I have no concrete recollection of this serial right now – just a vague idea that I really liked it, or parts of it, and I think there’s something creepy about this one? Who knows, I could be mistaken…


Episode 1:


A building in a forest. A man inside enters a control room, where another man is asleep at the monitor. The new man turns on the light, strides over to the sleeping man, takes his gun away. He then dons a tribal mask and scares the younger man.


Tegan wanders around the TARDIS, which is sitting in a forest. Adric and Nyssa are seated nearby, playing checkers. They discuss Nyssa’s condition – she assures them that she’s fine, but has another attack, apparently her third. The Doctor comes out, working on a machine – a Delta Wave Augmenter – that is supposed to help her.


Adric notices that the sonic screwdriver is the key component of the DWA.


The two men regard the console; the elder asks about Roberts, but the junior says there is no sign. He then, formally, files a complaint at the senior man (officer, it seems – they seem to be some sort of military or paramilitary group)’s inability to establish proper security.


A woman enters and the senior officer asks her to give her opinion on the natives – she says the Kinda are no threat to the expedition. She then brings up that since they’ve taken Kinda as hostages, the Kinda might consider the expedition to be the threat.


The Doctor, Tegan and Adric go wandering in the forest. They come across some crystalline structure hanging, like wind chimes. The Doctor wonders who built it and why.


The woman complains to the senior officer, saying he rides the younger man too hard. The senior officer, who is in charge, is old school.


She brings up that they’re still missing Roberts and the others – the expedition is down to only three.


Tegan is horribly bored as The Doctor rambles on about the crystals and the apparent lack of civilisation around them. She seems to be in a trance – she snaps out of it, saying she was getting sleepy. The Doctor keeps messing with the crystals as Tegan sits down, falling deep asleep.


Adric has found an armoured suit/vehicle. The Doctor finds him, but the boy slams the ‘door’ shut, which seems to activate the suit.


Natives approach Tegan, who is sound asleep.


The Doctor and Adric are taken prisoner by the wearer-less suit/vehicle. They are brought to the expedition base and herded within. They are greeted with a gun; the junior soldier demands to know where Roberts is. The senior gets him to lower his gun and asks what they’re doing on S-14. The woman walks up as this goes on.


The Doctor quickly learns the natives are called Kinda and are the ones who built the chimes. He asks if they might provide some breakfast.


Tegan still sleeps, wearing leis left by the natives. Her eyes snap open. Something seems to be communication with her, perhaps influencing her. We get an extreme close up of her eye and see within – in shadow, she stands there.


At the command room, Adric and The Doctor eat breakfast as they learn about the difficulties – the loss of half of their team. They don’t know if the Kinda are responsible. The senior officer explains about the taking of hostages.


The woman takes The Doctor to see the Kinda hostages. The junior officer tries to protest something.


In the shadow area (her mind?), Tegan wanders and finds two people in Victorian or similar era garb, all in white, playing some game at a table. A man and a woman; the latter tells Tegan, “You can’t possibly exist, so go away.”


As The Doctor examines the two Kinda hostages, the woman, a scientist, points out that the Kinda all wear a symbol that seems to be the Double Helix. I think her name is Todd.


The game players ask each other if they saw Tegan. They debate whether they saw her, saw the same thing, or if sharing a hallucination makes it real or not. We see they have snakes tattooed on their arms.


A younger man walks up behind Tegan, laughs loudly. As she turns around, he disappears. Then the game players seem to move away, shrinking or fading.


Todd explains that Deva Loka seems to be a veritable paradise – no predatory lifeforms, extremely temperate climate year round, trees produce fruit regularly all year, no disease, etc.


She tells The Doctor she thinks the Kinda are telepathic.


Tegan runs through the dark shadowy area, the young man laughs at her and she stops. He says she does exist (she expected to be told that she didn’t, as the game players did). He tells her to guess where she is, she says it looks like “the middle of nowhere”.


Todd tells The Doctor that the Kinda don’t speak, they have no language, but yet they communicate. She gives The Doctor an apple; The Doctor says he thought local produce was forbidden, but she says she’s a scientist and doesn’t care about Hindle’s (the junior officer, who is designated security officer) prohibitions.


The young man laughs at Tegan. She notices that he has the same snake tattoo on his arm. He explains he is the same as the game playing couple.


A Kinda approaches the expedition base. Inside, the two hostages react, lifting their heads. Todd shivers and regards them. The Doctor sees the one outside and Todd says he comes often, but the others stay away.


The Kinda leaves when he sees them watching him.


The Doctor asks what the plans are for the planet; she says they’re investigating the planet for colonisation. Hindle shows up and demands to know what they’re talking about, saying he’s security and can go wherever he wants, when Todd protests his presence in her lab.


Hindle sees Todd has been eating an apple and takes it; The Doctor and Todd leave as Sanders (senior ofc) has requested they attend him. When they leave, Hindle throws a hissy fit, smashing stuff.


Sanders is going out, and puts Hindle in charge.


Tegan wonders if she’s dreaming all this, or imagining it. She tries to wipe it all away, but she can’t. The young man tells her that she will agree to… do something, I can’t understand, even though I keep rewinding it to listen… sooner or later, “this side of madness or the other.”


Hindle has the two Kinda hostages out of their cage and is using a mirror to do something with them. They stare at him, he at they. One takes the helix symbol off the other and hands it to Hindle. He says “very good”. The helix-less Kinda uprights the chair he knocked over in his hissy fit and Hindle sits down, both Kinda kneeling on either side of him.


The young man asks if Tegan has changed her mind yet. She says she has not. He says he has someone for her to meet and a duplicate of herself comes out. She says it’s a bit obvious, and he agrees – one of them is a fake, and it’s up to them to work that out.


The Doctor asks if he can accompany Sanders, but he says no. They recommend that Hindle shouldn’t be in charge, that he’s not stable enough, on the verge of a breakdown. Sanders says this will do him some good, then. He departs and Hindle pulls out his gun on The Doctor.


Hindle accuses Todd of not being reliable as well, saying they’re under arrest, as the two Kinda hostages (well no more) come forward, pointing guns at them as well.


Hindle says he has the power of life and death over all of them… and the credits roll.


Yes, this is the one with the creepy bits – am enjoying the Tegan shadow/mind stuff. Hindle and Sanders are one dimensional idiots, quite reminiscient of the Patrick Troughton era, where every person in charge of a base was a moron or a megalomaniac or otherwise unfit.


Episode 2:


Sanders goes out in the… it’s not a suit, it’s a little vehicle on treads you sit in and operate.


Two women stand in the woods. An older woman and a young girl; not dressed like any of the Kinda we’ve seen before. The elder speaks, “Listen.” They hear the sound of Sander’s vehicle. “It’s coming, have you got the box,” she asks her companion.


She calls out to Karuna, the young girl (teenager?) with her – it seems the old woman is blind. Karuna seems nervous, worried, saying that it is dangerous. The old woman says, “There is no other way. The Not We must know how it is with the Kinda.” So, they are Kinda?


Karuna argues, but the old womans she must not doubt, her doubt is the only danger. A Kinda named Aris arrives – maybe he’s the one who was watching the expedition? Karuna is instructed to read Aris and she does. She reads fear and hurting and confusion.


It seems the males do not/cannot talk. Aris wants to know where his brother is. He questions that if the Not We have voice (as the women do), does this not mean they should listen, but the old woman argues, saying it is not the same.


Aris asks to be healed, but the old woman sends him away, saying there is not time. Aris finally leaves and we hear Sanders’ vehicle getting closer and closer


The Doctor, Adric and Todd are locked up in the cell that held the two Kinda. Adric is doing magic tricks and Todd flips a lid, she’s pissed they’re not trying to escape.


Hindle has the Kinda former hostages dressed up in expedition gear. He’s playing commander and chastises one for his tie being a mess. He’s completely bonkers, it seems.


Karuna continues to argue with the old woman, saying it is too dangerous for a male, only a woman could understand. Karuna approaches Sanders’ vehicle and gives him the box. Sanders reaches out and opens the box and his eyes go wide and his face gets all fuzzy-glowy.


Adric asks The Doctor about Tegan. The Doctor hushes him and they hear footsteps. The Kinda open the cage and Hindle, on a video screen, asks them to accompany them. He tells The Doctor to “be sensible”.


Tegan is still sitting by the chimes, still in a trance-like state. Again, we go deep inside her eye and see the two Tegans sitting back to back. They don’t seem to be talking.


Hindle is babbling on about particles and fungi and bacteria and virii when the prisoners are brought to him. He points outside, talking about growth everywhere, but to what purpose, he asks.


Todd says Hindle is need of urgent medical care, but Hindle keeps screaming for them to keep silent. He says Sanders will not return, since the others did not. He announces that a fifty mile radius around the dome will be razed by fire and acid.


The Doctor asks what Hindle is defending against; Hindle says the trees, nature, “seeds, spores and things.” He says the Kinda serve the plants.


Adric suddenly agrees; I think we’re finally seeing him play along? He tells Hindle that he’d like to help and Hindle is glad for it.


Tegan and Tegan snark at each other. They argue over whose memory of being three years old and not liking ice cream is.


The Doctor and Todd are placed back in the cage. Adric asks Hindle what he’s to be looking for, and Hindle replies, “Everything”. Adric, watching the monitor, says there is something, and while Hindle is distracted, Adric swipes a card key or something.


The young guy with the Tegans shows up and suggests how confusing it would be with more; the two Tegans try not to think of it, trying to think of anything else – whale bones, watches, windmills, wibber. However, one of them thinks about if there were ten, and ten appear.


However, they suddenly disappear and the two Tegan merge into one.


Adric brings food to The Doctor, who tries to find out what Hindle is up to. Hindle is watching and Adric seems wise to this, playing a long.


If in doubt, then fire and acid every time, don’t you think?” – The Doctor, mocking Hindle’s plan.


Adric tries to pass off the key, but Hindles sees it and warns them.


The young guy taunts Tegan. She says she wants to be alone, and he fades to a ghostly outline… and so does she. She gets scared and tells him she agrees. They both become non-outlines again. He tells her to hold out her hand and he takes it.


Tegan screams as his snake tattoo moves from his arm to hers.


She wakes up and there’s an evil tint to her make up. She stretches and we see the tattoo on her arm now.


Adric is being punished for trying to help. The Doctor and Todd confer; he tells her that she was right, the Kinda are telepathic, and he’s been trying to contact them. He doesn’t understand why they’re following Hindle.


Hindle is about to announce the punishment of Adric, but stops when he sees Sanders returning in his vehicle. He screams for Sanders to go away. He begs them to make him go away, he cries out for his mom.


Tegan walks through the forest, laughing and hugging herself.


Todd says she never thought she’d be happy to see Sanders. The Doctor points out that he’s the first to return.


Hindle tries to explain about Adric and Todd being unreliable. Sanders has a goofy grin on his face and says he’s brought a present for Hindle. He hands him the box and tells him to open it and see. Hindle is nervous and says he thinks he’ll hold off; Sanders replies, congenially, “As you like. You know best.”


When the two military men return to the control room, Todd and The Doctor are horrified to realise that Sanders won’t be saving the day.


Aris goes to the chimes, plays with them, then sits down. Tegan, in the tree, drops apples on him.


Hindle is afraid to open the box. Sanders tries to coax him into open it.


Tegan talks to Aris, saying telepathy is a very boring way to communicate. She drops down out of the tree, talking differently, huskily. She moves a bit more sensually than we’ve seen. They touch (so they can communicate – though I have to say, it seems the Kinda telepathy is more empathy) and she says he’s unhappy.


She takes his hand in hers and says she could help free his brother from the dome. She agrees that the people in the dome are evil. She says she is the Mara, and this frightens Aris. She tells him not to resist, that she is his strength.


He cries out at the snake tattoo moves from her arm to his.


Sanders, The Doctor and Todd are sent into the cage, with the box. Watching from the video, Hindle instructs them to put the box on the floor between them.


Aris lays the unconscious Tegan down and crosses his arms. He says, “All things are possible,” is a whispery, sibilant voice. Like Tegan before, he runs about, laughing.


The Doctor asks Sanders who gave him the box. He doesn’t quite remember who gave it to him or what is in it. Hindle (with Adric with him) orders The Doctor to open the box. They argue. He yells over and over for them to open it. They keep arguing.


He finally says if they don’t open it, he’ll have them shot. Reluctantly, The Doctor opens it. Todd screams, super-melodramatic like… and the credits roll.


Over the top, much? Well, that’s the cliffy you get until Thursday, kids. Let’s hope it gets better… or at least doesn’t get any worse?