Recap: The TARDIS lands on a ship traveling to Earth; there are some ominous things going on. Dum dum dum!!!



Episode 3:


Tegan is horrified at the nature of Bigon.


Bigon informs them that some on board have a disk on their hand – they are slave robots with only one chip (while others like he, have three.)


Monarch explains to Nyssa and Adric that his people are not biological life forms. She over-simplifies by saying they’re androids, much to Monarch’s disappointment.


Adric asks about the subservient or slave caste androids. A little philosophical discussion comes up and we get the explanation of “flesh time” – Monarch’s word for being organic.


I have overthrown the greatest tyranny in the universe – internal and external organs.” – Monarch


When Nyssa asks about love, Monarch turns to Enlightenment, who defines it as “The exchange of two fantasies.”


Adric proclaims that Monarch has performed a miracle; so pleased at this, he orders them released. Monarch says that they can help him save the Earthlings from the flesh time. Nyssa argues against this.


The Doctor learns Monarch’s plan from Bigon – he will come, offering peace and advance science to the Earth people. He tells them that Monarch has a deadly poison that causes organic matter to shrink upon itself and with that he will conquer Earth.


Adric (who I think is more clever than Nyssa and playing long) tries to get Nyssa to see the light of Monarch’s way. When Nyssa calls Monarch a tyrant and compares him to The Master, Adric explains who The Master is.


Bigon reveals that Urbanka’s sun didn’t go supernova; Monarch ravaged the planet, destroying the ozone layer and laying the planet to waste. Monarch is obsessed with going faster to light, going back to before the Big Bang, to before – he believes that he is a deity and will find himself waiting before the Big Bang.


(The Big Bang is a recurrent theme this season.)


Adric explains that The Doctor is a Time Lord, and that The Doctor gets his power from other Time Lords, notably one called Rassilon. Enlightenment speaks of a legend about a Rassilon who found the Eye of Harmony. Monarch dismisses that as superstition.


Adric is eager to reveal much to Monarch – perhaps he’s not playing along. He answers many questions about the TARDIS. Nyssa yells at him to shut up, but Monarch who encourages him along.


Monarch sends Adric off to ask The Doctor about going on a sight-seeing tour of the TARDIS, but doesn’t let Nyssa go along. He has other plans for her, it seems.


Bigon urges The Doctor that Monarch must be stopped at all costs. Tegan begins to flip out again. Jesus. He makes her stay and he heads out with Bigon.


Enlightenment hypnotises Nyssa. She is taken to the Mobiliary. Monarch sees the orb that The Doctor put out of commission and shows anger for the first time.


The Doctor continues to take out orbs. Monopticons, rather. He and Bigon make their way to the library. Bigon explains that the Athenians working in there are attempting to solve formulae for exceeding the speed of light.


Nyssa is placed in a chamber by the Chinese and hooked up to a helmet – this seems to be the recording chamber for memories, prior to someone being converted into an android.


Adric returns to the quarters and asks Tegan where The Doctor is. It seems Adric isn’t playing along, he really believes Monarch as the two of them begin to argue about the danger to Earth.


As they argue, she shows him the TARDIS key; He tries to get it and they struggle. Adric is thrown to the ground.


Bigon leads The Doctor to the Floral chamber. This entire serial is wandering about the ship. They have frogs there, that the Urbankans are using to replicate the poison they will use to conquer Earth.


Tegan makes it into the TARDIS and starts fiddling with switches. She realy doesn’t know what she’s doing, of course.


The Doctor and Bigon have made it to the Mobiliary. The head Chinese guy confronts them, but Bigon prevaricates and bluffs their way in. Bigon explains this is where the “metamorphoses” take place. He shows The Doctor the drawers holding the Urbankans. The Chinese man is listening in and slips off, presumably to report.


Bigon then shows The Doctor the poison.


Tegan flips more switches.


They see Nyssa in the chamber and pull her out. She tells The Doctor that Monarch wants the key to the TARDIS.


Adric comes to in the quarters, holding and rubbing his head. He staggers out.


Tegan presses buttons and turns dials.


The Chinese man reports to Monarch that Bigon and The Doctor are planning the destruction of the Urbankan people. Monarch gives the orders for Bigon to be de-circuited and The Doctor to be destroyed.


Tegan gets panicked as she fights with the controls.


The Doctor asks Bigon if there’s any help they can rely on, any weapons, but Bigon says the other leaders cannot be trusted. He says he can try to reprogram the slave androids.


Nyssa asks The Doctor for his sonic screwdriver, saying she wants to try something, but Adric comes running in, saying Tegan is trying to move the TARDIS.


Just then, Persuasion and a bunch of androids come in, taking The Doctor prisoner.


Tegan manages to get the TARDIS moving. Monarch watches as the TARDIS dematerialises.


Bigon is dragged off to be de-circuited. Persuasion gives the order for an Athenian to kill The Doctor. The Time Lord is forced to his knees and the soldier lifts his sword high as Adric struggles… and the credits roll.


Decent cliffhanger, what what?


Episode 4:


Nyssa uses The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and a pencil to short circuit the disks on the soldier’s hands. Persuasion pulls out a gun and points it at The Doctor, but Adric jumps in the way.


Monarch gives the order not to hurt the boy. Adric pleas to Monarch, saying that he cannot join him if The Doctor is going to be hurt. Monarch orders for everyone to be brought to him, but first Nyssa is relieved of the sonic screwdriver.


Persuasion orders The Doctor to turn out his pockets. The items are returned upon being checked. Persuasion orders The Doctor, Adric and Nyssa to the control room.


Tegan finds herself outside the Urbankan ship.


En route to the command room, The Doctor looks outside the window and sees the TARDIS out there.


In the command room, The Doctor and Monarch argue and make accusations, but then Monarch backs down, playing the congenial victor. He orders for Nyssa to be taken away and sedated, as a guarantee of The Doctor’s good behavior.


Monarch orders for a recreation and then gives The Doctor and Adric permission to withdraw. After they leave, he proclaims that Adric cannot help but be with him now.


Tegan references a book and exclaims, “Holy Mumbo Jumbo!”


Persuasion returns to the command room, to inform Monarch that Nyssa has been sedated. Monarch watches the screen, seeing the recreation, wondering where The Doctor and Adric are. He sees Bigon there. Persuasion leaves to find the Time Lord and his companion.


Back in their quarters, The Doctor apologises to Adric and says he might have been wrong about Monarch. Adric is pleased to hear that. Monarch listens in via the orb (which is still wearing The Doctor’s hat and cannot see, but can hear.)


The Doctor retrieves his hat, talking all the while about the positive qualities of Monarch. This is music to Monarch’s ears, of course. They depart to attend the recreation.


At the recreation, as the aboriginals dance, The Doctor and Adric watch as Persuasion arrives to see them there. The Doctor takes Adric aside, “Now, listen to me, you young idiot. You’re not so much gullible as idealistic. I suppose it comes from your deprived, deliquent background. Monarch is the greatest force for evil in the known universe…” and proceeds to explain. Adric argues, but The Doctor tells him to shut up and listen.


The Mayans replace the aboriginals in the recreation.


Adric keeps arguing The Doctor’s points. Finally, Adric agrees that he’s with The Doctor and The Doctor feigns being tired. (Watching, Monarch proclaims another weakness of the flesh time – fatigue.)


Tegan kicks the book and stomps on it, as it hasn’t helped her figure out how to get out of her situation.


The Doctor takes Adric to the Mobiliary; they use a magnifying glass to disorient the Monopticon there. As Adric holds the glass, The Doctor speaks to the head Chinese android, pleaing for him to listen.


Monarch sees the visuals from the Mobiliary Monopticon and orders Persuasion to investigate.


The Doctor finally gets Lin Futu to agree to re-circuit Bigon. He asks Lin to have the dragon dance next in the recreation and then he and Adric leave. They return to the recreation hall and sit next to Bigon as the dragon dance begins. Persuasion checks in and sees them there and departs. The Doctor waves to the Monopticon there and Monarch is pleased.


As the dragon dancers leave, The Doctor and Adric and Bigon have slipped under the costume of one of the dragons. The dragons dance to the Mobiliary, Adric again using the magnifying glass to disable the Monopticon, while Bigon in placed in a repair booth.


Monarch and his ministers watch the wrestling match of the Athenians, the next part of the recreation.


Tegan keeps trying stuff on the TARDIS.


Bigon, recircuited, sends a signal to summon the Mayan leader and the aboriginal leader, saying they will join once they have heard the truth. Adric (who is no longer disorienting the Monopticon, wonder what’s up with that) asks what they’re to do. Nyssa is there, having been woken.


The Doctor says he’ll have to use a hatch to go out on a lifeline to the TARDIS. Bigon says hatch 9 is nearest. Lin Futu provides a space suit (the androids need it when doing repairs outside as their lubrication freezes up in the cold. The look of confusion on The Doctor’s face prior to the explanation is priceless.)


Monarch finally notices that Bigon, The Doctor and Adric are no longer at the recreation.


The Mayan and aboriginal leaders arrive (and we see a chinese android holding the glass to the Monopticon, so that answers that). Bigon tells The Doctor that there is a failsafe mechanism for overriding the androids – built in is a collective override to prevent mutiny. To facilitate this, he orders for all the recreations to happen at the same time.


Monarch realises that this is a plan and gives order to kill Nyssa and find and destroy The Doctor.


Adric, in the space suit, and The Doctor, in his helmet, are at the hatch. The Doctor ties a rope and jumps out, while Adric feeds out the rope. Persuasion shows up and he and Adric fight. The Doctor comes back in to help Adric.


Monarch sends Enlightenment to go help. The Doctor pulls out Persuasion’s circuits and tosses them into space. Again, The Doctor leaps out to the TARDIS. Again, the rope isn’t long enough.


Enlightenment comes in and blasts Adric and unties the rope. Monarch gloats from his command room. Adric wakes and attacks Enlightenment, disabling her in the same fashion.


The four cultural leaders watch from the window; Bigon says The Doctor’s six minutes are almost up (how long he can withstand space’s cold without a protective suit.)


The Doctor unties the rope and pulls out his cricket ball. Throwing it at the ship, it bounces back and he catches it – the momentum taking him to the TARDIS door.


Monarch, watching, announces, “I, too, am not without agility, my friend.”


The Doctor enters the TARDIS and works the controls as Tegan asks questions.


Monarch makes it to the recreation room, pushing his way through the dancing madness. The TARDIS appears and he waits as The Doctor and Tegan exit. Seeing him, they run and Monarch gives orders to cut life support.


Back at the Mobiliary, Adric puts on his space helmet, Nyssa and Tegan put on the two they had, as The Doctor goes into a trance. Lin Futu hurries to assembled another space suit helmet and they get it on him.


The Doctor asks Bigon to change the course of the ship, and then he and the companions and the leaders head to the TARDIS.


Monarch beats them to the TARDIS, armed with a rifle. The Doctor takes the poison from Adric, and throws it on Monarch, who shrinks down to a tiny size – seems he was still partially organic!


Goodbyes are said and the TARDIS dematerialises. As The Doctor sets coordinates for Heathrow, Nyssa cries out and collapses… and the final credits roll.


Oh noes! I don’t remember that bit! Wonder what’s up with that. We’ll have to wait until next week.


Again, this was a bit of a lacklustre serial. Lots of neat bits, lots of interesting characters, but still managed to fall flat. A bit too much… I think it would’ve been better as only two or three episodes.


Ah, well. Still enjoyable for the most part.