Another one I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen. Let’s find out.

Episode 1:

We open with a young woman on trial by her people in the tribe of the Sevateem for speaking blasphemy. Leela speaks out, saying there is no god Xoanon. Her father steps up to be tested in her name, and she begs for forgiveness, asking that he be spared, but they tell her that her father is a warrior and her begging dishonours him.

Her father is led off and we hear his screams. Leela is given until sunrise to leave the boundaries of the Sevateem or she too will face the test of the Horda, that which killed her father.

The TARDIS appears in a forest, a rather bleak and colourless forest. He turns to the camera and says he doesn’t think he’s in Hyde Park and decides to have a look around. I suppose that was meant to be cute but breaking the fourth wall for no real reason is stupid in my opinion.

Two Sevateem warriors with crossbows move through the jungle/forest, obviously tracking Leela. She moves on, looking over her shoulder, worriedly, and hiding behind a tree when she realises they are close on her heels. She readies her weapon,, hearing one of the warriors approaching and shoots him, unaware there is another with her in his sights.

As he takes aim, a bolt strikes him in the shoulder, and Leela’s friend Tomas steps out of the woods. He says he’s come to take her back, but she says she can’t go back. He’s worried about her crossing the Boundary, and the phantoms that lie beyond, but she says those are just stories. She tells him to go back to the village but to beware the shaman, “One day, he’ll get so devious, even he won’t know what he’s planning.”

The Doctor moves through the forest, whistling until he hears the growling of some creature. Leela, nearby, does as well ans becomes frightened. Something invisible seems to be pursuing her.

They do love their invisible monsters on this show.

Leela, running from whatever it is, trips and falls at his feet. He greets her politely and she calls him “The Evil One”.

Well, nobody’s perfect, but that’s over-stating it. No, I’m The Doctor, what’s your name?”

He offers her a jelly baby and she says, “It’s true, then. They say The Evil One eats babies!” That’s a pretty funny line there.

The Doctor gets worried about the approaching unseen creatures; when she explains they’re his creatures (since he’s The Evil One) and are invisible phantoms, he posits that they don’t see but track/sense by vibrations. He pulls a clock out of his pocket, sets the alarm and puts it down, then tells her to do exactly as he says.

They quietly leave, she reluctantly taking his hand. The alarm goes off, drawing the creature(s) away.

Tomas returns to the village to tell Calib, one of the elders, that the shaman, Neeva, had sent two men to kill Leela after she was banished. When Tomas suggested that he go to the council, Calib says they cannot move against Neeva until he is discredited. There is a raid coming up that Neeva has promised the tribe will win, claiming Xoanon has said it. Calib says if the raid is a failure, Neeva will lose all credibility.

When Tomas says the raid should be stopped, Calib points out that Leela already tried to do that.

Leela and The Doctor make it back across the boundary and she tells The Doctor they can rest, as the creatures will never cross the boundary. The Doctor speculates that there must be some fence.

Neeva is in his hut, resting, when a voice speaks to him. He leaps out of bed and falls to his knees in supplication. There are some electronic devices in his hut, some metals, but it is mixed with hides and primitive structure. The voice seems to be Neeva’s god, Xoanon, and informs the shaman that Leela has returned across the boundary.

Xoanon insults him and chastises him when he argues and instructs him to make sure that Leela “and the one with her” are destroyed.

The Doctor finds some buried device that keeps the phantoms at bay, a sort of sonic barrier/repellent. When The Doctor says the technology is too advanced for her people, she tells him of the god Xoanon, who is held captive by The Evil One and his followers, the Tesh.

Leela, never be certain of anything, it’s a sign of weakness,” The Doctor advises her when she questions her earlier disbelief in the power of Xoanon.

She tells him there is a place said to be where Xoanon is held captive and he asks her to show him.

Andor, leader of the Sevateem, questions Neeva where is the love of Xoanon for his people, where is Neeva’s magic. Neeva says there are no blessings from Xoanon because not everyone has faith in the god. He tells Andor that Xoanon will bless those who fight in the raid on the wall, but the leader of the tribe says men do not fight well hungry.

Tomas overhears their argument. After Neeva leaves, Tomas approaches Andor and says he, like Leela, is against the raid. Neeva loiters nearby, listening. Andor says it is the will of Xoanon and they will attack. Andor says he will hear no further talk against the attack and Tomas reluctantly acquiesces.

Leela hears something and hides, leaving The Doctor out in the open; he stupidly stands out and argues with her until the Sevateem catch up and capture him. They, too, think he is “The Evil One”.

The Doctor notes that the Sevateem’s ritual warding gesture (touching neck, shoulder and side on the left side of their body) is the same sequence of checking the seals on a certain type of spacesuit.

Leela slips away while The Doctor banters with the tribesmen, threatening to kill once with “this deadly jelly baby”. No, really, and it’s a cute scene.

At the village, The Doctor is brought before Andor and the assembled Sevateem. Neeva dances about him, gesturing with a “sacred relic”, which The Doctor recognises as an “ultra-beam accelerator”.

Leela is in the village, cutting her way into a building, presumably the one where all this is happening.

Andor demands The Doctor free Xoanon; when he says he does not have him prisoner, Andor moves to kill him, but Neeva staves him off, telling him to summon the warriors so that Neeva can recite the Litany and then The Doctor can be killed in front of them, so they all will know that victory is assured.

The signal is given, a ‘gong’ is tolled, and we see emblazoned on the metal slab that serves as their gong are the words SURVEY TEAM 6.

The Doctor appeals to Andor, saying that he is a traveler and he can see that there have been travelers here before, from the various pieces of electronics and tech that are there (though not used.) Andor proclaims that he is evil and his words are not to be heard.

Leela is seen hiding in Neeva’s hut; obviously that’s where she broke in. Neeva is praying to Xoanon before attending the gathering of the warriors. He dons his formal garb, pieces of which are obviously from a space suit.


Neeva appears before the warriors and leads them in prayer. He recites the Litany, which is heavy on the evil of the Tesh. Adjacent, Leela slips in and stabs the guard with a paralyzing thorn and frees The Doctor. The Doctor refuses to leave only when he ensures that Leela knows the Litany – he hears something in it that resonates with him.

When the warriors go to kill The Evil One, they see that he has escaped. They go in pursuit, but Leela paralyzes another warrior and The Doctor chastises her for using the Janis thorn, as it paralyzes then kills. “No more Janis thorns, ever.”

Andor sends warriors out to find The Doctor. Neeva asserts to Calib that the attack must not be delayed.

Leela takes The Doctor into a clearing, and he suddenly stops. “Well, it seems I have been here before,” he muses. Leela turns to him, saying, “That is The Evil One.”

The Doctor looks up at a mountain side, where a face is carved, one that looks disturbingly like him! He quips, “I must have made quite an impression,” as he stands staring at his likeness… and the credits roll.

Okay, I think I have seen this before, but we’re talking more than 20 years ago. Wow. I love seeing (a very, very sexy Louise Jameson as) Leela, who is one of The Doctor’s more unique companions.

Some common DW tropes – technology taken as mystical/religious import, The Doctor having some unknown/forgotten ties to the events/locations – but thrown together in (so far) a very entertaining fashion.

Episode 2:

The Doctor says he cannot remember; he says perhaps he was on another part of the planet, but Leela says there is no other part, only “beyond the wall”. He seems to have an idea, but (unsurprisingly) doesn’t share anything about it, saying they have to go back to the village.

Andor tells Neeva that the warriors will not attack while The Evil One is out there. Neeva advocates lying to the warriors, saying that The Evil One is dead. There seems to be a timeframe that the wall will be open and the attack must happen then. Andor reluctantly agrees to this, but threatens Neeva that he will kill him if the raid is a failure.

The Doctor and Leela slip behind Neeva’s hut as the shaman prays to Xoanon. The shaman is summoned by another tribesman and he rises, adorning a helmet made from a space suit’s glove.

Leela says that it was the hand of Xoanon, though The Doctor corrects her. When the shaman is gone, they enter the hut. The Doctor pokes around the equipment, trying to find a communication device, as he realised that Neeva prayed as though expecting a response. When he taps on the space suit helmet that is part of Neeva’s ceremonial shamanic garb, a voice comes out of the helmet, calling for Neeva.

That may be Xoanon, but that’s not god. Gods don’t use transceivers.” – The Doctor.

When the voice continues asking for Neeva, The Doctor addresses it, and the voice says, “At last, we will be free,” and other comments that seem ominous and lead me to all sorts of interesting thinky thoughts. The Doctor backs away, almost afraid, saying he has a feeling, “something nasty… something I did…”

Leela says that the voice was The Doctor’s voice, and she asks how that could be. The Doctor says, “More importantly, WHO could that be?” He tells Leela he needs to look at the wall.

The warriors, led by Andor, march through the woods.

Standing before blackness, The Doctor says it is a “time barrier”, and is impervious. It becomes clear that the warriors are being led into a trap and Leela says Calib might listen.

Andor orders his warriors to attack the wall. They do, as Neeva prays out to Xoanon. A beam of light strikes Neeva, who collapses.

Calib enters Neeva’s (I think) hut, to find The Doctor and Leela waiting there. He tells them that more than half the warriors were killed. They appeal to him to help them convince the others that he’s not The Evil One and that he is the only one who can help out the tribe.

Calib strikes Leela with a Janis thorn, saying that the fact that Andor and Neeva lied about The Evil One being killed is the proof he needs to remove them from power. When Tomas enters, The Doctor injures Calib’s leg and grabs a crossbow, taking him prisoner.

He makes Calib help Tomas lift Leela and place her on a nearby bed. Using the machinery, one of which he identifies as a analyzer he can use to identify the poison to make an antidote.

Tomas keeps Calib at bay with the crossbow, but is too worried about Leela, pays too much attention to The Doctor as he works. Calib works on Tomas’ doubts, while The Doctor frantically works on an antidote. When Tomas fears that Leela has already died, Calib slips out, but The Doctor gets the cure formulated just in time to cure her.

The Doctor sends Leela and Tomas out the back way as Calib returns with warriors. The Doctor steps out, into Andor’s throne room and takes a seat in the throne, which is obviously a spaceship seat. Neeva arrives, unhappy to see The Doctor.

Leela and Tomas slip out the back, to be caught by Andor and his warriors. They are brought back into the throne room where they join The Doctor as prisoners and Neeva makes his accusations against them.

Calib makes his play, saying The Doctor should be subjected to the test of the Horda – if he is The Evil One, he cannot die, and if he dies, he is not The Evil One. Yay, trial by death.

The Doctor is taken to the pit, outside of which A Horda, a nasty looking little beastie, about the size of a cybermat, is brought before him. He is explained that ten can strip a man of their flesh in a minute, and he must go into the pit alone. The test is whether he can break the rope or not. When Leela gives him advice, “the rope gets thinner the further you go, but also faster,” she is struck by another tribesman.

In response, The Doctor takes a stick and flicks the Horda onto the man who struck Leela, and he runs off screaming.

The Doctor ascends to the top of the pit, with the crossbow he has been given. A they release a pulley and a boulder begins to drop, at the same time the top of the pit, which he stands on, begins to slide open. Below, a large mass of Horda can be seen.

Leela slowly works at her bonds, watching.

The Doctor takes careful aim with the crossbow.

Leela breaks free and makes a play for the lever to stop the bould and pit, but the guards stop her. The Doctor shoots and severs the rope with the boulder, which stops the pit from opening. He explains to Leela that he learned to shoot like that from a man in Switzerland named William Tell.

Yep, even when they don’t know who he’s talking about, he’s still a name dropper.

The Doctor returns to Neeva’s hut, where Neeva is wearing the ceremonial garb; though the helmet, which is not worn, but hangs on Neeva’ back, the voices of Xoanon (for there are two, one distinctly The Doctor’s) say they have decided to destroy him.

The Doctor offers to get together and talk things out. The voices say it has been an eternity, but they now are turning off the boundary to let him their “pets”. Neeva asks what it means and The Doctor says it is trouble – large, dangerous and invisible trouble.

The villagers make preparations, guided by The Doctor, for defense against the phantoms. The Doctor talks about the survey team, pointing out that the tribe got their name from them – this is the point I was going OOOOOOHHHH about earlier – Survey Team = Sevateem. Seva/Teem. Get it? Good.

The Doctor questions, though, who was there first, the tribe or the survey team. Tomas rephrases it, “Are we their captors or their children?” The Doctor prepares an energy weapon for Tomas to use, and then goes out to connect a battery device to turn the boundary back on, or at least make his own version of it.

Leela asks that, if nothing can penetrate the time barrier, and Xoanon is inside, how can they hear his voice. The Doctor says to her, “You’re genius, genius,” and hurries off, leaving a confused Leela to ask, “What did I say?”

The Doctor returns to Neeva’s hut and turns off the helmet communicator and asks him whether he has heard his voice anywhere else, but Neeva says only in the shrine. Leela arrives shortly thereafter and The Doctor tells her that he knows what it is. He turns on the communicator in the helmet and, signaling for Leela to keep quiet, says loudly, “This time, I have to admit defeat,” as he leaves the shrine.

Warriors come afoul of the phantoms.

The gong is sounded by a panicked warrior, but Andor stops him, saying it will only draw the phantoms to them.

Visiting his face, The Doctor complains that it’s not perfect. Leela quips, asking if the bridge through the barrier is through the nose, but he says it’s through the mouth. They approach the face.

Andor and Tomas move through the forest, the leader saying he can hear something. He moves on, while Tomas begs him to come back.

Entering through the mouth, The Doctor comments how odd it is to stand in his own mouth. They move through the cave tunnel, but something shadowy is moving forward. They hide, Leela whispering, asking what it is.

Andor is attacked by a phantom. Tomas uses the energy weapon, blasting away, and where the creature seems to be is a ghostly face of The Doctor. Andor cries out for Xoanon to save him and collapses. Tomas continues to fire… and the credits roll.

I have no idea what’s going on. I’m so anxious to see how this plays out!

Episode 3:

Calib calls Tomas over. When he finds out Andor was killed, he gloats, “So I’m the leader now.”

In the cave, The Doctor and Leela slip around the corner, seeing a figure in a space suit. They hide again and the figure passes through the cave wall. The Doctor moves to another area and looks out an opening. He sees… I’m guessing a rocket ship on a plain.

I remember… the Mordi (sp) expedition… but I thought I was helping them.”

Leela calls him over, seeking his help in finding the “Tesh”. The Doctor steps through the wall as the space suited figure did. Leela protests, saying it’s a solid wall, but The Doctor tells her to close her eyes and she passes through as he did. He says they’re in an anti-grav transporter that will take them to the ship.

Inside… the ship, presumably, we see a room with three large panels with strange green-yellow light patterns moving on them. In the room is only a black sphere on a pedestal.

Xoanon’s voices go on about, “We are here, we are returned, now we shall be one, now we shall destroy us!” There seems to be three voices – The Doctor’s, a male and a female, the latter being new to us.

The Doctor and Leela enter a room on the ship that is filled with candles. The Doctor says the Tesh are as ignorant of their origins as the Sevateem. (I’m still trying to figure out what Tesh means.) The Doctor asks how the Litany went… Leela says, “The Sevateem were sent forth by god to seek Paradise; the Tesh remained at the place of land.”

The Sevateem explored the planet, while the Tesh remained on the ship. (Now I got it.) The Sevateem were the Survey Teams, the Tesh were the Technicians. When Leela asked what happened to the original people, The Doctor replies, “I’m rather afraid I did. I misunderstood what Xoanon was.”

Leela says something I can’t quite catch – “Xoanon are…” and then “you and me” or “human beings”, though neither make sense. The Doctor replies, “At the time, I didn’t think he was a being at all,” so maybe she did say human being.

While they talk, others enter – I’m guessing Tesh. They bow and greet The Doctor as “Lord”. Leela turns her crossbow on them, but they use their minds to incapacitate her. The Doctor is very concerned for her, but the chief Tesh says his acolytes will tend to her and she will be fine. The acolytes carry her off as the man drops to his knees.

I do you honour, Lord of Time, we’ve waited long for your return,” Jabal, captain of the people of Tesh, tells him. The Doctor asks what their holy purpose is. Jabal says they serve Xoanon and protect his tower against the savage and other such things.

The Doctor contrasts the Tesh and the Sevateem and realises it’s an experiment in eugenics. He asks where Xoanon is, but the Tesh does not. The Doctor asks if Jabal knows what a computer is, but the man is confused by the question.

Leela wakes, confined to a slab/table somewhere in the ship. Her wrists are manacled. A voice announces, “Final warning, final warning,” as a countdown begins. All personnel are ordered to clear the area.

The Doctor determines the control room has been disconnected, but asks where the holiest of holies is. Jabal says the sacred chamber is on level there seven. A monitor comes to life, revealing Leela strapped to the table. Jabal says that the savages have the power to open the barrier, so they will break her down to the basic particles to find out how, “Surely that is why you brought her to us.”

The Doctor chastises him, informing that Xoanon is the one who opens the barrier. This offends Jabal and when The Doctor demands Jabal rescind the order for particle analysis, the Tesh says he is not the Lord of Time, come again.

As The Doctor storms out to free Leela himself, Jabal drops the Lord of Time, come again, with his mind.

Leela tries to get The Doctor to wake up. The countdown, which started at 825 is now at 25. The Doctor wakes up and looks around. He tells Leela to close her eyes.

With something in his hand, The Doctor bounces the beam back at the machine and destroys it. The manacles suddenly open and they are free (sure, that makes perfect sense, destroy a particle beam and any manacles suddenly pop open.) They slip out.

Jabal is informed by his acolytes of their escape. Jabal orders that the intruders must be killed. Jabal pronounces that The Doctor is the enemy of Xoanon and he and the savage must be killed. They depart to carry out his orders. Jabal slams his fist down on the console after they depart.

The Doctor and Leela skulk through a corridor, avoiding the acolytes, now armed with energy rifles. The Doctor tells Leela that Xoanon is “a machine that’s become a living creature, a computer with schizophrenia.”

The Doctor explains when he was here before, he programmed the ship for Mordi, but didn’t wipe his persona from the datacore. “Or did I forget? I forget if I forgot.”

Leela gets a wonderful line, one that could be used throughout the show, “You’re not making yourself very clear, Doctor.”

They continue to skulk on. Xoanon spies them and the feminine voice says, “Us within us, we shall make two one,” and one of the other voices laughs.

The energy gun runs out of power and the warriors retreat from the phantom(s).

The Doctor and Leela find an auxilliary communications room. There, they find a view of the village and see that the phantoms must have gotten in, as there is much chaos. The Doctor talks about getting them inside the barrier, telling Leela not to rush off, there’s nothing she could do to help on her own.

Using the communications relay, The Doctor communicates with Neeva, telling him the he is Xoanon. He gives directions that Calib should lead the Sevateem through the mouth of the idol.

The acolytes are instructed to keep searching. They discuss a guard being placed on level three-seven, outside the sacred heart.

The Doctor and Leela see the guard, patrolling back and forth. They split up and Leela, using The Doctor’s hat, distracts the guard. She disarms him with a Judo throw and then strikes a pose (again, Louise Jameson is super sexy…)

The Doctor instructs her to stay outside and keep guard; he tells her Xoanon is unstable and may kill him, but most certainly would kill her.

Calib and Tomas and another enter the cavern; Tomas throws a knife at a Tesh who comes down the cavern tunnel. Calib sends Tomas back to bring the rest of the Sevateem through while he and other go deeper in.

The Doctor enters the sacred heart and the voices of Xoanon demand to know who he is. He answers, repeatedly, that he is The Doctor, and he is there to remedy a mistake he had made – when the ship was damaged, he made a link with his brain to help repair the computer. He tries to tell Xoanon that it actually happened.

Leela gets into a firefight with a group of Tesh. Seems Sevateem are much better at firefighting than Tesh.

The Doctor explains that as a result of generations of technicians working on the computer, the computer had evolved into a new lifeform. When he arrived, the computer was not damaged but in shock, the shock of birth, so to speak. When he linked his brain, it not only took information, but a personality from him as well.

The computer went mad, though Xoanon doesn’t realise he’s talking about them.

Leela’s gun runs out of juice.

Xoanon grows tired and doesn’t want to listen any more. The Doctor says he will be heard, but the computer says no. The Doctor’s face appears on the screens that make up the wall, shouting, “No” over and again as The Doctor collapses… and then in another voice, asks, “Who am I,” several times… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

Leela draws her knife and confronts the Tesh. They point their guns at her, but just then the lights flicker and emergency lights come on. They panic, but she grabs one and asks what’s happening. He says it’s the failsafe, which signifies the end of the world, “It happened once before, before the time of land.”

She takes the Tesh’s gun and enters the sacred heart, firing the gun at the screens until Xoanon quiets down. She drags The Doctor out to safety.

The Doctor notices the emergency lighting and a strange smell. He warns Leela not to touch the wall, as it is electrified. The Tesh she had struggled with earlier attacks The Doctor, trying to push him into the wall, but The Doctor ends up pushing him into the wall.

He says that Xoanon is just beginning, they will risk everything to destroy them in time.

The Sevateem see the ship and discuss proof versus belief. Neeva has come to identify Xoanon as an enemy.

The Doctor raids some supplies, but suddenly Leela becomes possessed and tries to shoot him. He hypnotises her and stops her from attacking him. They head off to the main control room.

Jabal receives a report from a frenzied acolyte about the savages attacking. Jabal chastises him for being like a mindless beast. Jabal gets him to calm down and report calmly. He then gives orders to set up heavy duty disruptors on level twelve, setting a trap.

The Sevateem and the Tesh fight in the ship; Tomas advises that pressing on is wrong, that it’s a trap. Calib is stupid and doesn’t listen. Neeva sits and seems to be more obsessed with Xoanon’s betrayal.

In the control room, The Doctor gets the console up and running (something he said would take days earlier), but the atomic generator console is flashing red. The Doctor realises that the atomic generator’s have been put on overload – if he doesn’t wipe his persona from Xoanon, the ship will explode, taking half the planet.

As Jabal checks on the disruptors, he and his acolytes feel a compulsion from Xoanon and they walk off, leaving the disruptor unattended.

The Doctor works frantically. Leela feels a pressure in her head, and sees Xoanon’s Doctor face. It whispers to her, “Destroy him and be free.”

Calib leads the warriors to where the disruptor is set up. They are confused to find the weapon unattended. Suddenly, they all feel a pressure, and walk off, chanting, “Destroy and be free.”

Neeva comes up behind them, apparently not affected. He sees the disruptor and takes it off the tripod. He says, “I hear you, Xoanon, I hear you,” before walking off with the weapon.

Leela, under compulsion from Xoanon, draws her knife and approaches The Doctor from behind, lifting it high. She slams it down, but The Doctor (oblivious) moves out of the way. The knife plunges into the console and she is knocked unconscious (presumably by the electricity within? We don’t even get an audial effect or cheesy f/x to give us any real idea.)

The Doctor moves her to a safe spot, but a combined group of Tesh and Sevateem take him prisoner. He calls out to Xoanon, saying that they will be destroyed as well.

Xoanon’s Doctor face calls out, “Destroy! Free! Destroy! Free!”

Neeva runs down a corridor, carrying the disruptor, screaming his fool head off. Neeva opens fire on Xoanon, who blasts him at the same time. Neeva is disintegrated and the shock causes the Tesh and Sevateem to be disoriented.

This allows The Doctor to plug his mind into the computer and remove his aspect from Xoanon’s persona, saving the day. He cries out and collapses.

Two days later, The Doctor wakes, finding Leela eating chocolates as she watches over him. He panics, saying he hasn’t got two days to waste, laying around.

Leela seems to be destined for some great banter with him. Her reply to this is delightful, “You should have thought of that before.” She tells The Doctor that she doesn’t remember a thing. When he asks, she tells him that Xoanon has been silent. She informs him that Jabal’s people won’t go near the ‘sacred heart’, and he gives her a dirty look at this.

Well, that’s what they call it.”

What do YOU call it.”

Leela, pausing to think, “The main computer complex.”

That’s better!”

He sets off to check on Xoanon and she asks if she can accompany him. He agrees and they set off to visit Xoanon, who greets them politely. The sphere inside is not fully black, now clear with only a singular black bar down the center.

Xoanon seems fully healed now. It is grateful for The Doctor’s help. It manifests a couch for them to sit down. The computer asks them where it started to go wrong in its eugenics experiments, this causing Leela and The Doctor to exchange worried glances.

The Sevateem and Tesh argue over how things are to be done now. The Doctor comes in, announcing that Xoanon wants to help them and places his information at their disposal. The Tesh and Sevateem go back to arguing over whom shall be their leader, and when Leela points out that she has spoken to Xoanon, Tomas says she is the logical candidate.

She protests, saying she’s far too unreasonable, turning to The Doctor to confirm this, but he’s long gone. She goes running off after him, tracking him through the forest. She asks him to take her with him.


Well, you like me, don’t you?”

Well, I suppose I do like you. But I like lots of people. I can’t go carting them around the universe. Goodbye.”

As he heads in, she runs past him, demanding that she come out of there. The door closes and we hear him yell, “don’t touch that!” and the TARDIS dematerialises… and the final credits roll.

A delightful serial, truly. A few points that could have been better handled, to be sure, but the wonderful introduction of Leela, the characters, the concept – I only wish they had actually had an earlier serial that they played off of instead of just saying, “Oh, this happened…”