Recap: The Doctor wants to fix his TARDIS’ Chameleon Circuit and goes to Earth to measure a police box. While there, The Master’s TARDIS gets inside his. And a stewardess named Tegan wanders into the TARDIS, too. Then they go to Logopolis, a planet of mathematicians, to complie the code to fix the TARDIS. The Doctor is inside and activates the code, but his ship begins to shrink…

Episode 3:

The TARDIS ends up being about waist height; the Monitor orders his people to take it to the central registry.

Inside, The Doctor struggles to the console, trying to dematerialise. Through the scanner, he can see the Logopolitans carrying the TARDIS.

As they carry the TARDIS, they pass by The Master, who is sitting and laughing. Oh, yes, full on view of Anthony Ainley as The Master in all his diabolic glory.

At last, Doctor. At last, I’ve cut you down to size.” Yes, it’s a corny line, but diabolical bad guys with goatees who wear black are cool when uttering corny lines. It’s a rule.

The Doctor sees the large faces of his companions, who are trying to tell him to hold on. The Monitor says they can trace the fault, and Adric offers to help. They begin going through lines of code, checking physical registers. Again, Adric questions why they don’t use computers; the Monitor explains more clearly – their use of numbers changes the physical world.

Sonic projectors are placed around the TARDIS, to create a stasis zone. Inside, The Doctor seems in less dire straits.

Adric and Monitor move into the streets, where the populace works, checking their numbers.

Tegan and Nyssa worry about The Doctor.

Monitor and Adric find a sequence of incorrect numbers and trace it down a side street.

The Doctor gets to his feet.

Monitor and Adric find several TCE’d Logopolitans. Monitor says that interfering in the working of Logopolis is one of the worst crimes in the universe.

The Doctor realises the code has a fault. He begins looking over it and asserts he will not be beaten… but he could do with some help from outside.

Adric wanders the streets, stopping when he sees the ghostly figure. The figure walks off just before the Monitor finds them. They bring the numbers back to the TARDIS, saying they have to get the numbers to The Doctor. Tegan takes them, holding them in front of the TARDIS.

Adric walks out, followed by Nyssa; he still thinks that the white figure is The Master, and says he’s out there. Nyssa says she came to find The Master, she has to know what happened to her father. They set off, watched by Tegan, who is listening in (so much for holding the numbers up.) She walks back to the TARDIS as the two youths set off.

The Doctor reprimands himself for being a fool, saying he can only get help from outside now. Just then, he looks at the scanner and sees the numbers.

Adric shows Nyssa the TCE’d Logopolitans. He tells her he’s seen The Master, but then changes it to, “I think so.” Just then, the ghostly figure passes behind them. Adric seems to sense this and they run off.

Tegan asks the Monitor about the Logopolitans working at the computers, saying at home in Brisbane, they would call that a sweat shop. (BTW, Tegan is from Australia.)

As Nyssa and Adric give chase to the ghostly figure, a voice calls out to Nyssa; it is The Master, whom she mistakes for her father.

Monitor tries to explain that his people are driven by math, not individual need. He brings her back and they see the TARDIS return to proper size.

Nyssa asks her father what his mission is and why he has been changed. “You look younger, but so cold,” she says.

Logopolis is a cold place,” The Master replies. “A cold, high place overlooking the universe; it holds a single, great secret, Nyssa.” He sends her back to The Doctor, but she doesn’t want to be separated. He says they will not be, and places a bracelet on her wrist. It causes her pain, briefly.

It will keep us in mind of one another,” The Master says as he puts it on her. He instructs her not to tell anyone that she’s seen him… yet.

The Doctor exits the TARDIS. He thanks Monitor and Tegan, the latter who tells him that Nyssa and Adric have gone looking for The Master. Talk of deaths come up and Tegan figures out that her aunt is one of the deaths.

The Doctor tells Monitor, “The Master is at work on Logopolis. I’m going to stop him if it’s the last thing I do.”

Adric and Nyssa reunite. Nyssa complains about her bracelet. When Adric tries to remove it, he is shocked. Her arm seems to have a mind of its own, but before anything happens, The Doctor shows up.

The Master, dressed in the robes of a Logopolitan, kills two Logopolitans as they wheel away the sonic projectors. He sets the two up in one of the computer halls, putting the Logopolitans in stasis.

The Doctor chastises Adric for going after The Master on his own. They stop when they see the ghostly figure and Nyssa says that’s who brought her there from Traken. The Doctor confirms that the ghostly man is a friend, as Nyssa claims she was told. Adric is confused, as he thought the man was a threat, possibly The Master.

The Doctor says he is prepared for the worst because the ghostly figure is there.

The Master disrobes and wheels a sonic projector into the control room. Monitor and Tegan turn, surprised, and he tells them to remain still, that he has the power to bring Logopolis to a standstill.

En route to the central register (control room), The Doctor wonders why the Logopolitans created a duplicate of the Pharos Project. Nyssa suddenly notices there is no sounds, “Logopolis has stopped,” she says.

The Doctor is shocked, “And I was vain enough to think it was me he was after. Logopolis is his target!”

The Master says he has put Logopolis in suspension. “The silence gives us the chance to discuss its future,” he says to Monitor. The Monitor says there will be no future, that by doing this he is introducing entropy. The Master scoffs.

The Monitor refuses to talk of the secret work or to explain why a duplicate of the Pharos Project was created.

The Doctor, Adric and Nyssa arrive. The Doctor explains to Nyssa that The Master is not her father, he stole Tremas’ body, but her father is dead. The Master begins to gloat and The Doctor and the Monitor try to get him to understand that he’s killing the Logopolitans.

The Monitor says that Logopolis is the keystone of the universe, it is the “causal nexus”. The Doctor tells his enemy that he is interfering with the law of cause and effect.

Adric tries to shut down the sonic projector, but The Master uses a control device to make Nyssa grab and choke the boy. The Master coerces Tegan into replacing the projector.

Still not believing them, The Master shuts the device off, saying the silence is only temporary. But when he does so, there still are no sounds from the city. Everyone rushes out into the streets to investigate.

Monitor says that Logopolis is dead, they will hear nothing.

The Master runs through the streets. The walls crumble and collapse, a result of The Master’s inteference. The Master blames The Doctor, saying he did this to keep him from his goal.

Adric postulates that the numbers kept everything stable; once the silence was imposed, the numbers, no longer chanted/muttered, could not maintain and entropy was accelerated.

The Master turns Nyssa on The Monitor, but she struggles with the bracelet and then the system fails and the bracelet falls apart. The Doctor tells him that this is all because of the entropy he introduced.

The Monitor says that the entropy will spread from Logopolis, throughout the universe. He says that the numbers were holding the universe together, that the universe had long past the point of total collapse.

The Master realises that’s why they copied the Pharos Project, and the Monitor admits it was so they could create voids into other universes, to bleed off the chaos. Adric says those are the Charged Vacuum Emboitments, like the one that the TARDIS went through to get to E-Space.

The Monitor says those were a temporary measure until their advanced projects could come up with a permanent solution, but now it was too late.

They wander through the city, as it begins to collapse about them. Tegan yells at The Master, swatting his arm, saying it’s all his fault. The Monitor says they are beyond recrimination, beyond hope, but The Doctor disagrees.

He leads them back to the common area and turns to The Master, saying they must pool their resources. Nyssa objects, saying he is the creature that killed her father.

If we do cooperate,” The Master says, “there will be no question of you ever returning to Gallifrey.” “If we don’t cooperate,” The Doctor retorts, “there will be no question of Gallifrey!”

There’s a telling scene; when everyone complains about The Doctor working with The Master, our hero goes on a rant, saying he’s never chosen his companions – Tegan wandered in curiosity, Adric was a stowaway, and Nyssa he accuses of contacting him and begging for help in finding her father.

The TARDIS arrives, and when they question how it could have arrived with nobody within, The Doctor says there is someone within. They realise it must be the ghostly man. Adric tries to argue that they want to help him, but he insists they go inside, that he’s collaborating with The Master now.

Adric pushes Nyssa in, as she still objects, saying The Master is a murderer.

The Master offers The Doctor his hand, almost gleeful, asking, “Together?” The Doctor won’t look at him, just says, “One last hope,” and shakes his hand… and the credits roll.

Wow, I can’t imagine what the viewers thought about that cliffhanger, thirty-one years ago. That’s fucking awesome. I should make y’all wait….but I won’t.

Episode 4:

The Time Lords realise that the Monitor is not with them and head to the central registry to try to find him.

Tegan leaves the TARDIS, arguing with Adric. She says The Doctor is her way back and she’s not going to be separated from him. Adric heads back in and the TARDIS dematerialises as Tegan watches.

The Time Lords struggle through the collapsing city. They find the Monitor at the computer banks in the room. He gives the Time Lords a print out, saying all they need to know about the advanced research project is there.

The begin working to realign the aerial, hoping to reopen a nearby CVE. Tegan bursts in, looking for The Doctor. The Master says they need to withdrawl and take their two TARDISes to create a safe zone.

As they talk, Tegan gasps, directing their attention to the Monitor, who fades from existence. The Master is horrified and says The Doctor is on his own and heads out.

The Doctor says Tegan can help and they start to disassemble the controls.

The Master finds his TARDIS, but the roof of the area collapses on him.

The Doctor takes the memory boards out, saying the program is saved on the chips. When Tegan bemoans not having a computer to run it on, The Doctor says he knows where they can find one – on Earth. They head out, looking for The Master’s TARDIS.

Adric and Nyssa watch as the ghostly figure takes the TARDIS out of time and space.

The Doctor moves a heavy block off of The Master. The Doctor then asks him to take them to Earth.

Adric says they’re hovering outside space and time, but he’s worried that the TARDIS isn’t designed for that. They refer to the ghostly man as “The Watcher,” saying The Doctor said they’d be safe with him. Both agree they’d rather be with The Doctor, though.

The MTARDIS arrives in the Pharos computer room. A technician enters from fetching some coffee and the Time Lords hide. The Master tries to kill the tech, but The Doctor pulls him out of the way, knocking him out in the process.

Nyssa and Adric discuss entropy, how it all started when The Doctor was dealing with his TARDIS breaking down. They’re walking in the vine-covered area where it all started. The Watcher beckons to Adric from across the courtyard.

The Doctor and The Master debate philosophy and entropy as they work on the computer.

Adric speaks with the Watcher as Nyssa watches. He walks back to her, saying it seems that the Watcher knows what’s going to happen. When Nyssa asks what he said, Adric avoids answering, saying they have work to do. They return to the console room, where Adric begins setting coordinates for Earth.

Nyssa turns on the scanner and they see the whole universe. As they watch, a darkness spreads across the universe and they realise it’s the entropy effect. Nyssa pulls up Earth, and though they don’t see it at first, it’s still there. However, when she pulls up Traken on the scanner, she watches it be consumed by the darkness.

MAJOR FUCKING GOOSEBUMPS. I forgot about that scene, until I heard her voice, the dull anguish in it, when she calls to Adric. Wow.

On Earth, Tegan looks out the window. There are security outside and she reports to the Time Lords that the sun is rising and there are security outside.

Adric brings the TARDIS back into time-space and then to Earth, outside the Pharos Project. They see the giant dish, exactly like the one on Logopolis. Exiting, they hide from a patrol of guards.

The Time Lords realise they have to get The Master’s lightspeed overdrive device to the aerial controls, if they are to get it to operate. As they leave, The Doctor stops to peek out a window. He sees his TARDIS, and the Watcher standing in the doorway, watching.

Adric and Nyssa move across the compound, skulking to evade the guards. The Doctor, The Master and Tegan move across the compound… well, you get the idea.

When The Master tries to blast the guards with his TCE, The Doctor grabs it and throws it away; the sound alerts the guards, who give chase. Adric and Nyssa watch all this transpire. They close in and Tegan dashes out, distracting the guards so the Time Lords can head back to the aerial.

On the way, The Master stops to pick up his TCE weapon. He then heads back to the control room, and collecting something from the unconscious technician, and then hops in his TARDIS.

The Doctor makes it to the aerial contols, to find The Master waiting for him. He says he overlooks nothing, but The Doctor says he overlooked the lightspeed overdrive, but The Master tosses it out the door, laughing. The aerial is aligned to the coordinates to the nearest CVE and The Master offers him the privilige of connecting the device.

When he does, The Master steps out and using the technician’s recording device, records a message to the peoples of the universe. That done, he enters the control area, where The Doctor says the CVE is stabilising.

The Master tries to congratulate The Doctor, but he is leery of praise from his enemy. The Doctor begins to leave to try to help his companions, who are dealing with the guards. As he does so, he makes a comment that one mistake and everything would be ruined. The Master agrees, saying it could happen so easily.

The Doctor recognises the implied threat. When The Doctor tries to stop him, he pulls out his TCE weapon. The message he recorded is then broadcast – they either serve him or the universe dies. The Doctor realises that he’s mad and heads out to disengage the cable.

The Master follows and they struggle. The Master goes back in and enters new coordinates. The array begins moving and The Doctor is in a dangerous situation, crawling along the moving construct.

He makes it to the cable and using a spanner, then pulling on the cable, pulls it loose. However, the Time Lord loses his balance and falls, clinging to the cable, dangling from it. In his mind’s eye, he sees a variety of faces calling his name – the dessicated Master, a Dalek, the captain of the pirate planet, a cyberman, Davros, a Sontaran, a Zygon, the Black Guardian, the latter saying, “You shall die for this!”

He swings back to the support beams of the aerial, but slips and falls!

The Master slips back in his TARDIS and departs.

The companions, followed by the guards, run to The Doctor, who has landed on the ground.

I’m crying now.

The companions surround him, calling his name. In his mind’s eyes, we see Sarah Jane, Harry, The Brig, Leela, K-9, Romana I, Romana II all calling his name.

He looks up at Adric, saying, “It’s the end… but the moment has been prepared for.” He looks over and the Watcher is there. The Doctor reaches out with his hand and the ghostly figure approaches, then merges with The Doctor!

The Doctor’s body becomes ghostly and then changes into a young form with lighter brown hair.

The Fifth Doctor sits up… and the final credits roll.

Oh… oh… wow. Tears. My Doctor. That was MY Doctor. Gone now.

A powerful story – very neat stuff with Logopolis, great performances by everyone. Great companions, great villain (the best, really.)

And my Doctor, gone. Wow. Even knowing, even having seen this multiple times over the years… still so powerful, so hard to watch.