I’m pretty sure that I’ve not seen this one – certainly not the end of it, at least. Geronimo!

Episode 1:

Hirsute men lay in seemingly suspended animation/cryo sleep/something along those lines. They are chained and manacled and attached to machines and IV systems. Over a PA a voice counts down, “80… 70…” The camera pans out of the room into an area with different lighting. Graffiti on one wall reads “KILROY WAS HERE”. Everything is metallic, like a ship or a bunker. “50… 40.. 30… 29…28…” the countdown continues. Two men in orange worker suits and black skull caps sit, listening to the countdown.

Others sit about, some in grey, some in orange. One is a rather hirsute man like the sleepers, but he is strapped into a chair. The countdown reaches zero. A man in a grey military uniform shouts “hit it, hit it!” but one of the men in orange says that “he’s not visualising.” The military man turns to look at the hirsute fellow strapped in the chair.

He orders the men to jump, but the man in orange argues that you can’t jump the timelines blindly. The grey man walks over and hits the controls, saying ignition. The ship rumbles and shakes and lifts off.

Grey military dude walks over to the hirsute man, whom he addresses as Biroc, telling him to show them where they’re going. Nothing comes up on the monitor. They increase the energy into the hirsute man’s chair.

One of the men says they’re heading for a time rift. The ship shakes and time slows down as everyone is cast about. A coin tossed in the air stops then falls. On the screen attached to the hirsute man, we see the TARDIS briefly. A close up of Biroc’s eye shows an electronic outline of the TARDIS spinning.

In the TARDIS control room, the Time Lords and Adric hold on to the console as the time capsule shakes. Romana insists on one more go, saying it’s not her, it’s a time rift. The Doctor says to let him have a try, but he says it’s jammed, he’s lost control and they’re adrift in E-Space.

The Doctor posits that drifting might be the way out.

On the ship, men start to recover. One man reports that the readings report no space, no time, just as before. The grey man chastises Biroc, saying they’re back where they were after months of the same.

Damage reports come in. The hull seems to be okay, though there are rips inside and lots of damage to the electrics.

Romana insists that The Doctor doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he admits it, that he’s just following his intuition. They argue over coin tossing, The Doctor bringing up the I-Ching. Adric asks K-9 about the I-Ching. Adric starts tossing a coin.

Lane reports to the bridge that the warp drive is “shot to hell”. They lose communication shortly after that. The Commander (grey dude) starts blaming Biroc for what happened. Biroc sits there. Packard says they have to patch up Biroc and two men are ordered to do that.

Biroc is carried by the two men, but he seems to be aware. He knocks them down and staggers away. Lane sees him and tries to call it in to the bridge.

The Time Lords continue to argue. Romana brings up if they do escape E-space, they’d be taking Adric away from his own universe. The Doctor says the boy would love it on Gallifrey.

Adric tosses a coin and K-9 quotes from the I-Ching. Adric walks to the console and presses buttons.

Biroc runs through nothing, grey all around. Afterimages follow him.

The Doctor demands to know what Adric has just done. K-9 says the boy did non-determinate activity, following what The Doctor was theorising previously. The Doctor says that’s all right, but then the TARDIS shakes, the humanoids all fall and the doors open.

The TARDIS console begins to smoke and sputter, as does K-9. The Doctor says, “Ah, Time Winds,” and Biroc appears in the console room.

The commander complains they have a busted engine and no navigator. One of the men reports something on the short range scanner – an image of the TARDIS is visible. They determine the ship is coming into land.

Romana realises that Biroc is out of phase, and The Doctor agrees, saying that’s how he got in – he’s in a different time line. Biroc works the controls, almost in a trance like state.

Packard and the commander speculate that the crew of the TARDIS might be able to help them. They argue about reviving another to replace Biroc as navigator.

Lane is given orders to lead the way to approaching the TARDIS.

Biroc comes into phase, though he seems somewhat in a trance. Romana asks his name, he says he is Biroc. He warns them others follow and not to believe what they say, they are not Biroc’s kind. Romana asks what he is, and he replies, “the shadow of my past and of your future,” and then steps out, running back through the greyness.

The Time Lords determine that their coordinates are all at zero.

K-9 seems to be out of service.

The Doctor departs the TARDIS, leaving Romana and Adric to discuss the zero coordinates – if N-Space is positive and E-Space is negative, they’re stuck in between, at the intersection – or near it.

Biroc moves through the greyness again.

Romana tries to repair K-9. Adric says he’s looking forward to going to N-Space with the Time Lords, but Romana asks what if she and The Doctor went different ways.

The Doctor moves through the greyness.

K-9 is operational again. He detects three humanoid forms approaching the TARDIS. In the grey, Lane, Packard and the commander move, led by a device, a portable mass detector. Romana and Adric see them on the scanner.

K-9 babbles on, it seems he’s not quite right.

Biroc finds a part of a wall, like from a castle or such, with a door, in the grey. He pushes the doors open. The Doctor follows him inside. Inside, there is a castle filled with dust and cobwebs, and a skeleton in a chair at the cobwebby table. He seems to approach a mirror and steps into his reflection, passing through.

The crewmen find the TARDIS, walking around it. The commander gives the order to bust it open.

The Doctor enters the castle, exploring. He inspects two skeletal guards in armour, replacing one’s helmet, and dusting the other off. As he walks off, the second one turns and follows. The Doctor doesn’t notice, kneeling to inspect something and in the mirror (presumably the one Biroc walked through), we see the reflection of the guard come up behind him, raising an axe to strike… and the credits roll.

That’s a great cliffhanger, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this serial at all.

Episode 2:

At the last minute, The Doctor sees it and moves as the axe comes down. He runs off, dodging a second attack and the skeletal guard staggers after him. He assumes a position next to two other guards, holding an axe, but the creature attacks, splitting The Doctor’s axe in half.

Romana and Adric argue about whether to go out and speak to the men. Romana tells Adric to watch as she goes outside to speak to the men. They ask her questions and she asks them questions. There’s lots of talk and double talk. She ends up going to their ship with them.

The Doctor realises that the guard is a machine. He asks it questions, but stops when another shows up.

Adric and K-9 leave the TARDIS to find Romana.

Romana and the crew make it back to their ship, which the commander says is a bulk freighter.

The Doctor tricks the two guards into attacking each other.

Adric and K-9 move through the grey. They get lost, K-9 admitting that his operational efficiency is piss poor.

Romana is brought to the bridge; she keeps trying to find out what sort of operation they have, but the commander keeps avoiding answering. We find out that his name is Captain Rorvik. They grab her and force her into the navigator’s chair.

Packard and Lane discuss that if Romana isn’t a time sensitive, she’ll be burnt to a frazzle.

Adric helps K-9 triangulate their destination.

With Romana attached, an image begins to form on the monitor behind the navigator chair. Rorvik says it isn’t going to work, so they’ll have to start using the cargo – Biroc’s people.

On the monitor, the image comes in better – it seems to be the place The Doctor went into. Rorvik orders some men out to investigate.

The Doctor takes apart the guards, taking memory wafers from them to repair K-9 with. Suddenly, a distorted voice can be heard saying, “Know thou shall outlive the day of the feast.”

The men head out, leaving Romana in the chair. Rorvik orders two to stay behind and get one of the ‘cargo’ ready for revival.

The Doctor quizzes the guards, who refer to themselves as Gundan; they were made by the slaves to kill the brutes who rule. The Doctor finds out about a gateway, but cannot get the guard to tell him more about it. K-9 shows up.

The two crewmen left behind enter the sleeping room.

Adric wanders in the grey, by himself.

The two buffoons (crewemen) set up the revival equipment. Despite orders to wait, they start the process. The creature screams and yells and they shut it off.

The Doctor hooks up K-9 to the Gundan guards, using him to power the guard to ask it about the gateway.

The crew find the door and enter.

The Gundan says there are three gateways and the three are one. “The whole of this domain, the ancient arch, the mirrors.” The crew enters as The Doctor quizzes the guards.

Rorvik pulls a gun on The Doctor, demanding he make the guard repeat the recital. The robot is about to reveal the secret of the gateway, but the other robot suddenly chops off its head and runs through the mirror, disappearing.

On the ship, the awoken ‘cargo’ gets off the bed.

The men check the mirror, but it seems solid to them. Rorvik realises that The Doctor has slipped off. They see him carrying K-9 and give chase.

The cargo moves about the ship.

Backing away from the crew, The Doctor passes through the mirror, leaving K-9 behind.

Romana struggles to get out of the chair, but she is strapped in.

The creature moves through, getting closer to the bridge. Romana seems to be aware of it and is frightened. It enters the bridge and sees her, approaches her and reaches out to her.

Romana screams… and the credits roll.

Pretty effective cliffhanger there, and the one you get until Wednesday.