Recap: The TARDIS lands on a planet with some strange natives. There’s an expedition from another planet. One of them is quite bonkers. The leader seems changed by something the natives did. And there’s some evil force at work. Dum dum dum!



Episode 3:


Todd screams as some little doll springs out of the box. Everyone laughs. The Doctor says the Kinda have a sense of humour. Hindle demands to know what’s happening. The Doctor tells him nothing, but then says, “Wait,” and looks into the box. The power fails. Hindle screams about the lights.


The door to the cage opens and the prisoners depart. The Doctor stares around, perplexed and then The Doctor and Todd see visions of the Kinda, with the old woman and young girl (who gave Sanders the box) beckoning to them.


The Doctor says the box linked them to the Kinda; Todd says she feels no different, but points out Sanders was affected. They leave Sanders behind and depart the base as the doors close.


Aris covers his arm, obscuring the tattoo of the Mara.


Adric brings Sanders and the box back to Hindle; he doesn’t want to see the box. Adric asks for permission to search for The Doctor and Todd, but Hindle is too obsessed with the book of regulations. He reads a passage about the setting of explosive devices, as a barrier from the outside.


Todd tells The Doctor that something is following them; he says it’s nonsense, but a moment later agrees. They discover that the Kinda have been following them, as a large group come out of the woods. One male Kinda, a jester type, performs for them, then The Doctor does a magic trick.


The Kinda applaud, but then Aris arrives, speaking for the Kinda to seize the outsiders. The Kinda are shocked at Aris’ speech; Karuna runs forward, but Aris repeats his demand that the “Not We” be killed. When Karuna tries to read his mind, he fights her off, saying it is forbidden. Another male comes forth and communicates with Karuna.


She says, “Yes, it must be say.” She tells The Doctor they have a prophecy about one who will rise among them who has the gift of voice and he must be obeyed.


Aris says that is he and he must be obeyed. Karuna argues that only the wise woman knows the truth. She says that the wise woman instructed the Not We should be taken to her cave. The Doctor and Todd hurry after Karuna as Aris demands they not leave.


Adric tries to sneak off as Sanders and Hindle work on their explosives, but he is stopped by Hindle’s pet Kinda. (My fingers want to type “Kindle” for Kinda.)


The Doctor asks Karuna about Tegan; the young girl explains they’ve seen her near the place of dreams, but will take him there later. She explains that Aris had bene sick because one of his brothers is a hostage of the Not We. She also explains that Aris is one of her seven fathers, something The Doctor and Todd both find shocking. Karuna finds the idea that the Not We generally only have one father to be “very sad”.


Adric tells Hindle he does not want to play some game, saying it’s childish. Hindle demands that he plays, saying it’s not a game but real. Adric still refuses, quite childishly. Sanders tries to play peacemaker and offers to help instead. Hindle reminds him that he’s still in charge and the two set about putting something together.


Karuna takes The Doctor and Todd to meet Panna, the wise woman. Panna is shocked to learn that a male was with Todd when the box was opened, saying no male could open the Box of Jhana without losing his mind.


Panna says that he must be an idiot, that would be the only way.


Again, Adric tries to sneak off. Hindle stops him.


Karuna tells Panna that Aris has found voice; the old woman says it is all beginning again, history is repeating itself. She says the Great Wheel will begin rolling down over the centuries, unstoppable, until once again… she says she must show them.


She talks of the turning of the wheel, the rise and fall of civilisations, of suffering and death. The Not We sit down with Karuna as Panna begins chanting.


Aris arrives at the cave opening; Panna tells the Not We woman and the idiot to stay, as Karuna leads her to speak to Aris and the Kinda with him.


Hindle almost cries when he realises Adric has slipped off.


Aris challenges Panna, saying that he has voice, the Kinda know the prophecy and only listen to him. Panna tells Karuna to read the others. She tries, but says it hurts her to do so. Panna urges her to do so and she says they all obey Aris.


Aris commands Karuna to come to him and the young girl obeys. Aris says they will destroy the dome and the Not We. Panna says this will not free them, that this is merely the beginning.


Panna demands to know who Aris is. He says he is “Aris, he who speaks,” but Panna says he is not. Aris leads the others off to destroy the dome, Panna protesting. At this time, Todd and The Doctor come out and they guide Panna back to the cave.


The Doctor mentions the “mark on his arm,” and Panna (though blind) knows what it is – the snake. She says it is the mark of the Mara, the Evil One. The Doctor says he has heard the legend of the Mara. Todd protests they’re wasting time, but Panna says she must sit down, so that she can show them, so they can understand.


Adric runs to the vehicle thing; Sanders catches up to him, politely saying he needs to not antagonise Hindle.


Panna chants and the cave opening seems to change, grow dark. Lights flicker and flutter. Panna says they must pass through and they do.


They see visions – Kinda gathered, clutching their heads. Timepieces all about, analog clock, alarm clocks, sun dials, more. Time runs out. The Kinda seem afraid, worried.


The jester dances for the Kinda. They applaud. As he cavorts, he falls and writhes. Evil laughter (Aris’ laughter) is heard. As the land sands pass in the hourglass, The Doctor says it’s the end of everything.


All goes white, and they find themselves outside the cave. Todd goes back into the cave, to check on Panna, and (melodramatically) proclaims that the old woman is dead… and the credits roll.


I’m really not feeling this serial that much. It should be really good, but the crappy characterisation/acting/melodrama is ruining it for me.)


Episode 4:


The Kinda move through the forest; Karuna stops, her eyes widen, and she turns back.


The Doctor says that while there are trance-like states that resembles death, he suspects that Todd is right. As they talk, Karuna arrives and when The Doctor tells her that Panna is dead, the young girl replies, “Idiot, don’t you know anything? Of course I’m not dead.”


Aris leads the Kinda to the dome. He tells them that the dome must be destroyed. He takes the jester’s… little face on a stick, not sure what to call it… and breaks it. He then orders the others to gather branches.


Karuna leads the Not We through the forest; The Doctor and Todd argue whether the girl is Panna or not. Karuna explains that she is both and both are one. They ask Karuna where the Mara come from. She says they inhabit the dark places of the inside.


When Karuna explains that the Mara only could have crossed over through “the dreaming of an unshared mind,” The Doctor realises that it was through Tegan that the Mara crossed over into the world.


Sanders is making cardboard cut outs of people. Hindle praises him on his handiwork. Adric whines, wanting to go for a walk. Hindle says that the outside “is for grown ups, it’s not for us, is it?” Hindle’s mind is completely broken. Sanders too – both men talk to the little cardboard figures like they were real.


Tegan is found by the chimes. Karuna/Panna explains that the chimes help them dream and it is forbidden for anyone to dream there alone. There are great evil there that could endanger a solitary dreaming mind.


The Doctor wakes Tegan, though Karuna warns her there is risk in that. Tegan wakes, talking of her strange dreams. She refuses to answer questions about her dreams, saying they’re private. He asks her again, saying she’s been asleep nearly two days.


The Kinda have assembled what appears to be a branch and grass version of the scouting vehicle from the expeditionary dome. Aris gets inside it, saying they now have a guardian, just as the Not We do. He says they cannot fail in their attack.


Tegan tells The Doctor about her dream as they and Panna and Todd walk through the forest. The Doctor says the Mara used her mind and body to cross over to the world.


Adric has exited the dome in the vehicle. Aris demands the Kinda attack it and they try to knock it over, but Adric frightens them off with firing something. The boy is panicking inside, crying out for someone to help him (jesus, I didn’t remember the companions being so goddamn whiny and useless during this run…)


Aris’ “construct” is destroyed, but The Doctor jumps out and speaks to Adric, warning him that the machine is operating off his fear. He gets Adric to step out and the boy tells everyone that Hindle has the dome wired for “total destruction”.


The Doctor and Todd rush into the dome, leaving Adric to Tegan. When Adric worries about Aris, they see that he’s gone.


In the control room, Sanders greets The Doctor and Todd. They find Hindle hiding in a box, who jumps out, like a child trying to surprise them.


Tegan and Adric argue over doing something to help; the boy argues for action, Tegan argues for doing nothing at all.


Hindle threatens to blow the dome, but Todd distracts him by asking him about the city. He’s completely nutters. This is rather uninteresting. When The Doctor asks how Hindle is controlling the Kinda, he shows him his mirror.


When The Doctor accidentally steps on some of the people, Hindle has a hissy fit and orders the button to be pressed; but The Doctor covers his mouth and the struggle. In the struggle, the mirror is broken and the Kinda seem to fall out of Hindle’s control.


Todd picks up the box; Hindle is about to press the button himself, but sees it and demands to know what it is. She says it’s nothing. He demands her to show him, and she agrees, but asking him to promise not to open it.


She hands him the box, and takes the detonator from him. She warns him not to open, but of course, he does. His mind is touched by the Kinda again. The lights flicker again, just like before.


Adric and Tegan snark and argue. Completely asinine and immature and ridiculous and stupid writing. God, I hate this shit.


The Doctor arrives, saying that all is well in the dome, but they must deal with the Mara. The Doctor says that they’ll use mirrors on the Mara and Adric says there are some reflective solar panels.


Later, they have the panels set up in the forest. The Doctor explains to Todd that according to the legends (which he had conveniently heard of before, of course), “No Mara can bear the sight of its own reflection.” They have the panels set up in a circle, to create endless reflections.


When Todd asks what will happen to Aris, The Doctor is unsure but hopeful that he will survive like Tegan did.


Karuna leads Aris into the trap. Aris chases her into the circle. The Doctor confront him. Aris speaks about still having control over the Kinda, because of his voice, but The Doctor says they know the truth about the Mara within him.


The Mara detatches itself from Aris, becoming a giant snake in fact. Aris struggles with it. When the Mara is separate from Aris, they pull him free, but close the mirror circle again.


The Mara grows larger, towering over the mirrors. However, the circle of mirrors has it trapped… but Tegan seems to fall under its sway again, until The Doctor shakes her out of it. He orders the gaps between the mirrors to close.


The Mara grows weak, and in a burst of light, disappears. The Kinda applaud and take away the mirrors. Checking on Aris, The Doctor says he’ll be okay. Karuna/Panna says that the curse of the Mara is gone, too, for it is the Mara that starts the clocks.


Todd gets frustrated with the mumbo-jumbo, but The Doctor assures her, “It’s finished.”


Sanders and Hindle, dressed in uniform, wander the forest. They both seem at ease, relaxed. Hindle worries that everything will be entered in the log, as per the manual. Sanders says that he never reads the manual and the two men seem at ease with each other and their own selves.


Todd reports to The Doctor that she’s recommended that S-14 be left alone, that it is not suitable for colonisation. Nyssa has recovered (this was done as she wasn’t originally planned to be a companion and the script had only been designed for two companions) and she and Adric and Tegan await The Doctor as he says goodbye to Todd.


When Nyssa asks what they’ve been up to, The Doctor plays it off as “nothing much” and “having fun”. They leave… and the final credits roll.


Wow, I didn’t remember this as being quite so bad. I know the show has a long-standing dim view on authoritarian figures, especially military… but still. Wow. It felt like a tribute to the season of Troughton where just about every serial was a base under seige, and there was some megalomaniacal authority figure, or someone going mad under the pressure.


It was annoying back then, too.


Anyhow, that’s done… let’s hope next week’s is better!