-rex breaks through the warehouse wall as they drive off.

Back at the school room, Sarah Jane is being tended to by The Doctor. She says she was locked in on purpose, someone tried to kill her. Benton shows the Brig one of the chains – it was cut through. He says they were all like that. The Doctor’s machinery was sabotaged, as well.

Sarah Jane wants to track the power source and corrals Sgt Benton into assisting her. She goes to visit Minister Grover. He takes her into a file room and there’s a sinister air. He plays along with her and they find records of an underground bunker, built under that very building! It turns out that the file room is an elevator and has taken them below to the very bunker.

Benton tells The Doctor that Sarah Jane has gone out; The Doctor finds her behavior baffling.

Minister Grover and one of the lab coats (not Whitaker) leave Sarah Jane in a room, saying they won’t find her where she’s going. Lights begin to flash in the room and there’s a strange alarm-like sound. She begins to react adversely to the lights, entering an almost trance-like state.

She wakes on her back on a bed in a futuristic chamber. A man looms over her, welcoming her, talking about being on a spaceship heading to the planet that will be their new home. Looking out a window (or on a viewscreen perhaps) she sees outer space. The man says, “We left Earth three months ago,”… and the credits roll.

Okay, that’s a much better cliffhanger than the dinosaur bit. Wow. And that’s the cliffhanger you guys are going to get until Thursday!

See you then!