And another one I don’t believe I’ve ever seen; seems like my local PBS must not have aired this season much/at all over the years. I know I’ve seen the last serial of this season before, and on PBS for that matter, but somehow missed the majority of the season.

Episode 1:

A starry scene, stars and nebula and planets opens the serial. We pan out into darkness, not even stars are visible… and the TARDIS flies through the darkness.

Inside, Leela stands at the console, working controls and humming. The central cortex of the TARDIS console stops, which worries her. She calls for The Doctor who opens the scanner view-screen and there is nothing but blackness. He says they’re “on the edge of the cosmos, the frontiers of creation”.

The Doctor is excited, saying that they’re out there alone and they could be the first to see the birth of something new. Leela says it’s just nothing; she seems unhappy – not frightened, but bothered by it.

K-9 says they are not alone nor the first, but the organics are too busy talking to listen to him. This is a recurring gimmick with the robotic companion, it seems.

Finally, they listen to him and scan for another ship.

On the view-screen they see a spiral nebula forming. It begins sucking them in and The Doctor dashes to the controls. Using the coordinates of the ion drive ship they detected earlier, the escape.

We see the ship, a large vehicle, flying towards the nebula.

On board the bridge, crewmen move about. The TARDIS can be heard materialising. The crew are running scans – they apparently heard the TARDIS, though they’re not sure whether it was inside or outside the ship.

They run the audio through their computer, trying to identify it.

The TARDIS has materialised in some unused area, personal quarters it looks like, more than a storage area, though there are horrendous cobwebs all over. Leela comments on the air being stale and the place obviously hasn’t been used in ages.

The Doctor sees a “Made in Minyos” stamp on an item and seems to recognise the name, identifying the inhabitants of Minyos as Minyans. K-9 scans the item, saying it is approximately 100,000 years old and The Doctor says that the Minyan civilisation was destroyed 100,000 years ago – on the other side of the universe!

The computer completes the ident scan on the audio and identifies it as being used in “the time ships of the gods”. The commanding officer type and the crewman running the ident exchange overwhelmed looks.

The Doctor explains to Leela that the Minyans once worshiped the Time Lords as gods; the Time Lords were flattered and helped advance them, technologically, but it ended in atomic war destroying Minyos.

On the bridge, the crew argues whether the gods will help them or not. Herrick, a dark haired crewman, says that they helped them destroy themselves, what help could they be. The gods play games, he insists.

Orfe, the one who ran the ident scan, says the Minyans brought on their own destruction, but Herrick yells at him, calling him a “Pacifist!” Herrick gets up, saying he’ll sniff out the gods and “dematerialise them for good”, but the commander tells him to maintain his station.

The ship is sweeping for something, and the commander gives new coordinates. Orfe says this will bring them awful close to the nebula, but the commander replies, “The Quest is the Quest.”

Suddenly, the ship rocks violently.

The Doctor and Leela are thrown to the ground. K-9’s blaster malfunctions and he cannot blast open the door, but Leela finds a weapon and does so. They exit the room.

On the bridge, the crew works to stabilise the ship, but the drive is on maximum, heading towards the nebula. They struggle to redirect before they get stuck in the nebula’s gravity field.

The female crew member is injured and Herrick says she’s deliberately “gone past her regeneration point”. The commander says nobody likes it, but, “The Quest is the Quest.” I wonder if they mean regeneration like Time Lord style or something less?

The Doctor shows up, just then, asking if there’s anything he can do. Herrick grabs him, but Leela runs in with her shield blaster, yelling for Herrick to stop. Jackson, the commander, gives a verbal cue to Orfe, who hits Leela with a ray that pacifies her, making her all sweet and smiley.

Herrick grabs the blaster from Leela and says he’ll blast them both. Jackson tells him to wait for his command before doing anything. Jackson asks The Doctor if he is a Time Lord, to which he answers the affirmative.

This incites Herrick (who is looking for any reason to kill him, I think, based on his anti-gods rant of earlier), who is all but frothing at the mouth, “Lies, lies, he said he was a doctor!” At Jackson’s command, Orfe hits Herrick with the pacifier beam and he calms down, thanking Orfe, and then apologising to The Doctor.

Jackson orders Herrick to take Tala (the wounded crew woman) to “regen” and Herrick obeys. Leela seems smitten with Orfe. Jackson says the effect will last several hours, since she’s a primitive.

Jackson tells The Doctor that they’re trapped in the gravitational field of the nebula and the ship is too old and falling apart to escape. He says they’ve been on mission for 100,000 years. Neither the ship, nor they, were meant to go that long. Jackson says each crew member has regenerated 1000 times.

Have you any idea what that means?”

Well, I’ve been through it two or three times. Not pleasant.” – The Doctor

While Jackson continues to tell The Doctor about the crew, how they’re degenerating faster than they can regenerate themselves, a crewman (Orfe? But I thought he was helping Leela) watches a monitor. On the monitor we see Herrick working the controls of the regeneration room; Tala’s body is on one couch of many (much more than we’ve seen crew in the ship so far). There’s a rather ominous tune playing the background all the while.

A close up of Tala is shown in the regeneration chamber – she becomes younger, healthier looking. As she rises from the couch, the music hits several very dramatic chords.

The Doctor is listening, examining some crystal component of the ship; it is broken and he tells Jackson that the part is no good. The commander says, “It’s over at last.”

When The Doctor asks about this Quest, Jackson says they’re searching for a missing spaceship, the P7E – they get signals from it, track it, only to lose it, over and over again. (They’ve been doing this for 100,000 years? I get some weird feeling we’ll find out THEY are the missing ship.) Jackson says the ship was carrying colonists (OK, maybe not) and was carrying a race bank on it – much more valuable to them than any resources – the genetic codes for their entire people.

The Doctor tells Jackson there’s a chance to salvage things. He calls for K-9 (again, having to call for him several times before the robot shows up. Is this some sort of running gag?) The Doctor hooks up K-9 to the computer and tells him to get them away from the nebula.

All over the bridge, the systems start reacting in ways that surprise Jackson. K-9 navigates the ship through the outer perimeter of the nebula and out again.

Tala and Herrick return to the bridge; Tala is given orders to relieve Orfe. Herrick starts back in on the anti-Time Lord rhetoric, saying The Doctor is setting them up for something worse. Jackson sends Herrick to the tracking station.

The Doctor tries to shake Leela out of her pacifism. He tells her, in what could be one of the best quotes from the show, ever, “Leela, listen to me. You’re primitive. Wild, warlike, aggressive and tempestuous and bad-tempered, too.” (She replies, “I am?”) “Yes. You’re a warrior leader from a warrior tribe. Courageous, indomitable, implacable, impossible…” Finally, Leela gets mad and draws her knife, yelling at him that is enough.

When he explains to her that she was pacified, she gets angrier, demanding to know who it was, that she’ll kill them. She gets irate with them all, almost paranoid (or childish?) that they’re laughing at her.

Meanwhile, the tracking signal for P7E is picked up on the sweep. They get a bearing and head that way.

The Doctor realises that the bearing will take them right back into the nebula; Jackson says if that’s where P7E is, thats where they’ll go. The Doctor argues that P7E could not have gone in there, that the nebula must have formed around the ship – but to go in would be suicide. They are adamant at completing the Quest.

The Doctor tries to stop the ship, instructing K-9, but Herrick grabs him. Leela pulls her knife, but Jackson aims the blaster shield at her. Reluctantly, The Doctor orders K-9 to carry on.

The ship heads directly into the nebula. The ship goes through an area where meteorites bombard the hull, smashing all external areas, but the hull seems to be intact once they’re through.

They’re on course and the signal is holding. They lower the heat shield, but the windows are covered with debris. The signal starts to fade and their velocity decreases, even though they boost power to the engines. They’ve lost all acceleration and the signal is gone.

It turns out that the ship is attracting debris gravitationally, which is causing them to slow down. The Doctor says if it weren’t for the layer of debris, the asteroids would have smashed them to pieces on the way in.

The crew readies to blast the debris with the laser cannon; even though it would use their reserve fuel. The debris continues to build despite their efforts. Herrick yells that the cannon is disintegrating… and the credits roll.

Oh, I really like this serial already. I love the back story between the Minyans and the Time Lords, I like the desperation of the Quest… and I’m still waiting for something hinky to be revealed.

Episode 2:

More debris piles up – the hull thickness is now at 100 meters (when it was originally slightly more than three!) K-9 announces the hull has been penetrated. Tala ignites the engine and they burst free. They see a planet, and it is from there that the signal is hailing.

The Doctor tries to explain that the ship, P7E, must be trapped within – just like was happening with them, the ship was covered in debris and became a small planet(oid?)

The ship crashes into the planet surface, but it’s a “soft planet” and still forming, so the exterior is almost liquid. (Good thing, as they were moving at Mach 12 according to K-9 and nobody was strapped in. The Doctor did grab a hold of a hand rail… no, really.)

The speed is decreasing, going slower… slower…

The Quest is all-important to the crew and Jackson orders Orfe to hone in on the signal – it’s stronger than ever. They try radio contact. There’s a sudden impact.

Inside caves, people run about, shrieking in fear, yelling that the sky is falling. Rocks crumble in, crushing many. A man and his father dig to uncover their family, while others stand by, watching. The father yells at them, cursing them, and a camera on a rail zooms in, while the son tries to caution his father, fearful of reprisal from “the guards”.

In a control room, men in bulky black outfits and strange hoods with holes watch. One reports, “Sky fall on eight and a Trog making trouble.” One of the men says he’ll take a patrol out to pick up the troublemaker.

We see him leading four others, dressed in the same style of outfit, but white instead of black.

The Doctor, Leela and the crew ready to disembark the ship. Jackson and Herrick put on helmets and are the first two to exit the ship – or attempt to exit; the exit is blocked by solid rock. They return and inform the others. The Doctor says, based on the type of rock, that they’re at the core – Leela, surprisingly, says she thought planets had fire at the core. The Doctor explains that old planets like Earth do, but young ones don’t.

Herrick is sent to fetch a shield gun to burrow their way out with.

The rabble rouser is preaching to the others in the caves, saying they are slaves to the guards as the guards are slaves to the Seers, and the Seers are slaves to the Oracle. His son (they are the two from earlier) tries to stop him, but Dad is having nothing of it.

The guards arrive and take the father prisoner, but the son, Idas, escapes. The black-suited man, Rask, accuses Idmon, the father, of heresy and treachery.

Another (or is it Rask, suddenly caught up?) black suited man chases Idas and fires at him. He reports in the location of the escapee as moving from eight to nine.

Herrick breaks through the wall, finding a large cavern or tunnel.

The black-suited man in the command center reports to Rask that there is Sky fall on Nine. When Rask reports that he is approaching Nine, the other tells him to stay until it has been investigated.

Jackson joins Herrick and they confirm that the tunnel has been carved out. They hide as they see the camera/device on the rails slide into view. The man in the command center doesn’t see them and tells Rask it was only a minor fall.

Herrick and Jackson come out, discussing that it was looking for someone, whether them or not, they don’t know. They return to the ship to report that there are signs of intelligent life. Jackson emphasizes that nothing has changed – their priority is to locate and secure the “race bank cylinders”. They all (including The Doctor and Leela) intone, “The Quest is the Quest.”

Jackson refuses to let The Doctor and Leela accompany them, saying it is their quest, not his. They wait a few moments and then slip out after them. (Shocker.)

The Doctor and Leela scan the area, detecting radiation. Leela is surprised, but The Doctor says that’s why the tunnels were carved out – “Energy. Can’t survive on a new planet with a soul full of hope and fresh air, you know.”

Idas runs, now pursued by white guards. Where’d the black-suited guy who may or may not have been Rask go? Anyhow, he runs to where The Doctor and Leela are walking. Leela hears and she and The Doctor hide as Idas runs by. The see a black-suited (Rask?) and several… well, now they look grey suited… other guards enter.

Rask(?) orders the guards to search around, while The Doctor and Leela slip away. The Doctor and Leela distract Rask and run off. Idas sees this and moves off, finding the ship and entering.

Rask and… now they look white suited… his guards give chase. The Doctor and Leela hide under a cloth in plain sight but aren’t found. They overhear Rask(?) call in to security, saying they’re clearing out and to close the tunnel down for fumigation.

The Doctor and Leela make it back to the ship, where they encounter Idas.

Jackson and the rest of the crew continue moving through the tunnels. He chooses not to split up into pairs, but sends Herrick out to recon on his own. (Herrick places a disc, a ‘marker’ on a stalagmite before he departs, guess it’s a beacon in case he gets lost.)

Okay, so it’s not Rask, it’s Klimt. He comes across the marker disc (though the others are nowhere in sight) and radios it in. Herrick comes back, wonders where the others are and takes the disc. Klimt steps out from the shadows and tells him, “Stop, Trog, or I’ll fire.”

Herrick, who is all warlike and stuff so far, suddenly is clueless and “Hey, who are you,” and keeps approaching, though Klimt is obviously pointing a weapon in his direction. Klimt fires and Herrick uses his shield to deflect the beam back at Klimt, who goes down.

On Klimt’s radio, central command tells him to clear tunnel nine.

Rask returns to central command, taking off his mask/hood. The other guy in central command already has his off. This makes no sense (yes, I know, the writers wanted us to think that perhaps they weren’t humanoid, but it still doesn’t make any sense IN STORY for them to be wearing them in the command center before and not now.)

Herrick responds on Klimt’s communication unit that, “Officer Klimt has retired… suddenly.” He identifies himself a “Trog Herrick” and asks who is speaking to.

Central Command guy panics and orders tunnel nine closed down and fumigated immediately.

Jackson, Tala and Orfe see a giant door slide down, blocking the tunnel. Gas begins to pour into the tunnel.

The Doctor tends to Idas’ wounds. Idas asks if he’s a Seer, but he says he’s just a traveler from the stars. Idas says there’s a prophecy amongst the slaves that one day, gods will come and set them free. The Doctor denies being a god.

Idas informs The Doctor that his father has been taken prisoner, to be taken for sacrifice to the Oracle. Leela sees gas pouring through the open door and Idas thinks this is all a trap to kill him. He tries to escape, struggling with The Doctor. Leela and The Doctor drag him back in and the Time Lord orders Leela to take Idas to the command deck while he goes out.

In the gas, covering his mouth with his scarf, The Doctor finds the gas vents. Nearby, he finds a control panel and tries to reverses it so that it sucks the gas out instead.

However, he slumps as he works, the gas continues to flow… and the credits roll.

Episode 3:

Leela frets, waiting for The Doctor, while she looks over Idas in the flight deck.

The Doctor works on the controls to the ventilation, slowly slumping down… but it seems he got the flow reversed just in time as the gas is sucked out!

Jackson and his associates blast the door that shut them in, and Herrick is revealed on the other side.

In the command center, the gas is flowing into there, the guards collapse. Rask and his superior receive orders from someone the superior addresses as ‘master’ (oooooh, if this were a Jon Pertwee episode, it would be him… Delgado’s Master popped up EVERYWHERE) to round up slaves to watch the execution.

As the superior signs off, he notices gas and orders Rask to shut down the fumigation controls, just in time.

The Doctor recovers and wonders where all the gas went. It’s almost as if he were asking the viewers, the way he looks at the camera.

Herrick shows Jackson Klimt’s body, and explains what happened, handing him the communication device, which Jackson recognises as being from the P7E. (I’m not even going to go on about tech lasting that long. Just not.)

The Doctor returns to the ship. Leela has found another shield gun. Idas asks if he can go to the stars with them when they go and they explain their ship has problems. He doesn’t understand ‘ship’, but looking about, he compares it to their citadel. He tells them that is where the Seers live and the sacrifices are held. Idas fears for his father but has given up on him. The Doctor and Leela talk to him to be brave.

Leela’s words are especially lovely. “Do not worry. He has saved many fathers.”

Idas’ father is bound and gagged on a table. A Seer tells one of the black-suited men, Tarn (who is wearing his hood, so I’m not sure if it’s the one we saw before with Rask or not) to make sure the slaves see the execution or he will be next.

The Doctor, K-9, Leela and Idas move through the caves. K-9 prints out a map of the tunnels (they don’t explain how, but I could see him hacking the ship’s network to access the data) and then The Doctor sends him off to fetch (see what I did there?) Jackson and the rest of the crew.

The Doctor sees where they are, where they need to go and asks Idas about one tunnel that is a straight shot. Idas says it is forbidden and guarded by invisible dragons. Not even the guards are allowed to use it, only the Seers, whose powers protect them.

They approach a door in a cavern wall; throwing some jelly babies, they detect a force field, which Leela blows out with the shield gun. Then she takes out the door. They pass through and come to a chamber where there is no gravity; since they’re at the center of the planet, there is no gravity and they push their way down.

All of this is observed by a surveillance camera. As they make their way down the shaft, there are cameras all along and the black-suited guy sees their progress and raises an alert.

In a room that is obviously the flight deck of P7E (and presumably the same set used for the flight deck of the rescue ship), Idmon is wheeled in by guards of varying colours. Slaves look on.

The Oracle, whom we do not see, speaks, asking if the time is right, is the sacrifice ready, do the slaves watch. A Seer replies to each question in the affirmative, in a ritual manner. There is haunting tone and a sword, which hangs above Idmon, sways ominously.

The “lamp of life” is ordered to be lit by the Seer and a guard obeys. The guard then raises the lamp so that it sets a piece of cloth on fire; the cloth holds the sword up, so when it breaks, the sword shall fall.

Ritual chanting ensues: Lamp, burn. Sword, fall. Ask the question that hangs over all.

As The Doctor, Leela and Idas float down the shaft, Idas has been explaining the execution ritual. Leela asks why go through so much trouble, but The Doctor says it’s all about intimidation and keeping people in check.

K-9 urges the crew to hurry.

The Doctor and companions step out and are surrounded by guards. They are taken prisoner and into the citadel.

The lamp slowly burns the cloth. The guards bring the intruders in. The Seer orders them brought forward. The Seer orders that they, too, shall answer the question of the sword. Idas pushes the gurney out of the way as the sword falls, saving his father. Leela and some of the slaves revolt, weapons are grabbed. The Doctor orders everyone into the tunnels.

The ship crew approaches the ‘citadel’. Herrick, hearing the sounds of conflict, rushes forward, despite Jackson’s orders for him to come back. They charge after, hoping to provide cover. Herrick joins up with The Doctor and others and gives them covering fire.

Herrick stays behind to hold off the guards as the others escape and he is taken down but not killed and is brought inside for questioning.

Breaking to rest, the slaves tell Leela and the others about how they’re used, how the sky falls are used to keep their numbers in check. Leela learns that the rock they mine is partially used to turn into food to feed the slaves.

Jackson and Idas talk about how to get to the citadel through the tunnels (which he calls the Tree), saying they cannot use the shaft again.

Leela tells The Doctor what she’s learned, saying they go into the ship (citadel) via “crushers”. The Doctor begins thinking about the Tree of Life, what it has to do with the race banks. He explains to Leela that the slaves and the guards are the descendants of those who first left on the P7E (since they didn’t have regeneration units on the ship, they couldn’t extend their life spans like Jackson’s crew did.)

The Doctor says they can gain access to the Citadel via the goods entrance – where the rocks are taken in. They go and survey the entrance. The Doctor says he has a plan, it’s not his, but a fellow named Ulysses pulled it off a while ago.

Herrick is tortured; he claims to be from Minyos, but they don’t believe him. Two Seers are running the interrogation; when the one black-suited guy whose name I haven’t caught yet (but I think is Tarn) says Herrick is speaking the truth, the Seers don’t want to hear it. One of them says, “We are the only survivors of Minyos.”

I don’t know if he means they, themselves, or their culture.

Herrick reveals that they have come for the race bank cylinders. The Seers say there are no cylinders. They claim that the guards and slaves are the only ones of true Minyan descent; they say they have evolved beyond them.

The two Seers remove their hoods, revealing… robots? Metallic heads, three eyes. Don’t know if they’re fully robotic or androids or what.

The Doctor, Leela and others are hiding in rock carts and pushed by their slave allies to sneak by the guards. The old slave pushing The Doctor and Leela’s cart stumbles as he approaches the crusher, and the cart tips towards the crusher… and the credits roll.

The cliffhanger could’ve used another second or two to really illustrate what’s going on. It happened so fast it wasn’t scary enough before the credits rolled.

Episode 4:

The Doctor and Leela hang for their lives to the edge of the opening of the crusher! The others attack, blasting the guards. A guard sounds the alarm. The Doctor and Leela are rescued, but they must withdraw.

Back at the cave, The Doctor sends K-9 to the ship to make preparations. Jackson, Tala and Orfe are sent back to engage the guards, while The Doctor takes Leela and Idas with him. Near the citadel, they find a grate and slip in.

Tarn (I think that’s his name and what I’m going with) orders the guards there to stay and fight when they call for reinforcements. The Seers reinforce the order.

The two Seers consult; they agree that the Oracle, whom they are to protect, is more important than these cylinders. One says they do not exist, the other says the Oracle will know. They tell Herrick that if they have the cylinders, they will let him go free and turn over the cylinders so they may leave.

Rask is ordered to arrange a truce.

The Doctor, Leela and Idas make their way through the shaft. They see into the Oracle’s chamber, where the two Seers are consulting with the Oracle. The Oracle gives them the cylinders.

Leela watches, wondering why they’re giving in so easily. The Doctor wonders this too and when the Seers depart, he opens the grate into the Oracle’s chamber.

Jackson, Tala and Orfe encounter Rask and a white-suited guard, who do not fight but offer truce. They bring forth Herrick, who carries the cylinders. He passes them to Jackson, saying “The Quest is over.”

Leela and Idas slip into the Oracle’s chamber. The Doctor questions whether the Oracle gave over the true cylinders or not, which offends the Oracle. When The Doctor says that he is of the people the Minyans called gods, the Oracle goes on a rant that it is a god, did it not create itself, is it not all-powerful?

The Doctor says it’s just “another machine with megalomania”. He offends it and it admits that is the Keeper of the Race Bank. The Doctor realises that he was right – it did not turn over the true race bank cylinders. He says it is just a box and he has the key – the sword!

Using the sword, Idas and The Doctor open the place where the true cylinders are kept. The Oracle sounds an alarm and yells for the guards, repeating, “Destroy” over and again.

They retrieve the real cylinders and slip out through the grate and out the ship door into the tunnels.

When they reach tunnel seven, the order is given to collapse the tunnel, and The Doctor, Leela and Idas are trapped. The Doctor dings the cylinders together and wonders what was given to Jackson.

On the ship, Jackson places the cylinders in a prepared case, again stating, “The Quest… is over.” He gives the order to set the coordinates for Minyos 2, but K-9 says they cannot leave without The Doctor and Leela. Jackson gives the order for K-9 to find them.

The Seers instruct Tarn to retrieve the cylinders.

Jackson runs his crew through some test launches.

K-9 blasts the wall, freeing The Doctor, Leela and Idas.

As the final launch countdown is about to hit zero, The Doctor tells Jackson to stop, that he has the real race banks. The countdown is stopped and they question what was given to them first.

K-9 scans the fakes, saying they are fission grenades, impossible to defuse and are 2000 megaton bombs. The Doctor rushes off the ship, Leela and Idas give chase.

The Oracle demands to know from the Seers why the cylinders have not been found. They tell it that the slaves are working on digging them out.

Idas says it is no good, they’ve lost The Doctor, but Leela grabs his arm and drags him along.

The Doctor finds the slaves working on digging out cylinders. He asks the black-suited guard (Rask?) for directions to the Oracle, but the man takes the cylinders from him instead. Two grey suited guards are given orders to “take care” of The Doctor.

Rask(?) leaves and as the guards approach The Doctor, Leela arrives, shooting one. Idas tells the slaves to come with them, they can go to the stars. The other guard runs off.

Rask (yes, it’s him, he is addressed as such) brings the cylinders to the Seers, who replace them in the Oracle’s holding tube. The Oracle says that the cylinders will never leave its keeping again. (Surely it could tell the difference between the real and the fakes… ah, well.)

The Doctor leads a group of slaves to the ship. The ship is full of slaves and Jackson tries to get them off the ship. He argues that his job is to protect the future of his race, and The Doctor points out that the slaves ARE his race.

After The Doctor urges him to hurry, saying the planet is going to explode, Jackson returns to the flight deck to launch the ship. All the slaves lay down in the halls as the ship takes off.

In security command, Tarn and Rask watch as the ship launches and clears the surface, laughing as they share the joke that “not long and they’ll be blown to bits.” Suddenly, an alarm sounds.

The Oracle suddenly realises that the cylinders are the fakes. The Seers says there is nowhere to take the cylinders, no way to get rid of them. It tells them to defuse them, but they tell it that it is not possible, that it has made it so.

The ship is unable to reach escape velocity. Jackson tells The Doctor that it is because of all the extra people on board.

The Oracle announces that it has failed and deserves destruction. A Seer opens one of the cylinders and there is flashing lights inside.

The planet blows up like an egg. The Doctor tells Jackson to get ready to ride out the blast. The ship escapes the nebula and sets course for Minyos 2. Herrick says it’s a journey of three hundred and seventy years, “but that’s nothing,” and they all have a good laugh.

The Doctor declines an invitation to stay and go to Minyos 2 with them, saying he’s far too busy. He says farewell, calling Jackson, “Jason.”

Back on the TARDIS, as The Doctor dons his painting frock, Leela asks why he called him “Jason”. Leela is confused when The Doctor starts talking about Jason and the Argonauts. The Doctor postulates that perhaps the stories of old might be prophecies of the future, but when he asks K-9 for confirmation, he is upset when the robot says “Negative”.

In a huff, The Doctor leaves to paint, while Leela gives K-9 a kiss… and the final credits roll.

A neat serial, a bit silly in a lot of ways, some pretty big plot holes. Like many, needs a bit of rewriting and could be a very awesome story… but still quite fun, even so.