Recap: The Doctor and Romana are on Skaro, brought there by the randomiser. The Daleks are digging up the old Kaled city, searching for Davros! And there are aliens there, but who (what) are they, and why are they there, too?

Episode 3:

So, the long darkness has ended,” Davros says out loud, to himself. He begins to monologue, as madmen are wont to do. He exits the room and runs into The Doctor (literally). They banter for a bit and then The Doctor pushes Davros along while the villain protests.

The Daleks send all units to level three.

The Doctor, Tyssan, Romana and Davros move along; The Doctor cautions the others to silence, though why Davros isn’t making a peep I don’t get.

When the Daleks enter Davros’ room, they find that he is not there. They detect humanoid footprints and follow the trail. They pass by Agella, whose fingers start to wiggle, under the rubble.

Davros demands to be returned to the Daleks. This is the running scene of this serial, apparently, complete with jaunty music. There’s a few near-encounters with Daleks (again, I don’t see why Davros doesn’t screech and yell. Perhaps he’s weak after a thousand years sleep… he goes through periods of great silence.)

The Doctor and companions barricade themselves in a room with Davros. The Doctor sends Tyssan and Romana to the Movellan spaceship (ok, that’s the first time I’ve heard the name of the aliens mentioned) for reinforcements. They slip out through an upper window and depart.

The Doctor says since they’re alone and have a little time, he’ll catch Davros up on the events of the past few centuries. He goes on about the Galactic Olympic Games, economy of some planet or another…

Davros goes on about destiny, his power, his invincibiity, his plan to control the universe. He begins about talking to upgrading and modifying the Daleks. The Doctor says the Daleks don’t need him, but he insists they do. The Doctor demands to know why, and what’s so special about the Movellans that the Daleks need Davros’ help just then.

On the Movellan ship, the commander says the Daleks have gained their objective and identify it as Davros, creator of the Daleks. He says they will process the data and a strategy will be determined.

A Dalek moves through the hall, following the footprints to the door where The Doctor and Davros argue. It turns about and heads back, likely for reinforcements.

Tyssan and Romana hide from a Dalek scout on their way. They split up, with Tyssan leading the Dalek off, distracting him by climbing a rockface/wall.

The Doctor tinkers with some explosive and tries to get Davros to bite, but he won’t. He does get Davros to talk about how he survived being attacked by the Daleks, the last time they met. He explains how he survived and says that he cannot allow himself to die until his Daleks have conquered the universe.

Davros asks The Doctor to relate what the Daleks have accomplished in his absence. As they argue, Daleks blast open the door. The Doctor stands behinds Davros, holding the explosive near their master. He gets the Daleks to back off… for the time being.

Romana runs, arriving at the Movellan ship. She sees the picture of Davros on the screen and demands to how they know about Davros; the commander says only, “we have our means”. The commander orders for his troops to mobilise and tells Romana she will remain on the ship.

The Daleks bring forth a handful or two of prisoners. They tell The Doctor that this will stop only when he surrenders and one by one, they begin killing the prisoners. They kill two before The Doctor demands they stop and he says they can have Davros but only if they release the slaves and let him go first. The Daleks refuse and point out that if The Doctor detonates the device, he will die, too – to them, this is illogical and impossible and thus a bluff, but Davros demands they agree to the terms.

After a slight (but telling?) pause, the Daleks agree. The slaves pick up the dead and cart them off as they leave. The Doctor demands the Daleks get back; he places the explosive on Davros’ chassis, saying he can detonate it by remote control with his sonic screwdrive (so, again, to those fans complaining that the nuWho sonic screwdrivers are too powerful and the old ones never were, I cry bullpucky.)

Davros promises The Doctor that they’ll meet again; The Doctor says not to be too sure and leaves. Davros gives the order to exterminate the prisoners and remove the explosive.

The Doctor moves away and then detonates it, but it only takes out two Daleks. Davros heads off with his Daleks, saying they must tell him all that has transpired so that he may make them invincible.

Romana explains to the Movellan commander that The Doctor knows more about the Daleks than anyone. The commander asks if he is an expert in robotics and she says he is a genius. The commander again tells Romana that she will stay and when she turns, seemingly to try to leave, she encounters Agella.

But, you’re dead,” she says, surprised, as Agella steps forth and then shoots her with her gun. Romana drops like a stone, unconscious. The commander gives the order to prepare the “Nova Device,” saying they must be ready to destroy the planet as soon as they have achieved their objective.

The Doctor moves in the open, hiding from Dalek scouts. He finds a little putty-like lifeform and says it’s a Kaled mutant – talking to it, he says it just told him what the Daleks want with Davros.

In a rather horrific moment, he throws the little putty-thing against some rocks with a loud squelching noise.

The Movellans assemble a tube, placing a small machine inside.

Tyssan finds The Doctor and tells him that he heard from the prisoners how The Doctor freed them. Tyssan talks about finding some weapons to arm the prisoners who are in hiding, but just then a Dalek arrives and gets the drop on them, taking them prisoner.

But, moments later, a Movellan arrives and shoots the Daleks. She orders them to accompany her back to the ship. The Doctor snatches a power cell out of her belt and she collapses. Ripping open her uniform, we see a robotic chassis with internal mechanisms visible.

Just as I thought. Just another race of robots, no better than the Daleks.” – The Doctor.

The Movellans assembling the tube make sure the seal is tight and then activate it. One Movellan explains to another that it turns the atmosphere flammable. Were it to be activated outside the shield, it would burn up Skaro in seconds. The device goes off in the tube perfectly.

The Movellan commander has Romana placed in a tube with another Nova Device; The Doctor and Tyssan come around a bend to find it. The countdown is going, it’s below fifty when he gets there. (Tyssan is ordered to stay back.)

The Doctor struggles to open the tube, but can’t… the countdown continues, it’s at thirty-five and below… and the credits roll.

Now that’s a good, exciting cliffhanger.

Episode 4:

As The Doctor struggles with the tube, Movellans arrive and stun him. The device reaches zero and resets to 9999 and starts counting down again. They take both Time Lords as Tyssan watches from his hiding spot. He runs off before they detect him.

Davros gives orders to have Dalek Space Command send a ship for him, but he is informed it already has been done and “a deep space cruiser is on its way.” Davros complains that the six hours it will take is too long, he’s quite paranoid about his safety. He puts the Daleks on maximum alert to protect him.

The Daleks give Davros an infosphere about the Dalek fleets and operations. The Supreme Dalek is mentioned, and Davros goes on a rant about how he will contest that, how he created them and how it should be he who should guide them.

Then, completely against what has been established (what with his paranoia and such), he dismisses all Daleks with him so he may concentrate.

Back on the Movellan ship, both Time Lords are unconscious. Good thing there are couches on a ship of robots.

The Nova Device has been reset. One of the Movellans, Lan, suggests that it be activated manually and guarded – if set on automatic and left behind, the Daleks could find it and destroy it before it activated. The commander agrees and tells Lan that he (it?) will be the one to do so, even though it will destroy him. He accepts the order without arguing. He is instructed to take the device to the designated location and await orders.

The Doctor suddenly wakes up, talking about robots fighting each other. The commander goes off on the “infinitely superior” schtick that most robot species tend to.

The Doctor insists that they’ll never defeat the Daleks and wants to demonstrate. He turns to Romana, who suddenly wakes up when he calls her name. She says she’s quite fine and The Doctor says they’re going to play a game and the two Time Lords sit down, facing each other.

Davros has finished scanning the information in the infosphere about the Movellans, saying the Daleks have met a worthy foe. Davros criticises the Daleks for not winning after centuries of war. He tells them they will never defeat the Movellans, nor will they win. They are at an impasse of logic and he realises that is why they have returned for him.

The Daleks want him to reprogram the battle computers so that they can win.

The Doctor and Romana play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The Doctor gets the commander and Agella to play, but they keep coming up with the same choices each time – The Doctor explains they’re at an impasse of logic.

The commander realises that their battle computers must be reprogrammed if they are to win. They tell The Doctor that he will do this so they can wipe the Dalek fleet from the heavens. (The heavens? Really? Not the word I would expect from a robot.)

As they debate the commander reveals their intention to destroy Skaro; this will destroy Davros and The Doctor will be brought off planet to reprogram their computer.

Lan guards the Nova Device and hears sounds of someone nearby. He steps away, blaster in hand and searches around, finding Tyssan laying prone. Investigating, he is surprised by the other former slaves, and Tyssan pulls out his power cell.

Tyssan modifies the power cell and places it back, saying, “Let’s see if The Doctor is right.”

The Daleks report that the Movellan ship is preparing to launch and that The Doctor is aboard the ship. Davros realises that the Movellans are planning to use The Doctor to reprogram their computers.

Davros gives the order to unpack the explosives, when the Daleks say their firepower is useless against the Movellan ship.

The Time Lords are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors again. Romana tells The Doctor to do something and when he tries, he is stopped right away, but he is up to something else within moments.

Agella reports that Lan is not responding and the commander sends her out to check on him. She finds him, but he’s been reprogramed and snatches her power cell. Tyssan takes it and modifies it.

A force of Daleks are equipped with the explosives, attached to their upper chassis. Apparently, they’re a suicide squad and are being sent to blow up the Movellan ship (and themselves in the process.)

Lan and Agella lead Tyssan and the former slaves into the ship. The Doctor sees Tyssan peeking around a corner and he and Romana start arguing. They duck as the reprogrammed Movellans and slaves assault the ship and its crew. The Movellans are de-power-celled and beat quickly.

The Doctor leaves Romana with Tyssan while he sets back to the Kaled city to deal with Davros. On the way, he sees the Dalek suicide squad. He heads on to the city and finds Davros, confronting him. They banter some more, as they always seem to do.

Davros wants to talk about the problem of the two computer-run battle fleets, so evenly matched. Davros asks if The Doctor told them the obvious solution, and the Time Lord says he did not. Davros ignores when The Doctor asks if he would have told the Daleks. He goes on about the Movellan ship and how his Daleks will destroy it. He talks about the control device he has to activate the explosive.

How would you stop me from activating that control before they reach their target,” The Doctor asks, kneeling in front of Davros, the large control right in front of him. However, a Dalek slides in behind him as he asks.

I would not,” Davros answers, before the Dalek shrieks DO NOT MOVE at The Doctor.

The Daleks move through the sandy area towards the Movellan ship. Inside, Romana supervises the clean up of the ship – the commander, Sharrel, is nowhere to be found. Romana realises he must be trying to detonate the Nova Device and runs out.

Tyssan detects the Daleks approaching and alerts his fellow former slaves. They grab weapons to prepare.

A Movellan (think it’s the commander but not 100% sure) staggers, crawls to the Nova Device.

The slaves run out and a firefight with the Daleks begins.

Romana arrives at the Nova Device and wrestles with the Movellan commander. She kicks his arm off as he reaches for the manual activation button (wow, she’s strong, huh?) and pulls his cell and picks up the device.

Davros says The Doctor will accompany him on the Dalek ship. The Doctor cracks a joke about welcoming him with open arms, if they had arms, and tosses his hat over the Dalek’s eyestalk. Davros tries to tell him where he is but the Dalek starts shooting wildly.

The Doctor shoves the Dalek down a corridor and for some unexplained reason, the Dalek goes boom. The Doctor makes Davros hit the detonator button and the Dalek suicide squad goes boom.

Davros is a prisoner on the Movellan ship. The Doctor tells him that the Daleks came to him so he could give them their emotions and irrationality back. Davros says no ship or prison will hold him, when Tyssan tells him an Earth ship is coming to pick him up for trial for his crimes.

The Doctor agrees, and says that he’s being held in a cryogenic freezer and there’s no way he can escape that. He activates it and Davros is frozen inside.

The Time Lords run from the Movellan ship before it takes off. They watch the ship as it removes itself from where it burrowed in and takes off. As it flies off, they head back to the TARDIS and begin to move the rocks blocking it in quite easily (hefting rocks that would weigh hundreds of pounds above their heads, even.)

Romana asks if The Doctor could have solved the problem for the Movellans and he says, “Of course I could!” He explains it’s obvious – since each computer could easily predict the other’s decisions, they were at a stalemate.

Romana realises that the first side to shut off their battle computer and do something irrational would end up confusing the enemy computer and end up winning the war.

Is that why you always win, because you make mistakes?”

Mistakes? Me? Well perhaps once a century or so.”

They enter the TARDIS and dematerialise… and the credits roll.

A good serial, always enjoy Davros and the Daleks. The introduction of the Movellans was neat – I’d like to see them fleshed out and brought into the new series as a regular villain race on their own.