Episode 1:

A man staggers through a craggy terrain and is shot in the chest with an arrow.

On the TARDIS, The Doctor and Sarah Jane prepare to vacation on Florana, the paradise planet, but a sudden power surge forces them to materialise on the craggy terrain.

The TARDIS is completely dead; every time The Doctor tries a back-up power source it dies out. Even the emergency torch (flashlight to us Americans) dies out. Using an oil lamp and a hand crank to open the doors, they depart and begin exploring.

Sarah Jane goes back in change into something warmer, after asking The Doctor not to wander off. As soon as she goes in the TARDIS, he does exactly that and is attacked by someone in furs. Sarah Jane comes out, looking for him. She finds the oil lamp that The Doctor dropped and runs back to the TARDIS.

Inside is someone in furs, though they hide before she notices them. Hearing others approach, she winds the hand crank. Closing the door, the figure in robes approaches her, but she beats them down with the crank and then struggles to open the door again.

Again the person grabs her, this time crawling after her, and again she beats them with it, before escaping the TARDIS.

The Doctor is led, his wrists tied, by two men in fur/robes. He manages to free himself and gets into combat with them, and manages to escape them.

Sarah sees a large flashing light atop a city or large building and walks towards it in the night.

As the sun rises, The Doctor wanders through large stony dunes, observed by a figure in robes/furs. He comes across a trip wire and triggers it, causing a boulder to come rolling down. A man in a blue uniform attacks him and they struggle, but another man yells at Galloway, The Doctor’s attacker to stop and they head back to their base.

The two men approach a base, where another man in a blue uniform awaits with a bow and arrow. They go inside, where The Doctor is introduced to the crew of the Marine Space Corps expedition. They tell her of the “forbidden city”, saying that if anyone goes there, they will be sacrificed.

They show him pictures o the city and it’s obviously the same place Sarah was heading to. We see Sarah poking around the outside of the city, until she is captured by one of the natives, identified as Exxilons.

The MSC crew tells The Doctor they’re there for an element needed to fight a horrible plague that’s ravaging the outer planets. They hear a ship arriving and believe it to be a relief ship from Earth and go out, excitedly.

Sarah Jane is declared to been judged and prepared for sacrifice.

The relief ship lands and, to everyone’s surprise (but mine), Daleks exit and begin firing their guns… and the credits roll.

A great cliffhanger and a promising serial.

Episode 2:

The Daleks fire, but their weapons have been drained by whatever has drained the TARDIS. The Doctor mocks them, they bluster, the human leader offers a truce – the Daleks first say they need nobody’s help but when they are informed the entire planet is full of dangerous creatures, they say they will confer.

Sarah is surrounded by Exxilons who are chanting.

The Daleks, planning to turn at the moment the humans are no longer useful, agree to work with the humans. Several of the crew have nothing but hate for the Daleks. It seems the Daleks need the parrinium as well – though they have a secret need for it.

In the crew’s quarters, we see the commanding officer, who was sick, has been taken.

The MSC crew, Doctor and Daleks move along, walking into an ambush. The captain of the crew is show with an arrow by Exxilons. The others take cover as more arrows are fired on them, but they find that they are surrounded.

The savage Exxilons charge forward and attack the Daleks; one of of them is battered until its chassis explodes. Another group of Exxilons arrives with Commander Stewart, the injured leader from the MSC base, and he tells them to surrender, which they do.

The Doctor and the others are brought to where Sarah is STILL being prepared for sacrifice. The Doctor breaks free of the Exxilons holding him and lunges forward, trying to fight for her, but is beaten down by the greater numbers.

Everyone is placed in a cell; The Doctor is wounded and weary, and while Sarah Jane and Jill, the civilian geologist, tend to him, the Daleks propose to offer technology and knowledge in exchange or assistance. The two Daleks are taken away to speak with the high priest.

On the Dalek ship, other Daleks have been working on replacement weaponry, slugthrowers to replace the drained energy gunsticks.

The Exxilons agree to discuss terms, but not until the sacrifices have been carried out. The Commander, with his dying breath, tells Galloway that Lt Hamilton will take charge, but Galloway pretends he didn’t hear it, as he is next in line for command.

As The Doctor and Sarah Jane are prepared for sacrifice, Daleks armed with slugthrowers arrive and begin firing on the Exxilons. The Doctor and Sarah Jane escape in the chaos.

Sarah Jane realises that the tunnel they’re in is where they were going to be thrown as part of the sacrifice; The Doctor says he expects the sacrifice is to be carried out by something else – they hear the roar of some creature in the tunnels.

Galloway tells Jill and Hamilton (the remaining members of the MSC crew) that the Daleks have taken over but they’re still working with them – they’ll over see the Exxilons who will mine for the parrinium.

In the tunnels, Sarah Jane and The Doctor hear the roar of the creature as they meander through the tunnels. We see the hand of an Exxilon.

Daleks are seen moving through the tunnels, in pursuit.

The Doctor leaves Sarah Jane, to scout ahead. The Exxilon in the tunnels is very close, watching her from obfuscation. She senses someone is there, and turns and all by cries out.

The Doctor comes across what appears to be a mechanical snake like creature with a glowing eye… and the credits roll.



Episode 3:

The Exxilon in the tunnel is different, like an albino. It approaches Sarah Jane and introduces itself as Bellal. It says he is not like those that tried to kill her, that his kind are persecuted.

The creature attacks The Doctor, striking with its eye. When it strikes the ground (after The Doctor moves out of the way) the ground sparks.

Another renegade Exxilon shows up, to warn about approaching Daleks. The Daleks split up, searching for The Doctor and Sarah Jane.

A Dalek comes across the cyber-snake (my word, not theirs) and they fight. The Doctor watches, giving commentary over the battle. The snake kills the Dalek.

The Doctor returns to Sarah Jane and they rush off with the renegade Exxilons as the remaining Dalek pursuer approaches. They escape through a crack in the wall of the tunnel. Bellal says his people are watching the others and will report what happens.

Exxilons are mining outside, supervised by the MSC (Marine Space Corps) crew, who are ordered by the Daleks to increase the work productivity. Galloway argues with the Daleks.

Bellal explains that Exxilon is an old planet; long ago, his people were the supreme beings in the galaxy. They built their great city, making it self-sustaining, giving it a brain. It turned against those who created it and drove them out. Bellal’s people want to destroy the city, while the main Exxilon population worship it.

The Daleks overseeing the mining openly discuss destroying the beacon above the city, saying it is the source of the power source interference.

In the water, another snake-root, part of the city, rises up and kills an Exxilon who did not get out of the water quickly enough.

The Doctor sends Sarah to tell the MSC crew to get the Earth ship loaded with parrinium and ready for lift off the moment the power is restored – he says that the Daleks will certainly try to destroy the Earth ship the moment they can do so and doesn’t believe their story about needing the parrinium for medical reasons.

Bellal leads The Doctor to the city. He shows The Doctor the symbols, and as the Time Lord studies them, he starts to see something – some of the symbols don’t conform with the others. But before anything else happens, Daleks come around the corner. The Doctor finds a secret door and they slip inside.

They find a touch-sensitive maze on the wall and The Doctor runs his finger along the route. As the Daleks scan the symbols outside the city, The Doctor and Bellal move further inward, passing the maze test. As they move inward, The Doctor stops Bellal from going any further. There’s a red and white pattern on the ground… and the credits roll.

That’s not much of a cliffhanger.



Episode 4:

The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and detects where to step. He moves across and then directs Bellal across. Afterwards, Bellal asks if that was necessary and to demonstrate, The Doctor throws a coin on the tile and it is destroyed by electrical charge.

The Daleks pass through, the first being struck by electricity, but survives. The second Dalek fires on the tile, destroying the mechanism and passes through unharmed. Afterwards, the tile repairs itself and the Daleks say this suggests that the city is indestructible.

Sarah covertly speaks to Jill, telling her what The Doctor has sent her to inform the MSC crew.

Inside the heart of the city, an Exxilon in a chair sits and observes The Doctor and Bellal on a video screen.

Bellal triggers something that overtakes his mind and he turns on The Doctor, but The Doctor manages to stop him with his sonic screwdriver, disorienting him long enough to disarm him. This qualifies them to go through. Moments later, the Daleks arrive in the very same room.

Galloway and Hamilton are escorted by a Dalek to the city and instructed to climb the summit and lay the explosives to destroy the beacon. If they do not comply, Jill will be exterminated.

Sarah Jane has Jill fetch some empty bags and says they have to be filled with anything – obviously as some plan to replace other bags.

The Doctor and Bellal discuss being tested by the city, wondering for what purpose. They enter a room that The Doctor says will be the final test, likely an “assault on our sanity”.

We get some funky psychedelic lighting effects as The Doctor calls out to Bellal to fight it. They survive, and a door to the brain chamber appears in the wall. As they enter, the figure in the chair’s body disintegrates. The Doctor says he has an idea on how to destroy the brain.

Bellal watches as two bodies begin forming in the chamber; The Doctor says the city is creating “antibodies” to deal with them and to let him know when they’re almost completely formed.

Galloway and Hamilton place one charge, but Galloway says they’ll keep the second.

A Dalek begins waking the Exxilons for more mining and discovers that Jill has escaped – the bags were used to make it look as if she was still sleeping.

The antibodies form and grab The Doctor and Bellal. The two Daleks arrive and engage in combat with the “Exxilon mutants” who seem much tougher than any Exxilons yet seen.

The Doctor and Bellal run through the various traps which are no longer a threat; the city is beginning to break down, a result of The Doctor’s rewiring – he said he was giving the city a “nervous breakdown”.

Hamilton and Galloway are brought back to the Dalek ship to load the parrinium. The Doctor and Bellal reunite with Jill and Sarah Jane and plan how to free Galloway and Hamilton.

The explosion goes off, destroying the beacon. The power is restored to the Dalek ship (and presumably the Earth ship.) As The Doctor and others stand about, celebrating the destruction of the beacon, they are caught by another Dalek.

The Daleks reveal their plan was to collect all the parrinium and use it to force the planets to bow to them. They plan to launch a plague missile once the ship takes off.

The Dalek ship takes off, with Galloway still on board. He primes the explosive and sets it off beore the missile could be launched. Sarah Jane reveals that the real parrinium is on the Earth ship, it was bags o sand on the Dalek ship.

The city begins to crumble and melt and all apart and there’s a strange low screaming in the background, though I’m not sure if it’s part of the background music or the actual city crying out.

The Doctor watches with the others, saying it’s a bit of a shame, but now the universe is down to 699 wonders (a reference to earlier when he said it must be one of the 700 wonders of the universe)… and the final credits roll.

All in all, an okay serial, nothing stellar and the title seems a bit unrelated to anything in general.