It’s become obvious to me that I should have made this a two year project, not one.  It’s too demanding on my time to cram it into one year – various aspects of my free time are starting to suffer for it.

Starting next week, I will be spreading out the seasons over twice as many weeks.  This will mean there will be 3-4 posts a week still, but many of them will be two episodes instead of four – I will be cutting the four episode serials into two posts as a result – this is less for you to consume in one post and less for me to watch each week.  I’ve already adjusted yesterdays’ scheduling post to reflect this.

This week, you still get three posts, one full four-episode serial each time.  Next week, three posts, M/W/F, 2 episodes per post.

I hope I don’t lose any readers for this.  (Don’t think I have that many to lose.)