Suddenly, a ghostly spoiler image manifests!

Episode 4:

Another Ice Warrior steps out with the first and they take Gebek and The Doctor prisoner. In the communications room, Eckersley, Alpha Centauri and Sarah Jane are watching on the video screen. Alpha explains to Sarah who the Ice Warriors are, but says s/he thought they were still in orbit.

Just then, an Ice Warrior leader caste walks in and proclaims that the planet is under martial law.

When Ettis learns that Gebek went to speak to the queen, he says Gebek is as good as dead, or certainly a prisoner, and there’s nothing to be done. The others argue for rescuing him, and he acquiesces.

In the throne room, the Ice Warriors have everyone gathered; the leader sums up the various accusations and complaints – Ortron vs The Doctor, nobles vs miners, etc. We learn that the commander is named Azaxyr.

Azaxyr commends Eckersley for not being part of all these accusations. He says that he is not concerned with the political situation on Peladon, only that the Federation gets the trisilicate it needs. He proclaims that the miners will work under Ortron’s guards, who will kill them if they do not obey. Both Gebek and Ortron protest – seems Ortron doesn’t mind having his guards kill miners, but he wants to be the one to decide that. (In truth, it’s more that Ortron resents the Federation and the aliens on his planet.)

Hostages have been taken and Azaxyr says that until the miners return to work, hostages will be killed daily.

Ettis leads his men into the citadel.

The queen and Alpha protest Azaxyr’s methods, but he says this is war, he has been authorised to do what he deems necessary. Gebek and Ortron unite against him and he even threatens destroying the planet, but then changes tack, saying he would prefer a more peaceful solution.

Just then, Ettis’ rebels break into the throne room and several are killed by the Ice Warrior soldiers. The rest flee. Azaxyr has The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Eckersley and Alpha taken to the communications room with him.

After they leave, Ortron and Gebek kneel over the dead and look each other in the eye, Ortron proclaiming, “We will be revenged.”

When Azaxyr proclaims he thinks he should have The Doctor executed, Alpha and Eckersley speak up for his having some influence with Gebek and he could get the miners working again. Azaxyr gives The Doctor this chance to stay his execution.

Azaxyr has Eckersley take him to the refinery.

Sarah Jane tells The Doctor that Sskel (Ice Warrior guard who was in the refinery who helped arrest The Doctor) was the shape she saw much earlier in the refinery. The Doctor tells Alpha that Azaxyr isn’t here on the Federation’s behalf, but is up to something else.

When Alpha tries to contact the Federation to report Azaxyr, the communications is being jammed by the ships in orbit.

The Doctor (accompanied by Sskel) goes to the throne room, where he finds Gebek. When he tells Gebek he wants him to have the miners go back to work, Gebek, Ortron and the queen all stand together, in defiance. In hushed tones, The Doctor tells them he just wants them to play along for now, and he and Gebek go off to speak to the miners.

Azaxyr compliments The Doctor on his success, saying that the miners are back to work and Eckersley says the refinery will be up and running soon. The Doctor’s death sentence has been “suspended” – as long as The Doctor cooperates fully, he will be allowed to live. He is brought to the communications room and told to stay there.

There, The Doctor raises the ambient temperature in the mines (cuz, ya know, that’s where the controls for such a thing would be – in the communications room of the citadel), hoping to make things difficult for the Ice Warriors.

In the mines, Ettis talks to one of the miners, but he thinks Gebek has sold them out. He plans to use the sonic lance to destroy the citadel, killing the nobles and aliens. When the other miner says he’s gone mad and leaves to tell Gebek, Ettis kills him.

In the mines, the Ice Warriors begin to suffer the effects of the temperature.

The queen protests that she cannot contact the Federation, but Azaxyr says that until he is satisfied that the emergency is truly at an end (he suspects the settlement of issues was achieved too easily), he will not lift the “communications seal” on the planet.

Gebek gives the signal and the guards and miners in the mine attack the Ice Warriors. The Doctor and Sarah Jane escape the communications room and access the tunnels.

During the fight, Gebek finds the miner Ettis stabbed, who is still alive. He tells Gebek of Ettis’ plan to destroy the citadel with the sonic lance. Gebek greets The Doctor and tells him about Ettis. The Doctor heads off to stop Ettis, as Gebek is needed to lead the miners. Sarah Jane stays to tend the wounded miner.

Sarah Jane is captured by an Ice Warrior (Sskel?) and brought back to the communications room, where Azaxyr demands to know where The Doctor is.

The Doctor confronts Ettis, telling him that the Peladonians are united against the Ice Warriors. If he uses the lance, he won’t kill most of the Ice Warriors, as they’re in the mines fighting.

Azaxyr knows of the sonic lance and pulls up on the video screen the fight between The Doctor and Ettis. Azaxyr says that the sonic lance has a self-destruct which he has preset by remote control – if it is fired, it will detonate, killing all the in immediate area as well.

Ettis bests The Doctor and activates the sonic lance. It explodes… and the credits roll.

Nicely done. I notice in the credits there’s a fight arranger by the name of Terry Walsh (who also plays the guard captain) and it shows in this serial – the fights are much better than the average Doctor Who serial.



Episode 5:

Sarah Jane watches, believing The Doctor to be dead. Azaxyr says they’ve reduced the temperature in the mines and soon will shut off the ventilation system so the miners will have to flee the mines, into the waiting arms of the Ice Warriors.

Suprisingly, The Doctor is alive! (I know I’m shocked.) He gets up and returns to the mines, where he meets Gebek. Gebek says they forced the Ice Warriors out of the mines, but weren’t able to push into the citadel. The temperature is rising and they both notice the air is getting stale.

The queen and Ortron comforts Sarah over the loss of The Doctor. Alpha Centauri arrives to say that Azaxyr plans to extend the martial law over the planet; the queen will rule in name only. All citizens will be conscripted to work in the mines.

To create a distraction, the queen pretends to faint, and when the Ice Warrior guard comes in to investigate, they try to escape – Sarah and Alpha make it out, but the queen’s cape is caught beneath the Ice Warrior’s foot, and when Ortron stays to help her, he is shot by the Ice Warrior. Queen Thalira stays behind with her fallen counselor as Azaxyr arrives.

The Doctor and Gebek arrive at the refinery but hide as Azaxyr and another Ice Warrior arrive there and enter. Inside, Azaxyr tells Eckersley that Sarah and Alpha are in the mines (a lie the queen told him), and Eckersley smiles – is he part of this?

In the communications room, Alpha struggles to remember the sequence to activate the automatic SOS. Sarah Jane skims the security channels and comes across the video from inside the refinery, where she and Alpha eavesdrop on Eckersley and Azaxyr – they are, in fact, in cahoots, and are selling the trisilicate to Galaxy Five!

Outside the refinery, Gebek and The Doctor are listening in as well. Azaxyr says that time is short, Galaxy Five has given them a deadline that is rapidly approaching. Eckersley says they will use Aggedor, pulling back a curtain to reveal a statue. He uses machinery to manifest it near a group of miners, attacking and killing one. The others flee, heading up from the lower levels.

Watching all this from the communications room, Sarah Jane sees The Doctor peering through the cracked door of the refinery. She leaves Alpha in the communications room to keep sending the SOS.

Reports of the miners fleeing and being destroyed come in to Azaxyr and Eckersley. Again, Eckersley sends Aggedor to kill more Peladonians, and then he and Azaxyr head back to the citadel, leaving a guard. Sarah Jane comes in, distracting the guard and Gebek attacks the guard, knocking him out.

Sarah Jane and The Doctor are reunited and she asks if he ever stays out of trouble.

My dear Sarah, there’s nothing I’d like more than a quiet life.” – The Doctor.

Azaxyr and Eckersley return to the communications room, determining the “spatial distress beacon” (SOS) has been activated. He threatens the Ambassador, but Eckersley talks him down.

In the throne room, Alpha tells the queen about the truth of Azaxyr and Eckersley’s true plans. Alpha runs his mouth and reveals that Sarah also overheard their discussion in the refinery. Alpha continues to run his mouth, revealing that The Doctor is still alive.

The Doctor accesses the refinery and he, Gebek and Sarah Jane enter. They restore the ventilation to the mines and The Doctor examines the machine used to project Aggedor.

Sskel arrives at the refinery and begins firing on the the door, burning his way in.

It’s Eckersley’s turn to run his mouth, in typical villain fashion, explains his reasons for being a traitor, as well as Azaxyr being part of a breakway faction of Ice Warriors who long for the “good old days”.

Azaxyr arrives to report that The Doctor has been found in the refinery and his Ice Warriors have him trapped.

More Ice Warriors arrive at the refinery and begin to help Sskel burn down the door. Sarah Jane starts to panic… and the credits roll.



Episode 6:

The Doctor figures out the device and projects Aggedor into the area outside the refinery, attacking the Ice Warriors, who flee. The Doctor and Gebek start making plans.

Sskel returns to the throne room to report his failure, but Eckersley says he knows a few things about the refinery The Doctor doesn’t, and he and Azaxyr go off.

The Doctor manifests Aggedor for the miners to see that it is not a threat, and this allows Gebek to rally the miners.

In the communications room, Eckersley contacts The Doctor. He tells them the security system works on the inside, and demonstrates it. The Doctor sends Sarah to warn Gebek while he stays in.

When The Doctor stays, Eckersley turns up the intensity. The Doctor works the Aggedor controls, attacking the Ice Warriors. Eckersley turns it up to maximum, saying it won’t be long now.

Sarah runs through the mines (it’s Doctor Who, after all, we gotta have some running.) Gebek leads his men to the secret entrance, but Azaxyr and his men lay in wait. As they enter, the Ice Warriors show their hand too fast, and most of the miners retreat.

The Doctor sends Aggedor to kill two Ice Warriors, and Azaxyr flees. Gebek rallies his men and they return to the citadel.

The Doctor finally succumbs to the mental assault.

Sarah enters the citadel, picks up a gun and heads to the communications room, where she makes Eckersley turn off the security system, and he does so, saying it’s too late, The Doctor is dead. He grabs her gun and locks her in the communication room.

Gebek and his men make the throne room, but Azaxyr has the queen hostage and demands they lay down their arms or he will kill her. They do so and Azaxyr steps down from behind the throne and the rebels swarm him. Gebek forces him to shoot the other Ice Warrior (Sskel?) present and then one of the guards stabs Azaxyr.

Alpha enters the communications room, where Sarah mourns The Doctor. On the screen, The Doctor is still in the chair in the refinery, motionless. Sarah leaves to go to him.

Eckersley skulks about the citadel and takes the queen prisoner. He takes her through the secret tunnel behind the throne.

Sarah arrives at the refinery. Standing over The Doctor, she cries, and her tears fall on his face, waking him from the trance he had placed himself in to defend against the security system’s assault.

Eckersley drags the queen through the tunnels.

The Doctor and Sarah return to the throne room, and upon hearing of the queen’s capture, The Doctor fetches the real Aggedor to track them down. They track them down, and when the queen frees herself of Eckersley, Aggedor attacks, but the ‘monster’ is killed in the fight.

(Oh no! I’m gonna cry.)

Later, in the throne room, the queen asks for The Doctor to stay as her chancellor. The Doctor and Sarah advocate that she choose Gebek to be the man for the role. Alpha arrives to report that Galaxy Five ended the war once the scheme to get the trisilicate failed.

Gebek arrives to report that they found that “blue box” he was asking about. He and Sarah leave to check on it, but the queen is wise enough to realise he won’t be coming back and she says good bye. They turn around and bow/curtsy in farewell. The queen asks Gebek to stay, she has something to discuss with him.

Outside the TARDIS, Sarah razzes The Doctor about being offered a civil service job and how she’d hate to stand in the way of his career. He grabs her by the ear and pushes her to the TARDIS. They laugh, enter, and it disappears… and the final credits roll.

A very good serial. I didn’t like Aggedor being killed, but I’m a softy for animals (even when said animal is a man in a costume) being hurt/killed. I enjoyed the Ice Warriors being the baddies again, and despite my complaints about the similarities (again, I understand that it was done intentionally, parallels and homage and all that – and, again, if I had spent several years between watching the two, I would have appreciated that more), I really enjoyed this one.

A great story for the penultimate Jon Pertwee serial.