No real recollection of this serial based on its title. Let’s find out, maybe there’s one I haven’t seen? (More like than not, I’ve seen it and just can’t recall which one it is.)


Episode 1:


In an estate, a servant brings in new candles as two men sit in a room – one working on something, the other sleeping. Elizabeth, a young woman, gazes out the window at the night sky and sees a shooting star that then becomes like a firework display. She goes and wakes the sleeping man, her father, to tell him.


By the time he gets out of his chair, the lights have all subsided. Elsewhere, presumably nearby, we see the smoking ruins of something mechanical – a ship?


As the evening continues, the father complains of a chill and asks Ralph, the servant, for his evening drink. His son throws a hissy fit and storms off, complaining that his father has drunk enough already.


Something moves through the woods, grunting and growling; in typical Who fashion, we are seeing through it’s eyes, so no idea what it looks like.


Ralph asks Charles, the son, if he’s having a “posset”. Charles says he’s not and they bid each other good night. Ralph encounters whatever the creature is and is shot by the creature. Charles comes running and shoots at it, but runs off as it fires at him. The father comes rushing down and shoots the creature.


Elizabeth screams as a fist smashes the door; an armoured, or perhaps robotic, figure smashes the door open and all three open fire at it.


We get a montage of different rooms of the estate; it’s light out. There’s a background noise, a clanking/rumbling/mechanical sound.


In the TARDIS, The Doctor lectures Adric about interfering with things he doesn’t understand – in particular, the TSS, the ‘vehicle’ from the previous serial, KINDA. So, either The Doctor is still harping on about it and time has passed, or this is very soon after they left Deva Loka.


Nyssa mocks Adric for being “always in trouble”. The Doctor asks if Tegan is ready and Nyssa departs to check on her. From Adric and The Doctor’s conversation, it’s obvious that The Doctor is trying to get Tegan to Heathrow for her flight still. A fault registers on the console and the two try to sort it out.


Tegan is applying her makeup and getting her uniform back on; she fills in Nyssa on some of the details of what happened while the young Traken was sleeping for forty-eight hours, telling her about the Mara possessing her. The girls share an emotional hug, Tegan confiding that she’ll miss Nyssa.


Tegan arrives in the TARDIS console room, only to discover that they’ve made it to Heathrow, but a bit early. The scanner reveals nothing but forest outside… they’re three hundre years early!


Tegan gets emotional (surprise, there) and chastises The Doctor, “Call yourself a Time Lord? A broken clock keeps better time than you do! At least it’s accurate twice a day, which is more than you ever are!” She opens the doors and storms out.


Nyssa tries to get The Doctor to understand that Tegan is more upset about leaving as it is, in an attempt to get him to understand why she gets so emotional.


Reluctantly, he goes out after Tegan to talk to her. They both apologise and he reassures her that he’ll get her back to her proper time and place, as promised. When he suggests she take advantage of the opportunity to wander around in history, she complains of the smell.


The Doctor takes a moment and realises it does smell bad; Adric points out some smoke. The Doctor identifies it as sulphur. They go off to investigate.


A man in a tree signals to a group of men who are burning something creating the sulphur smell.


The Doctor identifies potassium nitrate in the sulphur smoke as well, saying that they are components of early gunpowder. They see men approaching and turn to go back to the TARDIS, but others attack them.


There’s a brief fight, but The Doctor and companions prevail and run off before the second group catches up. Adric realises he’s lost his homing device (convenient that) and as they keep running, Adric falls, hurting his ankle.


Another man in a tree offers to give them shelter in his camp. While The Doctor and companions try to determine if they can trust him, some of their pursuers get close, but the man in the tree chases them off by firing his guns at them. Seeing no better choice, they follow him to a barn.


The pursuers watch and send a man back to the village for reinforcements.


In the barn, the man tells them about the plague and that is why the villagers are so unfriendly. The Doctor realises the sulphuric fires are for purification. He introduces himself as Richard Mace, formerly a thespian, now a highwayman. He tells them of a comet several weeks ago, which preceded the plague.


Mace tells them that “I have seen many falling stars, but this one was without parallel.”


The Doctor finds something Mace wears around his neck to be of interest. Mace says he found it in the loft the night before, showing his companions. Nyssa identifies it as being made of polygrite, which she finds unlikely in “such a primitive society”.


Adric (whose ankle has recovered – as previously established, Alzarians heal much faster than most races) and The Doctor head up into the loft to look around, while the girls stay below with Mace.


The Doctor tells Adric that that the comet was some sort of spacecraft; he says the piece that Mace found is part of “an alien bracelet with a very specific purpose”. He says that the bracelet could have survived the crash, but is hoping they’ll find something more fragile – thus proving that there were survivors from the crash.


Nyssa finds some power packs and calls out to The Doctor. Returning below, the Time Lord asks Mace who owns the barn. Mace says he will show him.


A man loads a cart as Mace leads The Doctor and his companions to the estate. Mace asks if The Doctor is aware of the protocol when approaching the gentry. The Time Lord’s reply is most excellent, “Of course. I’ve met kings, emperors, megalomaniacs in my time.”


The Doctor leaves Mace, Adric and Tegan at the front door to knock and goes poking about, taking Nyssa with him. They find an open window and slip in. They call out, asking if anyone is home.


Nyssa asks why he is concerned about the aliens and The Doctor explains that they could be desperate. Poking about, they find a power pack. Nyssa says they should leave and he remarks that she is beginning to sound like Tegan.


They find signs of blaster fire and a brick wall build in the midst of a staircase.


Nyssa goes to the front door to let the others in. She tells them that The Doctor is fascinated by a wall.


The Doctor pokes about the wall, then murmurs, “Ah…”


Nyssa leads the others to the wall, but The Doctor is nowhere to be found! Behind them, we see the robotic/armoured hand close and lock them in… and the credits roll.


Dum dum dum!

Episode 2:


As the companions call out for The Doctor, seemingly thinking he’s the one who just locked them in, the Time Lord steps out of the brick wall! Mace is impressed by the illusion.


The others follow him through the wall. Mace wonders how it’s done. Adric wonders at the smell, but The Doctor and Nyssa recognise it as “soliton gas”. The Doctor tells them that it must be for the survivors from the ship, trying to recreate their atmosphere.


They begin checking all the doors in the new room, finding one is unlocked.


We see a dark robed figure passing through the illusory wall.


In the cellar, Mace helps himself to some wine. The Doctor and Nyssa check out some alien equipment.


The dark robed figure enters and we see it is made up as a grim reaper – it seems to be the robot/armoured alien we saw attack the family in the beginning. Mace shoots it, but does no damage. The… okay, it’s a robot, though we haven’t learned that yet through the story. The robot blasts Tegan unconscious and stuns Adric.


The Doctor orders the others to run away, while he stays to guard the downed companions and try to communicate with the robot. (He is unaware of it being a robot, I do believe – it’s not obvious, at least not yet.)


The robot chases The Doctor, who orders the starting-to-recover Adric to see to Tegan. He catches up to Mace and Nyssa, and tells them it is an android, not a grim reaper (which Mace took it to be, as intended.)


Android? Your brain is addled, sir, that was Death.” – Mace’s reply to being told it was a mechanical man. The Doctor enlists the reluctant help of Mace to rescue the companions.


The android takes Tegan through another illusory wall into another room.


The Doctor explains that Mace’s necklace is part of a “control bracelet”, from a prison planet – a device used to control “difficult” prisoners. The Doctor attaches a power pack to the piece, trying to convince the actor/highwayman.


The android has Tegan and Adric laid out on a bed of some sort. Machines beep and whistle. A video of The Doctor, Nyssa and Mace talking is show on a screen and a voice asks the companions about The Doctor, wanting to know who he is and, more importantly, where he is from.


We see a hand belonging to the voice – it’s a reptilian looking hand, definitely inhuman. Tegan tries to play off that The Doctor doesn’t talk about where he’s from, but the alien says he knows he’s not from Earth. The companions try to scoff, but the alien knows too much.


Mace argues with the Time Lord, saying he is asking too much of him. The Doctor gives up and tells Nyssa they’ll have to fight the android on their own. Nyssa argues about his plans.


We see the alien, a rather grotesque reptilian seeming bipedal. He asks about the TARDIS and, again, Adric is very forthcoming about their craft. I swear, the boy would be dead if he were my companion and just forked over information so freely.


Seeing The Doctor and Nyssa departing the estate on the video, the alien tells Adric and Tegan they’re not as important as they might think.


Mace departs from The Doctor and Nyssa, despite the companion’s efforts to get him to assist. But, before he gets too far, he stops and calls out to The Doctor. The Doctor and Nyssa come to him as the highwayman points and asks what that is.


The alien tells the android to send the villagers after The Doctor.


A poacher, a woodsman, and a forester, all wearing control bracelets are seen doing their thing (poaching, woodsmanning, foresting), but stop when their bracelets begin chirping and head off.


The Doctor, Mace and Nyssa see something jutting out of the ground – apparently the alien ship. They enter. The Doctor says nobody is there; Nyssa remarks that everything has been stripped. Mace asks what it is and The Doctor tells him it is an escape pod from a ship that flies.


Mace asks questions about it and, though The Doctor answers his questions, he is quite confused. The Doctor avoids answering one question, when Mace asks how he and Nyssa know these things.


The android returns Nyssa and Adric to the celler, putting them in a small room, a cell of sorts.


I’m a fool! I should never have told them about the TARDIS,” Adric exclaims. GEE, YOU FUCKING THINK?


Tegan tries to console him, saying if he hadn’t have told him, she would have.


The Doctor, somehow, has determined the aliens who came in the pod are Terileptils. He and Nyssa talk about returning to the TARDIS to fetch something to use against the android. Mace changes his mind and suggests he accompany them, saying he has seen enough to believe that The Doctor is telling the truth.


As they depart the pod, they see the three men (controlled by bracelets) approaching.


The Terileptil works in his lab, removing a blue crystal from a device.


Tegan and Adric try to figure a way to escape their cell.


Mace is sent back into the pod when he reveals that he hasn’t had time to reload his guns. The Doctor shortly follows, being shot at by the poacher. Nyssa shuts the door, but not before an arrow flies through, imbedding itself in a wall. The woodsman begins hitting the door with his axe.


The Doctor blows open a second door and they rush out.


Tegan starts prying away boards from above the door to their cell.


The Terileptil (whose face seems partially burnt/injured, perhaps in the landing) gets a report that The Doctor escaped the controlled men, but they are tracking him. The Terileptil changes his orders, telling them to follow but not capture, and to report when they have reached the TARDIS.


The Doctor sends Nyssa on to the TARDIS, while he and Mace go to find the miller; The Doctor is quite interested in talking to the miller, as he seems to have unrestricted access to the estate.


Tegan and Adric argue.


The Doctor and Mace poke about the miller’s stable. The miller walks by them, completely oblivious to their presence, even when Mace threatens him with a gun.


Adric and Tegan have gotten out and are struggling with a window, trying to get out of the house, when the android arrives, dispatched to kill them by the alien.


Tegan tells Adric to leap out and he does, but the android takes Tegan prisoner.


Villagers enter the miller’s stable and take The Doctor and the miller prisoner, preparing to kill them… and the credits roll.


A decent enough cliffy and one we’re using – see you Wednesday for the conclusion!