I have no idea, from the title, if I’ve ever seen this one. I’m guessing it’s another one with an invisible monster or something? Let’s find out!

Episode 1:

We open with a space shot, then a close up of an asteroid belt. A ship navigates through the field of rocks. Inside, two men sleep on the bridge as one man works the controls. He complains that he’s doing it all himself, waking the other two up. They go off course and the skipper orders him to put it back on automatic, but Meeker says he can’t.

The skipper gets up and takes the seat as Mike bitches to the other crewman. Suddenly, the computer alerts that there’s an “unidentified organism”. We see what looks to be a storm in space about the ship, lightning flashing.

The skipper says there’s nothing there, but the computer says that “contact has been made.”

Leela brings a coat rack into the TARDIS console room, startled that it’s very different from the console room she’s used to (the secondary/back up one that was used last season.) The Doctor says the number two control room is closed for redecorations.

Opening the scanner, they look out, seeing that they’ve materialised in our solar system, between Jupiter and Saturn, approximately in the year 5000AD, which is the time of Leela’s ancestors. The Doctor says 5000AD was the year of “the Great Breakout”, when humans “went leapfrogging across the solar system on the way to the stars”.

The ship flies towards Titan, where a base has been set up on the Saturnine moon. It lands securely at the moon base on a landing pad that sinks into the ground once the ship is securely down, bringing it into an underground bay.

The three crew men suit up as the ship docks. They each take a handgun from a gun rack and holster them before entering the base. A voice greets them, saying they’re welcome to see them, inviting them to the mess. The three men enter the mess, where three men of the Titan crew are drinking and carousing – apparently happy to be ending their tour of duty on Titan.

The three men from the ship draw their guns and shoot the three Titan men. Lifting the visor on his helmet, the skipper says there is one more. His face has altered – pustules and growths are on his face. The skipper tells the other two (who lift their visors, revealing the same changes) that they must find and kill the station supervisor, and then they will make this the ideal place to breed and multiply.

The station supervisor sits in his office, and flips a switch, trying to contact the relief crew, but they do not respond. He turns on the camera, which shows the mess, and he sees the fallen bodies. The skipper comes on the video on another screen; the supervisor seems to know the skipper, but the skipper (or likely, whatever has possessed/altered him) does not know the supervisor, or even his (host body’s) own name.

The supervisor sends a mayday call and hits the distress signal. The two other relief crew approach the supervisor’s location and burn their way through the locked door. The supervisor has slipped into an exit, labeled “IMURJINSEE EGSIT” – dunno if that’s Esperanto (I know in a lot of 70s scifi, Esperanto was believed to be the language of the future) – and escapes. The skipper shows up and turns off the distress.

On the TARDIS, Leela is practicing writing her name on a chalkboard while The Doctor prepares to set the coordinates to go somewhere else. The distress call comes through and The Doctor says they must help.

We see a glimpse of the space storm/organism that infected the shuttle crew.

Leela frets in the console room; she says she senses something is wrong. When Titan transmits a disregard the mayday message, Leela says a human was not speaking.

The space storm/thing is active, almost violently so. The TARDIS is in the midst of it. Lightning flashes.

Some static pops in the console, and Leela says that The Doctor was glowing. He checks the TARDIS console and we see a flash of lightning like energy leap from the console to his face. He staggers and we hear (though I don’t think it’s audible to Leela) some voice say, “Contact has been made,” and The Doctor collapses.

On Titan base, the three crewmen look at a map of the base, discussing where incubation will take place. The voice contacts them, instructing them to prepare for the arrival of the host for the nucleus.

The TARDIS materialises in the base; outside a window, a man in a space suit (the supervisor?) can be seen.

In the TARDIS, the lightning flashes at Leela’s face, as she stands by the console, knife poised to strike. It seems to have little effect upon her. She moves to The Doctor, still unconscious, trying to wake him.

The three crewmen discuss that the “one other with the host” has been “rejected” and must be destroyed and disposed.

The Doctor wakes, calling Leela “Lanny,” and having other trouble with his words. He says he has a voice in his head, which Leela says must be the evil thing. He gets up, without checking the readings and heads to the doors which have opened, walking right into one. Leela closes the doors begs him not to go out, that the evil thing is out there.

The supervisor returns to his office, taking off his helmet and grabbing a gun.

The Doctor and Leela argue; she says she feels it was wrong. He argues with her, saying he’s perfectly all right and orders her to move away from the controls.

The supervisor, Lowe, moves through the base, slowly. He points his gun at the three men, ordering them to drop their weapons, but they fire. He shoots one of them and runs off, hiding in a cryogenics chamber. The skipper and the other crewman see the door is ajar and close it, turning off the oxygen.

The Doctor and Leela exit the TARDIS, finding the dead body of the crewman. Leela says she can smell danger all about them. The Doctor says they must find it before it finds them, but orders her to stay behind. He steps off, and then she slips away. The Doctor returns a moment later to tell her something, but she’s not there.

The Doctor walks into supervisor’s room, where the skipper and the other are. He tries to introduce himself, but they say they are making preparations for the hive for the nucleus that he carries. When they turn to regard him, he sees the alterations to their faces.

Sensing that he is not fully under sway, the being(s) act – lightning (for lack of a better term) flashes between them and he and The Doctor seems to go into a trance-like state. They instruct him that all that matters is the destruction of the reject (Leela) and that the breeding begins.

Leela finds Lowe, more than half frozen, in the cryogenics room. She drags him out and away.

The skipper hands The Doctor a gun, and he says the reject will be destroyed, that she will not suspect him. The other accompanies him, though he says it is not necessary.

In the mess room, Leela tends to Lowe, who is thawing out. She tells him that she’s there as a response to the mayday. Lowe tells them that he knows the men, but something has changed them.

Near the TARDIS, The Doctor calls out for Leela. The other crewman is with him. Leela hears him and moves to open the door, but Lowe stops her, saying it could be a trap. The Doctor goes on to say that there’s nothing wrong here, “it is most suitable, it is a good place… a good place.”

Leela and Lowe look at each other, sensing something is amiss. He hides behind a table, she steps to the side of the door, knife at the ready.

The Doctor struggles with the control in his head. The man accompanying him says “think of the purpose, the purpose is all-important!” This seems to end The Doctor’s resistance and he tells the man the reject is in the mess. They approach the door, but the man tells him to stay back, he does not wish the nucleus to be harmed.

The Doctor says, “Yes… kill her, kill her!,” and walks off. The man (Meeker) enters the room and shoots the gun out of Lowe’s hand, but Leela throws her knife, dropping him. She slips out the door, as Lowe asks Meeker what the purpose is; Meeker makes eye contact and the lightning flashes before he dies.

Lowe rushes out after Leela, passing her by, saying, “Leave it to me, I know this place!” She stands in the hall, her back to The Doctor, who, with a hand that has turned furry, points a laser pistol at her back… and the credits roll.

Great cliffhanger, interesting concept. I like the moon base on Titan setting.

Episode 2:

The Doctor points the gun at Leela. In his head, he argues with the voice of the nucleus (I presume that’s what it is.) He says he won’t kill her. He warns her verbally, saying he can’t stop it, and she ducks as he fires. He moans out that he has to fight it and he falls to his hands and knees. The fuzziness on his hands fades and he seems to be back in control.

He explains to Leela that he’s fighting for his mind. Leela asks why it hasn’t possessed her, but before he can answer, he says he can feel the organism gathering strength for another assault and he must withdraw into himself, to save strength. He slips into a meditative state, as again Leela questions why not her. She then runs off.

Lowe approaches Safran (the skipper), saying he is one of them, contact has been made. His eyes reflect the physical change. He tells Safran that The Doctor has not yet succumbed to the power of the nucleus. Lowe says they do not yet suspect him and he will use that to protect the nucleus and destroy the reject while Safran works on the incubation tanks.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Lowe orders Safran to lay down and puts on a pair of visors, to cover his eyes. Leela arrives and he tells her that his eyes were caught in the flash of a blaster. She asks him to come with him, saying The Doctor is ill and asked for help.

Returning to him, Lowe receives instruction to protect the host. He says that the only place they could go is the Bi-Al Foundation, but that’s located in the asteroid belt. Leela asks The Doctor for the coordinates and he starts rattling them off as they help him up and walk him to the TARDIS.

Later, at the Bi-Al Foundation, the staff place The Doctor on a gurney and slide him into a booth in the wall marked LEVEL 2X.

Leela answers questions about The Doctor; she agrees that Gallifrey that is in Ireland. Lowe shows up and asks where The Doctor is – the woman at the computer console says that he’s in Level X4 and is already receiving treatment. She gives Lowe directions to the area of the facility to seek help for his “eye damage”.

Leela is instructed to wait until Professor Marius has a chance to look at The Doctor.


Sorry, K-9 is awesome.

Marius chastises his assistants, saying there is nothing wrong with The Doctor, that he’s obviously in a self-induced coma. K-9’s read-outs then indicate that the patient is not a human, but has drastic biological differences.

Marius, quite intrigued, orders an encephalograph. K-9 informs him that there is some microorganism infection while they are setting up for this.

The Doctor wakes and chats with Marius. He tells the professor that the virus seems to feed on intellectual activity, the more he thinks, the stronger it gets. The Doctor realises that the virus attacked the TARDIS computer first, as it was the most active mind at the time.

He then comes to realise that the virus rejected Leela because she is “all instinct and intuition”. The Doctor discusses Lowe being the only one from Titan not exposed, and Marius sets off to find Lowe, taking his assistants with him, leaving K-9 to supervise The Doctor, who has slipped back into his self-induced coma.

In the eye labs, Lowe lifts his visor, revealing advanced changes. He infects the doctor attending him.

Leela has found her way to LEVEL 4X, reading the sign (apparently, she’s been learning to read in her journeys with The Doctor.) She passes by the ISOLAYSHUN WARD, gun in her hand, looking about.

She enters the room where The Doctor is, but K-9 informs her she cannot be there. As K-9 backs her out, Marius arrives and informs her that she is a friend. Marius explains that he built K-9 as he was not able to bring an actual dog with him.

Marius says he wants to scan Leela, to see if there if there is any physiological reason why she is immune. When he asks if she follows, she doesn’t, and he remarks, “Right, perhaps it is just intelligence.”

One of his assistants arrive to inform him that Lowe is no longer in the eye section and neither is the doctor consulting with him. We see the two of them, the doctor pushing Lowe in a gurney, moving down a hall. Ahead of them, two other doctors, Cruikshank and Hedges walk. Lowe instructs the doctor to summon them closer.

He does so, under the facade of, “come look at this interesting case,” and when they close, Lowe infects them both. He tells them that Titan is being prepared as a hive. Their instructions here are to help guard The Doctor and to “contact” (infect) the best minds. Lowe says that, when they leave, they will destroy all rejects first.

Leela is scanned by the machine, but K-9 says there is no immunity. Marius says that he will have to operate. K-9 is instructed to monitor The Doctor’s brain activity, if he shows signs of awaking, to inform him immediately, for fear that the shock might kill the patient.

As the procedure starts, the nucleus contacts (not infects) Lowe, saying it is in danger. Lowe, accompanied by the three doctors (not to be confused with THE THREE DOCTORS), move with purpose.

Another ship is seen in the ‘storm’ in space.

At the Bi-Al Foundation, an emergency alert is issued – an approaching shuttle is out of control. All medical staff is called to stand by stations, and Marius and his assistants depart. The professor tells K-9 and Leela that nobody is to come in contact with The Doctor.

The shuttle slams into the asteroid; from the impact, I can’t see how there would be any survivors.

The Doctor is knocked off the bed from the impact. This wakes him and he asks what’s going on. Leela tells him there’s been a shuttle crash; K-9 confirms this, saying it has crashed one level below, completely cutting off the level. This alarms The Doctor.

On X2, Lowe and his associates take the service shaft (the booth The Doctor was placed in when we first saw him in the Bi-Al Foundation.)

The Doctor says it wasn’t an accident and asks K-9 about cloning techniques, as Leela says perhaps she’s needed elsewhere, as she leaves the room. K-9 informs The Doctor that cloning experiments were first successfully carried out in 3922AD.

Marius and his associates have entered the shuttle remnants (okay) and see the physical changes from the infection on the crew. The professor says that the disease could spread throughout the Foundation and infect everyone. He gives orders to isolate the area until they know more about the virus. (Right, cuz from that impact, they don’t need any immediate medical assistance, they’ll be fine to wait a while. Don’t get me wrong, I think they should fill the shuttle with molten lava or something… but if the shuttle hit and survived, their bodies would be so ravaged… ah, I know, it’s just Doctor Who…)

Leela lays in wait for Lowe and his associates and opens fire on them when they exit the service shaft. Lowe calls it, “it’s the reject,” and Leela, firing, retorts, “Reject yourself!”

K-9 confirms that cloning is possible, but unreliable as there are various “psychic stress problems” with them. Leela covers Marius and his assistants as they return, and gain entry. Marius tells The Doctor that the longest clone life expectancy to date has been ten minutes, fifty-five seconds.

Marius says he can clone The Doctor, that the technique is simple. The Doctor says he must clone him now, before the virus gets to him.

Outside, Leela throws her knife, drawing the attention of her enemies away, allowing her to tumble forward and gain entry to the room with The Doctor, Marius and the others. Marius sends K-9 out to deal with the assailants. They open fire on him, but their blasters seem to have no effect. He blasts one of them in the leg and they withdraw, going to use a videophone in one of the doctors’ office.

Marius instructs The Doctor that the clone will be more of a “three dimensional photograph.” The Doctor says that he needs Leela and Marius realises he wants her cloned as well.

Leela is worried, wondering what will happen to her original self, but Marius assures her she will be fine. He explains the clones only have a lifespan of 10-11 minutes. She says she would rather not stay to see, and exits to assist K-9.

(I guess she recharged her weapon, as she said she was out of ammo when she came in.)

Clones of The Doctor and Leela are made and The Doctorclone departs, telling Marius to trust him. He walks by Leela, who is seated cross-legged on the floor with K-9. K-9 tells her that was the clone and she asks if he can explain to her, which he proceeds to do with long words that confuse her.

Can you explain simply?”


I love K-9. I forgot the chemistry between he and Leela was so much fun.

Lowe possesses another medic.

The Doctor, the real one, lays on the bed. His face is covered in white hair/fur and the strange growths. The nucleus’ voice can be heard, demanding he let the body go, so it may fulfill its purpose. Marius and his assistants struggle to restrain him to the bed as the Leelaclone watches.

The Doctorclone exits the TARDIS, with some equipment in hand.

Lowe contacts Marius through the videophone system, saying they are in control of the entire center and demanding he release The Doctor to them. He gives them two minutes to decide.

Leela is changing the energy cartridge on her blaster pistol as The Doctorclone walks back by. She says to K-9, “THAT was Doctor Two,” and K-9 replies, “Affirmative.” The look of self-congratulation on Leela’s face is adorable.

The Doctorclone brings in the RDS – Relative Dimensional Stabiliser – from the TARDIS, to shrink down the two clones to inject into the host body.

Leela and K-9 return from outside. Leela takes a look at her clone and asks K-9 if she really looks like that. When he answers in the affirmative, she regards her clone with a sneer.

After shrinking them down, Marius uses a syringe to ‘scoop them up’ and injects them into The Doctor. Lowe comes up on the videophone, demanding that they surrender The Doctor.

We see the two clones, swirling around in liquid… and the credits roll.

Interesting so far. Great fun seeing K-9!!!

Episode 3:

After some silly spinning around each other, the clones arrive in The Doctor’s brain.

Lowe contacts Marius, threatening to destroy the Foundation. Marius gives in, saying he can come get The Doctor whenever he wants, but says Leela is not with them and he doesn’t know where she is.

After the call ends, Marius goes outside to tell Leela they’re on the way and she needs to hold them up for ten minutes. He instructs K-9 to cooperate with her and the savage and the robot begin making defensive plans. K-9 goes to destroy the service shaft, while Leela prepares to make some barriers.

Marius arms his assistants, in case Leela and K-9 fail.

In The Doctor’s brain, the clones wander around. Leelaclone sees some tissue deterioration. Something is following them.

K-9 helps Leela create a barrier to hide behind in the corridor. Lowe and his infected arrive and a firefight begins.

There are less than eight minutes to estimated clone death. Marius and his assistants review Leela’s readings, noting her mongrel heritage. Marius suggests that would have attributed to her people’s survival.

Marius begins to speculate that it might not be physiological at all, but psychological – her hunter’s instincts.

Leelaclone senses danger but Doctorclone scoffs, saying he would know about danger first, it’s his brain after all. He goes on to lecture her about why his brain is so much more better than a human’s brain. He even points out the “reflex link”, which would allow him to link up with the other Time Lords, had they not kicked him out. (This is news to Leela, his being cast out.)

The Doctorclone finds some sign of recent damage, saying that they must be getting near where the virus is.

Suddenly, Leelaclone is attacked by phagocytes. The Doctorclone says he can’t help her, as it is his body’s own defense mechanism, but tells her to use her knife. While she struggles with them, The Doctorclone grabs two parts of his brain and crosses the wires, so to speak, which sends the phagocytes away.

In the medical lab, the countdown is down to seven and a half minutes. Sounds of blaster fire can be heard from outside, and Marius says there’s not much chance. He takes out his blaster and looks ominously at his assistants.

One of the infected charges forward, but K-9 blasts him. However, as he dies, contact is made with K-9, who is now infected.

Doctorclone tells Leelaclone to take point – this is why she came along, he needs her tracking skills.

Lowe sends K-9 to kill the reject. K-9 blasts Leela, though it almost looks like she ducked out of the way first. K-9 shuts down, into “self-regeneration”, stating he is non-functional. Leela seems unconscious.

In The Doctor’s brian, Leelaclone recoils, feeling something strike her head – apparently the clones have a direct link with their master copies. They approach a ‘bridge’ that extends into darkness. Doctorclone says it’s the gap between logic and imagination.

Less than five minutes in the medical lab. Marius puts his female assistant in the cloning chamber. Lowe and his assistants enter, shooting Parsons (the male.) Marius protests, and he is infected by Lowe. Now one of them, Marius tells them about the micronised clones.

K-9 wakes Leela and explains why he attacked her. He says he has since regenerated and awaits her orders. He tells her that the infected have gained access to The Doctor.

The female assistant goes back in, seeing Lowe in the chamber. It seems he’s being cloned, in preparation to be shrunk down to be injected. She closes the door (nobody noticed her leaving, nobody notices her checking in… it’s not like a door was sliding open and making noise and motion. /sarcasm)

She finds Leela and K-9, telling them what is going on. K-9 says they must maintain surveillance and not interfere while there is a chance that The Doctorclone might still destroy the nucleus.

The clones have crossed over to the other side. Doctorclone says they’re going into the land of dreams and fantasy. (Didn’t we just do this in THE DEADLY ASSASSIN? It didn’t work well then, I’m not excited about it now.)

Marius injects Loweclone into The Doctor’s brain. He moves about, blaster in hand, searching for them. He seems to make better time than the clones did. The nucleus yells (in Loweclone’s mind) for him to hurry, he’s in danger.

Leelaclone senses “the evil thing” is close… and the presence of another (presumably Loweclone.) She says they’re going to be trapped.

Doctorclone enters a chamber, encountering the nucleus, which introduces itself as the nucleus of the swarm. It argues that it is its right to perpetuate its species. The Doctorclone argues that it is his right to dispose of it.

The nucleus is aware that he is a Time Lord; before it had planned to use humankind’s spread amongst the stars to spread the infection, but now it can use The Doctor to spread across time and space alike!

Leelaclone stalks Loweclone, attacking him from behind. They struggle and he shoots her. She knifes him and then he is pounced upon by phagocytes. Leelaclone slips off, leaving him to his fate.

The nucleus rants on about being the new masters of space, time and the cosmos. Leelaclone arrives with Loweclone’s blaseter and hands it to The Doctorclone, who blasts the nucleus. There’s a bright flash, and nothing remains but a dark spot where the nucleus sat. The Doctor’s voice can be heard, repeating, “a tear duct… a tear duct… a tear duct…”

Marius (face getting all fuzzy/etc) uses a syringe to extract those escaping through the tear duct. Lowe demands that they destroy them, but Marius says they must restore them to find out what happened, interrogate them. He places the slide in the chamber and reverses the miniaturisation process… but instead of The Doctorclone and Leelaclone, a monster grows, not looking exactly like the nucleus, but presumably some form of it… and the credits roll.

Very interesting cliffhanger there.

Episode 4:

The Doctor’s face reverts to normal as the nucleus is no longer with him. As Lowe assists the nucleus in exiting the chamber, The Doctor banters with Marius about serving the nucleus.

The nucleus gloats about being free in the macro world and that its swarm will no longer be invisible to all, but macro-creatures, thanks to his RDS device.

In another room, Leela is dressed up in the female assistant’s outfit. K-9 informs her that the hostiles are approaching, and they have The Doctor. She slips off.

The nucleus is assisted through the hall, urging them to hurry, saying it must get to Titan to spawn. Leelanurse walks by and Marius instructs her to take the gurney with The Doctor on it, as he and Lowe must assist the nucleus. She cuts the bonds on the gurney and they follow the others into the reception area.

There, she and The Doctor make a break for the TARDIS, but the nucleus says they are merely trapped. It instructs Marius to stay and make sure The Doctor doesn’t escape.

Inside, The Doctor informs Leela that the RDS is still in the isolation ward – without it, they cannot move. K-9 is in the TARDIS with them, and The Doctor asks the dog if he could knock out Marius.

Professor Marius calls for all senior staff to report to reception. K-9 comes and blasts Marius.

Back in the ward, Marius is on the bed and The Doctor runs samples of his blood and Leela’s under the scope, seeing that he has picked up the antibody from when Leelaclone was killed and absorbed into his body.

The Doctor says they can isolate and inject it into Marius and then he can cure the others.

On the shuttle en route to Titan, the nucleus urges them to go faster. Lowe obeys, increasing the speed, using all the fuel.

Marius’ face returns to its normal state; he wakes and The Doctor brings him up to speed. The Doctor talks about using the antibodies as a weapon against the nucleus.

On Titan, Safran reports that the hive is prepared, the tanks are ready.

On the ship, the nucleus demands they go faster, even though Lowe said they’ve reached maximum speed. I guess maximum doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.

Leela complains, bored with sitting around as Marius and others work on cultivating the strongest strain. She asks why they can’t just blow up Titan.

It’s your answer to everything, isn’t it? Knock it on the head.”

They debate their philosophies for a bit and then Marius delivers the batch of lethal antibodies to The Doctor.

The nucleus has made it to Titan. It tells Lowe and the others that they must protect it while it spawns.

The Doctor asks Marius if he can borrow K-9, not divulging what he needs him for, just saying he could be very useful. Marius instructs K-9 to obey The Doctor and says goodbye as the Time Lord leaves.

The TARDIS materialises in the supervisor’s office. Safran, who was manning the station hears and departs quickly. The Doctor and Leela exit and on the videoscreen, he sees the breeding tanks, saying they’re about to hatch.

A guard posted outside the door and Leela get into a firefight, but he blaster seems to have no effect. K-9 blasts him once and he drops. The Doctor says that the infected are beginning to develop a resistance to radiation. K-9 announces his energy reserves are low and won’t be able to use his blaster.

The Doctor says they’ll have to use their brains instead of blasters. Approaching the hive, the use K-9 as a decoy, though I’m not sure how he got rid of the infected (cuz he comes back and its not following him.)

At the hive, Leela and K-9 both play decoy, but The Doctor is caught by Lowe. He orders The Doctor into the breeding tank, but at the last minute K-9 uses his final reserves to blast Lowe.

The Doctor hooks a leash onto K-9 and drags him away from the hive. The nucleus calls out to The Doctor, saying it needs him.

Leela kills the infected chasing her. The Doctor and K-9 arrive and he tells her that he lost the antibodies. (It was a big box. What happened to it?) He instructs Leela to take K-9 back to the TARDIS as he is “out of juice”.

The Doctor spies a large oxygen tank just a few feet from the hive (small set, I guess) and turns the nozzle. He then goes to the hive, secures the door and does something… looks like he’s rigged the blaster to fire when the door is opened on the breeding tank. He also opened some valve on the breeding tank to release.. something.

After bantering with the nucleus, he rushes off, dashing into the TARDIS and taking off, as Leela and K-9 watch from the supervisor’s office. He returns long enough to let them board and then the TARDIS dematerialises again.

Inside, Leela chastises him for not waiting.

The nucleus pushes open the door, setting off the gun which creates a huge explosion, destroying the base. The Doctor and Leela watch from the TARDIS scanner, the Time Lord laughing.

The Doctor explains he used the methane atmosphere (in the breeding tank, I guess) to ignite with the blaster. He praises himself for having such a good idea of blowing it up, which angers Leela, as it was her idea.

They return to the Bi-Al Foundation, to return K-9 to Professor Marius. Marius says he has to return to Earth shortly and was hoping they would take K-9 with them. Leela begs The Doctor, who seems a little reluctant, but before any decision can be made, K-9 enters the TARDIS on his own.

That being decided, they say their farewell and depart. Marius makes a silly comment about hoping he’s TARDIS trained as the TARDIS dematerialises… and the final credits roll.

All in all, a fun serial. Different sort of monster, and not a truly invisible one, either, which was nice. And yay for K-9! Also worth noting that Marius was played by Frederick Jaeger, last seen as Professor Sorenson in PLANET OF EVIL (and once before as Jano in the William Hartnell serial THE SAVAGES.)