Oh, this is going to be hard to watch.

Episode 1:

A bobby uses the police call box on the side of the road. As he’s on the phone, there’s a warping effect around the call box and we hear the sounds of a TARDIS. He finds the line has gone dead, and the door opens and something pulls him in. We hear the laughter of The Master.

The Doctor is wandering inside the TARDIS, pacing and pontificating about Chameleon Circuits. Adric interrupts him and he tells the boy not to interrupt if it’s not an emergency, and even if it is, to use the cloister bell.

The Doctor comments about the increase of entropy in the TARDIS, saying he should work on fixing it up. Adric asks if they’re still making their way to Gallifrey – The Doctor says he doesn’t want to go, there will be too much fuss over Romana’s departure. The Doctor explains Romana has broken the cardinal rule of Gallifrey – “She has become INVOLVED.”

Adric is disappointed about not going to Gallifrey, but The Doctor says he wants to take him to his home away from home, Earth.

On Earth, a stewardess is getting ready to leave her flat, but has to go back for her passport. Her Aunt Vanessa is waiting, trying to start the car, but has to send Tegan back to close the door. (Tegan is all jiterry – first flight nerves.) They swap seats and Tegan starts the car right up.

Adric and The Doctor meander, talking about Earth. The Doctor says he needs a police box, so he can measure it for some computations, in an attempt to repair the chameleon circuit. Another planet, or place, named Logopolis is mentioned, something to do with the computations.

Suddenly, the cloister bell sounds!

Tegan and Vanessa pull over with a flat tire, just where the police box we saw earlier is.

The cloister bell stops ringing. The Doctor speculates it might be entropy and wants to have a look at the circuitry. Adric seems to catch on about the dimensonal transcendental nature of the TARDIS. En route to the control room, they stop and peek in Romana’s old room. They talk of missing her and K-9 before moving on.

Tegan refuses to call for assistance and opens the boot of the car. She asks her aunt where the wheel spanner is, and Vanessa looks clueless.

The Doctor explains that when he “borrowed” the TARDIS, she had been in for repairs and when he was on Earth (in Totter’s Yard), the circuit got stuck as a police box. When Adric says the current appearance is “rather distinctive,” The Doctor wonders if they should be distinctive – he has a sense of foreboding, ever since they left Traken.

Tegan works on removing the nuts off the tire. She watches as a plane flies overhead. As she and her aunt work on it, The Doctor’s TARDIS appears, several meters away from the police box. He does a short second hop and the police box is inside the console room.

When Adric says it’s just like the TARDIS, the Time Lord says he hopes not as that would lead to some unpleasant anomalies. They begin taking measurements.

As Tegan and Vanessa work on their car, a strange man in all white watches from across the highway. Tegan realises that the spare is flat, too.

Adric complains about writing down all the figures; for someone who has a star in mathematics, he sure is complaining a lot about working with numbers.

The almost ghostly figure continues to watch the ladies work on the car. Vanessa says she saw a man over there and waves, but he’s not there any more.

According to The Doctor, the Logopolitans do all their computations through oral process – they mutter it. Suddenly, the TARDIS indicates a gravity bubble. The Doctor steps outside to have a look around. He sees Tegan and her aunt by the car and is about to turn back in, when he notices the ghostly figure across the highway. They lock eyes before The Doctor goes back in.

Adric picks the lock on the police box and when The Doctor comes back in, he says he thought it might have something to do with the gravity bubble; The Doctor worries that he’s right and slips in. Adric follows.

They find themselves in another control room, with another police box inside it.

Tegan takes a tire and rolls it down the road, stopping at the TARDIS. She reaches for the phone door, but the main door opens instead and she wanders in. Just before she enters, the police box disappears from within.

After she enters, the doors behind her close.

Inside the 2nd TARDIS, The Doctor has Adric pick the lock on the police box inside.

Tegan examines the control console. She starts fiddling with switches, trying to contact someone. The cloister bell rings. Hearing it, she goes deeper into the TARDIS, looking for a crew.

Auntie Vanessa follows Tegan in.

The Doctor and Adric walk into another console with another police box within. Adric wonders if it could be an infinite regression, but The Doctor says he hopes not. As Adric is about to pick the lock again, a warbled, distorted cloister bell can be heard.

Vanessa backs out of the TARDIS, back to the highway emergency lane. She’s afraid of someone and we hear laughter again. The Master’s laughter, of course. I suppose this might be spoiling it, but his laughter is quite distinctive.

Again, Adric picks the lock. The Doctor explains that a second TARDIS had materialised around the police box first, causing the gravity bubble. The Doctor tells Adric to wait, as he goes in, saying they’re nearing the center of the bubble.

He ends up outside, where several bobbies are inspecting Vanessa’s sport car. A plainsclothes man asks him if that’s his vehicle. Adric listens from inside, then slips through the door.

The plainsclothes officer asks The Doctor to explain something and leads him over to the car. In the driver seat is something, but we don’t see it. The Doctor is shocked, saying, “So he did escape from Traken…”

Tegan wanders the TARDIS halls, lost.

The ghostly figure watches as the police say they want The Doctor to come along with them. The Doctor says that he’s still out there and when they ask who, we see what is in the front seat – miniaturised (or perhaps tissue compressed?) bodies of the first bobby and Aunt Vanessa… and The Doctor says, “Yes, The Master,”… and the credits roll.

Great start to a great serial. Tegan is awesome, always enjoyed her. (And Janet Fielding, who plays Tegan, is a total babe.)

Episode 2:

Adric steps out, watching The Doctor having difficulties with the police. The Doctor tries to get them to understand that there’s a dangerous man out there, but they really want him to go to the station.

Adric causes a distraction and he and The Doctor make it back into the TARDIS; the police box inside is gone and the cloister bell rings on and on.

The police knock on the door to the police box.

The Doctor tries to dematerialise, but it seems very sluggish. Something is dragging them back. Adric keeps harping about the cloister bell. In order to get out of there, The Doctor has to jettison part of the internal architecture of the TARDIS, including Romana’s room.

One of the police officers gets the key to the police box from the car.

The Doctor sends Adric to answer the cloister bell. Once the boy has gone into the corridors, The Doctor flips switches and puts his ear to the console, listening.

As Adric runs down the corridor, the bell stops.

The police open up the plice box, finding the usual items inside, but no people. They are quite confused.

Tegan is seen in the area where The Doctor was pacing at the beginning. She’s very, very lost. She sits down on a bench and watches as a police box appears!

The Doctor tells Adric that the message was from Traken – Nyssa is all right, but Tremas has vanished! He speculates that The Master had a second TARDIS hidden away, and took Tremas to renew himself.

Adric wonders how they can flush The Master out; The Doctor speculates about materialising the TARDIS underwater and opening the door.

Tegan investigates the police box. As she moves around it, the door opens.

The Doctor and Adric shut down mechanisms, preparing to land the TARDIS within the Thames River. There’s a sudden jolt as they materialise, and then a greater jolt. Tegan is thrown to the floor, complaining about the pilot. From within his TARDIS’ open door, we hear The Master’s laugh.

The Doctor opens the door, expecting the water pressure to slam them open. But there’s no pressure at all. The doors open and they step out, to discover they’ve landed on a dock/pier.

Tegan backs away from The Master’s TARDIS. His laughter echoes all about her, frightening her.

The Doctor and Adric look around; The Doctor says that there’s something “not quite right,” about everything. He turns around and looks at a nearby bridge; the ghostly figure is standing there, looking at him again.

He raises one hand and beckons to The Doctor, who says, “Nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Tegan begins to cry.

The Doctor leaves Adric behind, going to the ghostly figure. Adric watches as they talk. The Doctor seems to be explaining something to the ghostly man.

Tegan is back in the corridors, but she finds herself back with The Master’s TARDIS. Frustrated, she begins to cry again. Behind her back, The Master’s TARDIS disappears. Oblivious, she runs off again. The MTARDIS (Master’s TARDIS) reappears, this time as a vine-covered column, blending in.

Back in the TARDIS control room, Adric asks who that was, but The Doctor won’t answer, other than to say that he’s just “dipped into the future and we must prepare for the worst.”

Adric guesses that the ghostly figure was The Master, but The Doctor doesn’t confirm or deny, only chastises him for guessing. He tells Adric they are dealing with “a chain of circumstances that fragments the law that holds the universe together.”

The TARDIS arrives at Logopolis. The Doctor tells Adric he’ll be staying, but they have to part company. Adric argues, saying if he’s going after Nyssa, he wants to come along, but just then, Tegan runs into the control room. Everyone stares at each other.

Tegan demands to speak to whomever is in charge and Adric and The Doctor look at each other, bewildered.

On Logopolis, Logopolitans mill about, assembling in a common area. They are pale skinned and haired people who wear copper and black coloured robes. The TARDIS materialises in the common area. They seem to be expecting it.

Tegan Jovanka introduces herself and says she won’t answer any more questions until they tell her who they are. She says they can take her back, mentioning her aunt. The Doctor describes her aunt and the sports car, which Tegan confirms. He tells Adric, “That settles it, she’s got to come with us.”

Tegan storms off after them, demanding to know what’s going on.

The MTARDIS appears in the common area, as a small tree. The Doctor and companions exit and the Time Lord is greeted by one of the Logopolitans. The Doctor addresses him as “Monitor”. The Doctor and Monitor walk off, talking how things continue on – The Doctor remarks on the addition of the large antenna (think satellite dish.) The Monitor says that sometimes they have to add technology to assist in their computations.

The Monitor takes them into a control room for the antenna dish, which The Doctor says all of which is new… and familiar. As Adric challenges The Doctor’s earlier claim that they did not use computers, the Monitor repeatedly asks for the dimensions.

The MTARDIS changes to a pillar and then disappears.

The Monitor has the dimensions and says it will only take a moment; he sits down at the console and begins chanting. Tegan asks what he’s doing and The Doctor says, “The numbers, he’s re-creating the TARDIS.” Like that remotely explains to her what he’s doing.

Throughout the city, Logopolitans work on abaci, doing the computations. The Monitor says that code is being compiled. Adric asks how the people are doing the computations without machines and the Monitor explains that Block Transfer Computation requires the subtlety of living minds.

One Logopolitan sits in front of the MTARDIS and we hear a sound of a weapon and see the Logopolitan has been shrunk down – it’s been a long while, but The Master is using his TCE (Tissue Compression Eliminator) weapon!!! We still haven’t seen The Master (which is strange, since we did see his new form at the end of the last serial) on screen yet, only heard his laughter.

Tegan demands an explanation. The Doctor tells Adric to explain. He says it was her fault that she wandered aboard, and they start arguing.

The Monitor hands a sheet of paper to The Doctor and the Time Lord gets ready to depart, but stops, shouting, “Of course! The Pharos Project! This is a near replica of the Pharos control room!”

The Monitor corrects him – it is an exact duplicate. He says with Block Transfer Computation, they are able to model anything in space-time. The Doctor and Monitor explain, when Adric asks, that the Pharos Project was an Earth project that was trying to contact sentient alien life.

When everyone returns to the common area, the Logopolitans have assembled there again. The Doctor pulls Monitor aside, saying he has a special favour to ask – he asks him to look after his companions, saying what lies ahead is for him, not them. He slips in before they can get in.

The Monitor makes some story to allay the companions concerns. Tegan begins complaining, wanting to know how long they’re going to be. Adric tries to explain to Monitor to her, but he’s distracted when someone calls out his name. Going back, he sees Nyssa, who calls his name again.

She says a friend of The Doctor’s brought her there. Introductions are made, but suddenly the TARDIS begins buzzing and glowing in a strange fashion. Monitor says it is a transfer instability, but may not be more than a temporarily problem.

The white, ghostly figure watches on from nearby. He does get around! He wanders off as the TARDIS begins to shrink. The Monitor says he doesn’t understand.

The TARDIS shrinks and shrinks, as Adric cries out, “But The Doctor is in there,”… and the credits roll.

An excellent cliffhanger, one I did not recall (I’ll confess to not having a lot of detailed recollection of most of this serial) and one we’ll leave you with until Friday!