Fairly certain I’ve not seen this, based on the title.

Episode 1:

The TARDIS spins, surrounded by lights. I don’t know if that’s meant to be the TARDIS flying through the vortex or what.

Inside, The Doctor tries to figure out how to assemble the first two segments, when Romana puts them together with ease. The Doctor sets off to find the destination for the next segment. He plugs the tracer into the console and his face lights up with glee. He tells Romana she’ll love the next location, saying it’s much better than Calufrax.

Under a full moon, robed/hooded figures assemble at a stone circle and begin chanting. One brings cups of what appears to be blood and pours them onto the stones, which glow and pulse. One robed woman falls to her knees, calling out, “Come oh, great one, come! Your time is near!”

Back in the TARDIS, Romana has changed her outfit when a voice comes into the console room, saying, “Beware the Black Guardian!” Romana presses him to explain, saying she only wants to know about their mission. He explains that she was not sent on the mission by the President of the Supreme Council of Time Lords (cuz that’s The Doctor, yo… isn’t he?) She insists she saw him and spoke to him, but he tells her it was the White Guardian, “…or, to be more accurate, the Guardian of Light and Time. As opposed to the Guardian of Darkness, sometimes called the Black Guardian.”

He goes on to explain why the Key To Time must be assembled, repeating what the White Guardian told him in the beginning of THE RIBOS OPERATION.

K-9 shows up and The Doctor greets him. The TARDIS signals they’ve landed and The Doctor reveals to Romana they’ve come to Earth. “Oh, your favourite planet, I might have guessed,” she replies, not unkindly.

Romana uses the tracer to get a signal and they head off in that direction. They find very large animal tracks. The tracer points to a familiar stone circle and they approach. (it’s daylight out now.)

The Doctor explains what a stone circle is to Romana. She postulates that one of the stones might be a segment, but there’s no signal when she pulls out the tracer.

An old woman approaches, telling them saying that it’s been surveyed and she’s been waiting for another “professional” to come in and “notice the discrepancies”. She confuses him for some professor or another and ends up introducing herself as Professor Amelia Rumford.

She mentions several surveys from the 1700s and 1800s and 1900s about the stone circle, saying there’s been miscount – there were originally nine stones counted, but there are more than nine now.

Rumford’s friend, Vivien Fay shows up. They talk about a local druidic group and their sacrifices, led by a Mr De Vries. They tell The Doctor where he resides and he leaves Romana (who isn’t wearing appropiate footwear for several miles’ walking, though he does instruct her to keep an eye on the two women, saying there’s something strange going on.)

The Doctor sets off across the fields, while Romana assists the women with their survey of the stones. A crow shows up and the Time Lord says it looks evil.

In a temple, a robed man and woman perform a ritual. (Most assumedly, the man is De Vries.)

The Doctor arrives at a large estate and lets himself in and approaches the door and rings the bell.

In the temple, the man says the one foretold has come and ends the ritual.

The Doctor lets himself into the house as the man puts on a dress jacket, talking to himself in the mirror, saying “our friend is impatient”. De Vries (for it is, in fact, him) finds The Doctor. He seems to know that our hero is called “Doctor,” and that he’s already spoken with Professor Rumford.

De Vries tells The Doctor some of the history of the house and property and the stone circle. De Vries offers him a glass of sherry and they go into a proper room, instead of hanging in the great hall.

Romana remarks that the birds have been flying about, searching all afternoon. Professor Rumford says it is time to pack up and they invite her to tea and sandwiches at Viven’s cottage. Romana says she’ll stay and wait for The Doctor, but they tell her to bring her friend along when he gets back.

She takes out the tracer, but still no signal. She watches the birds (crows?) fly off.

The Doctor downs a glass of sherry and admires De Vries’ pet, a crow. The two men banter – De Vries wants to know why The Doctor is there, and The Doctor wants to know how he knew his name. They discuss De Vries as a student of druidic lore; The Doctor almost offends De Vries by saying he always thought druidism was concocted as a joke.

De Vries lures The Doctor into another room to see something, where a costume (worn by the woman we saw?) of a feathered figure awaits. While The Doctor is distracted, De Vries strikes The Doctor on the head. He checks on The Doctor and then addresses the costumed(?) figure, “His blood is still warm, I know what to do.”

Romana hears The Doctor call for her. She turns around, but doesn’t see him. She sets off into the nearby woods (having thrown away her shoes) and walks on, hearing his voice. She passes a small wooden fence, marked “WARNING cliff edge unsafe” and comes to the edge.

Again, she hears The Doctor’s voice calling her name and she turns around. This time, it’s as if she sees him, but something frightens her, and she backs away, falling off the cliff… and the credits roll.

Intriguing story so far. No idea what’s going on where the the segment is. That’s a helluva cliffhanger there.

Episode 2:

Romana clings to the cliff side, calling out for help.

The Doctor lays in the center of the stone circle. De Vries orders that he be bound to it and the other robed figures comply. One woman argues with it, saying it is murder, but De Vries says it is the will of the goddess.

Romana keeps calling out for help; it’s dark out (as we saw with The Doctor and the cultists), so she’s been hanging on for some time. (Or, we could just say that the show is bad with timing… no, that would NEVER happen.)

The Doctor wakes up and jokes about the knife being sterilised. The woman continues to argue against it, as a wolf howls. Professor Rumford shows up and the “druids” run off. She cuts him loose and they realise that Romana isn’t there – Rumford came back to give Romana a flask of tea, figuring she’d still be waiting.

Romana STILL hangs to the cliff… STILL calling out.

The Doctor finds Romana’s shoes, cast aside. He keeps calling out her name. Rumford says something about if they had a dog, and The Doctor tells her she’s a genius and uses his dog whistle to call K-9.

K-9 hears it and departs the TARDIS. The Doctor sets off and meets him. There’s a delightful bit of banter as The Doctor tries to convince K-9 that he’s always wanted to be a blood hound. (“Negative, Master,” “Yes you have!”)

K-9 says he can track her and sets off after her. He finds Romana who is STILL clinging to the cliff side. She’s relieved to see K-9 but says The Doctor pushed her over the edge and she refuses to take his scarf at first, but climbs up it.

Once she’s at the top, she yells at The Doctor to get away from her, that he pushed her off the cliff. The Time Lords suddenly realise that someone possesses the third segment and has figured out how to use to to manipulate shape and appearances, at the least.

They return to the TARDIS; Romana changes her clothes and shoes (wearing boots now.) The Doctor sets out, followed by Romana and K-9.

Back at the stone circle, Rumford and Vivien talk; the elder professor is upset that she let The Doctor go off on his own.

The Doctor, Romana and K-9 stop outside the circle and The Doctor advises Romana to use the tracer. She does and it registers a signal. They enter the circle, much to the delight of Rumford and Fay. Rumford meets K-9 and is amazed; The Doctor says they’re all the rage in Trenton, NJ.

Romana, using the tracer, says the segment is definitely there. Despite this, The Doctor sends Romana with Rumford and Fay to go to Fay’s cottage to look at Rumford’s notes. The Doctor and K-9 go to visit De Vries.

I think De Vries is a very worried man and worried men often sing worried songs.” – The Doctor.

When Romana sets off with the ladies, Vivien Fay is rather… almost smarmy. There’s something about her that’s just off.

Back at the estate, De Vries demands (of the woman who argued with him at the circle) to know where the raven is. She doesn’t know. He falls to his knees, begging the goddess for mercy, but then some glowing monstrosity appears outside the window. De Vries says it’s too late. He grabs Martha, telling her to get out, but she argues.

Outside the gate, K-9 says there are unidentified aliens within. Martha’s scream is heard and The Doctor runs to the house. He enters, finding Martha and De Vries dead, their skulls smashed to pulp.

There’s a pile of silicon, and a trail; K-9 follows it into another room. There’s an open door, which The Doctor closes. He turns around saying it seems all clear, but suddenly the creature, which looks not unlike the stones at the circle, bashes through the door and wall, knocking The Doctor down.

K-9 blasts the creature, which retreats, and the little robot dog gives chase. The Doctor comes to and hears a roar and K-9’s blaster and runs out.

Romana is going over Rumford’s notes and quizzing the professor. Romana notices that the lands have always been owned and/or overseen by women. Vivien Fay tries to blow her supposition off that there’s a Sisterhood behind things.

It comes up that De Vries’ estate was build in the 16th century on the site of the old convent, and Rumford posits that there might be some records there. Vivien begs off having to go now with them, saying she’ll stay should The Doctor return. When Rumford grabs a policeman’s truncheon and Romana doesn’t know what it is, Vivien tells a little anecdote about Rumford going to New York to give lectures and taking it with her in case someone tried to mug her.

Did she get mugged?”

Goodness, no. She got arrested for carrying an offensive weapon.”

So, here, Vivien seems quite charming, but I’m still suspicious of her.

Romana and Rumford show up at the estate, and find The Doctor tending to K-9 who is in horrible shape – the creature, whatever it was, did great damage to him. K-9 advises cannibalising his parts, but Romana suggests using a “molecular stabliser” from the TARDIS to save him. Romana takes K-9 and The Doctor and Rumford stay. He fills in Rumford about De Vries and Martha, saying the creature that killed them lives on blood.

The person(?) in the feathered costume(?) has a cup of blood (and long nails, almost like talons on its hands). It is in the circle and moves about what seems to be Martha’s body. It takes the cup of blood and pours it on a stone, which begins to pulse and glow and thrum.

A woman’s voice comes from the costumed figure, saying it will do her bidding.

The Doctor and Rumford have searched the whole house, but he says the Cailleach (what De Vries called the goddess) has to be there. Rumford scoffs, saying the “witch-hag” is only a legend.

The Doctor suddenly recalls the missing paintings from the great hall, saying they must be hidden somewhere. At the fireplace, The Doctor finds a secret passage, triggered by a relief of a crow in the mantle. A priesthole opens and they slip in.

At the TARDIS, Romana works on K-9. She’s winning major points with me for caring so much about the little guy. She hooks him up and then departs, noticing birds atop the TARDIS.

Down in a secret basement, they find the paintings. Three pictures of women, from different time periods, all the same woman – Vivien Fay!

Romana skulks through the woods, spying the stone circle, which seems illuminated. Vivien startles her and all but drags her to the circle, where she pushes her into it. Romana turns and asks what she’s doing, and we see Vivien is wearing the costume from earlier.

Vivien grabs a long lance-like item and the tip of it flashes. Romana is encircled by swirling energy and fades from sight… and the credits roll.

I told you there was something hinky about Vivien! Now that’s a great cliffhanger.

Episode 3:

The Doctor explains to Rumford that Vivien is the person in the portraits, that she is the Cailleach. Suddenly, one of the stone monsters enters the cellar. The Doctor and Rumford run out of the house and across the estate.

Another one awaits at the gate. Rumford argues how the creatures could even exist; for a scientist, she’s kinda dim. (Though more addled, perhaps. She then tries to suggest they capture it.) The creature chases them to the cliffside Romana was dangling from, where The Doctor plays toreador to the stone creature’s bull, and the creature goes flying off the cliffside into the water below.

Vivien, back in her mask, traces a circle about herself in the ground. The Doctor and Rumford show up and she takes off the mask. Vivien tells The Doctor that she has Romana “where you’ll never find her”. The Doctor says he can’t just ignore things, as Vivien has something he needs. When he gets too close, he is shocked by her static electricity force field (which is what she was tracing in the ground as they arrived.)

She tells him to count the stones, beware the Ogri, and then disappears in the same nimbus of energy that Romana did.

The Doctor recognises the name Ogri – stone creatures from Oghros, a planet in Tau Ceti. He sends Rumford to look for tritium cyrstals while he goes to the TARDIS. He needs the crystals to try to find where Romana and Vivien went.

Later, The Doctor is building some contraption at the cottage. K-9 is there, still recovering, but 75% done with “secondary regneration”. Rumford finds some crystals which turn out to be what The Doctor needs; he says he knew Vivien would have some around to power her wand.

There’s some great banter and arguing between The Doctor and K-9. He tries to explain hyperspace to Rumford.

She asks him if he’s from outer space, but he says no, he’s more what she would call inner time.

K-9 confirms that The Doctor’s device should work, but there are many variables. They take it to the stone circle and he instructs Rumford on how to beam him into hyperspace.

Two ogri approach while The Doctor tinkers with a faulty circuit. He gets it working and as the ogri arrive, she beams The Doctor into a spaceship in hyperspace.

K-9 blasts the ogri as they approach; he was supposed to erect a force field that would last 17 minutes before his batteries drained.

The Doctor wanders the ship, looking for Romana.

Romana is shown in a cell with… what looks to be an automaton? Both are manacled to the wall.

The Doctor opens a door, and a skeleton falls out. He kicks it back and keeps searching, eventually finding Romana. He tells her that they’re in hyperspace, which she argues, saying it’s theoretically.

They make it to the command area/bridge, where they punch up a scan showing that the ship is hovering above the stone circle, albeit in hyperspace, not real space.

The two Time Lords discuss finding the third segment, which they suspect is on the ship.

K-9 says his power is depleting and he cannot hold the ogri back much longer. Rumford checks with the hyperspace portal device, but nobody comes back through, so she shuts it off.

Suddenly, the ogri back off. K-9 says he has to recharge and suggests the ogri have gone off to feed on some more blood, to recharge as well.

A camper gets out of his tent, surprised to find a stone there he didn’t recall. It is, of course, an ogri – and there’s another one there. He calls his lady friend, and she peeks out of the tent, equally surprised. She suggests its a joke. When she touches one, she can’t pull it away. The stone glows and she screams and when he tries to pull her away, he does too.

The Time Lords search about; in one room, The Doctor sees a Wirrn (from THE ARK IN SPACE – and from the notes, it seems the automaton in the cell with Romana was a Kraal android, as seen in THE ANDROID INVASION – I love when they put little “Easter eggs” like that in.) The Doctor speculates that this was a prison ship.

They find a door with a different seal than the other doors. They break in and some sparkly sprite-like being exits, floating in the air. It/they speak to the Time Lords, saying they are the Megara, “justice machines”.

They inform that The Doctor broke the law when he broke the seals on their door, the penalty being death. He pleads ignorance and is contrite; the two Megara debate, one saying it will represent him. As they debate, the Time Lords sneak off, and the Megara are not happy at this.

Rumford switches the machine on, but Vivien Fay, looking rather different, appears instead. She destroys the projector with her wand. (It’s not a wand, it’s a staff or lance, but that’s what The Doctor called it.)

After that, she summons the ogri and disappears in the nimbus of light.

Back in hyperspace, the Time Lords return to the point of arrival, and wait for Rumford to turn the machine on. Nearby, Vivien appears, accompanied by two ogri. She tells them the machine is destroyed and they are trapped in hyperspace, forever… and she laughs, as we see a long shot of the ship… and the credits roll.

Okay, they kind flubbed that cliffhanger. They should have had Vivien laugh and laugh and laugh as the long shot panned out.

Episode 4:

Note – this episode originally aired November 18, 1978, five days before the fifteenth anniversary of the show’s first episode.

The ogri are instructed by Vivien to approach the Time Lords (why threaten them if she just taunted they were trapped in hyperspace forever?), but the Megara arrive, telling her not to touch the prisoner. She complies, ordering the ogri to withdraw.

The Megara say that he needs to be executed; The Doctor discovers that they held a trial in absentia and he was found guilty. He demands the right to defend himself, but is informed that, as a humanoid, he is incapable of appreciating the subtleties of the law.

Vivien and Romana both interject themselves in the discussion. The judge Megara ends up giving a two hour stay while The Doctor presents his appeal. Vivien demands that he be executed immediately, but they tell her she is out of order.

Night has become morning and K-9 has recharged his batteries. He tells Rumford that she will have to reconstruct the projector. She argues that she’s an archaeologist, not an engineer. K-9 says he will direct her.

The Doctor calls Romana as his first witness. She is sworn in by repeating a rather condenscending (to humanoid lifeforms, at least) oath. A beam scans her, to register her “level of truth”. The Doctor questions her on what she thought might have been in the cell they opened, including something alive.

Rumford and K-9 work on the projector back at Vivien’s cottage.

The Doctor calls Vivien Fay as the second witness. She resists, but the Megara say once you have been called, you must appear. She objects and calls upon the ogri, but the Megara vaporise one. She is horrified but acquiesces to take the oath. While she does, The Doctor tells Romana that he’s trying to determine who she is – he suspects the Megara are after her and if he can get them to realise she is their prey, things should be settled.

Romana says she will try to return to the cottage to find something to incriminate Vivien. Vivien tries to protest when she leaves, but The Doctor says it does not matter, for no one can escape the Megara. The Megara tell him to continue. The remaining ogri follows Romana.

The Doctor asks that Vivien be scanned by the truth assesser, but the Megara say it is unnecessary. The Doctor requests, but they deny it.

Rumford activates the projector and beams Romana and the Ogri back to Earth. Romana and Rumford run, the latter grabbing the projector.

The Doctor argues for Vivien to be attached to the assesser; surprisingly, Vivien herself offers to the Megara to let it happen.

Back at the cottage, Romana asks Rumford if there was any part of the cottage that Vivien kept locked or didn’t want Rumford going into.

Vivien is scanned by the assesser. The Megara ask if she removed the seal on their compartment. She answers she did not and this is true. The Doctor tries to get them to ask Vivien her real name, but they say it is irrational and irrelevenat.

The Doctor’s defense Megara pleas for a painless execution, which is granted, but The Doctor objects, saying he has another witness to call. The Doctor calls the Megara as his final witness.

Rumford says it’s hopeless. K-9 says he hasn’t found anything. Romana notices that in a recipe book, Vivien has crossed out all the ingredients involving citric acid. Rumford says she never had lemon tea or grapefruit or anything citrus. Romana posits that Vivien’s metabolism is different than humans and thus does not appeal to the Ogri. K-9 checks his databanks to try to determine her planet of origin.

The Megara insist they cannot be called. The Doctor argues. It seems the law does not specifically prohibit this, and though it is “highly unorthodox” they do allow it.

The Doctor questions why they were traveling and the answer is they were going to try a humanoid criminal. “Ah, a FEMALE humanoid criminal,” The Doctor asks, slowly turning to regard Vivien.

Romana says it must be a g-class planet in Tau Ceti, but before they speculate further, the Ogri bursts in. They slip out quickly.

The humanoid criminal was charged with murder and “the removal and misuse of the Great Seal of Diplos”, a device which has the powers of transformation, transmutation and the establishing of hyperspace and temporal coordinates. The criminal is named Cessair, but they have no description.

It seems an officer on the ship was meant to identify her, but all the crew are dead. The Doctor asserts Vivien is Cessair, but he cannot prove it.

The Megara say it is time to end the proceedings, The Doctor must be ready for elimination.

Romana and Rumford and K-9 return to the circle and set up the projector. The Ogri arrives and K-9 beams it. (I guess that’s his force field beam?)

The Megara say it is time to execute The Doctor and he says his good byes, grabbing ahold of Vivien’s hand to shake it. They blast him as this happens and both are hit with the beam and collapse to the ground. He recovers first and when the Megara to demand to know why he tried to involve her, he suggests they scan her brain to see if she is undamaged.

The judge scans her mind and realises that she is Cessair of Diplos. As the Megara and The Doctor talk, Cessair awakes.

Romana arrives, saying she has new evidence (so basically, everything Romana did this serial was for nothing), but The Doctor tells her it’s too late, he’s been executed.

The Ogri made it through as well and approaches. The Megara tell it to stop and it will be confined until they can return it to Oghros. She is sentenced to 1,500 years for impersonating a religious figure (a Celtic goddess) and to perpetual imprisonment for the theft of the Great Seal of Diplos (guess murder doesn’t matter.)

Everyone returns to the circle and there Cessair is turned into a new stone in the circle. (Before this happens, The Doctor snatches her necklace off her.) The Megara say their business is not done. They say the matter of his delayed execution is still open, but he uses the Great Seal to beam them back to the ship in hyperspace, which is on a preset course back to Diplos.

Rumford decides (at The Doctor’s suggestion) to write a monograph on the reformation of the Nine Travelers (ten, now), though she tells Romana she won’t write everything that happened – “I have my own professional reputation to consider.”

As Rumford wonders about the police box in the field, Romana gives her a kiss on the cheek and enters the TARDIS. It disappears as she watches, amazed.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor uses the tracer to turn the Great Seal of Diplos into the third segment. He puzzles with the pieces (see what I did there) and gives Romana a dirty look when he seems to be perplexed… and the final credits roll.

A fun serial, I enjoyed the trial of the Time Lord (ooooh, see what I did there? What, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Muahahahahaha.) Rumford was fun, it was cool seeing the Wirrn and the Kraal android. K-9 was extremely useful, though Romana seemed too much like an early female companion, just there to look pretty and ask questions and even when she did something, it was a waste of time.