Recap: In the peaceful Traken Union, evil works away at the roots. The Melkur, a statue comprised of “infinite evil”, manipulates and has put our heroes into great danger!

Episode 3:

Tremas, The Doctor and Adric are placed in a cell and locked in. Kassia gives Neman orders to keep them under close watch and not to let anyone contact them without her orders. She says there must be a full confession, to sastify the populace and then… she leaves the final bit unsaid, but it seems she and Neman are on the same page. She promises him that his cooperation will not go unforgotten.

After they depart, The Doctor stirs.

Kassia is approached by the other two consul; she tells them they must find a new successor to the Keeper – Tremas has forfeited his right. It is agreed that it must be one of the three of them, as Seron is dead, and they will decide, formally, but later.

The prisoners awaken. Tremas says they are in the penal wing, an area that doesn’t get much use. The Doctor tries to use the sonic screwdriver to get out, but to no avail.

Kassia kneels before the Melkur, saying all is as predicted. The Melkur tells her that Tremas may continue to live, so long as she continues to serve. Kassia is shocked, thinking there was no more to be done. The Melkur tells her that The Doctor is a dangerous enemy and he and Adric must be killed. The Melkur tells her that she should become Keeper.

The Doctor and Tremas discuss the impending end of the Keeper; The Doctor is worried that the Melkur seeks to connect to the Source, but Tremas assures him that only a Traken can succeed to the Keepership.

The Doctor insists that is precisely the point – and Tremas realises the Time Lord is thinking of Kassia.

Kassia demands the Melkur speak to her, but the statue is silent. Nyssa is present, coming with flowers for the Melkur, but seeks to hide. Kassia grabs her and threatens to have her Fosters (“bought and paid for”) to take care of the “spy”.

Nyssa discovers that her father, The Doctor and Adric have been locked up. Kassia sends Nyssa back home, then collapses in tears.

Nyssa returns home as bade, grabbing some equipment, then departs.

Kassia meets with the other two consuls. They talk of the Cult of Melkur and how they must be taken care of. Kassia says they must have a Keeper Nominate who can do what must be done. Katura says she is too old, Luvic says he does not have such greatness within.

The choice is quickly made – Kassia.

Nyssa approaches Neman, demanding he take her to her father. When he says that he cannot, she offers him a box that she took from home.

Kassia is appointed Keeper Nominate in the hall of the chamber of the Keeper. Kassia then declares that the strangers must die, but Tremas must be allowed to live, as he still can be useful to the Union.

Neman says he cannot accept payment as “the honour of the Traken Union is at stake.” Ooooh, principles!

From the box, Nyssa pulls out what appears to be a weapon, demanding the key to the cell. When they throw it at her feet, Neman and his Foster charge at her, but she blasts them both.

Nyssa arrives and frees the prisoners.

The consuls find Neman and the Foster unconscious and rouse them. Kassia gives orders to find the prisoners and to seal the court.

Fosters catch the prisoners, but The Doctor uses Nyssa’s modified ion bonder to stun them.

The Melkur is very unhappy with Kassia and uses the collar to cause her pain as punishment. The Melkur gives her orders to kill The Doctor, saying only he can stop all they have set in motion.

The fugitives go to Tremas’ quarters, which has already been searched. The Doctor asks if the master plans for the Source Manipulator are kept there, saying he needs them if they are stop Kassia from becoming Keeper. Tremas says that he swore an oath to keep them safe from all eyes.

The Doctor guilt trips him into getting them out. The Doctor lays them out and studies them.

Kassia calls off the search, giving orders to leaving the way to the grove clear and safe, setting a trap.

The Doctor says the construction of the Source Manipulator is magnificient. With Adric’s assistance, he lays out a potential way to trigger a circuit to cause a meltdown of sorts.

Plans settled, the fugitives leave to make their way to the TARDIS.

The fire in the Keeper’s chamber burns low – a sign that his passing is imminent. Katura sends the Fosters to summon Kassia.

Nyssa discovers that there are no Fosters anywhere. Tremas says it is completely unlike Kassia to give up so easily, but The Doctor says they’ll have to risk it.

The consuls worry as Kassia is not there and she must be there the instant of the Keeper’s passing; if she is not, there is danger that the world(s) might suffer great upheaval.

Still wary that it is a trap, they enter the grove. Neman and some Fosters leap out, springing the trap. Neman says the Keeper Nominate has ordered for the execution of The Doctor and Adric and orders his men to kill them, but just then, the weather erupts violently, wind and storm.

The Fosters panic, running off. Tremas tells The Doctor that the Keeper is dying. The Doctor says they must make the sanctum to stop Kassia, and they struggle through the storm.

Kassia approaches the chamber, as the consuls tell her to hurry. She kneels before the chamber, the Melkur telling her to hurry. She gives a ritualistic speech, bidding the Keeper go quickly, that she is there to take his place. She bids him relinquish the Source, and the fire goes out.

The doors open and Kassia enters, taking the seat.

Outside, the storms ends. Tremas says the Keeper is dead.

The chamber door closes as Luvic worries that the Source has not survived. Kassia speaks, isntructing the consuls to instruct the Source, so that the transition might be completed.

The Melkur addresses The Doctor, expressing surprise that he’s survived. It orders them to look into its eyes, but they do not.

Inside the control room, we see more of the figure’s body; more than just its hand is horrible in fashion. It seems to have burnt, dessicating skin.

The Doctor promises to stop the Melkur, but the figure gloats that the Source already belongs to it. The figure turns off the monitor and turns; it is wearing a cloak, but has a humanoid form. He declares that, now the Traken “web of harmony” is broken, he is free.

The Melkur disappears, and we hear the tell tale sound of a TARDIS!

Katura operates controls on the outside of the chamber, telling Kassia to prepare to be connected to the Source. Just as she is about to activate it, The Doctor steps in, followed by the others, demanding Katura not complete it. He insists they have been betrayed by Kassia, who orders Katura to complete the transition.

Katura hesitates, but completes it. The Doctor sends Adric and Nyssa to the TARDIS, saying to wait there.

Kassia screams and writhes and seems to be sucked into nothingness. In her place, the Melkur appears in the chair… and the credits roll.

Great cliffhanger!

Episode 4:

The youths pause at the Source Manipulator, regarding it for a moment, before they run onward.

The Melkur thanks Katura for completing the access to the source. She questions who he is, but The Doctor answers, “Your new Keeper.”

Luvic is bid to summon Neman. The consul is unsure what to do and The Doctor tells him that he better or he’ll be forced, but the Melkur says there is no compulsion.

Hah, no compulsion, you’ve changed your tune,” The Doctor says, almost as if he knows the Melkur…

The Melkur tells the consuls that The Doctor and his ambition is known to him. The Doctor retorts, “My only ambition is to stop you… Melkur.” The Melkur brings up that they gave the order for The Doctor’s death. At this, Katura tells Luvic to do as the Keeper bids, and the consul leaves to fetch Neman.

The Doctor whispers to Tremas, saying that he gets the feeling that he’s crossed paths with the Melkur before.

In the grove, Nyssa wonders how the Melkur could just disappear and reappear elsewhere. Adric remarks that’s nothing, “We do it all the time in the TARDIS,” and then he realises it’s JUST like the TARDIS.

Tremas calls out, saying the Melkur has no right to sit in that chair, that there is no way they could believe that he was known to the previous Keeper. The Melkur insists that the previous Keeper arranged his succession. He says that Kassia gave her life so that he might serve them.

When The Doctor remarks that Kassia didn’t have much say in the matter, the Melkur turns his head to regard the Time Lord. In the control room, the hooded, dessicated figure says, “You still do not recognise me, Doctor, but soon you will know me. Soon.” (The Doctor, whose face is shown on the monitor, does not respond, so I gather this was not spoken through the Melkur.)

The youths enter the TARDIS. Nyssa wonders how “all this could be like Melkur,” and then the classic, “But why is it so much bigger inside than it is outside?” To the first, Adric tells her he doesn’t know, but the math he did earlier insists it is so. To the latter, he answers that The Doctor told him it was dimensionally transcendental.

Oh, what does that mean?”

It means it was bigger on the inside than the outside.”

Adric spins up the engines, just in case they have to leave in a hurry, but something is blocking them!

The Melkur orders Neman to confine the consuls to their quarters. Before they can object, the Melkur assures the consuls this is a temporary measure.

When the Melkur is about to address the death sentence on The Doctor, he begins to fade and orders everyone confined to quarters.

Adric tells Nyssa he could destroy the Melkur, but only by completely destroying the Source.

The Doctor and Tremas are confined in Tremas’ quarters. Tremas explains that Melkur’s difficulty maintaining a presence is normal – when a new Keeper first ascends, there is a period while they adjust and become one with their power. The Doctor realises this explains the Melkur’s genial behavior.

They begin hatching an idea to short out the security system on the Source Manipulator.

Neman reports that the consul and others have been confined to quarters. The Melkur says he needs must count on Neman, and we see that Neman is wearing a collar now, like the one the Melkur gave Kassia.

He sends Neman to get the schematics for the Source Manipulator.

The Doctor and Tremas review the schematics. Neman arrives to demand the plans for the Source Manipulator. Tremas says the plans are for the eyes of consuls only.

The Melkur arrives and blasts Tremas as a display of what will happen if he does not comply. The Doctor, who has the document hidden on him, urges Tremas to obey, and passes it to him surreptitiously.

The Melkur suffers some difficulty while this goes on and The Doctor tells him that he’d best take it easy. When Neman has the schematics, the Melkur blasts the document from his hand, destroying it.

After the Melkur disappears, The Doctor takes out Neman and the two Fosters with him (in a rather silly way, but, well.)

Nyssa helps Adric assemble a device.

Two Fosters encounter Tremas and The Doctor, but he blasts them both with the ion thingy from Nyssa.

Tremas and The Doctor bluff their way into the council hall. Tremas helps The Doctor access the Source computer.

Adric and Nyssa have completed the device; Adric says they have to attach it to the Source Manipulator and when the Melkur access the Source power, it will do “all sorts of things – time and energy will be displaced, energy will overflow, overload the control element.”

As The Doctor works on breaking the security, the Melkur appears and starts blasting at them. The Doctor tells Tremas that they need to enter three more digits – 3, 3, 7.

Melkur says for The Doctor to approach, and the Time Lord acquiesces. He approaches and drops to his knees.

Nyssa and Adric arrive, seeing the Source is active. They begin to attach their device to the Source Manipulator.

Tremas insists that the Trakens will never obey. When he tries to reach the computer to enter the digits, the Melkur stops Tremas, controlling him like a puppet.

Neman is brought in and the Melkur orders the proctor to hand his gun to Tremas. The Doctor is told to watch but not interfere as Tremas shoots Neman and then is told to turn the weapon on himself.

As Tremas is about to fire the gun to his head, the Melkur causes the gun to fly from the consul’s hand. The Melkur gloats that all will accept him, now that he has the powers of the Keeper at his command.

Nyssa and Adric have attached their device to the Source Manipulator and Adric turns it on.

The Melkur talks of conquering other worlds and settling old scores.

Old scores?”

You still do not know me, Doctor?”

The Doctor frowns.

But none of this will matter when I control the deeper mysteries of time.”

When The Doctor asks how he will manage all of that, the Melkur says through the Keepership and through The Doctor – he will take the knowledge from him, atom by atom. He says the husk of what is left of The Doctor will also have its uses.

The Doctor is compelled to approach the Keeper’s chair. The Doctor and the Melkur both disappear. Tremas stands, in control of himself again, as Adric and Nyssa arrive, to say they’ve sabotaged the Source Manipulator.

When Tremas tells them that The Doctor is inside (inside where?), they worry about him being destroyed along with.

The Doctor stands in the control room behind the hooded, dessicated figure. He turns to face the Time Lord. The Doctor recognises his ancient enemy, The Master! When The Doctor moves to the controls, The Master flips a switch, rendering him immobile.

He says it would be irrational to destroy him, he wants to keep The Doctor’s mind as part of his library… and since he is at the end of his twelfth regeneration (or thirteenth incarnation), which is traditionally the end of a Time Lord, The Master plans to steal The Doctor’s body.

He says, using the Keeper’s powers, anything is possible.

However, just as he is about to effect his plans, he realises that someone has tampered with the Source. The Master cries out in pain as fires break out inside The Master’s TARDIS.

The Doctor escapes, returning to the Keeper’s chamber and shouts for Adric to enter 3-3-7 into the computer. The winds blast through the chamber, but Adric manages to crawl to it. This allows The Doctor to exit and he says that will reverse Adric’s sabotage and “put paid to the resident Keeper for good.”

Katura sees the Source fire fading and The Doctor strongly suggests one of them assume the power if they want to keep the custom going. Luvic rushes into the chair and Katura begins the transition sequence.

Tremas returns from… wherever he went, and The Doctor tells him he just missed his chance to become Keeper again. The Time Lord says his goodbyes and departs, telling Adric to follow. Adric waves, says, “We’re supposed to be going to Gallifrey,” and follows.

The TARDIS column rises and falls as The Doctor and Adric discuss the ship needing repairs, the code guessing and other things.

Katura, Nyssa and Tremas discuss the inauguration of the new Keeper and their hope for peace. Katura and Nyssa leave, Tremas saying he has something he wants to look into, but he will join Nyssa at home.

He approaches a grandfather clock, and when he touches it, he is paralyzed. He calls out for Nyssa as the door opens and The Master steps out.

The Master circles him, almost drooling over having a new body. He steps up behind him and their bodies merge together as one – suddenly, Tremas’ body becomes dark haired and goateed – a familiar visage!

The rejuvenated Master steps into his TARDIS and it dematerialises. Just after it is gone, Nyssa walks in, asking, “Father, where are you,” and she looks around… and the final credits roll.

Yes, so freaking cool, having The Master back! And Anthony Ainley… he really was my first introduction to The Master (other than the dessicated form, of course.) This was The Master that I first learned to love. Now, I have a great appreciation for Roger Delgado and his Master, so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about Ainley after watching his run all the way through… but we shall find out!

A great serial, across the board.