We’re mid serial, so it’s time for a spoiler warning.


Episode 4:

General Finch storms in, demanding an explanation about “this latest fiasco” from the Brig. The Doctor tells Finch that there was sabotage, much to the displeasure of Captain Yates, who, after The Doctor and the Brig step out, confronts Finch about his agreeing to sabotage The Doctor’s machinery, but not agreeing to murder – seems Finch is, after all, a part of their little conspiracy!

The Doctor checks out his “new car”, a hovercraft looking thing – horribly silly looking, honestly. Bring back Bessie! He goes for a ride, with his portable tracking device on board.

Sarah Jane, on the “spaceship” (I’m guessing it’s a big farce) is greeted by others, who introduce themselves as “the Elders”. She recognises them, a novelist, an anti-pollutionist activist and the man who first woke her up is an athlete.

They tell her they’re on a ship on the way to “New Earth”, a simpler world, unspoiled by man’s technology. They explain there are over two hundred sleepers on the ship – Sarah Jane was the first to awaken of the sleepers… and there are other ships as well, seven in all, on their three month journey. (Yeah, totally a sham.)

The Doctor follows his device’s readings down below the streets of London; he hides as labcoat blondie accesses a lift hidden as a wardrobe closet. When the lift comes back down, The Doctor takes it back up.

Labcoat blondie reports to Professor Whitaker, but notices the blue lift is in operation from a flashing signal on a map. The Doctor exits the blue lift and wanders down the hallway.

On the security screen, blondie and Whitaker watch him as he makes his way to the reactor powering the facility. A metal door slides down, blocking him off at one point, then another behind him as he passes along another hallway. Penned in eventually, he has no choice but to enter the lift again.

Whitaker operates his device, finding a pterodactyl on the viewscreen, then using the device to pull the creature out of the past, depositing it at the exit of the lift. It attacks The Doctor, who fights it back with a mop from the lift. He manages to escape back up the stairs to the street level.

Sarah Jane debates the way things “were” on Earth – the Elders talk about how bad things were, but Sarah Jane speaks up for the good things. Her talk is very disturbing to the Elders. They decide that she has to be “re-educated”.

The Brig and The Doctor return to the location in a jeep. (No soldiers with? Really?) They go down the steps to the Underground location, but when he shows him the lift, it really just seems to be an actual mop room.

They go to Grover’s office and he pretends there’s no such place, that when Sarah Jane came, she found the file showed the project was abandoned. Grover calls in his chauffeur who claims he took her back to UNIT HQ.

Sarah Jane is subjected to video documentary about the horrors of what man did to the Earth. She’s given a sparse meal of bread, with the promise of better food when she learns her lesson.

The Elders discuss having Sarah Jane killed if she “doesn’t respond to re-education”.

Professor Whitaker, Captain Yates, General Finch and Minister Grover have a pow wow in the lab. They talk of the “colonists” on their spaceship. Whitaker says in a matter of hours they’ll be ready to start the countdown. They discuss discrediting The Doctor as a way to neutralise him.

The Doctor and the Brig argue over what to do. The Doctor feels Grover is part of whatever is going on. After the Brig leaves, The Doctor receives a call from Professor Whitaker. Whitaker says that he’s been tricked into working for Grover, he thought he was working for the government. He makes arrangements for The Doctor to come to the hangar where the t-rex was held, but to come alone.

When The Doctor arrives, they beam in a stegosaurus. Moments later, General Finch, leading the Brig and soldiers, walks in, saying The Doctor is “the monster maker, caught in the act,”… and the credits roll.

Oh, really, if the Brig buys into this, I’m gonna call bullpucky.



Episode 5:

The Brig tells The Doctor that he’s under arrest.

Sarah Jane is still subected to more of the propaganda. The athlete, Mark, comes in to warn her about the Elders’ plans for her if she doesn’t get in line. Suddenly, the gravity of her situation becomes obvious, and she plays the role of penitent, using it to distract Mark, elbow him in the gut and escape the room.

The Doctor is brought in; General Finch insists that The Doctor is to be locked up and not to be interrogated until later. He insists that the Brig accompany him when he reports to Grover.

Captain Yates ignores The Doctor’s appeal for assistance, ordering Benton to lock him up and not let him talk to anyone. The Doctor realises that Mike was the mole in the operation the entire time. When Yates leaves, Benton sends the two soldiers to fix up a room as a temporary cell. With them gone, Benton asks The Doctor what’s going on.

See, this is why I love Benton. He’s a simple, straightforward guy. He’s a good egg. He’s a loyal soldier, but he knows right from wrong. The Doctor tells him that Yates is the man working against them, and though he doesn’t want to believe it, he knows he can trust The Doctor.

Ah, man… I just stood up and applauded Benton. Had to stop the playback and rewind and watch it again. Benton listens to The Doctor’s story and says, “Right then, Doctor, you’d better get busy.” When The Doctor looks at him, puzzled, he explains, “You’d better start overpowering me, hadn’t you?”

He allows The Doctor to knock him out with his Venusian karate, using a nerve pinch. The good Sgt drops like a rock and The Doctor takes off.

Grover returns to the lab to tell Whitaker and blondie that The Doctor is under lock and key. He says it doesn’t matter how long they’ll keep The Doctor locked up, as “Soon, The Doctor and his associates and everyone on this planet, except for our chosen group, will never have existed.”

Wow, that’s pretty heinous and massive!

Whitaker uses the time field to demonstrate how it can reverse time and we see a cup smashed by blondie leap back up into his hand. They seem well to small in scope to do what they’re planning, though… I would think demonstrations like this would have been done months ago.

Sarah Jane sneaks about the “spaceship”, accessing a control room, and flipping a switch, but nothing happens. She starts randomly punching buttons, but again, nothing happens.

She goes back and finds Mark, and when he grabs her, she begs him to listen.

General Finch tells Benton he’ll be court-martialed. Yates seems very uncomfortable about the whole situation. Finch orders Benton to be placed under arrest and leaves, with Yates in tow. The Brigadier asks Benton where The Doctor has gone off to, Benton says he believes he went to “that underground place”.

The Brig tells Benton to ready the men, they have to get there and find him before Finch and his men do – Finch has said The Doctor is to be shot on sight.

Sarah Jane argues with Mark, trying to show him some proof that all of this is a fake. Finally, she realises that she has to go to extreme measures, and goes through the airlock as he watches.

One of the Elders talks of talking to her, but Mark tries to dissuade him. It doesn’t seem it’s going to work.

The Doctor drives about London, trying to avoid military patrols, on his way to the underground lair. He is pursued and has to hide his jeep in a dilapidated warehouse until his pursuers pass by.

Sarah has left the “spaceship” and finds the laboratory. She overhears Whitaker and blondie talk (argue, really) about checking the reactor power levels. Poking about, she finds the lift and triggers the door. She finds herself back in the “file room” lift that leads to Grover’s office and slips out.

A helicopter flies over The Doctor and radios his activity to a patrol in a jeep. They get on his tail quickly and pursue. They find his jeep, but he’s nowhere in sight. The four soldiers get out and begin to search the woods, while The Doctor watches from hiding.

He grabs their jeep and calls in to the helicopter, pretending to be one of the patrol. He tells them they’ve caught their prey and are bringing him in. The ‘copter pilot says he’ll call off the other patrols. The Doctor drives off as one of the patrol men returns and fires on his jeep. Hopping in the other jeep, the soldier finds that the engine won’t start.

Sarah Jane argues with a guard at the school room over her not having a pass, over The Doctor being responsible for the monsters. General Finch shows up and Sarah Jane says she’ll tell him everything, as she knows what’s going on. Finch dismisses the guard and Sarah Jane tells him Minister Grover is behind it all. He plays skeptical but says they must go and investigate.

They arrive at Grover’s office and she leads him to the file room. After she activates the lift, Finch pulls out his gun and takes her prisoner and leads her to the lab room where Grover and Whitaker are. Grover gives Finch orders to withdrawl all the soldiers, including UNIT and the general leaves Sarah Jane with Grover.

Grover explains what they’re doing, that they’re going to “roll back time”.

In an attempt to drive out the last remnants of people in London, Whitaker brings in a bevy of dinosaurs all over London. The Doctor is forced to stop his jeep when a t-rex appears just in front of him… and the credits roll.



Episode 6:

I’m enjoying this immensely, but like many of the earlier serials, I think some tighter writing/editing, cutting out one episode, would make for a better story.

The appearance of the dino has killed the engine of the jeep The Doctor was driving and he’s forced to leave it. The t-rex and another dino get into a fight. It’s really, really bad puppetry/animation. Laughably bad. Ouch.

As The Doctor runs off, he comes across a jeep with Finch and two guards in it. Just then, the Brig and Benton come up behind The Doctor, claiming The Doctor as their prisoner (since Finch had, in fact, turned The Doctor over to UNIT earlier, the Brig is 100% correct.) Reluctantly, especially after Benton points a gun at them, Finch agrees and leaves.

Sarah Jane is thrown in a store room by blondie, who tells her she’ll be coming with them when it’s time to go.

The Brig, Benton and The Doctor return to the school room base to learn that the troops have been ordered by Finch to evacuate. The Doctor explains that Finch is part of it, along with Grover. The Doctor and Benton also try to convince the Brig that Yates is as well.

The Doctor finds a note from Sarah, saying she has proof Grover is behind it all. The duty private says she left the note “very early this morning” and left with General Finch. (The timing and pacing of these episodes is always uneven.)

The Brig says he’s going to contact Geneva, but The Doctor says there’s no time for that. When Benton gets Geneva on, the Brig is handed the phone but Yates comes in with a gun, stopping them.

Sarah Jane struggles and removes vent grill from a duct and climbs in.

Mike explains Whitaker’s plans. Mike seems willing to not exist, should they not be within the protective field – the base is on the edge of the expected field of protection from the time roll back. When the duty private comes back with tea, Mike is distracted and Benton kicks his gun away and grapples him.

On the spaceship, the Elders and Mark are waking up others, when Sarah Jane sneaks back on. She explains to Mark what’s going on.

The Doctor and the Brig head off to the tube station; Benton is staying behind to rendezvous with any remaining patrols and then bringing back up to help.

Sarah Jane and Mark try to convince the Elders and the awakening “colonists” the truth of things. However, they won’t listen and drag her and Mark away. Adam, one of the Elders seems to see some truth in their words. He begins fiddling with the controls, contacts spaceship one, asking to speak to Charles Grover.

The Doctor and the Brig head towards their destination, at one point driving the jeep under a brontosaurus. They arrive at their destination, to find a stegosaurus outside the entrance and have to scare it off with explosives.

On the spaceship, Charles Grover boards, having come over by shuttlecraft. He goes through the process of pressurising the air lock before entering. Then he takes off his space suit and asks Adam what the problem is.

The Doctor and the Brig make their way into the tube station.

In the “reminder room”, Grover confronts Sarah Jane and Mark, as Adam (the Elder) listens in from outside.

A triceratops comes near where The Doctor and the Brig are and Lethbridge-Stewart lights a flare to try to scare it off. The Doctor wires up some explosives while the Brig holds it off.

Adam frees Sarah Jane and Mark.

The Doctor blows the explosives, blowing a hole in the mop room, exposing the lift shaft. (Surely those below would have heard/felt the explosion?) The Doctor readies to scale down while the Brig goes back to the jeep to call in to Benton.

However, Finch has Benton at gun point. Benton makes a grab for the gun and the men struggle.

Sarah Jane shows everyone by exiting through the air lock that they’re not on a ship.

The Doctor has gained access to the bunker and takes out blondie with his Venusian karate.

Whitaker and Grover discuss Finch not being present; Whitaker says the timing is crucial they can’t wait. Grover says he must be on his way and should be in the protective area. As Whitaker moves to start things, the “colonists” arrive and Mark grabs him. Grover appeals to them to let go ahead. As he gives his speech, The Doctor, then shortly after, the Brig and his troops, arrive.

In the distraction, Whitaker grabs the lever and pulls it. The time effect begins, but The Doctor manages to move through the field and return the lever upwards, stopping it. He starts flipping other switches and toggles, but Grover leaps forward, grabbing the lever again. Whitaker tries to stop him, saying, “No! He’s reversed the polarity,” and as the two men struggle, Grover gets the lever down and both of them and the computer bank are sent back into the past.

The Doctor explains that because he was a Time Lord, he was able to move when nobody else could, saving the day. We get a pretty little speech from The Doctor about pollution (the moral of the story, I guess.) The Brig says he has to write a deposition for General Finch’s court-martial, and Benton asks about Captain Yates.

The Brig says he put Yates on extended sick leave and he’s been given the chance to resign quietly. “The best I could do,” the Brig says, somewhat disappointed.

As the Brig walks off, calling for Benton to follow, Benton leans over the table to address The Doctor and Sarah Jane. “Still, I’ll say one thing, not many Sergeants get the chance to punch a General on the nose!” They laugh, but when Benton turns, the Brig is standing right there.

Just don’t make a habit of it, Benton,” the Brig says as the two soldiers depart.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane banter about the TARDIS; she says it’ll be a long while before she gets in, but The Doctor gives her a speech about a planet named Florana, one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. She keeps saying no, he keeps doing the hard sell… and the final credits roll.

A fun serial, again, could have used some tighter writing/editing. Shame about Captain Yates (I knew he ended up being a bit of a traitor, but never knew the specifics about it.)