I remember this one being another creepy one… another I have not seen in… oh, it’s gotta be 20 years.

Episode 1:

We open in a sandy region, looks Egyptian, as there are tombs being excavated with heiroglyphics. A western man leads his works into sealed room full of treasures. He waxes on about how perfect and untouched everything is.

Set into the wall an Eye of Horus glows bright, frightening the native helpers. They flee, leaving the man alone. He pries at the wall, but it slides open, revealing a secret cave behind. Something deep inside glows and the man screams and collapses.

On the TARDIS, Sarah Jane is showing off a dress she found in one of the wardrobes. It seems it’s one of Victoria’s (companion to the Second Doctor) dresses! (This is one of the things I love about the show, the depth of the canon and mythos and the little touches they put in throughout.)

The Doctor is rather maudlin; he waxes melodramatic about being a Time Lord, not being human, and walking in eternity. He puts his age at “something like 750 years”, and Sarah Jane cracks about him being middle aged. He says he’s tired of being the scientific advisor for UNIT.

Suddenly, there’s several small explosions in the TARDIS console and the ship shakes around. Sarah sees a ghost like face on the wall of the console room, some monster or definitely inhuman thing. She senses that it was “totally malevolent”. (I love that word, malevolent.)

The TARDIS materialises on Earth, at UNIT HQ, but many years too soon, in the original building. There’s an Egyptian sarcophagus and other such items about. The Doctor says that something very wrong is going on.

Elsewhere, a man in a fez (fezzes are cool, so I hear) plays an ornate organ. When his manservant interrupts him, he throws a righteous hissy fit. The Egyptian man, Ibrahim Namin, seems to be residing in Professor Scarman (though we don’t know this yet, the man in the tomb we saw in the beginning) place. A man, Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever), a friend of Scarman’s, has come to find out who this intruder is.

Namin claims to be acting under instructions from Scarman, and provides a letter of authority to prove it.

While they talk, Collins, the manservant is listening. He hears someone trying to unlock a door. On the other side of the door, The Doctor prepares to pick the lock, but they dash away when Collins returns with the keys and unlocks it. The Doctor and Sarah Jane are back where the TARDIS appeared (which it seems is the exact location of The Doctor’s laboratory, or at least, it will be.) This is amusing refered to as The Doctor and Sarah talking loudly, purposefully not hiding, about how the building would be a great location for a paramilitary headquarters, and that room would be a great laboratory location.

Collins demands to know whom they are. The Doctor claims that they snuck in the window, as they though the house was for sale, but Collins is on to them! He assumes they are colleagues of Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) and advises them to tell the good Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) to be wary of the Egyptian.

Collins says the Egyptian has only been there a few days and he’s afraid of the man. The Doctor and Sarah leave via the window they purportedly entered through and go for a stroll, promising to pass on Collins’ warning to Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever.)

Collins watches out the window, but the sarcophagus behind him begins to open.

The Doctor and Sarah listen outside the window as Namin and Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) argue. Namin speaks of ancient powers gathering. Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) says he’s made inquiries; Scarman’s luggage hasn’t been claimed in Cairo, nor has he been seen in weeks. He threatens to go to the authorities, but suddenly Collins screams.

Namin and Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) rush to find Collin’s dead body; just before they get there, the sarcophagus closes.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane enter the previous room via the window.

Namin goes on about the old gods, but Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) says the police must be called. Namin draws a gun on Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) but The Doctor grabs him from behind and in the struggle, Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) and The Doctor and Sarah rush off.

Namin recovers and opens the sarcophagus, and gestures with a rather scientific sounding-beeping ring to the mummy inside. I do note the name ‘Sutekh’ spoken by Namin.

The Doctor and Sarah (still in Victoria’s dress, mind you – somewhat out of fashion, as Victoria was from the 1860s) help Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) but he says he cannot go any further and tells them to find Lawrence, Scarman’s brother, and tell him what’s going on.

Sarah Jane runs on (yes, in Victoria’s dress) as The Doctor picks up and carries Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever), leaving behind his hat, which the camera zooms in on.

Namin is seen searching around, gun in hand.

Sarah hides in the woods from the extremely barrel-chested mummy. It’s obviously something robotic beneath the wrappings, from the dimensions of it and the shape of its head.

Sarah makes it to the village or some nearby buildings at least.

The Doctor and Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) hide from Namin and the robomummy. Randomly(?), Namin looks up to the sky and says, “The all powerful… descends. Oh noble god, your servant hears you,” and he and the robomummy walk off.

Sarah arrives with Scarman’s brother and they help Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) back to safety.

Namin returns to the house and prays to one of the sarcophagi.

Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) is tended to by Sarah while The Doctor and Lawrence Scarman discuss matters. The Doctor says that the police will only hamper his investigation.

Sarah Jane introduces herself to Lawrence, saying she’s really from 1980 – this is the first time I’ve seen that they’ve pinned a date down for her. I know the UNIT era stories were set several years in the future of the actual filming/broadcast year, but it was always left rather vague what year specifically. (And I gather it’s the source of quite the debate in the fan community. Me, I don’t really care. “The near future” is good enough for me.)

Of course, Lawrence finds this incomprehensible. We learn that the year is 1911, which The Doctor says is one of his favourites. He compliments Scarman on inventing a radio telescope forty years ahead of its time. Lawrence says it’s a “Marconiscope”, but when The Doctor says that it’s used to receive signals from the stars, Lawrence is flabbergasted that he knows what it is.

The Doctor asks him to demonstrate it, and when he does, it won’t switch off. Finally, one of the tubes explodes. The Doctor pulls out a small hand-held device that does the same thing, and tracks the same signal the Marconiscope did – a signal from Mars!

Namin plays the organ again. Three mummies walk about in the organ room.

The Doctor decodes the message from Mars, “Beware Sutekh.” He says the name might be better known as “Set”, which Sarah Jane recognises as the Egyptian god. The Doctor says the forces at work are the greatest threat that Earth has ever faced, more dangerous than he has faced himself.

The Doctor slips back into the Scarman house. Namin is playing the organ and through the sarcophagus there, a portal opens. The Doctor watches as Namin prostates himself as a humanoid figure enters and kills Namin…and the credits roll.

(this is the best I can tell – the recording I have doesn’t quite have the full ending)

A very creepy and fun serial thus far!

Episode 2:

The Doctor, Lawrence and Sarah Jane watch as the servant of Sutekh kills Namin. He then transforms into a lookalike of Marcus Scarman, much to the consternation of Lawrence, who The Doctor shushes, lets they be overheard.

Marcus instructs his mummies to set up some devices at the four compass points. The Doctor, Sarah and Lawrence hide as the mummies exit the chamber.

The Doctor explains that the mythology of the Egyptian gods was based on the Osirans, an alien force. Poking about the sarcophagus, The Doctor accidentally triggers the portal and is almost sucked in, but manages to avoid that fate.

A man in the woods with a gun, a hunter moves about quietly, hearing some strange noise. He finds one of the mummies stuck in a bear trap. He watches as the mummy finally figures how to open it and free itself. After it passes, he grabs his catch and runs off.

The Doctor is unconscious and cannot be woken. Lawrence finds a priest hole that he and Marcus discovered as a child and he and Sarah move The Doctor into it.

The hunter runs through the woods, hitting some invisible barrier, knocking himself onto his ass.

Back at Lawrence’s cottage, Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) hears a noise and calls out for Lawrence, but it’s Marcus (well, the servant of Sutekh in the form of Marcus) instead. Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever) recognises his friend, who demands to know why he is there. After a moment, Marcus recognises Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever), and says he has come to find “the other Scarman”.

Marcus” learns about The Doctor and the others going to the house. He wants to know who The Doctor is. A mummy enters and is given orders to destroy Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever). He screams in fear, calling out for Lawrence.

The hunter is just outside and, hearing the screams, runs off.

Let us observe a moment of silence for the death of Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever).

The hunter recovers his gun from the woods.

In the priest hole, The Doctor starts to recover, talking about a parallax coil, a trap set. He argues about being in a priest hole in a Victorian building. The Doctor says they need to determine the exact physical location of Sutekh. He realises he can use Namin’s ring to triangulate the frequency of Sutekh’s mental signals to jam them.

Just then, Marcus and three mummies return to the organ chamber. He orders two mummies to dispose of Namin’s corpse, while instructing a third to seek and find the humans within the house and destroy them.

After the mummies depart, Marcus approaches the priest hole, but the hunter, who is outside the window, shoots him. Lawrence calls out stupidly, but they try to hush him. Smoke billows out of Marcus but is sucked back into his body as he walks over to the window. The hunter recognises Professor Scarman and runs off, pursued by two mummies.

The priest hole forgotten, Marcus leaves the room, and The Doctor and others depart the hole. The Doctor says they have to find the Egyptian. They follow a trail on the floor, hiding from Marcus and more of his mummies, the latter whom are carrying some devices for Marcus.

In a storeroom, they find the Egyptian and The Doctor takes his ring. From some of the technological parts they find, The Doctor realises that they’re building a rocket to help Sutekh escape his imprisonment.

When Marcus and the mummies return to collect more parts, they hide in the TARDIS. Lawrence does the “it’s bigger on the inside” bit without actually saying all that. Being a man of science, they say it with bigger words. He’s like a little boy in a candy shoppe.

Sarah asks why don’t they leave; this is the second serial that Sarah Jane proposes just leaving, just running away. The Doctor shows her what the world in 1980 (that date thrown about again) if they leave now. He takes her to a world blasted by horrible storms, no sign of life anywhere.

Enraged, Sarah says it’s a trick. But she eventually says, “We’ve got to go back.”

The Hunter runs from the mummies in the woods.

Marcus reports to Sutekh about the delay of the completion of the missile. Sutekh says that the rocket assembly is of paramount importance, and Marcus says he will recall two of the mummies to assist.

Back at the cottage, Sarah drapes a blanket over Dr. Warlock (greatest name ever). Lawrence can’t believe that his brother would kill his best friend. The Doctor tries to get him to understand that Marcus is no longer alive, just a shell for Sutekh’s power.

The Doctor explains that the rocket the mummies are building is aimed at Mars, and will destroy the power station there, that is keeping Sutekh imprisoned. As The Doctor is putting together a device to block Sutekh’s mental signals, Lawrence tries to stop it, fearing it will kill his brother.

The mummies, having killed the hunter, turn to attack the lodge. Sarah throws the switch and the mummies break in and Sarah screams… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

Sarah grabs Namin’s ring and uses it to order the mummies back to “control”, but they’ve already destroyed the device The Doctor rigged up to stop Sutekh’s control. The Doctor chastises Lawrence for interfering, trying to get him to understand that his brother is merely an animated corpse.

The Doctor and Sarah leave Lawrence in the cottage.

Sutekh communicates with Marcus, who tells his master that there are humans causing problems, but unless he takes service robots from the construction of the rockets, finding them will have to wait. Sutekh says the primary concern is building the rocket so he can be freed.

The Osiran war missile is almost completed; it looks like a small pyramid. The Doctor and Sarah watch from seclusion and then return to the cottage. The Doctor theorises that if he goes to Sutekh’s tomb in Egypt, he can neutralise the psitronic device that allows Sutekh to power the service robots.

Lawrence tells The Doctor that the hunter had some explosive gel and suggests that could be used to blow up the rocket. Sarah and The Doctor go to find it, leaving Lawrence to unwrap the service robot.

Finding the door in the deflection barrier, The Doctor sets to trying to open it. Sutekh detects the interference in his tomb. He informs Scarman that the barrier to the east has been shut down. He and Scarman deduce that an alien intelligence is at play.

In the hunter’s cabin, Sarah finds the gel and tosses it to The Doctor. The Doctor all but freaks over this, and I find it hard to believe that Sarah would throw a box of explosives. They don’t find any blasting caps or detonators.

Marcus scouts the downed deflection barrier section, seeing the disassembled generator. He then goes to the lodge, where Lawrence has removed the wrapping of the mummy, revealing a wire frame robot. Lawrence is happy to see his brother (really? How many fucking times does he have to be told it’s not his brother? He’s already seen a blasted future, so he knows the shit is hitting the fan, he knows what’s at stake. I find this hard to swallow.) until Marcus turns around, and Lawrence sees the pale, sunken cheeks and eyes of his brother’s corpse.

STILL, he tries to appeal to his brother, believing him to be “ill”. He starts to make some progress, showing him pictures of them as boys. Marcus starts to recall who he is, but Sutekh’s power is too strong in his mind. Marcus interrogates Lawrence over who The Doctor is.

The Doctor and Sarah cautiously bring the explosive gel to the main house, secreting it behind some wood planks. Sarah argues that it’s not going to work as they have no detonators or fuses. They then return to the cottage, where Lawrence is dead. Sarah gives him a hard time for his lack of mourning for Lawrence, but he says one death, the fifth so far, is nothing compared to the millions that will die under Sutekh.

The Doctor has disguised himself as one of the service robots. Sarah Jane follows him with a rifle.

Marcus reports in that the rocket is nearly assembled. Sutekh sends the target coordinates for the pyramid of Mars through the portal.

The Doctormummy and Sarah arrive at the house and retrieve the explosive. The Doctormummy is going to set the explosives on/near the rocket and once he’s clear, Sarah is to fire the gun, intending that the explosives will go boom.

The Doctormummy places the explosives on the unit and departs, but Marcus arrives, with the coordinate selector in hand. He orders The Doctormummy to place it within. He does so and Marcus leaves. The Doctormummy leaves the vicinity and Sarah shoots the explosive, and as the explosion starts, it suddenly stops.

The Doctormummy says that Sutekh is holding it through his mental power; he says he has to distract him.

Marcus is summoned to communicate with Sutekh; the Osiran is having difficulty holding the explosion back and orders Marcus to remove the device immediately. He struggles to speak, the strain on his mind so great, but he describes the device and it’s location to Marcus.

The Doctor (now unwrapped) sneaks in behind Marcus and hides. When Marcus leaves to follow his orders, The Doctor approaches the portal-sarcophagus. He activates it and enters, being transported to Sutekh’s tomb.

Marcus gives the order to a robomummy to remove the device.

The Doctor arrives in Sutekh’s tomb, finding the secret passage to the cave where Sutekh sits. He steps in and speaks Sutekh’s name and this distraction is enough to cause the explosion to happen, blowing up the rocket.

Enraged, Sutekh blasts The Doctor with a mental blast… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

Sutekh says he will not die yet and demands to know whom he is. He blasts The Doctor again, saying he can choose the manner of his death, making it last centuries if he so desired.

Reluctantly, The Doctor identifies his planet of origin. Sutekh says he knows of the planet and turns to his computer for data retrieval. He learns that The Doctor is a Time Lord, a traveler in time and space. He offers The Doctor the chance to serve him, but The Doctor refuses.

Using his powers, he forces The Doctor to bow before him.

Marcus reports that Sarah Jane has been captured. Sutekh gives the order to kill it, but when The Doctor cries out, Sutekh changes his mind, realising that she can be used to leverage The Doctor.

Evil? Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer, where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good.” – Sutekh, when The Doctor calls him evil.

Sutekh learns of the TARDIS and takes the key from him, sending it through the portal to Marcus, with instruction to take the TARDIS to Mars. The Doctor says that the controls of the TARDIS are isomorphic, they work for him alone. This must be the truth, as Sutekh is in The Doctor’s mind, though why it is has not always been so…

Sutekh consumes The Doctor with his mind, and sends The Doctor back. Sutekh gives Marcus to accompany him with Sarah Jane and to kill her if The Doctor shows any sign of free will. Sutekh gives orders to “dispose” of The Doctor once they reach the Pyramid of Mars.

The Doctor, Sarah, Marcus and a robomummy enter the TARDIS. The Doctor, possessed, pilots the TARDIS to Mars. (Good thing it’s not the Second Doctor, he’d have never gotten there… then again, he’d have piloted them out of range of Sutekh’s power and been free.)

Marcus exits the TARDIS and opens a door. He tells the robomummy to destroy the Time Lord. It chokes him and The Doctor collapses. The robomummy and Marcus go through the door.

Sarah listens to both of his hearts and then begins to cry. The Doctor taps her head, saying he has a respiratory bypass system.

Inside the second chamber, Marcus (guided by Sutekh, who speaks in his head) finds a concealed release switch and opens the bulkhead. Shortly later, The Doctor and Sarah pass through and almost trips the fake switch, but finds the hidden entry lever.

Marcus finds a logic puzzle but Sutekh solves it quickly. They pass through, and The Doctor has to solve it. Sarah mentions that it reminds her of the city of the Exxilons, though she never went inside to face the logic puzzles. He solves it and they pass through.

In the next room, Sarah is trapped in a cylinder crystal. The Doctor struggles to get her out, while ahead of them, Marcus makes the sign of the eye to open a door.

As The Doctor struggles to get her out, two guards appear; a voice tells The Doctor that one lies and the other tells the truth. He’s allowed to ask one of them one question – that old riddle. (They like riddle traps in this show. So far, every Doctor has faced them at least once.) The Doctor figures it out and frees her and they rush on.

Marcus reaches the Eye of Horus and his robomummy fights a Horusian robomummy. Marcus takes on the form of Sutekh, the jackal god with glowing green eyes. He destroys the Eye of Horus through mental will, and cries out, “Free,” before reverting to Marcus, who cries out, “I’m free, free at last,” before collapsing in a pile of ash.

Sarah laments, “He’s won,” but The Doctor says, “No! The time factor!” A series of doors open, revealing a straight path to the TARDIS. They dash to the TARDIS.

In his tomb, Sutekh begins to gloat.

The Doctor and Sarah enter the TARDIS and take it back to the Scarman residence. They dash out, The Doctor carrying some device.

Sutekh stands, narrating the loss of the paralysis that held him there. He stands up, doing more gloating and making proclamations of destroying the cosmos. His helmet disappears and we see the jackal head.

In the organ room, at the sarcophagus-portal, The Doctor hooks up the machine to the portal. As it activates, we see Sutekh approaching. The Doctor is ready and catches him in a “temporal trap”, catching him in the “corridor of eternity”. Sutekh begs him to release him, promising him Earth as a plaything, but The Doctor sends him onward through time, and we see him go off into nothingness.

The Doctor explains that Sutekh was still held for two minutes after the Eye was destroyed – that’s how long radio waves take to get to Earth from Mars.

Suddenly, the sarcophagus portal bursts into flames. Sarah Jane reminds The Doctor that the original building was burnt down, leading to the building of the new structure, that houses UNIT in her time period.

They leave shortly before it explodes. Dashing through flames, they enter the TARDIS and it dematerialises as the building burns… and the final credits roll.

Fun, but a case of trying to stop the bad guy, when in the end, it was as simple as wait for him to escape and then trap him and send him to his death. I know The Doctor doesn’t like to kill (or says he doesn’t, he certainly does a lot of it) but if he had just let them free Sutekh and then done what he’d done, there would have been less deaths – Lawrence, the hunter…

Gabriel Woolf, who played Sutekh, would later voice the Beast in the David Tennant episodes THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET and THE SATAN PIT.