(Augh, I can’t believe I forgot to queue this last night before going to bed!!!  I blame a broken heart.)

Recap: The Doctor is invited to Tigella, a planet where the humanoid inhabitants live underground, to hide from the “lush, aggressive vegetation”, to help them with an energy problem. On the neighboring planet of Zolfa-Thura, a sentient cactus enlists the aid of some pirate/bandit types and goes to Tigella, assuming the form of The Doctor and steals the Dodecahedron, the power source of the planet Tigella!

Episode 3:

Romana backs away from Brotadac into the arms of Grugger. Brodatac argues for killing her, Grugger says no, he wants to see her ship. She leads them into the jungle.

Caris explains to Deedrix what happened when they watched The Doctor (DoctorMeglos) leave the chamber of the Dodecahedron. They talk about their theories about the Dodecahedron, but Caris says they know nothing about the truth of it.

Deons then enter, making the Savants nervous. Over the PA, an announcement that the power drain is reaching critical. Caris says the city will collapse. They head out, pushing past the Deons.

Romana leads the pirates into the jungle. Seems nearly the whole crew is with her. They end up back at the pirate ship and Grugger accuses her of leading them in circles.

Deedrix closes down all but essential services, saying that will give them two hours. Also in the control center, The Doctor questions that the Dodecahedron was moved. Lexa keeps asking him what he did to it, as Zastor says that he’s paralysed their city.

The Doctor continues to claim he’s just arrived, and suddenly realises that they’ve been saying they’d see him prior to his arrival.

Romana uses double talk and convoluted explanations to argue for them keeping her alive.

MeglosDoctor struggles with the human he’s possessed. Winning the struggle, Meglos goes back into hiding.

The Doctor says there are three possibilities – the first is that the chronic hysteresis might have theoretically projected a time image of him. (Lexa says he’ll have to do better than that and cause him a fraud and a liar.) The Doctor says the third possibility is a doppleganger.

MeglosDoctor grabs Caris as she works on some machinery. He drags her into his hidey hole.

Deedrix says that ice is forming in the sub corridors and says they have to evacuate, there’s no way to keep essential services running. Zastor asks The Doctor how he can believe him, and The Doctor says that’s the problem with dopplegangers, “You never know who’s who.”

Lexa’s answer is to lock up The Doctor. Zastor says no, and that they will go to the power room together.

Caris asks MeglosDoctor (who has lost the spiny bits and green skin) why she should lead him out of the city and he says because he’s not The Doctor. He says he is Meglos, the last Zolfa-Thuran. When she asks why she should obey him, he opens his hand and she says that is impossible – I’m sure it must be the Dodecahedron in his hand.

Lexa speaks to the Deons, saying they are acting in justice not anger. She orders one to come with her, telling the others to wait for her signal.

Romana leads the pirates through the jungle, again. She leads them to where she was attacked by the vine plant.

Zastor, The Doctor and Deedrix go to the power room, passing through the assembled Deons.

Lexa ascends some stairs. She calls for some other Deons to follow her.

The Doctor, Zastor and Deedrix stand in the power room, discussing the missing Dodecahedron. Lexa and her retinue arrive. She announces that the Dodecahedron has been taken back by the god. She announces that, to appease the god, all non-believers will be exiled to the surface.

Zastor argues that she needs him, that he is a believer, as he is dragged away. When The Doctor tries to leave, she says he will stay and help bring back the Dodecahedron – as a sacrifice!

Romana is still leading the pirates around – I thought she… okay, they’re just doing this poorly. She gets the plants to attack the pirates and she runs off.

Outside the city entrance, two guards stand bored, until an alarm sounds and Lexa’s voice announces the exit is being closed. They run in. Moments later, Romana shows up, but stops when she hears K-9’s weak voice calling out to her. She runs to him, but his power is so low he can’t even move.

The pirates free themselves of the plants and pursue Romana, but she manages to carry K-9 inside the gate just as it closes. Setting K-9 down, she catches her breath, but another door slams shut, between them and the city. Outside, the pirates blast at the door.

Caris tells MeglosDoctor that they’ve closed the city gates, there’s no way out, but he says there’s a ventillation shaft. She says they’ve been shut down to conserve heat. MeglosDoctor says they’ll go for the main entrance, claiming none can stop him now, but the Earthling inside him asks, “Are you sure?”

Caris watches as MeglosDoctor gets all spiny and green skinned and the ghostly image of the Earthling is visible as the two struggle for control once more. Without the Earthling in check, MeglosDoctor’s voice becomes inhuman, like Meglos’.

In the end, MeglosDoctor wins the battle of wills, but Caris has a weapon of a sort and says he’s coming with her.

The pirates begin breaking in, using a tree as a battering ram. The guards of the city open the inner gate and Romana rushes in as a firefight begins. She sets K-9 down, saying she’ll find somewhere to recharge him.

Seeing Caris with MeglosDoctor (no longer spiny and green skinned), Romana attacks Caris from behind. MeglosDoctor runs off. He joins the pirates at the entrance, who have won the battle.

Grugger is holding K-9 and drops him, saying, “You’re useless,” and gives the robot dog a kick. (Apparently, that was the condition of Bill Fraser on accepting the role of the general – he would only take the part if he got to kick K-9.) MeglosDoctor leads them out, as Romana comes running along. Caris grabs her, saying that wasn’t The Doctor.

Outside the city, MeglosDoctor puts the Dodecahedron in the general’s hand, saying this is only the beginning.

In the temple, the Deons stand about, as torches are placed in sconces. Music, if you call it that, plays in the background. Lexa tells them that they can restore the Dodecahedron by a sacrifice – a life for the great light that illuminates them all.

The pirates return to their ship, planning to return to Zolfa-Thura.

The Doctor is laid out, as Lexa beseeches the great gods of Ti to accept the sacrifice and to return the Dodecahedron to them. Suspended above him, where he lays (on the altar the Dodecahedron once sat, I believe) is a giant rock, suspended by ropes. Flame is set to the rope.

One by one, the ropes are burnt and snap. The third and final rope is set to fire… and the credits roll.

This cliffhanger fell a bit flat for me.

Episode 4:

Caris and Romana find Zastor, Deedrix and two Deons in the corridor. They tell them that Meglos escaped, not The Doctor. Romana tells the Deons they should be at the gate, they’re under attack and they run off. Deedrix yells, “The power room” and the others head off with him.

The third rope is set to fire. The Doctor squirms. Deedrix and the others run in, demanding the sacrifice to be stopped. One of the Deons Romana sent to the entrance returns, saying the Gaztaks (the pirates) have withdrawn and Lexa suddenly is inclined to accept all that she has doubted.


The Gaztak ship flies back to Zolfa-Thura. Grugger complains that he lost half of his crew on Tigella. DoctorMeglos promises he’ll be rewarded. Grugger says one day he’ll bring an army to Tigella, but MeglosDoctor says that’s unnecessary with the Dodecahedron.

The Doctor has been freed and wonders what Meglos wants. Caris says he has the Dodecahedron and talked about taking it back to Zolfa-Thura. Romana says there’s nothing there but the sands and the screens.

The Doctor says, “Of course! The screens of Zolfa-Thura.”

MeglosDoctor paces in the midst of the screens. He kneels and places the Dodecahedron in some of the sand, burying it. The Gaztaks watch, confused. MeglosDoctor approaches them and says it is ready for activation. He works his devices and the entrance to his lair rises from the sand, with the Dodecahedron atop.

Zastor says goodbye to The Doctor, wishing him luck on Zolfa-Thura. The Doctor tells Romana to come along, but just then, one of the Gaztaks, laying there, comes to enough to shoot at Romana, but Lexa jumps in the way. The priestess drops and and dies.

The Time Lords head off, saying they have many more deaths to prevent.

MeglosDoctor, accompanied by the Gaztaks, in is his lair. He says that his fellow Zolfa-Thurans destroyed all they were and knew to prevent this moment. He says the screens are absorbing the power from the Dodecahedron, magnifying it and the screens can beam it on any point in the galaxy… and can blast it into “infetessimal dust”.

MeglosDoctor offers Brodatac the choice of what planet to blast, but he says he’d rather have MeglosDoctor’s coat, which he’s been admiring all along. MeglosDoctor passes the choice to Grugger, who says Tigella.

Outside, the TARDIS appears. The Time Lords, Caris and Deedrix exit, but The Doctor tells them to wait. He says if Meglos can impersonate him, than he can impersonate Meglos.

MeglosDoctor says the isntruments are focused on Tigella. He takes off his coat and hands it to Brodatac, saying he’ll go to check the screen alignments to be sure.

The Doctor sees MeglosDoctor exit, noting his lack of a coat. A Gaztak startles him, but he uses buffoonery to trick the pirate and he slips off, removing his coat, too.

Grugger tells Brodatac to put on the coat, saying they don’t need to worry if MeglosDoctor is upset, they don’t need him any more. The Doctor enters, pretending to be MeglosDoctor. He compliments Brodatac on his coat. As The Doctor fiddles with things, the Gaztak holding the coat enters and Grugger notices there are two coats.

Romana, K-9 and the Tigellans decide to inspect the screens more closely.

The Doctor gives the second coat to Grugger, saying they’ve served him so well, he thought they both deserved a treat. Grugger asks if the equipment is ready and The Doctor says yes. Brodatac begins counting down from 60, but The Doctor says it will take two minutes. He says he’s going for a stroll to see if he can “catch up with myself” and says not to touch the controls. Grugger tells Brodatac to have him placed in the hold on their ship, repeating that they don’t need him any more.

The Doctor leaves, seeing MeglosDoctor approaching. He slips off just before the Gaztaks sent to take him arrive and they attack MeglosDoctor. The Doctor watches and then steps out, only to be grabbed by Brodatac and another Gaztak.

Romana and her retinue watch as The Doctor is dragged into the Gaztak ship. Inside, The Doctor and MeglosDoctor meet face to face (ahahahah, see what I did there?)

The Doctor asks, “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

Brodatac places a guard outside the ship.

The Doctor tells MeglosDoctor that he inverted the setting and if the Gaztaks initiate it, they’ll destroy Zolfa-Thura instead!

The general tells Brodatac to prepare the countdown.

K-9 goes forward, distracting the Gaztak guard. Deedrix attacks the guard from behind, but it doesn’t do much and K-9 has to blast the pirate (why they didn’t just do that in the first place…)

They enter the ship and K-9 burns a hole in the hull of the hold (hey, that was kind of fun writing that) and Romana is taken back a moment, seeing both Doctors.

The Tigellans grab MeglosDoctor, pinning him to the wall. The Earthling struggles saying, “I’ve got you this time, Meglos,” and MeglosDoctor goes all spiny again. Meglos splits off from the Earthling and slithers away. Apparently he’s a light form and is “virtually indestructible”.

The Doctor orders everyone back to the TARDIS, saying they’re not (virtually indestructible.)

Brodatac counts along with the numbers.

The Doctor and others enter the TARDIS, but it seems to have trouble dematerialising.

Meglos slithers into the command center. The countdown has reached twelve. Good thing Brodatac is counting along for everyone to enjoy.

Meglos is returned to his cactus form (that’s kinda dumb if he’s indestructible) as Grugger realises the building is lowering into the ground. The TARDIS finally dematerialises just as the countdown is in single digits.

Everything goes bright white.

The Doctor says goodbye to Zastor, saying he’d love to stay and help them rebuild but “horticulture’s not my specialty.” The Earthling is there, looking confused.

Romana pops out of the TARDIS saying Gallifrey wants them immediately. When the Earthling says he promised his wife he’d be home in twenty minutes, The Doctor says it’s not a problem, he can have him back before he left.

As they head in the TARDIS, the Earthling looks confused… and the credits roll.

This would have been a much better serial if it weren’t for the silly stuff. Brodatac in particular was too dumb and goofy to be anything but a detriment to the story. As such, it was merely okay, with some high points and lows.