We’re halfway in, that means… STOP! SPOILER TIME!

Episode 4:

The Doctor leaps down and engages in a brouhaha with Scorby and Keeler, taking Scorby’s gun and escaping with Sarah Jane. While Chase bangs on the door, calling for his guards, the pod opens and grabs Keeler.

The Doctor hides Sarah Jane somewhere on the compound and then heads back.

Keeler is changing already, his skin turning green and leaf-like already. He begs Chase to help him, to take him to the hospital but Chase refuses, saying they’ll look after him there.

The Doctor skulks about the house, tailed by Scorby.

Chase and Hargreaves move Keeler to the cottage to better keep an eye on him.

The Doctor returns to the room, seeing the opened pod. Scorby gets the drop on him and takes his prisoner. Like a good thug, Scorby isn’t bothered by the fact that he’s working for a madman. He takes him to a room and roughs him up a bit. He prepares to run The Doctor through a compost machine.

Suddenly, it’s dark outside (seriously, it was broad daylight when The Doctor left her there), and Sarah Jane leaves her hiding spot.

Keeler’s body is mostly covered in plant now. He begs Chase to take him to the hospital again, and again Chase refuses.

Sarah Jane sees Chase and Hargreaves leave the cottage. She hides from them as they pass by.

Scorby reports that The Doctor is in the compost room. Chase receives a phone call from the main gate, saying that Amelia Ducat is at the gate demanding money. He lets in and has her sent to the library.

Sarah Jane enters the cottage and, hearing Keeler’s moans, finds him. When she refuses to untie him, he becomes very distraught and agitated. She hides just before Hargreaves arrives with food for him.

Chase deals with Amelia Ducat, paying her 1000 pounds for the painting he never paid her. She overhears talk of “a recyclying project” but Chase tells her it is very hush hush (Scorby’s way of discussing feeding The Doctor to the compost machine.)

Sarah slips out of the closet and makes her way downstairs, trying to leave the cottage.

Chase visits The Doctor and they talk of the grinder. Unsubtle threats pretending to be subtle can be so much fun and so great for eeeeeeebil rich people. (Yes, he’s a bit of a farce, but he’s still a fun villain.)

Sarah has made it to the house and sees Miss Ducat being escorted by Scorby. When a guard shows up to discuss the search for Sarah, Scorby leaves Ducat behind to talk privately, allowing Sarah to tell her that she’s in danger and needs Amelia to get a message to Sir Colin.

Chase sets the grinder on automatic and leaves. Of course. When I become a megalomanical villain, I’m going to stay and watch as the heroes are fed into my death trap.

I mean, if. If I were to become one. Yeah. If.

Miss Ducat goes to her car, where Sir Colin and Dunbar are waiting; she reports what has transpired. Sir Colin says they need to alert UNIT. Dunbar says that he can go in and will go in and remedy the situation, asking for half an hour. He says if he’s not back by then, for Sir Colin to return to London and contact UNIT.

Hargreaves brings more nourishment to Keeler and is horrified as the changes are much more drastic, there are no features of Keeler left at all. The butler drops the tray and runs off and the Krynoid begins to break free of the bonds.

Sarah finds The Doctor and tries to free him.

Quick, Sarah, the button!”

She presses a button which speeds up the process.


Now, that’s funny.

She switches it off and frees The Doctor.

Dunbar confronts Chase, who refuses to stop things. Hargreaves bursts in, saying that the thing is a monster and is breaking free. Dunbar says enough is enough and heads off to the gate. Chase sends Scorby after him.

The Doctor and Sarah make it to the cottage, to find the Krynoid has gone.

Dunbar runs into the Krynoid, which doesn’t even have a vaguely humanoid form any more (it must be further evolved than the one in the Antarctic was.) He shoots at it, but it attacks him.

The Doctor and Sarah hear his scream and arrive, to be attacked by the Krynoid. As The Doctor brandishes a sword that he picked up in the cottage, Sarah Jane screams… and the credits roll.

Not a bad cliffy, what what?

Episode 5:

Scorby and two guards arrive and open fire. The Krynoid turns towards them and The Doctor and Sarah Jane run off, followed by Scorby and the guards. They hide in the cottage and bar the door.

Chase contacts Scorby by radio, giving orders not to injure the Krynoid. Scorby tries to argue with him, but it does no good. The Doctor gets on the radio to try to batter the point through, but Chase just ends communication.

The Doctor informs Scorby that it will keep growing until it is the size of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, at which point it will multiply itself 1000x and take over the planet.

A tentacle bursts through a window, but Sarah, The Doctor and Scorby beat it off. The Krynoid speaks to them, inviting The Doctor to join them. It tells the others that if they turn The Doctor over to it, it will spare them, and gives them until daybreak to decide whether to comply or not.

Scorby is keen on the idea, but The Doctor tries to get him to realise that the Krynoid still plans on killing them all. Scorby seems to realise this and when The Doctor asks him if he can make a bomb, he says that he can and will.

In London, Sir Colin and Amelia sit in his office. He’s on the phone, waiting for someone to get back to him and she’s smoking her long brown cigarettes/cigarellos/something, which she does in most of the scenes involving her.

At the sun rises, Chase plans to take some photographs of the Krynoid; when Hargreaves warns him to caution, Chase says he has nothing to fear from the Krynoid.

Scorby is working on his makeshift explosive, what appears to be a molotov cocktail. How fucking short is the night in England? (I went there for two weeks and don’t recall them going so quickly.) The Doctor discusses plans, he wants to contact Sir Colin and light a fire under his ass.

Scorby, can I rely upon you?”

For the moment, Doctor.”

I do like Scorby – yes, he’s a violent and brutal fellow, but I like him. Again, I’d have enjoyed seeing someone like him be a companion to The Doctor – not the sort of story they would have done, I understand, but working with someone so dark, trying to show him the way of good, etc… would have been interesting.

Chase is outside, camera in hand, and sees the molotov cocktail and The Doctor run out. The Krynoid gives chase while Chase curses at them. The Doctor gets to a car and drives off, the Krynoid in pursuit.

Scorby and Sarah Jane (and the two guards, I presume) make it back to the main house. Scorby tells Hargreaves to fetch wood to bar the windows. Sarah Jane stands up to Scorby, though in the mood he’s in, she’s lucky this is still considered a children’s tv show.

Chase finds the Krynoid (not that hard, it’s huge now – easily 30′ tall?) and starts taking photos. It approaches him and he says it wants to help.

The Doctor pulls up to his destination. Inside, Sir Colin is arguing with a UNIT Major Beresford, who is in charge in the Brig’s absence. Beresford says he cannot act without proper evidence or authority. The Doctor tells him that “revolution is going on down there,” saying that the Krynoid will be able to turn all local vegetation against them.

Sir Colin and Major Beresford are shown reports of people being strangled by vegetation, all within a mile of Chase’s estate.

The Doctor calls the mansion and speaks to Sarah Jane. As they talk, vines creep up the roof and tear the phone lines, ending the convo. The vines break the window.

The Krynoid leaves Chase laying on the ground, who murmurs, “Yes, yes, the plants must win. It will be a new world, silent but beautiful.”

Hargreaves reports that all the guards have left. He also says he heard a scream, and Sarah Jane bullies Scorby into going out with them to investigate. The two of them find a guard who has been strangled by vines. Chase shows up, saying he’s taking fantastic photos. When Scorby says the plants have turned against them, Chase says, “Why not? It’s their world. We’re only parasites,” before heading back to the house.

Scorby finally admits that Chase has lost it.

Chase sits amongst his plants indoors, talking to them, proclaiming the dawn of a new era, one of vegetable dominance. Scorby and Sarah Jane enter as Chase goes on about a green paradise. Scorby turns off the weird music and tries to reach him, but the millionaire’s mind seems to be in a trance.

Chase starts talking about it is “our time”, animals are the enemy and the like. All around them, the plants begin to move, creeping towards Sarah Jane, Scorby and Hargreaves, as Chase watches on.

The Doctor drives in, accompanied by a UNIT Sgt Henderson.

The plants attack Sarah Jane and the others, as Chase rants, “You must die, all plant eaters must die!”

The Doctor and Henderson rush in with some chemicals in spray pump cannisters (think Orkin man insecticide sprayers) and begins spraying the plants. Chase tries to stop them, but they push him away. He cries out, in over the top delicious style, “You’ll pay for this, animal fiends!!!”

Hargreaves is dead, but Sarah and Scorby are freed and they bar the doors to the arboreum. Henderson tells Scorby that they used a military grade defoliant, but used it all.

As they remove plants from the house (The Doctor says they’re the eyes and ears of the Krynoid), Chase locks them outside as the Krynoid, which now towers above, a good 50-100′ tall, approaches.

Inside, Chase looks all smug… and the credits roll.

Strange putting a close up of Chase up at the tail like that, but still a decent cliffhanger.

Episode 6:

UNIT soldiers led by Major Beresford show up with a laser gun, though it’s more like a flash cannon. They hit the Krynoid with it several times, and it wanders towards them, allowing The Doctor and others to make it to another door to gain entry.

The laser flash cannon gun is fired repeatedly, but doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of effect, at least nothing debilitating. The Krynoid chases the team of soldiers, who retreat.

Inside, The Doctor speculates that Chase might be infected or possessed, not just hoping to spare his life.

Outside, the UNIT men run from the Krynoid.

Chase evades Scorby and The Doctor and Sarah and Henderson as they search for him. He makes it back to his arboreum and smashes the radio.

Beresford falls back and meets with Sir Colin. Cuz, y’know, civil servants in ecology would be consulted on what to do next by military men. Uh huh.

The Krynoid begins bashing at the house with its tentacles, trying to get to The Doctor and company. Henderson hands The Doctor his rifle, while he goes to get more timber to board up windows. The Doctor hands it to Scorby who gives him a strange look.

Chase knocks out Henderson and drags him off.

Part of the roof is giving way to the Krynoid.

Scorby begins to panic. He says he’s always relied on himself, not used to relying on others.

Chase has Henderson in the grinder and turns it on. This time he stays to watch, good megalomaniacal millionaire dude!

The Doctor works on repairing the radio that Chase smashed. Scorby gets all whiny and maudlin, believing they’ve been abandoned by UNIT. He snaps and makes a dash for it out the door, trying to fight his way through the plants. He makes it into the woods and tumbles into the water, where the water plant life attacks him and drags him under.

The Krynoid is almost as big as the house now.

The Doctor calls out for Henderson, but Sarah Jane tells him he’s not back yet, so he sends her to get him.

REALLY? Wow, that’s just… they know (or at least believe) that Chase is still in the house. C’mon, I can’t swallow this for a moment.

Sarah Jane makes it to the grinder room, whispering for the sergeant; Chase says, “the sergeant is no longer with us, he’s with the garden… he’s PART of the garden now.” Chase goes on a rant about animal life, etc again. He attacks her, it seems, they cut it quickly.

Beresford and The Doctor talk on the radio. The Doctor tells him that they’ve got about fifteen minutes before they reach “primary germination”, when the Krynoid will release hundreds of pods. The Doctor, in a change from any other serial with UNIT, suggests a jet fighter strike with high explosives. When Sir Colin (who has gotten on the horn before this point) asks what about the house and those within, The Doctor says nevermind the house, it’s got to be done.

Chase has Sarah tied up and in the grinder feeder. He turns it on and she slowly is fed towards the grinder. She wakes up as she draws closer and closer. She doesn’t scream, amazingly.

The Doctor bursts in, shoves Chase aside and starts to untie her, but then stops and lifts her out. Chase turns the machine back on and jumps in the feeder barrel and struggles with the barrel. Sarah can’t turn it off, her wrists are still bound and Chase gets fed into the grinder instead.

Jets fly in on a sighting run. They report to Beresford that they’re coming around to attack now.

The Doctor takes a steam pipe and blasts the foliage outside the door he and Sarah are trying to escape through. This allows them to make it through the initial bank of vegetation just as the jets fires their missiles. The Krynoid and house are blown up in great model monster and mansion destruction.

Later, in Sir Colin’s office, everyone discusses the Krynoid situation. The Doctor invites Sir Colin to join he and Sarah to Cassieopia, but the civil servants turns down the offer, as his wife is expecting him for tea.

The TARDIS materialises in a snowy area. Sarah Jane and The Doctor come out; the former is in a swim suit and carries a beach ball. They’re back in Antarctica – he forgot to clear the coordinates (which makes no sense, as he never too the TARDIS there).

He then asks her, “Have we been here before,” and together they finish, “or are we yet to come?” They giggle and the final credits roll.

Wow, that last scene was completely stupid.

Other than that, a great serial, lots of fun. Some neat characters (yes, I really liked Scorby) and a great monster.